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Future Silver Millennium

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PSSM:F Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Future Silver Millennium

Crystal Tokyo, the capital of Earth in the 30th century. It was a city of wonder, magnificence, and fantasy come true. It resided in Japan where today’s Tokyo was. Crystal Tokyo’s epicenter had tall towers and buildings encased in clear diamond-like structures. Atop the tallest building was the Crystal Palace, a huge Victorian manor with crescent moon décor where the Royal Family ruled Earth from. This grand structure was within a huge pentagram formation that housed five Crystal Points, which could be used to erect defensive barriers if the palace was ever threatened. The rest of the city surrounding the main structure remained as normal as it did back in the 20th century.

Tokyo was preserved in crystal because Earth’s king and queen, Endymion and Serenity, had lived here as normal people in the 20th century along with the Sailor Soldiers and their friends. They wanted to preserve the memories of their past lives while living in a world that they needed to rule and protect. They also wanted their daughter, Princess Small Lady Serenity, to experience the peace and kindness that her mother had enjoyed when she was the princess of the Moon Kingdom’s long lost Silver Millennium. Crystal Tokyo was the solution to the royal couple’s desires.

On this starry evening, a gold streak shot for the Crystal Palace from outer space. No one witnessed it, for everyone was within the grand halls celebrating the queen and princess’ shared birthday. June 30 was a day that Crystal Tokyo’s residents always looked forward to; it heralded the long-awaited summer months, and both mother and daughter could share this happiness together. They wanted all of their subjects to be a part of this odious occasion every year, and the parties always had different themes to keep things fun and interesting.

This year’s theme was ‘the Earth’s yearly harvest’. Fruits and grains from every season were represented here. Long tables with silky white draperies and crystal glassware held trays upon trays of succulent dishes and artisan quality desserts, all themed after various harvested fruits and vegetables. Hundreds of guests could sample these culinary delights at their leisure, while waltz music played by a band of classical musicians guided partners to dance in tune. All of the solar system’s Sailor Soldiers were there, as well as King Endymion’s trusted Four Generals – the same ones who had defected to Queen Beryl centuries ago, now reincarnated to serve him once again.

At one of the tables, Small Lady daintily ate a strawberry custard tart she had picked out. Her four guardians, the Sailor Quartet, surrounded her as they tried various other desserts.

“This is so delicious!” Small Lady beamed. “I could eat a hundred of these!”

“Definitely!” Sailor Pallas, the immature blue-haired Quartet, agreed with her as she munched down pastry after pastry without much mind for manners. She choked a little from having too much food in her throat.

“Whoa, slow down!” Sailor Juno exclaimed, handing her sister a glass of water. “If you eat too much, you’ll get sick! Wouldn’t want you to lose any of Jupiter’s cooking from an upset stomach, right?”

“Aaah… But it’s so good!”

“Don’t worry. We have all night,” the oldest sister Sailor Ceres assured. “There’s no need to rush in enjoying such delicacies.”

“Meh,” Sailor Vesta muttered sourly. “I’m not much for sweets. On the other hand, the spicy pork is absolutely killer! Plus it won’t make you fat like these pastries will.”

Pallas whined, “Are you calling me fat!?”

“No, but you will be if you keep this up.”

“I have a second stomach reserved for candies and treats! I’ll never get fat!”

“Don’t be so overconfident. A woman should take care of herself first and foremost.”

“But I’m not a woman yet, so I can have all the fun I want.”

“Ugh, you’re impossible,” Vesta shook her head.

Small Lady giggled a little from the argument, then said to Ceres, “Thank you for organizing Mama and I’s birthday party this year.”

“Oh, no problem,” the refined girl replied. “Although Jupiter and I had to pull it together at the last minute, no thanks to Venus tripping and fracturing her leg. The theme was my idea though, and Jupiter did a lot of the baking.”

“I can tell. She’s an amazing cook. Sir Nephrite must be so lucky to have her as his bride.”

They glanced over at the dancing floor, where they found a suited man with wavy brown hair waltzing with a young woman in a green dress sporting brown hair and a ponytail. Small Lady added on the side, “I kind of feel bad for Sir Kunzite though. Venus means well, but she’s a terrible cook.”

