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PSSM:F Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Apfelschuss

Sailor Mars initiated the fight by yelling, “Burning Mandala!” She created eight rings of searing fire and sent them flying at the monster, slicing through its skin in bloody spurts. The mandalas did do some damage, but mostly caused it to be distracted from the Royal Family as the trio fled for safety upstairs, protected by the Sailor Quartet should something happen. Sailor Jupiter likewise wanted to injure this hideous apparition, so she raised her arms and created a small cyclone that billowed her hair, ribbons and skirt.

“Jupiter Coconut Cyclone!” she exclaimed, and a small lightning rod extended from the green jewel on her tiara. Electricity sparked around her and transferred to the cyclone. She commanded the supercharged winds to whirl around the enemy. It howled as piercing sparks tore through its body and ripped off bits of flesh. It was more resilient than they imagined however, and it recovered before raising one of its clawed hands to strike Jupiter down.

“Venus Love Me Chain!” Sailor Venus called out, throwing a long chain of glowing orange hearts at the monster’s arm, ensnaring it like a whip and preventing it from clawing Jupiter. It roared in annoyance and used its strength to hurl her around with the whip and toss her at the nearest wall. Her body painfully cratered the drywall and she slumped into a heap. It focused on the weakened warrior, wanting to use this opportunity to kill her while she couldn’t counter.

Sailor Mercury dashed toward Venus while yelling, “Shabon Spray!” A flurry of bubbles flew out of her outstretched hand and popped, blinding the enemy with thick fog. Sailor Jupiter’s silhouette could be seen helping Venus get away from the immediate area. The irate monster growled as it struggled to stave off the mist and regain its vision.

Sailor Saturn readied her scythe-like spear, the Silence Glaive, in a thrusting position and shot it forth after exclaiming, “Silence Buster!” An energy bolt surrounded by twin spirals twirled in the air and struck right at the creature’s shoulder joint, violently severing that arm from its body. Despite being so viciously amputated, it only seemed to grow angrier. It reached out with its remaining hand and grabbed Saturn, then pounded her into the ground and pressed its weight upon her.

“Dead Scream,” Sailor Pluto whispered, sending a violet orb of energy from her Time Staff at the monster’s face, blowing it back and freeing Saturn. She grabbed her Silence Glaive and jumped away with a back flip.

Sailor Neptune raised her Deep Aqua Mirror, a hand mirror emblazoned with the Neptune sigil, and intoned, “Submarine Reflection!” A glittering wave of light engulfed the enemy, but it wasn’t an attack. Rather, it was a harmless aura that washed over her target and caused its weakness to reveal itself to her. In this case, the golden skull-faced apple hidden upon the creature’s epiglottis - protected by rows of disjointed and very sharp teeth - shone aqua for a few moments before returning to normal.

“Just as I thought,” Neptune said. “That apple is the cause of all of this. The longer we allow it to consume energy, the stronger the monster will become.”

“And here I was about to have some of your blue ribbon apple pie,” Sailor Uranus joked to her lover.

“Oh, my. Are you saying you won’t eat it after we win this fight?”

“On the contrary. I’ll have worked up enough of an appetite to devour every apple I see.”

After teasing Neptune, Uranus brought forth her jeweled short sword, the Space Sword, and slashed into the air as she called out, “Space Sword Blaster!” Several orange-colored energy slashes charged straight for the enemy’s teeth, shattering them into fragments and causing it to roar in agony. The evil apple glowed and regenerated more teeth to shield itself from further attacks.

“Damn it,” Uranus cursed. “I can get rid of the teeth, but someone else needs to take care of the core.”

“Leave it to me!” Sailor Mars replied. “Strike it again and I’ll shoot it down!”

Although the Sailor Soldiers had a solid strategy, the beast wouldn’t give them the chance to use it. It opted to remain on the move, spurting insectoid legs and leaping onto the palace walls. It crawled around the warriors rapidly and they had a hard time keeping up with it. Using a singular attack would be impossible.

“Jupiter Oak Evolution!” Sailor Jupiter used her all-encompassing attack, twirling on her toes and sending spheres of green electricity everywhere. One orb struck its back and shocked it, causing temporary paralysis.

