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Chapter 8

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proof that there's love

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Legacy was the first one to wake up after their little nap. It was three n the afternoon and she layed on her back with pain.

Caleb felt the movement of her under him and woke up to see her starring at the roof blankly

He wondered what her gaze was pointed to and he layed down to look at the ceiling also

It was beautiful, there were starts painted on the roof he had never seen before. They were a deep red color like they weren't much of an importance

He looked over to legacy again and saw her smile, she was probably thinking of something happy

Her eyes widened and she pointed towards he ceiling "Look, the starts are glowing pink and red"

He looked up and saw they were glowing red and pink, but then al, the sudden faded.

"Aww, they were so pretty" she sighed and frowned again

Caleb thought for a moment. "Legacy, what were you thinking about when those starts glowed?" He asked

"Mm. I was thinking about you. And how sweet you are since I've been here" she blushed a little and the starts lit up again.

She gasped, Caleb smiled. She really did love him

He knew about these before, they wild show up if he found love

That made him smile which made they glow brighter. The teen girl next to him gasped in aww and snuggled closer to him.

she's the one that's gonna break the curse. I can feel it caleb thought to himself.

The only problem there was was the jurderer getting in his way. But she would destroy him and get him out of his soul
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