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Chaos in Pedestrian Heaven

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PSSM:F Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Chaos in Pedestrian Heaven

Chibi-Usa and the Yoeda sisters found their way to Ginza after asking other pedestrians for help and following the curt girl’s advice to look for signs. Once there, they went to an apartment that King Endymion managed to secure a room for them to stay in. They had to do everything in their power to keep the bedazzled CereCere on track lest she get lost in a surprise shopping splurge within one of Japan’s most upscale districts. They kept her under control enough as they found the apartment and spoke with the landlady, getting set up to stay as tenants.

Once all of that was done, the girls found their room. Chibi-Usa unlocked the door and entered first, finding a spacious flat that overlooked Ginza. There was a small kitchen, a dining table, a couple of sofas, two televisions, and a separate room with multiple beds. It was a far cry from the Crystal Palace’s luxurious chambers, but none of the girls were too demanding about their living quarters.

CereCere rushed up to the panoramic windows and gasped, “This is amazing! I feel like a queen watching over her subjects as they hurry along their day…”

“Incredible! I love this place! I get to run around and play all I want!” PallaPalla cheered while darting about in the recreation space.

“Ah! They even have a pool table! I’m up for a game later,” VesVes nudged JunJun’s arm.

“Fine, but I’m starving! Is there anything to eat here?” the green-haired sibling groaned while scouring the pantry. Even though the room was well furnished, she discovered that there was a bothersome lack of food. There was only cereal, some bottled water, milk and ground coffee.

PallaPalla called out, “I want cereal! With lots and lots of sugar!”

“Me too!” Chibi-Usa added.

“Damn it,” JunJun swore. “There’s no sugar here.”

“Ugh, that won’t do,” CereCere scoffed. “I don’t mind drinking coffee, but it has to have sugar in it. The landlady should have told us that the kitchen was poorly stocked. I’ll have to file a complaint later.”

Chibi-Usa and PallaPalla banged their fists against the table while chanting, “Sugar! Sugar! Sugar!”

“All right, all right! Man, you guys are helpless when it comes to sweets,” JunJun smacked her forehead, leaving the cacophony behind to find the next room over. She read the sign next to the door denoting the resident’s last name. This room belonged to someone named ‘Inuken’. She rang the doorbell and yelled, “Sorry to bother you! I was wondering if you had any sugar we could borrow!”

After a few moments, she heard the door being unlocked from inside, and someone’s head poked through the crack. JunJun couldn’t believe it; the person was none other than the green-haired girl who had so rudely given the girls directions earlier that afternoon!

“What the-!? It’s you! You live here!?”

“Of course I do. Is something wrong with that?” the blunt-mannered tenant muttered.

“No, not at all. I was just surprised, that’s all,” JunJun chuckled sheepishly. “Sorry about that. We just moved in and we’re a little low on some supplies. Could you help us out a little…? Ah, I should’ve asked for your name first! Damn, my manners are getting sloppy! I’m Yoeda JunJun, the third of four sisters.”

The girl shook JunJun’s hand. “Inuken Midori. I just moved here a few days ago.”

“What a coincidence, man! Chibi-Usa’s gonna be ecstatic when she finds out! Oh, but first-“

“Some sundries, correct? Give me a moment.”

JunJun waited for a few minutes as Midori went back into her apartment. She returned to the hallway with some small bags of food and condiments. “These are some extras I mistakenly purchased. This should sustain you until you can do some proper shopping.”

“Thanks. I feel kind of bad for bothering you so much.”

“It isn’t as bad as the noise I’ve been hearing. What in the world is going on in there, World War III?”

“Aw man, how embarrassing… How ‘bout I bring you over and make them apologize for disturbing you. It’s the least I can do.”

“That sounds good. It would be prudent of me to lay down a few guidelines so as not to cause further incidents. Which room are you in?”

JunJun led Midori down to her flat and they entered. The others continued moaning and pacing around impatiently as their stomachs growled. Once the duo entered however, all eyes were fixed on Midori.

“Ah-!” Chibi-Usa gasped, recognizing her.

“Well I’ll be!” CereCere widened her eyes. “It certainly is a small world.”

“Yeah! Midori here managed to salvage what she could for us! But she wants to talk to us about noise control,” JunJun frowned.

“Indeed,” Midori crossed her arms, tossing her rations on the table as she went into a lecture about the landlady’s rules, her respect for privacy, how she was extremely sensitive to disturbances, and so on. The other girls munched on some cookies and cereal while boredly listening to her. After she was done, Midori demanded, “Did you understand all of that?”

PallaPalla ignored her and whined, “I’m still hungry…”

“Yeah, enough with the preaching already. Isn’t there something else we can eat?” VesVes asked.

