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Are you okay?

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Legacy woke up a few hours later and felt something tight around her wrists.

She looked down and saw chains. She tried wiggling around but it made them feel tighter.

When she heard something in the distance she curled up in a ball.

"Are you okay?" A soft voice asked from somewhere.

She turned her head around to try and find it.

A man stepped out from behind the broken mirror and hung his head in shame.

"I-I-I'm sorry about......about earlier" he stuttered.

He went over to her and undid the chains. She backed away in fear at first but she accepted it when the first chain fell.

He kept his look down and she stayed curled up.

"I promise you. That wasn't me earlier who chained you up"

Legacy was almost to afraid to talk. But she said "Then who was that.....h-he looked an awful lot like you" she said with fear.

"It was my body. But my eyes were red at the time. Someone else was in my body.....The murderer"

She looked at him confused but didn't say anything. "Thank you....for unchaining me"

"That's all I can really do....he made you his slave. You or I can't leave this floor. You will live here until you die. And I have to live alone for eternity" he said, mumbling the last part.

"Oh..." Was all she could say.

Caleb suddenly felt a stab in his stomach again. He clutched his stomach and fell to his knees.

Legacy ran up to him "Are you okay" she placed a hand on his back to help him.

"" he said through gritted teeth.

She saw his eyes flare from blue to red. The murderer accepted his body and he stood up. Towering over her.

"Go. Get me a pitcher of water from the other room. NOW!!!"

She ran out to the other room and got Jim what he wanted. But when she came back she found him passed out on the floor.

She set the pitcher down gently and made her way to him. She lifted her eyelid and saw his eyes were blue.

She gasped and pushed him on his back. She got a pillow and tried to make him comfortable

He didn't move but only breathed.

"Please be okay" she whispered and stayed keeled by his side.
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