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Earth's Newest Protectors

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PSSM:F Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Earth’s Newest Protectors

After Midori fled the scene at Chibi-Usa’s insistence, the others went inside an abandoned shop to transform.

“Ceres Quartet Power, Make Up!”

“Pallas Quartet Power, Make Up!”

“Juno Quartet Power, Make Up!”

“Vesta Quartet Power, Make Up!”

The Yoeda sisters transformed into the Sailor Quartet. Their street clothes vanished and were replaced with the iconic uniforms. Their sequences were incredibly similar, the main differences being their theme colors and their respective powers coming into play. Once they were all done, they posed in front of their respective sigils.

Chibi-Usa was the last to morph into her Sailor Soldier identity, yelling out, “Pink Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!”

Her double hair buns sparkled as hair decorations flickered in place. Her clothes disappeared as rose pink ribbons surrounded her and changed into the standard Sailor Soldier uniform. The ribbons created knee length boots over her legs, elbow length gloves around her arms, and finally wrapped into a bow on her breast like she was a pretty pink package. She likewise finished with a striking pose.

While they had been transforming, the monster continued its rampage in total ignorance. Chibi-Usa called out to it in her loudest voice, “Stop right there!”

“Bwuh?” the creature grumbled and turned around, finding the five Sailor Soldiers lined up behind it.

“You have some nerve transforming the icon of Ginza into a tool of destruction! The silver miners of old may forgive you, but we won’t! I am the Sailor Soldier of Love and Justice!”

She raised her hand and posed with her arms.

“Sailor Chibi-Moon!”

She then performed peculiar movements with her arms and hands, pointing at her foe and boldly declaring, “In the name of the Moon…”

The Sailor Quartet mimicked her actions and shouted with her, “We’ll punish you!”

The monster just watched the spectacle… and then resumed its rampage without a care in the world.

“HEY! Don’t you ignore us, you brute!!” Juno shouted.

“What an uncouth creature. It’s almost like it doesn’t understand how much of a threat we are,” Ceres muttered sourly.

Vesta grinned broadly as she brought out her whip. “I say we teach it a lesson or two,” she smirked while rushing toward it and slashing at its backside. The whiplash finally caught its attention. It lumbered around to face its opponents when suddenly it lost its balance. Pallas had summoned a plethora of balls to litter the ground and cause the enemy to bumble around like someone had walked over marbles.

“My turn!” Juno called out as she jumped high and landed a diving kick, sending the creature tumbling onto its back. She and Vesta attempted to land more blows when its vine-like arms lashed out and wrapped around the surprised pair, then tossed them through a window at a nearby store.

“Guys! Ooh, now I’m getting mad!” Pallas fumed. She summoned more blue balls and commanded them to shoot at the monster like machine gun fire. Somehow, it wasn’t perturbed by the barrage at all. It sent one of its arms into the ground, re-emerging beneath Pallas’ feet and sending her flying straight into the air. She shrieked, totally caught unaware of this sneak attack. The creature used its free arm to grab her and whip her right back into the ground as hard as it could. Her body even bounced from the impact.

Ceres clenched her teeth nervously as the enemy next focused on her. She waved her arm in an arc to create a flurry of yellow petals that blinded the creature, then she created a series of vines dotted with flowers to use as trapeze swings. She got on one and swung just in time to avoid a vicious punch. While swinging about on her swings, Ceres showered the area with more flower petals to confuse it. She was hoping to distract it long enough for her combat-oriented siblings to return to the fray. Unfortunately for her, the monster caught on to her plan and used its vine arms to function as springs, launching it up at Ceres’ height just as she was swinging toward it. She gasped and tried to leap off, but it managed to punch her off and send her careening against a parked air cab.

Chibi-Moon was astonished at how intelligent their enemy was. Despite acting like a wild brute, it was smart enough to discern the Soldiers’ attacks and react accordingly, just like the one that attacked the palace. How was it able to do that? As she was preoccupied with wondering how to fight, the creature landed right in front of her, shaking the ground and catching her completely off guard.

“Chibi-Moon!!” the Quartet screamed in horror.

She froze in shock. Just before its gargantuan hand could slap her aside like it did the others, a silver arrow pierced its elbow and exploded into choking fumes that stunned it. Chibi-Moon coughed, and then felt someone wrap their arm around her waist and carry her away from the scene. Once they landed, she looked to see who her savior was.

“You again!” she gasped, finding the unknown green-haired archer who helped them back at Crystal Palace.

“Quite a problematic one, isn’t it?” the girl murmured.

“Thank you for saving me.”

“It’s only part of my duty. But more importantly, what was that pontificating you were engaging in earlier?” the mystery Soldier snapped.

“You mean our introductory speeches?” Chibi-Moon wondered. “We always do that. It’s pretty much become a habit now.”

“I cannot believe how dense you are. The time you wasted introducing yourself to a berserk killing machine has given it the chance to absorb more evil energy and become stronger. It also becomes more intelligent during the process. You should refrain from continuing such juvenile behavior. This is the real world, not those cheesy super hero shows that kids your age watch.”

“’Kids my age’?? You don’t look any older than me…”

The girl ignored her. “You have to destroy these things the moment they manifest, or they will bring nothing but disaster.”

“Okay, okay, I get it already! We should just shut up and fight from now on!”

“While I’m not fond of your vernacular, at least you understand the importance.”

Chibi-Moon tensed up and asked, “So do you know what these monsters are and how to defeat them?”

“More than I wish to know,” the girl said darkly. “They are called Erisians, or fragments of Eris, the goddess of chaos, strife and discord.”

“Eris…” the pink Soldier repeated under her breath. Just the description of the goddess caused goose bumps to form on her skin.

“Those apples that the Erisians are born from are called Apples of Discord, from which they absorb energy emitted by the panic and bedlam they cause while latching to an object and transforming. Leave them alone for too long and they will become another incarnation of Eris, from which more Apples of Discord can be harvested. They are cancerous beings that must be slain immediately. I’m sure you’ve learned from the assault on your castle – get rid of the apple, and the monster dies.”

“Got it! Thank you for your help again!” Chibi-Moon smiled before rushing in to help her guardians. Despite being violently thrown about earlier, the Sailor Quartet had returned to battle. This time the sisters had joined together for their unison attack Amazoness Jungle Arrow, sending a concentrated burst of energy at the Erisian’s midsection. It stunned the creature long enough for Chibi-Moon to join the fray and exclaim, “We have to destroy the apple in the center! The longer we take, the more energy it will consume, and then it’ll become stronger than this!”

“Then let’s stop screwing around and finish this thing for good!” Vesta replied.

As the monster recovered, the five Soldiers gathered together and raised their arms, conjuring up bullets of pink ice from their fingertips and hurling them at the Erisian.

“Pink Lady’s Freezing Kiss!”

The bullets froze around the vines and solidified. It couldn’t move its lethal limbs around, and the Apple of Discord stood out helplessly in the center of the clock monster. Sailor Chibi-Moon then grabbed the jewel of her tiara, removing the accessory from her forehead and making it glow bright pink in her palm.

“Moon Tiara Action!” she shouted, hurling the tiara like a frisbee at the apple. The tiara’s energy disintegrated it, which caused the Erisian’s vines to wither and dissolve. The Wako clock face remained upright on the street. Although its base was damaged, it could still be salvaged. With the battle over, the Sailor Soldiers all retreated to a safe place so no onlookers would asked these strange costumed girls any questions.
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