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Modern times

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Legacy and Caleb meet

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28 years later

Caleb stands at the top of the abandoned hotel, watching the rain through his sad blue eyes.

He wanted to find someone. Someone to break the curse. But the murderer would always come through and ruin it before he had the chance.

He ran a hair through his blonde hair and turned away from the window.

Meanwhile, legacy was running through the pouring rain, trying to find someplace dry to stay while it was raining.

She saw the old hotel and went inside. No one else would help the poor 18 year old so she had no choice.

When she went in the first thing she saw was the old lobby. She almost gagged from the smell.

She ran upstairs trying to find a floor suitable to her and that wasn't filled with millions of creepy crawly bugs and that awful smell.

When she reached the 20th floor she found it quite nice, but something was pulling her to go further.

She continued going until she got to the 23rd floor.

She went down to the end of the hall and saw the beautiful view of the pouring rain outside and the city it's self.

But she didn't feel right. Like something was watching her.

She turned around expecting to see something...or some one. But there was nothing.

Nothing in her scences that is.

Caleb was watching her. He thought she was a beautiful creature. Brown hair that shined in the light. Even if it was raining.

Eyes. Where of you looked closely you could see a small rim of navy blue hugging the brown.

A slim, cute body that he wanted to sneak his arms around and love.

She turned around again and looked at the city for a few more minutes

She was still soaking so she went into a room to find some clothes.

When she entered the room she saw the bones of an old body, the rubs crushed by a dagger.

She shivered in disgust and went to the closet. She found a bunch of beautiful dresses from the 1980's and grabbed a light pink salmon one.

She held it out in front of the mirror and imagined herself in the dress.

Caleb continued watching her in awe at how beautiful she was.

She started humming a song, and twirled around to go with it.

Caleb wanted to join in with her, but it would scare her.

At that moment he felt as if he was stabbed in the stomach. The murderer wanted out. He felt the love Caleb had and wanted to destroy it.

He went in calebs body and his eyes turned fiery red.

He slowly made his way to legacy and grabbed her from behind.

She screamed but he cupped his rough hand over her mouth.

He dragged her to another room and chained her to the wall.


She cried hard and curled in a ball. "I'm sorry. I was just looking for a place out of the rain"

"You shouldn't be here dumb girl" he slapped her face and pushed her over.

He felt the room with her still chained to the wall. He would make her his prisoner.

When he left the room the murderer left his body. His eyes turned back to blue and he fell into the wall.

He clutched his stomach in pain as he felt relieved again.

He remembered everything. The poor innocent girl was pretty much gone now.

"Stupid merderer" he mumbled to himself and made his way to his own room
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