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Lazy author but still a chapter

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Idk. Imma kinda lazy here. Just pretend this is a magical summary

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the next day

Legacy woke up on a bed and looked around. It was daylight. She didn't remember what happened after Caleb fell asleep on her lap.

He suddenly walked out from behind the mirror holding a bowl of soup.

"I know it's not much. But I'm not feeling to good from last night"

He sat down in the edge of the bed and handed her a bowl of soup.

"Thank you" she said. She took the spoon and took a bite of the warm soup.

"What time is it" she recognized the soup as clam chowder.

"10:30 ish. You slept a lot. From I believe 4pm last night to just now" he said.

She looked out the window and remembered she had school. "Shit. What am I supposed to do about school? I can't just disappear from the world"

She set the bowl aside and pulled at her hair.

"Hey hey don't do that" he removed her hands from her hair. "Your to beautiful to do that to yourself"

He hugged her and she layed her head in his chest.

"Dont worry about that. We can get you online school and it will be just as fine. I'm sorry that this happens to you" he whispered to her as she let out small whimpers and tears.

She removed herself from his hold and wiped the tears away. He went over to a computer and started searching thing online.

She got the bowl of soup from the place she put it and saw a remote. Maybe TV would help calm her down.

She turned on the tv and saw the news reports.

Caleb heard the noise and turned around to see the tv on

"No don't watch that" he tried to stop her but it was to late.

"this man was seen outside of the abandoned hotel. He killed three suspects. Reporters do not know why he did this, or who the man is" the TV said.

She turned off the TV and looked at him. "Why would you let him do that?"

She kept her focus forward and stared into space.

"I can't control when he is in my body. He has never done this before" Caleb said in shame.

She got up and walked away from him. She went over to the window and saw the things happening outside.

"Can't you feel and see everything he's doing with you? Can't you find some kind of strength to stop him?"

She looked at him with pleading eyes. He stood there not knowing not knowing what to do.

"I don't know. He chose me because I was weak and greedy. I have no strength against him."

She went up to him and placed her hand on his chest.

"And how long ago was that? I'm sure you've changed being stuck up here. Learn to fight it"

After that she hugged him. He gladly hugged her back.
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