“I suppose it’s my fault for expecting you to learn anything on an empty stomach,” Midori groaned.

“Then let’s go out for dinner tonight!” Chibi-Usa suggested. “You can come along too, Midori. That is, if you’re not too busy or anything…”

“How considerate. I was catching up on my cram school studies, but it wouldn’t hurt to accept your invitation. The landlady has often badgered me about not getting out enough.”

“You go to cram school?”

“Mainly for supplementary learning. Japan’s standardized education system doesn’t offer enough to stimulate my desire to learn. I could go into more detail, but I feel you’ve all heard enough from me for one night.”

“No kidding,” VesVes huffed. “Let’s get going already! I want to murder a steak or something!”


At around 4 PM, the group of six girls exited the Printemps department store (now much grander than it was in the 20th century), having eaten a large curry dinner at Yamituki. Midori took the time to explain how Ginza was laid out and where the others could go look for groceries tomorrow. Now that their hunger was satisfied, they headed out into the streets and started to walk back home. During this time on the weekends, Ginza was notorious for banning traffic on the streets, allowing pedestrians to amble about without worry of being run over. This short timeframe came to be known as ‘pedestrian heaven’.

“Wow… This is just too much for my little heart to take,” CereCere crooned in delight, marveling at the tall buildings advertising high fashion items. Crystal Tokyo loomed in the distance, only adding to Ginza’s majesty.

“Don’t gawk too much. You’ll look like an idiot to the locals,” VesVes joked.

“Hmph. They should be proud that I appreciate the beauty of Ginza.”

“Whatever. If it wasn’t for the awesome eats, this place would be too stuffy for me.”

At the same time, Chibi-Usa asked Midori, “So why are you staying alone in such an upscale apartment? Do you have any family?”

“My parents are members of politics in Osaka, but I wished to find my own path in life outside of politics. So they agreed to send me to Tokyo and attend school here in the hope of forging my own success story rather than riding on their coattails. Even so, they insist upon me staying in luxury homes, eating fine food and living the life of a rich, spoiled daughter. I sometimes wonder if they’re more concerned for my future or for their own image.”

Chibi-Usa paused, trying to think of a way to change the subject. She uttered, “I never would have guessed you were from Osaka. You don’t have their accent.”

“It’s a stereotype to think that every Osakan uses the Kansai dialect. I prefer to speak the standard language rather than be so laid back and gruff.”

“I see. I’d like to visit Osaka one of these days.”

“You should first get adjusted to Tokyo before venturing into other regions. While seeking knowledge is good, trying to take in too much at once is unwise.”

“I know. Slow and steady, right?”

The girls chatted amongst themselves as they got to know each other better. The crowds on the streets of Ginza were starting to thin out as the 5 PM time limit would soon reopen the roads to vehicles. Everyone knew thanks to the iconic clock that towered above the Wako department store, a landmark of Ginza that endured over the last thousand years. PallaPalla got bored for a moment and glanced at the clock to see what the actual time was. That was when she noticed something gold streaking towards the fixture.

“Hey, guys! I just saw something pretty near the clock!” she exclaimed.

“Like what?” VesVes asked.

“Some gold, shiny streak! Maybe it’s a shooting star!”

Midori grew alarmed – she knew exactly what it was. But she had to keep herself under control so the others wouldn’t find her suspicious. She muttered, “We’re in the middle of the afternoon. No one should be able to see shooting stars at this time.”

“But I saw it! I really did!” PallaPalla insisted, pointing upwards.

Before they could argue further, a golden light shone behind the clock. Now everyone’s attention was fixed on it as the glow grew brighter. The girls noticed some vines wrapping around it… and then ripping the clock right out of the concrete and fusing with it to create an apple-shaped clock monster! Women shrieked and men howled in shock. Everyone turned around and ran. Debris rained upon them, and some children nearby narrowly avoided being crushed by some rocks.

“GWOOOOO!!!” the monster roared, frightening the crowd even more. Grey wisps of negative energy could be seen emanating from the people, slowly being sucked into the monster’s center. It jumped high and landed on the empty streets, intent on causing more destruction. The six girls shouted in surprise, startled by the monster’s crash landing and the flurry of people rushing past them.

Chibi-Usa and the four sisters glanced at each other, silently telling each other to transform into their Sailor Soldier counterparts. Unfortunately, they couldn’t risk revealing themselves to Midori. They had to remove her from the scene somehow. Chibi-Usa implored to Midori, “We’re going to go find the nearest police box! You should evacuate with everyone else!”

“Wouldn’t it be safer for all of us to stay together?”

“Just go already! We can take care of things here! I just don’t want to see you getting hurt!”

“… All right then. Make sure you escape unharmed as well.”
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