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The Murderer on The 23rd Floor

by LegacyHaddock 0 reviews

Caleb was cursed when he was younger for doing bad things and being greedy. Legacy comes along and helps him break that curse

Category: A Series of Unfortunate Events - Rating: G - Genres: Horror,Romance - Published: 2015-09-30 - 104 words

Billionaire Caleb Anderson checked into the clarion hotel, staying 3 nights for a business trip.
He was assigned to the twenty-third floor of the hotel.
He went up there, went into his calm beige room and layer down for a rest.
But what he didn't know, along with all the other people on this floor, was that it was haunted.
And Caleb Anderson, the Rich greedy billionaire, had the darkness in him to possess whatever the haunting powers were.

That night, the soul walking around went inside his room. And stabbed him with a dagger.
It possessed his soul, and he became...

The murderer
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