“Sir Kunzite knows how to take care of himself,” Ceres shrugged. “He isn’t the leader of the Four Generals for nothing.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“Oh, my. Speaking of male partners, is Helios going to show up this year?”

“Hmm…” Small Lady frowned. “I talked to him last night. He said he couldn’t because there was ‘something amiss that he could sense in the stars.’ He’s staying in Elysion to monitor it, but I’m not sure what he meant.”

“I see. Well, there’s nothing to be disappointed about. You two can see each other whenever you want.”

“Of course,” the princess smiled, thinking about the white-haired man whom she had fallen in love with.

The evening carried on like this, with fine dining, graceful dancing, soothing music and idle chatter helping to pass the night along. Soon it was approaching midnight and the festivities started to wind down. This was when the castle bakers wheeled out a grand tiered white cake with red roses and sugar ribbons decorating the otherwise plain confection. Atop the highest tier were a pair of large candies replicating the Royal Family’s most treasured heirlooms; Neo Queen Serenity’s Silver Crystal, and Small Lady’s version of it called the Pink Moon Crystal.

King Endymion stood before the throne and raised a glass of red wine. He addressed the awestruck audience, “Ladies and gentlemen. As we shall soon be concluding the events of this fine evening, let us honor my wife and daughter’s birthday with one last song wishing them yet another happiest birthday from all of us here. Sing with all your soul, and show them your appreciation for their everlasting kindness and friendship. I too shall demonstrate my love for both of them, now and forever.”

Serenity and Small Lady held each other’s hands as the crowd slowly assembled around them and the cake, preparing to sing ‘Happy Birthday’. The lights dimmed down. Everyone took a collective deep breath… and then a piercing crash startled them.

Endymion called out to his Four Generals, “Someone turn the light back on!”

“Sir!” Kunzite, the general with long white hair, replied and returned the halls to brightness. Now that they could see again, they noticed one of the many window panes had been shattered, allowing the night breeze to flow in and flutter the curtains. Shards of glass peppered the floor. In the center of this mess was something really bizarre:

A golden apple.

It wasn’t made of pure metal; it still was an edible piece of food. The gold-skinned fruit looked delicious enough to eat, as if it was beckoning the onlookers to have a taste of forbidden fruit. But no one dared to make a move in case it was some kind of weapon. Small Lady’s curiosity took her over as she approached it.

“What is that?” she wondered. “Is it part of a show?”

“Not that I know of,” Ceres replied.

Small Lady leaned in to get a closer look. The face of the apple suddenly warped, the dazzling skin peeling into brittle dark brown bits and the moist flesh undergoing a rapid browning process until the shape of a skull with a symbol on its forehead emerged. The skull-face didn’t do anything; rather, it was an indication that this little piece of fruit was extremely malevolent. The mouth glowed as it readied an energy beam to strike the horrified princess down.

“Small Lady!!” Sailor Pluto screamed, jumping in front of the child to defend her from the energy beam. It struck her back and sent the pair skidding across the polished floor. Many of the guests began to panic after the attack, scrambling around and yelling to get out of the palace.

“Are you all right, Pluto!?” Serenity called out as she rushed to them. Endymion ordered his generals to usher the crowd out of this sudden danger zone. They noticed that dark wisps emanated from the frightened courtiers, which were being sucked into the evil apple’s mouth. Sinewy arms crept out of the apple’s sides and crawled around like a centipede, scaring everyone even further and generating more energy for it to consume. It then shot another golden beam from its mouth, sweeping across the ceiling and causing the chandelier to fall, heading straight for Serenity, Small Lady and Pluto.

“World Shaking!!” Sailor Uranus shouted, sending an orb of energy at the chandelier, shattering the crystal into thousands of pieces that rained all over the place. The four generals shielded the courtiers by expertly batting away the fragments with their swords. The monster continued mutating, now having grown an upper body with a ribcage, but no visible organs. By this time, Serenity’s Sailor Soldiers were surrounding it.

“GWAAAHH!!!” the mutating creature roared and floated into the air. It glared at the Sailor Soldiers with pure malice, but they remained determined to fight this monstrosity and protect the Royal Family. It lunged down with its bone-like claws at the warriors, intent on slashing them into meat ribbons.

The battle had begun.
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