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Au Revoir

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PSSM:F Prologue

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Prologue: Au Revoir

The Milky Way Galaxy, home to the known solar system, was only one of thousands – perhaps millions – of star systems residing within the infinitely vast universe. The Milky Way was unique in that its center, Sagittarius Alpha Star, housed the epicenter of the universe – Sagittarius Zero Star, the location of the Galaxy Cauldron. This was where all life began and ended, for the Cauldron was responsible for creating Star Seeds that would be sent out to the millions of planets in the universe, as well as accepting them when they died. Special Star Seeds would evolve into Sailor Crystals, from which one would be sent to each planet to be reincarnated as the world’s protector; a Sailor Soldier.

Unspeakable numbers of these Star Seeds and Sailor Crystals formed every known galaxy’s planets and civilizations. One of these star systems resided thousands of light-years away from the Milky Way, yet could be considered a ‘neighboring’ galaxy. This was Alkima Galaxy, the birthplace of hundreds of planets residing in a star system that, if seen from far away, resembled a round bottom flask with swirling fluid within. Unlike the Milky Way and its select few planets and Sailor Soldiers, Alkima was extremely active with planetary warriors. For every world, either flourishing or decrepit, there was a civilization that a Sailor Soldier needed to protect.

If any evil invaders made attempts to conquer Alkima, they would face some of the heaviest resistance in the universe. Once an enemy was discovered, practically every Sailor Soldier would march forward to defeat it. This meant that a villain would have to be capable of fighting back hundreds of Sailor Soldiers at once. Not many could boast that kind of power, thus Alkima didn’t have to worry too much about defending their home from evil.

The last known invader was Sailor Galaxia and her Shadow Galactica, who had destroyed a few planets in Alkima and recruited false Sailor Soldiers into her ranks. These Soldiers were once normal people who had actually killed the real Sailor Soldier and reaped their Sailor Crystals, giving them to Sailor Galaxia in exchange for the promise of receiving a real Sailor Crystal in the future; they made do with golden bracelets that granted them power comparable to a Sailor Soldier. Such stricken planets included Chuu, Mermaid, Coronis, Mau and Cocoon. Due to the threat of Alkima’s Soldiers retaliating all at once, Galaxia had to make her invasion short before moving on to the Milky Way. She figured that once she had control of the Galaxy Cauldron, she could return and reap thousands of Sailor Crystals with her newfound power.

However, that never happened. Shadow Galactica was destroyed by the Milky Way’s Sailor Soldiers. In Alkima, the fallen planets were mourned before those Star Seeds returned to the Galaxy Cauldron with the hope that they would be reborn in the far future. Afterwards, Alkima resumed its normal way of life.

Unfortunately, this galaxy’s idea of a normal life was vastly different from the Milky Way’s. Due to the huge influx of Sailor Soldiers and lack of villains for them to battle, this led to constant infighting. They always wanted to determine who Alkima’s strongest Sailor Soldier was; whoever held this coveted title would win the right to call themselves the leader of the largest force of Sailor Soldiers ever seen. This was why wars were constant between Soldiers, especially those who had large civilizations and bountiful worlds to protect. They hoped to dominate such prosperous worlds, amalgamate them under their rule, and create large forces from which they could overthrow their rivals.

This was the way of life in Alkima. The Sailor Soldiers had forgotten their purpose and fought each other for the sake of dominance. No one knew what peace was anymore. They only understood battle, rivalry, corruption and antagonism. Worse was that no villain was responsible for this. Only the Sailor Soldiers had themselves to blame, if they even took the time to reflect on their folly.

There was one particular team of Soldiers that did think about it though. Unlike the strongest Soldiers who mindlessly fought each other, this team was made up of warriors from five of the most undesired planets in Alkima. For one reason or another, their planets were so feeble that the stronger Soldiers deemed them worthless and left them to die in favor of conquering more prosperous worlds. Even so, these five Soldiers were determined to protect their abandoned homes.

With this common goal, they banded together and formed a team called the Toxicum Sailor Soldiers. They worked as mercenaries, selling their skills to the highest bidder in exchange for much-needed resources that their worlds needed to survive. Their unpleasant title actually came from Sailor Soldiers that they had betrayed; they called these five warriors ‘toxins that should not be trusted.’ After all, they were only loyal to those who could give them what their planets needed to survive. If someone else came along and offered a better deal, the Toxicum Soldiers would switch sides immediately. Despite their poor reputation, their abilities in combat, subterfuge and assassination were highly valued.

At the moment, the Toxicum Soldiers were on one of the dying worlds; Kadmas, a planet covered with golden flowers and foliage that were rapidly absorbing nutrients from the soil like cancerous tumors, slowly killing the world. The only ones who could survive there were a race of bee people who harvested honey from the deadly flowers. The civilization managed to survive by selling this honey to other worlds, but that was the only resource the Kadmians could reasonably offer. Kadmas’ grand palace where these people resided was more like a laboratory within a beehive-shaped facility. Inside this lab, the five Soldiers gazed upon a peculiar pod-like device resembling a translucent crystal cocoon.

“So this is the capsule?” the leader, a blue-haired Soldier, asked.

“We only have enough to make this one,” Kadmas’ resident Soldier replied. She was a short-statured blonde who wore a gold and grey Sailor uniform. “I wanted to make capsules for all of us, but we don’t have the resources for that.”

