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Chapter 7

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Caleb helps legacy

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Legacy woke up the next or I got and felt a sharp pain in her ribs. She found it somewhat hard to breath on her side she rolled onto her back but found that uncomfterble also.

She remembered last night. After the murderer came back from killing a few people, he decided to torchur legacy.

He whipped her on the back, rapped her and then broke her ribs. She felt like an old, owed beat up rag.

She heard a groan beside her and tilted her head to see Caleb in the same spot he was last night after he fell when the murderer left his body.

"Caleb" she managed to whisper out. Even if it hurt she had to do something.

He started to try and get up and he literally looked like a zombie trying to get up after being dead for a thousand years (sorry we're doing thriller at school for Halloween)

He sat up on his knees and pulled at his hair. He probably had a massive headache like he always did.

Legacy was finding it harder to breath and her breath became more ragged. Caleb heard it and looked in her direction.

"Oh my gosh legacy" he crawled over to her and put her head in his lap. He hugged her but she only simpered in pain.

A few small tears fell from her eyes and he lightens his grip on her.
she was bruised on the shoulders, thighs, waist and her neck. He tried to suffocate her but he left calebs body to early to do so.

"Legacy I'm gonna take you to the bed okay?" He felt he could barley look at her after what he had done.

She nodded her head and lifted her arms to put around his shoulders for support.

He put his arms under her legs and her back and slowly lifted her up. It hurt like hell but she couldn't do anything to protest.

Her breath was ragged and harsh but he layed her down on the bed anyways. She was people's up a bit so he could feed her something

He camelback with some soup but she only refused it. He layed some blankets on top of her so she would stay warm and started out the door in shame

"Caleb" she barley whispered out

He turned back and with her good arm she patted the stop next to her.

He sighed and climbed into bed next to her snd she softly cuddled into his chest.

They both fell asleep. Feeling safe in each other's arms
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