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Pink Lady's Regalia

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PSSM:F Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Pink Lady’s Regalia

Crystal Palace’s monitoring suite was bustling with activity. King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity had hurried over to observe the battle after Luna reported another attack in Tokyo. Artemis was busy detailing the situation to the Sailor Quartet as they hurried to reach Chibi-Moon’s position.

“I don’t believe this!” Luna sweated, reading the monster’s data as the numbers flashed and changed constantly. “How is the Erisian evolving so fast!? At this rate, Chibi-Moon and Hyena will be killed!”

“Their attacks aren’t working?” Endymion asked.

“I’m afraid so. They’ve tried what they can, but nothing has been able to pierce the Apple of Discord’s shell. They might have learned from the previous two battles and are defending themselves.”

“Chibi-Usa…” Serenity moaned in worry. Although she was gravely concerned for her daughter’s safety, she was also relieved to see Sailor Arsenic Hyena cooperating with her.

“How much longer until the Quartet are there!?” Luna exclaimed to Artemis.

“Another ten minutes!”

“That’s too long! If only Chibi-Moon and Hyena could do something about this…”


The two Sailor Soldiers fled from the lightning-rod monster as it electrified its regenerated arm and delivered a long swinging punch. Hyena threw Chibi-Moon out of the way before jumping in a backwards arc to dodge the attack while shooting more arrows at the Apple of Discord. They were ineffective, as she predicted. The Erisian followed her movements and kept trying to hit Hyena with electricity and violent punches. During these brief moments of safety, Chibi-Moon realized that it was only going for her partner.

Chibi-Moon decided to try another Pink Sugar Heart Attack, since her earlier barrage did damage the armored shell a bit. Perhaps if she weakened one spot enough, then Hyena could break through with another Dew of Death. She fired a volley of pink hearts at the Erisian, concentrating as hard as she could to intensify her attack. The monster grew annoyed with her interference. As Hyena landed, it snatched her entire body and angrily chucked her straight at Chibi-Moon, sending them tumbling together across the road.

The girls were astounded by its strength. Hyena gasped a few times and crouched to her knees, slowly shuffling to the side. The creature’s eyes followed her movements.

“Sailor Chibi-Moon…” she whispered. “I believe that it has targeted me, rather than you. I can’t explain this unusual behavior, but this is your chance to reconvene with your guardians.”

“What about you?” the other girl wondered.

“I will buy you some time. Even though it is getting stronger, it should be all right as long as I remain mobile and avoid any assaults.”

Even though the battle was looking grim, Chibi-Moon still didn’t want to leave Hyena behind. Yet, she also understood that her comrade didn’t want her to be in danger any longer. Chibi-Moon’s eye caught sight of the Fruits Parlor Crown’s shattered windows, and she recalled her conversation with Midori. She still needed to talk to Hyena about Selene and Eris. Chibi-Moon wouldn’t be able to do that if she abandoned her to save herself. If she did leave, she believed that she would have even less of a right to apologize to Hyena. The tension within Chibi-Moon’s chest exponentially grew until she could no longer contain it. She was the type of person to follow her feelings, and she wasn’t going to change it even for a life-or-death battle.

Just as Hyena was about to dodge right to lure the Erisian away, Chibi-Moon let out a feral cry and charged straight for her opponent, firing an intense streak of hearts from the Pink Moon Stick towards the lightning rod. Her barrage was stronger than before, since it was able to rip the rod clean off with an explosion of pink light. The monster gasped in surprise at losing its source of electricity.

“What do you think you’re doing!?” Hyena screamed.

“Saving you, that’s what!!” Chibi-Moon responded furiously. She grabbed her ally’s wrist and made her run towards where she believed the Sailor Quartet would be coming.

“Have you gone mad!? You have no obligation to ensure my safety!”

“You’re wrong! We still have much to talk about! We still have to-!”

Suddenly, the pair was caught in a line of searing voltage. The Erisian had unleashed the last of its electric power upon them, shocking their nervous systems and temporarily paralyzing them. They collapsed on the pavement and struggled to move their limbs, but it was useless. They could hear the monster’s footsteps getting closer to them.

Hyena grunted bitterly, “You ludicrous dunce…”

“Ungh…” Chibi-Moon moaned in pain, but looked at her in the eye and uttered, “I can’t leave you… Not until… Not until I’ve apologized!”

Hyena widened her eyes, dumbfounded as to why she would say such a thing. The Erisian raised its claw to slice the helpless duo into pieces. However, it didn’t get the chance to.