“So that means only one of us can go,” the tallest Soldier coolly replied and folded her arms. She had curly lavender hair and wore a purple armored uniform with a mask that covered the lower half of her face.

“’Fraid so.”

“So how are we going to figure out who to send?” a red-haired Soldier with fierce eyes wondered, clenching her large claw-like hand in determination. “If you guys want me to go, I’m all up for it.”

“We need you here to help us face the battles ahead,” the leader shook her head. “Naturally, I will be staying. I don’t want to abandon Alkima in its greatest time of need.”

“Neither do I,” the purple Soldier murmured. “I’m not fond of traveling to places I’m not familiar with, even if it is where Sagittarius Alpha Star is located.”

“I know how to operate the craft. Maybe I should go,” the yellow Soldier replied.

The blue-garbed leader shook her head. “No. We need your intellectual prowess. No one is capable of hacking into computer systems like you are. This means that the only one of us who should go is…”

The four fell silent and glanced behind at their final member, who had been quiet this entire time. If the yellow Sailor Soldier was considered ‘short’, this girl was practically a dwarf in comparison. She had long chartreuse hair tied into a low rat tail-like ponytail with a large orange ribbon. She wore a full body grey-and-black uniform with the familiar sailor collar and a long pleated dress colored Paris green. She made no reply to her leader’s surprising suggestion, remaining calm and poker-faced.

The purple lady nodded in agreement. “I concur. Her strategic ability and diplomatic fluency should be beneficial assets for negotiating with the Milky Way’s Sailor Soldiers.”

“Che,” the red-haired girl muttered. “I would have wanted to go, but if you put it that way, I suck at being nice to strangers.”

“Don’t talk like that!” the blonde girl barked. “This mission will be vital for Alkima and the Milky Way’s combined survival! We can’t afford to make any mistakes with this decision!”

Their leader approached the silent green-haired girl and kneeled down to her height, resting her hand on her shoulder. “I know it looks like we’re forcing this onto you, but it’s still your decision. If you don’t want to go, then I will. I’m just really worried about Alkima falling into a state of total anarchy, and I want to keep any semblance of order that I can. I’m sure you feel the same way, but it’s also important for someone to go to the Milky Way and make contact with its Sailor Soldiers. If we can acquire their assistance, we can save Alkima from destruction. We have no time to think about it – it’s either now or never. Will you undertake this mission for us?”

The younger Soldier didn’t reply right away. The others couldn’t judge what she was thinking since her dull expression remained statue still. Finally, she answered in a low mumble, “I’ll go.”

“Are you sure?”

“In exchange, please take care of my people for me, although I don’t know how much longer that will last. There’s less than a thousand left alive…”

“Don’t worry!” the red Soldier exclaimed emphatically. “We’ll make sure your world is safe while you’re away! You just worry about meeting the Milky Way’s Sailor Soldiers and bringing them here!”

“Do not let concerns of your home world distract you from your duty,” the purple Soldier assured. “We will make sure it is well and alive when you return.”

“If you insist,” the green girl replied quietly, then approached the blonde Soldier and said, “I’m ready.”

“Hold on a second! Aren’t you going to say good-bye to your people first?”

“The sooner I finish this job, the sooner I can return. If anything, at least tell them ‘sorry’ on my behalf.”

“Okay then…” the blonde frowned and opened the crystalline capsule while explaining, “This is a cryogenic pod that will keep you in a cold sleep until you reach the Milky Way. It’ll feel chilly when you get inside, but the anesthesia will kick in a few minutes and you’ll be out like a light. The coordinates have also been put in, so there’s no need to worry about getting off track.”


“You take care of yourself, you hear!?” the red Soldier exclaimed, holding back her choking. “If anything were to happen to you…!”

The purple-garbed lady added, “We have faith in you. Regardless of the outcome, please return to us safely.”

The green Sailor Soldier positioned her body into a fetal position to fit within the pod. The others watched as the lid automatically closed shut and locked her in.

“T-minus one minute and counting!” the yellow Soldier exclaimed, monitoring the computer systems. “60… 59… 58…”

Whiffs of sleeping gas were pumped into the pod, causing the girl to pass out. Some liquid filled it up and submerged her, then was instantly frozen solid, making her look like she had been crystallized.

“35… 34… 33…”

The capsule rose up on a lifting launch pad as the ceiling broke open, revealing the starry night sky. The pod aimed higher and higher for the sky until it almost looked vertical.

“15… 14… 13…”

A pair of rockets gradually flared to life on the pod’s backside, ready to propel its cargo into deep space. The other three Soldiers held each others’ hands during these tense moments.

“5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Lift off!”

The capsule’s booster rockets roared, suddenly sending it careening high into the air and guiding it through the stratosphere. Once the pod broke through Kadmas’ gravitational field, the rockets disengaged themselves and allowed it to move forward on inertia. The green Sailor Soldier slept peacefully as she flew into the vast emptiness of space.

Back on Kadmas, the four remaining warriors watched their friend disappear, becoming little more than a green comet that shrunk with each passing second. The blue-leader watched it vanish into the incredible darkness, suddenly feeling very afraid and timid. She swallowed hard and meekly waved her hand.

“Good-bye… And… I’m sorry-!!”

She crumpled onto the floor and sobbed uncontrollably. Her friends rushed to her side to console her. The emerald shooting star slowly faded into the distance, its trail vanishing without a trace.
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