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An Undiscovered Talent

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Alex learns some things to help her in her fight against Bechett.

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After that everything went back to normal. We found a note from the girls that said they left in fear, and they didn't know when or if they would return. I seriously lost three of my best friends that day.

One day I looked over the books that were in my trunk. Then I found an old diary. It had a ripped cover and the bat symbol on it. It wasn't mine, somehow I knew. I could fell some of my memory coming back, but very little and insignificant things, like faces and names.

I slowly open the book and read one of the articles.

My life sucks. The girl of my dreams doesn't even know I exist. But then again she is royalty, a future ruler. All she should be interested in is jewelry and other things like that. And what would she see in me anyway? I'm short, chubby freak that wouldn't get a girlfriend even if he tried.

I remember when we used to play together, no sexual tension. Just two little kids that wanted a friend. They say she's supposed to be the last Innocent, lucky her. She'll never be able to do things that other people her age are doing. I wonder what's gonna happen in the next few years. She'll take over her parent's throne and be a better ruler than most people expected. I just hope she remembers me during her rule.

I sighed, this was Patrick's. I knew by the way her wrote. Did he always have a crush on me? He actually believed that I could rule and empire or kingdom?

I was so bored I couldn't even have a conversation with myself. I was dark so they guys were up, in fact I could hear then downstairs. I got up and shuffled down the hall and down the steps into the living area.

Patrick sat at his desk writing case files, Pete was making one of those pseudo blood smoothies, Joe was playing guitar, and Andy was testing his weapons.

All seemed interesting, but I spent too much time with Patrick as is, Joe probably wanted time to himself, and I didn't want anywhere near Pete while he was drinking that thing. The only option was Andy. I walked over to him; he looked up and jumped when he saw me standing there.

"Oh I'm sorry," I said helping him up "I didn't mean to scare you,"

"No it's okay," He said, his voice so nervous

"Can you teach me," I asked gesturing to the swords that lay in a neat stack on the floor

He nodded and picked up one of the smaller ones. He handed it to me and picked up one of his own.

"Now, you need to know the sword's limits," He demonstrated swinging the sword slowly

I followed and soon got the hang of it. Next I learned the kill spots on a person.

"The neck is a straight kill, but it's very messy," He said gesturing a cutting motion across the neck of a dummy. "I proffer a stab to the heart; it's often a slower more painful death,"

Soon I was fighting possibly better than him.

"Do you know any self defense?"

I shook my head "Does a swift kick count?"

"No, alright I'll show you a few moves,"

He taught me how to land a lethal punch, how to buck my hips if somehow my attacker got on top of me, and how to get a gun out of my attackers hand's and into my.

"Thank you for teaching me these things," I said wiping the sweat off of my face

"Don't mention it, now try and not get captured next time now that you know these things," He smiled "And this is for you," He said pulling a sword with a black and red sheath off of a rack on the wall

"Oh my god," He said as he handed it to me

"This was your mothers," He said as I pulled it out of its sheath "She was a very experienced fighter,"

There was an engraving on it, "Never giver in," I whispered running my hands over it

Andy looked at me shocked, "How did you know what that says?"

"I don't know, I just do,"

I returned it to the sheath and turned away.

"Take care of that," He called to my back

"I will," I said running my hands over the worn black leather of the sheath and handle

I knew what Andy had taught me would help me later on down the line. Maybe even with Beckett.

From that day I vowed I would kill Beckett with my mother sword and my father will to fight. Those were the only two things I could entirely trust.
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