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Shadow Galactica's Shadow?

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PSSM:F Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Shadow Galactica’s Shadow?

No one could tell what this person looked like, but there were a few features they could make out such as it being a female with long green hair done in a low ponytail and a low cut dress. She lowered an ornate archer’s bow after confirming the shot had hit its mark, her expression dull yet calm.

Sailor Uranus demanded in her loudest voice, “Who are you!?”

The archer didn’t answer. Her eyes panned the area until she met the Royal Family’s eyes. Serenity and Endymion stood in front of their daughter and the Sailor Quartet surrounded them as a protective barrier. The unknown Sailor Soldier asked aloud, her voice soothing yet bitter, “Might you be the legendary Sailor Soldiers that defeated Galaxia?”

“Galaxia?” Serenity frowned nervously. It had been a long time since she heard that name.

“Do you know of Sailor Galaxia and her Shadow Galactica?” Sailor Pluto asked calmly, trying to be the voice of reason in this mass confusion.

“I believe I asked a question first. Are you the ones who defeated her?” the archer repeated with a cross tone in her voice.

Serenity replied, “Yes. I confronted her at the Galaxy Cauldron, and…” She stopped. The memories of losing so many important people – the isolation of fighting such a terrible battle alone - caused her to tear up a little. Endymion held her shoulder to console her.

“So you’re the legend in flesh. Yet you and your guardians had great difficulty against that creature. Maybe it’s true that legends are more disappointing when you meet them in person.”

“Who are you to talk like that!?” Sailor Mars barked, angry that this stranger was verbally bashing her best friend. Despite nearly getting killed, she wasn’t going to tolerate any sort of bullying against Serenity. She channeled her power and created a Mars Flame Sniper for real, calling out, “Come down this instant or else!”

“Or else… what?”

“I’ll shoot!”

“Mars, please calm down!” Mercury tried to plead. “She won’t answer our questions if we talk to her like that!”

“I’m not interested in listening to someone who shows up from out of nowhere and calls us failures!”

The girl muttered, “How unbelievably petty. Are simple squabbles the worst that this planet’s Sailor Soldiers have resolved? I find it difficult to fathom that you lot were capable of defeating Galaxia.”

Mars’ patience was at its end. She and the unknown archer stared at each other intensely, readying their respective bow and arrows. Meanwhile, Sailor Neptune carefully examined the arrow that had killed the monster earlier. She used her Deep Aqua Mirror to perform the examination, looking for any special properties or powers. Suddenly, her eyes widened with shock.

“Stop, Mars!!” Mercury pleaded.

“Mars Flame Sniper!”

Sailor Mars sent her fiery arrow flying up at the exact time the unknown Soldier fired down silently. The two projectiles were on a direct collision course…

“Silent Wall!”

In an instant, Sailor Saturn’s invisible barrier broke the flaming arrow into pure flames that engulfed the air, while the mystery girl’s arrow struck seemingly nothing and clattered to the floor. When the fire died down, Mars, Mercury and Saturn looked back up to find the girl gone.

“Damn it! You two, come with me! We need to find her quickly!” Uranus told Jupiter and Venus, and the three Soldiers took chase.

Meanwhile, Mars exclaimed to Saturn, “Why did you do that!?”

“It was extremely dangerous. Neptune told me to protect you from that shot.”

“Wha-? Why?”

Neptune gestured to the arrow’s tip and noted direly, “It’s poisoned.”

Mars’ face blanched with shock. “No way…”

“Even if your shot hit her, her counterattack would have likely killed you,” Sailor Pluto added gravely. “If she is indeed a Sailor Soldier, she is not one who fights in all fairness.”

“May I see that arrow? I would like to study it further,” Mercury requested, and Neptune gave it to her.

As the Sailor Soldiers scrambled around trying to piece this puzzle together, Serenity kneeled beside Small Lady and asked, “Are you unhurt?”

“I’m okay, Mama. But who was that girl, and how did she know about Galaxia?”

“We can’t say for sure,” Endymion replied. “But didn’t she look like one of the Sailor Animamates that you had to fight when Shadow Galactica invaded?”

“You’re right,” Serenity murmured, recalling the vicious false Sailor Soldiers who had killed her friends one by one. “Might she be a stray seeking revenge?”

“Shadow Galactica was destroyed 1000 years ago. I sincerely doubt someone would be able to hold a grudge for that long. In my opinion, she and that creature might be small parts of a new threat.”

Small Lady chimed, “Mama, Papa, I want to find out who she is. I wanted to thank her for helping us stop that creature, but she almost killed Mars… At the very least, I want to try talking to her.”

Her parents paused, wondering what to do. Whenever Small Lady was insistent upon something, it was very difficult to stop her even with their authority as royalty and parents. It was at this time that Sailors Uranus, Jupiter and Venus returned, their faces flush from having done so much running.

“It was no good,” Jupiter admitted. “We couldn’t find her anywhere in the palace grounds.”

“It’s safe to assume she’s fled to the city,” Uranus surmised.

“Ugh! If I had her in my sight even a little bit, I would have caught her easily!” Venus punched her palm enthusiastically. “How did she manage to sneak into the palace without alerting the guards!?”

Jupiter glowered, “We obviously need to beef up security around the palace. But that means we wouldn’t be able to go into Tokyo to look for the girl.”

Serenity stood back up and did a little more thinking. She then told Small Lady, “If Uranus is right, then perhaps you should go into the city and try to look for her.”


“But not alone, of course.” The queen addressed the Sailor Quartet. “I want you four to go with her and protect her from the mystery girl, as well as defeat any more of those monsters that might show up. Try to find out as much as you can without provoking her. I don’t need to remind you what Pluto said. Use extreme caution.”

“You can count on us, Your Highness!” Sailor Juno clenched her fist and smirked.

Sailor Ceres asked, “What would you have us do if we confront the girl?”

“If you can befriend her, please do. If she is fighting a common enemy, I don’t want her to feel isolated from all of us being suspicious of her. Try to give her all the support you can, and let her know that we are on her side. She should also understand that we will not tolerate attacks against our friends.”

“If she is truly with the enemy,” Endymion intoned, “then please deal with her appropriately.”

“Sounds fair enough,” Ceres nodded. “Then we’ll take our leave.”
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