A burst of pink and silver energy spontaneously burst in front of Chibi-Moon, blinding everyone. The holy energy emitting from the light forced the monster to retreat. The sparkling light particles congregated around the Pink Moon Stick, which had floated out of her grasp, and transformed it into a different wand with a pink heart resting upon a silver crescent, with the stick portion studded with five different colored jewels – rose pink, sky blue, apple green, vermilion red, and Paris green – meant to represent the Sailor Quartet and Sailor Arsenic Hyena. The effervescent light also healed the Sailor Soldiers of their wounds and paralysis.

“What is this?” Chibi-Moon gasped, grasping the wand in her hands.

Just then, a woman’s gentle voice echoed in the air, “That is the evolved version of the Pink Moon Stick: the Pink Lady’s Regalia.”

“Mama!?” the princess exclaimed. She and Hyena looked up towards Crystal Tokyo to discover an enlarged projection of Neo Queen Serenity from the shoulders up. She was using an advanced projection system to televise herself to Chibi-Moon despite being miles away.

“Luna and Artemis told me everything. Your love for your friends and your desire to make amends to your new ally has awakened a new power within you. It is a symbol of nurturing your current friendships and yearning to break through barriers towards making new friends.”

“Barriers toward making new friends…” Chibi-Moon whispered, glancing back at the silent Hyena.

“The Regalia will respond to your wishes and lend you its strength. As long as you remain close with your friends, it will always give you its support. Now, raise it high and stand among your new ally in battle.”

Chibi-Moon became determined as she glanced at Hyena. She exclaimed, “We can do this! No Erisian will be able to stand against us!”

“Hm…” Hyena murmured, somewhat little befuddled by this situation. She dismissed it for now and replied, “This foul creature has caused more than enough trouble. Let us send it into oblivion posthaste.”

Hyena readied another arrow while Chibi-Moon twirled around a few times and extended the Pink Lady’s Regalia from a wand into a staff. The five gems on the stick portion glowed their respective colors, charging the pink heart with energy until it shone brilliant prismatic colors. Words formed in both of their minds simultaneously, as if they instinctively knew what to do next.

“Sweet Cupid Straight Shoot!” the Soldiers chanted together.

Hyena fired her shot, and Chibi-Moon unleashed a torrential stream of colorful light running parallel to the arrow. Chibi-Moon’s purifying energy transferred into Hyena’s arrow, changing it into a sparkling pink projectile. The supercharged arrow easily broke through the metallic skin and burrowed through the flesh. A burst of holy energy exploded from the arrow as it self-destructed, destroying the Apple of Discord and killing the Erisian. All that remained was sparkling glitter and the faint scent of roses.

“That was incredible,” Serenity murmured proudly. “Now with your strengthened bond, you, your guardians, and your new friend can defeat any enemies who threaten this beautiful blue planet.”

“Yes, Mama!” Chibi-Moon shouted, and Serenity’s projection faded away.


In Upala Acropolis, the Camarilla had observed the entire battle from the viewing mirror in their quarters. When the Erisian was defeated, Naja sat back in her chair and grew uncomfortable.

“So that’s the power of Earth’s princess,” Apis remarked.

“Man, that was intense!” Gyps grinned. “I could feel my blood pumping through me!”

“But it had almost killed our friend…”

“Hey, it was your creature, not mine. If you wanted her alive, you should have ordered it to stop.”

“I told it to apprehend her. I don’t understand why it failed to follow such a basic command.”

“Then put some kind of doggy collar on them or something to keep them under control.”

Apis folded her arms and thought about this idea. “Maybe… I wonder if it has to do with the creatures absorbing so many negative emotions that any previous orders given to them will be overridden…”

“Meaning that Earth’s Sailor Soldiers are so weak that the Erisians have time to become stronger than ever before,” Gyps replied sourly. “But now I’m starting to have a different opinion about them, especially Crystal Tokyo’s princess. Maybe they will become worthwhile opponents for me in the near future.”

Apis rolled her eyes. “You’re such a battle freak.”

Meanwhile, Varan asked Naja, “What seems to be troubling you?”

“It’s Hyena,” the concerned Camarilla murmured. “I’m worried that she might be getting too acquainted with Earth’s Sailor Soldiers.”

“You speak of that fusion attack that Hyena and the princess performed?”

“Yes… We need to bring our friend here as soon as possible. Not only is Eris a potential threat to her safety, but now Hyena may grow fond of her new comrades and not wish to return to us.”

Varan sat down next to her and suggested, “You remember what our friend is like. She would only work with foreign Soldiers out of necessity, rather than from a sense of kinship. Her loyalty to us is unshakeable. She is only following the parameters of her mission to alert Serenity of Eris’ invasion. I cannot imagine Hyena fraternizing with Serenity’s guardians any more than necessary.”

“I hope you’re right,” Naja put her hand on her chest. “I’ve wanted to reunite with her for such a long time…”
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