A few droplets of water turned into freezing crystals that swirled around Sailor Mercury, solidifying into ice cold water that she threw at the walls after chanting, “Shine Aqua Illusion!” She used the water to create ice on the walls, causing the creature to lose its grip and slide back to the ground. Sailor Saturn ran as fast as she could toward it and leapt high into the air, pointing the Silence Glaive down to its back where she assumed the golden apple was. The enemy caught on to the tactic and scurried away, leaving the surprised Saturn to lance nothing as she landed.

“This foe isn’t just gaining power; its intelligence is increasing as well!” Sailor Pluto clenched her teeth. “I’ve never seen an ordinary youma evolve so quickly!”

“Stop being so impressed and help us!” Sailor Venus snapped.

During the battle, the Royal Family had retreated to the ascending staircase and watched from the second floor. Neo Queen Serenity gasped, amazed that this intruder was powerful enough to cause her eight guardians so much trouble. She needed to do something to end this quickly. She held her hands over her chest and concentrated until a silver lotus-shaped crystal emerged in her palms.

“Serenity!” Endymion urged, grabbing her from behind. “Don’t use the Silver Crystal!”

“But at this rate, someone will be killed!” his wife pleaded.

They heard Sailor Saturn’s voice from below as she called out to them, “Don’t you trust us, Your Highness!? We’ll defeat it no matter what it takes!”

“But I don’t want anyone to die!”

“Don’t worry! We have it on the ropes! It won’t get away from us now!”

“She’s right,” the king assured. “Have faith in them.”

Small Lady watched her mother tremble helplessly as she put the Silver Crystal away. She returned her attention to the fight as Sailor Venus shouted, “Love and Beauty Shock!” She sent a golden spinning heart straight for the creature as it rushed upon her. It didn’t anticipate the stunning power of this little heart as it exploded against the teeth and shattered them once again. Its head snapped back as it was stunned for a few precious moments.

“Finally!” Sailor Mars cheered, having waited for her chance this entire time. Flames tickled around her as she began to chant, “Mars Flame-!”

She didn’t get to finish. The beast, seemingly unfazed by Venus’ attack, jumped over her in an arc while instantaneously regenerating its teeth, much faster than earlier. The panic and desperation the apple absorbed while fighting the Sailor Soldiers had caused it to become as powerful as a lesser villain. The monster landed right in front of Mars, inches away from her face, and opened its jaws. Its intent was to chew the stunned warrior in half before she had a chance to attack.

“Sailor Mars!!” Serenity and Small Lady shrieked simultaneously. The other Sailor Soldiers scrambled to counter before it could kill their ally, but it could be too late.

Mars froze in place, her eyes transfixed on the demonic skull-faced apple as it seemed to silently laugh at her impending demise. Suddenly, something exploded through the other side of the evil fruit, causing bits of flesh to burst and splatter over the stunned Soldier’s face and the floor. It turned out to be the head of a silver arrow fired from afar, piercing through the beast’s back and into the apple.

The palace halls fell silent for a few moments as everyone gaped at the spectacle. The creature finally collapsed onto its side and the apple was split clean open. The arrow clattered to the ground with a metallic clang. The fruit then dissolved into mush, the monster’s limbs turned into powder, and all of the negative energy it fed on dispersed. Soon, the beast that assaulted the Sailor Soldiers dissipated into dust, as if nothing ever happened.

With the monster dead, the Sailor Soldiers could begin to piece together what just happened. All they understood was that it managed to bypass the palace’s top-notch security, transform into a malevolent creature by feeding off the negative energy of panicking people, and was slain by an arrow cleaving the golden apple core. It seemed like such an obvious solution, but the creature had proven to be a much greater threat than anything they had encountered thus far. Combating it head on had proven to be futile; it required a sneak attack to take it down.

Mars collapsed onto her buttocks in relief. Sailor Mercury kneeled next to her friend and asked, “Are you okay!?”


“You weren’t able to pull off your Mars Flame Sniper, weren’t you?”

“No. It was the perfect chance, but…”

“Then who was it?” Jupiter narrowed her eyes, glaring at the silver arrow.

Sailor Pluto noticed the direction the arrow had been fired and followed her eyes along its trajectory. She found a person standing atop the grand statue of Neo Queen Serenity near the entrance, perfectly poised in a shooting pose upon the effigy’s smooth shoulder.

“There’s someone there!” she shouted, pointing her Time Staff to the figure to direct the others’ gazes.
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