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Love Sucks

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An almost intimate moment turns sour.

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I kept practicing to get better. And since there was noting else to do that basically took up my day. I shredded at least ten dummies in a four day period.

One day in particular, both Andy and Pete were watching me. Apparently they were paying attention to me getting stronger and smarter. I stopped, flopped down on one of my dilapidated victims and started to sharpen my sword. Enjoying the sweat that rolled down my face, landing on the sword.

"So, you gonna stop practicing for at least a minute?" Pete asked walking up

"I might, if I find a reason to," I smiled "Why, is there something you'd like to tell me?"

"Oh no reason, I just think you're training too hard,"

"So says the man that bit my neck repeatedly,"

"Just take a rest, ok?" Andy intervened

I nodded and returned the sword to its sheath. "I guess a little break would be nice,"

I got a shower and wore the first thing I could find, a neon blue tank, skinny jeans, and skully flats. I of course pulled my newly dyed bright red hair into short spiky pigtails.
Walking downstairs, Patrick looked up and his jaw dropped. I smirked and sat down beside him.

"What?" I smiled as he wrapped his arm around my bare shoulders

"Nothing, you just look so much better,"

"Oh thank you," I smiled kissing his cheek

"Oh would you look at the adorable couple," Pete cooed walking into the room "Please tell me when you're going to get physical and I'll leave the room,"

"You're just jealous that there's no one in this would that wants to suck vampire cock," I smirked cuddling close to Patrick

He laughed and rolled his eyes "You know, you've only been practicing self defense and sword fighting for a few days and you look so much healthier,"

I just smiled and breathed a sigh. I felt better, stronger and smarter. I don't know how that works but here I am.

Patrick cell phone went off and we all gave each other nervous glances. He slowly pulled it out of his pocket and answered it. We all knew the only other person that had his cell phone number was killed in the mob scene.

"H-hello," He asked nervously I could just barely hear the person on the other line

"You ordered a pepperoni pizza and extra cheese pizza?"

He sighed in relief "Yeah I did,"

I sighed too. The tension there you could have cut with a knife. He got off the phone and smile.

"Note to self, get new phone number,"

"Well the sun's gonna come up in an hour, I'd better get to sleep," Pete sighed getting up

"Night," We both said in unison

After that we were left alone. But I was too awkward to even say something mildly romantic. But he didn't even seem to notice. He just seemed content to cuddle.

"I'm sorry if I seem awkward," I mumbled playing with my shirt hem

"Don't," He smiled kissing my forehead "We don't even have to kiss if you don't want to,"

"No, it's just...I keep thinking of Jason,"


"You're not mad are you?"

"No, I understand why you could be thinking of him," He murmured then got up

"Please don't be mad," I said

"I'm not," He said biting his lip

I could tell this wasn't gonna blow over so easily.
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