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Bolin's Innocence

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Set in a world where Korra doesn't become the avatar but a Northern Waterbending boy does. The main focus is on Bolin. I wouldn't suggest this to anyone under 15 (the plot revolves around sex).

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"And the match goes to the Fire Ferrets!" The announcer screamed to the crowd gathered inside the pro-bending arena. The arena exploded with the cheers of thousands of fans. Yet no one was as excited as the members of the winning team.
The Fire Ferrets tore the helmets off their heads and cheered for themselves. Mako, Bolin, and the newest member of the team ran to each other and got into a huddle, jumping up and down all the way.
"Once again, the first game of the season has just been taken by the Fire Ferrets!" The announcer continued to scream.
Mako, Bolin, and their new teammate (a northern waterbending boy named Suka) stepped off the field onto the exit platform, highfiving and beckoning to the crowd as they were lowered into their private locker-room.

The scent of sweaty teen guy hit Bolin's nose immediately. For the other guys, he assumed, it was awful. But as for him, like always, he had to hide his growing bulge. The smell of sweaty boys always got him hard. He'd just begun to understand why and he definitely didn't want his bro to find out.
"Great job out their, bro," Mako said to his brother, clapping a hand on his shoulder pad. Bolin, being caught up in his thoughts, jumped at the touch. "Easy, buddy," Mako said playfully, "the game's over so you can put away those mad reflexes for now."
Bolin laughed with his brother and then walked off the platform as it hit the floor of the locker-room. Ever since he started getting the feelings (and the physical reactions with them), Bolin dressed away from his brother and Suka (Suka especially since he always seemed to worsen the problem) and today was no different. He went to the furthest corner and started taking off his pro-bending pads. He was down to his underwear and his boner had already gone down when it happened.
"Hey, Bo," the waterbending boy said from somewhere close behind him.
"Yeah?" Bolin asked, not daring to look behind him.
"Do you think you could help me out with these knee-pads? Your brother just left and obviously there's no one else here to help."
Bolin took a deep breath and prepared for what he was going to see next. He turned around.
Suka was standing right there, naked except for the knee pads. Bolin gave himself an innocent second to take it all in like any boy would, gay or straight. Suka was built like a god. His biceps were almost as large as Bolin's but, unlike Bolin, the waterbending boy had huge abs. He was shaved in the places where Bolin was hairiest and when Bolin saw the guy's penis he couldn't help but let his mouth water. Bolin was by no means small. His penis was five inches flaccid, eight hard and he was as thick as his wrist. But Suka stood there at seven inches flaccid and Bolin couldn't even imagine how big he was hard.
"Do you think you have a sight of the problem now, Bo? You've had about a minute," Suka said, laughing. His penis bounced slightly while he did and Bolin was reluctantly brought back to reality.
"Yeah, I just kind of dozed off," Bolin said, tearing his eyes away from Suka's member.
"Well, one part of you definitely didn't," Suka said, smiling and pointing toward Bolin's crotch.
Bolin looked down and gasped. His semi-hard cock was poking out of the hole in his underwear.
"I swear I'm not-" Bolin started, trying to explain himself. Suka cut him off.
"You don't have to lie, Bo," he said, walking closer to the earthbender. "Just let me show you how we deal with naughty boys in the Water Tribes."
Bolin got fully hard hearing that. He thought that he would probably be beaten up now but something about the boy's tone made it seem like something else was about to happen.
And sure enough, instead of raising his fist at Bolin, Suka dropped to his knees and did something Bolin was not ready for. He lifted the earthbender's cock and took all eight inches into his mouth.
Bolin, not knowing what to expect, slammed against the closest locker hard in his moment of sudden pleasure. He moaned loud enough for the entire arena to hear and, after just five seconds, exploded in the heat of Suka's mouth.
"I-I'm so sorry," Bolin said guiltily as Suka pulled off. But Suka just grinned at him, showed Bolin the big load swimming around in his mouth, closed up and, to Bolin's awe, swallowed all of the earthbender's cum.
"First blowjobs are the best," Suka said. "For everyone involved."
"I really didn't mean to cum in your mouth," Bolin continued to apologize. "It was just so warm and I couldn't speak to tell you I was-"
Suka got to his feet and shut Bolin up with a kiss. Bolin couldn't do anything but enjoy the taste of his own cum in another boy's mouth. He'd dreamt of something like this for so long and now it was finally happening - with Suka of all people.
"I'll forgive you," Suka said, pulling off Bolin's big lips, "if you return the favor." He grabbed at his cock (which was now fully erect, standing at ten inches and being just as thick as Bolin's) and used his other hand to guide Bolin to his knees.
"I want you to go slow in the beginning, ok, Bo?" Suka asked, looking down into the perfect green eyes of the boy below him. Bolin nodded and stared at the dick now just an inch from his face. "Good. Now, you have to watch your teeth and when you get comfortable with the size, make sure you use every part of your mouth to please me, especially your tongue." Bolin nodded again and moved closer to the dick.
