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The next couple of months flew by. You and the guys found work in various department stores and restaurants. In the evenings the guys played in clubs and small venues, hoping to get noticed. On the weekend you helped them make CD's to post to record companies. You went to as many of their gigs as possible, but sometimes you missed them because you were working over time or you were just too tired to go.
It was getting to the point when you barely saw them during the week.

It was Friday evening, in late September and the guys were getting ready to go and play at a small club known as the Underground.
You were in your bedroom stroking Ca$hDogg and flipping through a magazine.
'We gotta go soon, hurry up and get dressed unless you're going like that.' Benji said looking in the mirror, whilst styling his hair.
'Baby I'm not going to go, I'm too tired.' You answer lying flat on the bed.
'What' Benji said turning away from the mirror to look at you 'You said you were coming.'
'I know but I really am tired, I'll come to the next one I promise.' You say feeling guilty.
'That's what you said last time, which is this time.' He said turning back to the mirror.
'Fine I'll come' you say rolling your eyes and going over to your closet.
'Forget it, don't bother,' you heard Benji say
'I said don't bother you obviously don't want to go, so stay here. If you come your only gonna be in a bad mood the whole time.' He said.
'I'm not in a bad mood' you retort. 'I already told you I'm tired'
'And me and the others aren't?, you don't think that we're tired from working all day too.' He said finishing his hair and wiping his hands on a towel.
'I didn't say that Benji, look I don't want to this now ok.' You surrender
'You don't want to do anything lately.' He replied
'What the hell is that supposed to mean?' You say getting defensive
'Reign all you do is work the only time I see you properly is on the weekend. You don't wanna go out, you don't wanna watch us play gigs, and you don't even wanna make love anymore. What is wrong with you?'
'Nothing is wrong with me' you say feeling your temper rising 'You're the one who's never home, you go to work, come home for 30 seconds then go and play gigs all night, then you come home expecting to get laid, sometimes Benji I don't want to make love or go out I just wanna relax with you and watch TV, but I can't do that if your not here. And by the way if you haven't notice this nice apartment needs to be paid for so excuse me, if me working to stay here is causing you an inconvenience.'
The room fell silent, Benji was staring at you, and he looked really upset. You looked over at him, his hair was all spiked up, and he was wearing his favorite Rancid t-shirt and black military pants.
You felt bad about what you just said but it was true. He was hardly home you can't even remember the last proper conversation you had.
'That's right.' He said breaking the silence 'throw it in my face that you work longer hours and make more cash then me.'
'I wasn't throwing it in your face Benji...' you started
'Forget it, I gotta go.' He said cutting you off. He grabbed his jacket and walked out the bedroom closing the door behind him.

Benji's p.o.v

I felt like shit. We were on our way to play a gig at the Underground. Joel, Paul and Billy were really hyped about it, I was too but that was before I argued with Reign.
Deep down I knew she was right, I was hardly ever home, but this is my dream this is all I've ever wanted. I know she knows how badly I want this, it just feels like lately she hasn't been supporting me the way she usually does.

We arrived at the underground; it looked pretty good inside definitely my kind of place. We played 5 tracks and they were received pretty well.
'That was good.' Joel said wiping the sweat off his face with a tissue
'I know, imagine that but with 10,000 people watching.' Paul said before taking a sip of water.
'I can't wait till we make it.' Billy said smiling 'we can play stadiums and go on tour it's gonna be so cool'
I listened to the guys describing their fantasies of becoming famous.
'Let's stay and hang out a while.' Joel said 'Have a couple of drinks or whatever'
'Sounds good' Billy said
'I'm gonna go home, me and Reign had an argument earlier, I gotta go fix it.' I said turning to leave.
'How you gonna get home?' Joel asked
'I can walk its not that far plus I need to clear my head.' I answered.
When I got home Reign was already asleep, I took off my clothes and tossed them into the laundry basket. I checked on Ca$hdogg real quick before getting into bed.
I listened to her breathing I loved watching her sleep. 'Reign I'm so sorry for everything, I promise things will be different from now on.' I whispered in her ear.

Normal p.o.v

When Benji came in, you pretended to be asleep. You heard everything he said and you agreed tomorrow would be different.
You woke up bright and early; it was a nice day outside, fitting your mood perfectly and today was a brand new day.
As usual you feed Ca$hdogg and start breakfast. Halfway through you feel a pair of arms around your waist. 'Good morning Benji' you say leaning back against him.
'Reign about yesterday I...' you turn around and kiss him cutting him off 'Shh don't worry about it, it's already forgotten. I knew what I was getting into when I moved here with you, and I realise I haven't been as supportive as usual. I love you Benji and from now on things are going to be different.' you say turning back to the frying pan.
'You heard what I said last night didn't you?' he says nuzzling your neck from behind.
'Every word.' You reply sighing.

That afternoon Joel took Ca$hdogg for his walk, when he came back everyone just sat in the living room and chilled out.
'So we're going back to Waldorf next Friday to visit?' Benji confirms with the others.
'Yep I miss your mom dude.' Billy admits.
'That makes two of us.' Paul adds in agreement. 'I miss Lisa too talking to her on the phone is just not enough,'
'I miss my girl.' Joel confesses eyes fixed on the TV.
'Ha How can you miss Kara?' you ask sweetly.
'Hush up London, I know you don't like her, but I do and I'm dating her so there.' He finishes poking his tongue out.
'So what gigs have you guys booked for next week?' you ask petting Ca$hdogg who was begging for some attention.
'None yet' Paul said. 'How come?' you say looking over at him.
'We've decided that we want to become a boy band so next week we're taking dancing lessons.' He replied with a serious expression on his face
Just then the phone rang 'I'll get it' Joel said jumping up.
'Must be mom or Sarah wanting to know what we're doing next Friday. Paul said not taking his eyes off the TV
'Na uh something's wrong' Benji said getting up 'that twin vibe thing's kicking in'
Just then Joel walked into the room. 'Err guys I've got some news' he started. 'I don't know how you're gonna take it but umm...Epic Records want to sign us.'
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