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Chapter 1

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Hollypaw watches her first kitting, and although she misses battle training, Bramblestar practically promises her one of the kits to mentor.

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"Hollypaw! We're doing battle training with Ambercloud, Snowflight, and Dewspots."
"What about Fernpaw and Sorrelpaw?"
"We're being assessed," Sorrelpaw boasted, stopping next to Blossomfall, who was her mentor.
"Once we've assessed your shutting up skills," Blossomfall snapped.
"Ha," Fernpaw purred. "You just got owned."
"Fernpaw, be nice," Rosepetal scolded.
"Sorry." Fernpaw hung her head. Rosepetal looked at Blossomfall.
"Shall we go?"
"You're older," Blossomfall replied.
"Okay. Let's go. See you later, Cloudtail."
"Remember to stay out of sight," Cloudtail advised. "Good luck!" He waited for the tunnel to close then headed for it.
"Cloudtail!" Bramblestar called. "I'd like to speak to you, please."
"Sure." Hollypaw sat down with a bump, disappointed. "I'll be right back," Cloudtail mewed sympathetically. "Why don't you go help with the kitting?" Squirrelflight's kits had been coming since sun-up. Jayfeather was with her, and he had Leafpool rushing around fetching things for her sister.
"Daisy, Leafpool, and Jayfeather are in there," Hollypaw muttered. "They won't need help."
"Then go see Sandstorm for a story. I have to go." Without another word, he headed off.
"What's the matter?" Cinderheart was padding up to her.
"I was going to go training, but Bramblestar called Cloudtail. Fernpaw and Sorrelpaw are getting assessed, and the battle session is happening without me! I'll never be a warrior!"
"Yes, you will." Lilyheart padded out of the den. "You just need to be patient. Shall we see how things are coming along?" she asked Cinderheart.
"I'd love to," Cinderheart purred. "Hollypaw, would you like to come?"
"I guess," Hollypaw muttered. She padded into the nursery with her mother and aunt following.
"Push, Squirrelflight!" Leafpool was saying fiercely as they entered.
"I am!" Squirrelflight panted.
"You've got one more kit. Pick up the pace," Jayfeather snapped. Hollypaw leaned forward and saw only two bundles of squirming fur before Cinderheart pulled her back.
"Let Squirrelflight kit in peace," she mewed firmly. Hardly peace when there's six other cats in the nursery, Hollypaw thought, but said nothing. A shriek came from Squirrelflight, and the. A yowl of joy from Jayfeather.
"Squirrelflight!" Bramblestar burst into the nursery. "I heard her cry."
"She's got three healthy kits," Leafpool reported happily.
"They're gorgeous," Bramblestar purred. Hollypaw stepped forward. Squirrelflight's ginger pelt was damp. Her three kits were suckling happily, and as their pelts dried, Hollypaw noted their colors. One was black, one was light gray, and one was gray with dark ginger flecks. "They're perfect," Bramblestar purred. "Shall we name them?"
"Nightkit." The black one.
"Dovekit." The gray one.
"Willowkit." The gray one with ginger flecks.
"Nightkit, Dovekit, and Willowkit." The names felt strange on Hollypaw's tongue. Bramblestar glanced at her.
"Maybe you'll be a warrior in time to mentor one of them."
"Really?" Hollypaw held her breath. Was he joking? He had practically just promised her an apprentice.
"I'm not joking," he assured her.
"Thank you!" She couldn't believe it!
"But Dewspots and his littermates are older so you'll have to work for it."
"Okay." I should've known, she thought sadly as she padded out of the nursery. I should've known.
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