Carefully, tentatively, Bolin licked at the tip. Suka moaned above him so he took it as a sign to keep going. Bolin instinctively grasped the big rod and just continued to lick the tip. Suka writhed all around but Bolin couldn't be bothered. The first splash of precum hit Bolin's tongue and set him off. His cock returned to full length and, in his new level of arousal, he took the head of Suka's dick into his mouth. Another splash of precum hit Bolin's tongue and he massaged the waterbender's tip with it and the saliva poring into his mouth.
Suka moaned at the best blowjob he'd ever had and grabbed the back of the virgin's head hard. He should've been kinder to the boy beneath him but it was just so good. He pushed Bolin's head forward as far as it would go and buried his dick root-deep into Bolin's throat. The Earth-bender gagged, his throat tightened, and Suka was in heaven. Suka shot Load after load of cum into Bolin's throat, filling it to the point of overflow. Sperm came out of Bolin's mouth and dribbled all down his chin, neck, and body. Suka didn't want Bolin to suffocate on him but he waited a few seconds before pulling out (it just felt so good).
Bolin coughed and coughed for about a minute after it was done. Cum just kept coming up and going down, coming up and going down, and he couldn't do anything to stop the incredible flow. All he could do was enjoy it. The taste was better than anything he could've ever imagined and the look of satisfaction in Suka's eyes almost made him cum again himself. When he did finally stop coughing, Suka laughed with pleasure.
"Wow," the waterbender said happily, "that was the best blowjob I've ever gotten. Your mouth is incredible and your throat is better."
"Thanks," Bolin said. He wanted more. "You know, I've got one more hole."
"You really have lost all your innocence, haven't you?" Suka said. "If you're sure."
"I am," Bolin said confidently. He got off his knees and stepped out of his underwear. Kicking them aside, he went to the nearest locker and leaned over. He used his hands to spread his ass and looked back at Suka.
"Wow," Suka said, coming up behind him. He rubbed a finger against the hole in front of him and smirked when he tried to put it in. "You just won't budge, you dirty boy. We'll have to fix that."
"How?" Bolin asked. Suka lifted his hands, preparing to bend. "What are you doing? Mhmmm!" The waterbender bent a small ball of sweat (the locker-room had plenty) against Bolin's hole and pushed it in. It went in and out of the earthbender until it didn't make him moan anymore. Then the waterbender took it all the way out and added more sweat to it. He did this again and again until he thought Bolin's hole would be loose enough to take the real thing.
Suka drained Bolin's hole of the sweat ball and lined his cock up. "Are you ready?" He asked.
"Yes, just put it in me," Bolin begged.
Suka did as he was asked.
"Fuck!" He said. "All that loosening and you're still so fucking tight!" He just couldn't fit his dick into Bolin's tight ring of muscle.
"What can we do?" Bolin asked.
Suka's eyes lit up. "Well, you may not like the feel at first," he said, "but once you're open we can get rid of it."
"What do I need to do?" Bolin asked.
"Spread your ass as wide as you can," Suka instructed. Bolin spread his big ass wide, revealing his tight pink hole through all his hair. "Alright," Suka said, lifting his hands,"get ready." He bent one ball of sweat and then another. They each shifted into penis sized globs and moved down to Bolin's hole. Suka moved his hands wildly and the sweat followed. Soon, Bolin's hole was being pried open and within a few minutes, it was wide enough to fit Suka's dick.
"Good job, Bo," suka said, lining up his dick again. "Ok, I'm coming in now." He pushed in without any resistance."Good. Ok, now I'm going to get rid of the water. Get ready." Bolin and Suka braced themselves and the sweat fell away.
"Fuck!" Bolin and Suka screamed at the same time. Bolin's hole was still so tight and now it was filled with Suka's huge cock. Suka got the most feel from it, though. Bolin's hole was so tight, he couldn't even move his dick in the ass clamp. But the hole kept sucking his dick deeper in and before a minute passed, Suka came inside Bolin.
"Wow," Suka gasped. His dick began to shrink. It was just enough. He started moving inside the earthbender. Slow at first, then he picked up the speed. His dick got hard fast and the hole was getting tighter and tighter but Suka fought through it and, seeing his chance, he pounded Bolin as fast and hard as possible.
"Yeah, fuck me, Suka!" Bolin screamed. He started to rub his cock and the pressure built up fast as he got close to cumming again. Suka was getting close too.
"Oh, fuck, Bo! You're gonna make me cum!" Suka screamed back.
"Fuck me harder, Suka! Let's cum together!" Bolin moaned and started to shoot his cum everywhere.
Bolin's hole tightened more than it ever had and it milked Suka for all the cum left in his balls. He emptied into Bolin as Bolin sprayed all over the lockers, the floor and his own face. The two didn't stop cumming for three minutes. By the time their orgasms were finished, that whole section of the lockerroom was flooded with cum (benders cum much more than normal humans).
When it was all done, Bolin stood up with Suka still inside him and kissed the beautiful waterbender. By the end of the passionate kiss, Bolin's face wasn't the only one covered in his cum.
"That was amazing," Bolin and Suka said together, smiling at the mess they made.
"How will we clean this up?" Bolin asked.
"We don't. The janitors will," Suka answered. "But here," he said, pulling a water bottle out of a nearby locker and using his waterbending to fill it with a mixture of their cum. "Keep this as a memento," he said, handing it over to Bolin. He pulled out of the Earthbender, quickly got dressed, and left Bolin there alone in the lockerroom with a bottle full of their cum and a hole full of it too.

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