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Taken care of

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Basically the title. But applying Caleb

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Caleb heard what legacy said. But he was to week from the murderer leaving his body.

Legacy sat there for a few minutes, then checked to see if he had a pulse.

It was beating fast. Trying to help his weak body be strong again after the murderer keeps weakening it.

He gathered up the strength to open his eyes and curl to his side.

When he did legacy shot up to make sure he was okay

"Do you need anything? Please be okay. Gods that looked terrible."

"Yes...I'm fine. Just need some time to recover"

He sat up, holding himself up with one arm and clutching his stomach with the other.

"Well I'll stay here if you need help." She simply said.

"Thank you. But is the murderer comes out you may not be safe"

"I don't care about him. I just wanna make sure your okay"

She softly made him lay down again. But instead of on the pillow, his head was on her lap.

She brushed his hair to the side. He looked up at her with a confused face and she smiled.

"Just get better. I'll be here for a long time as someone's slave so I might as well feel helpful"

She ran her small gentle fingers through his hair and he closed his eyes.

"Thank you. I've always been alone at times like this" Caleb said

She smiled and kissed his forehead.

"Me too" she thought to herself
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