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Amending Another's Wrong

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PSSM:F Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Amending Another’s Wrong

Sailor Arsenic Hyena dematerialized her bow and arrow and put a hand on her hip. “An unexpected twist of events, but at least disaster has been prevented.”

Chibi-Moon put her hands behind her back and murmured, “So, Hyena… About what I wanted to talk about…”

“Ah, yes. The very reason you risked your life for such a futile gambit. What sort of discussion would motivate you to go to such lengths?” Hyena wondered while folding her arms sternly.

The pink Sailor Soldier frowned hard. Now was the time to finally express her pent up worries. Just as Midori advised, Hyena’s reaction would be beyond her control. All she could do was empathize as best as she could and come to some sort of an agreement.

“I’m sorry!” she blurted and bowed suddenly.

Hyena raised an eyebrow. “Whatever brought this upon you?”

“It’s about the goddess Eris, the one who’s been sending those monsters. I heard about her and how my ancestor Selene banished her after causing trouble at her wedding. Now with you saying that the Erisians are fragments of Eris and how they spring up as monsters, it means that Eris was banished to your world and is regaining her power as we speak! Am I wrong?”

Hyena pursed her lips for a few moments. The drizzling rain blew around them in a surprise breeze, as if reacting to the tension between the Sailor Soldiers. Then she replied, “Your assumption is spot on. The goddess Selene of this galaxy had sent Eris into the deepest void of space, believing it was the pit of darkness from which nothing returned. She had unknowingly sent her to my galaxy – Alkima, the birthplace of thousands of thriving planets.”

“The Alkima Galaxy?” Chibi-Moon repeated. “You home world is there?”

“That’s right. Eris regained her power by initiating a war between the Sailor Soldiers from behind the scenes.”

“The same way she must have caused trouble at Selene and Tsukuyomi’s wedding.”

“So you are aware of the mythology surrounding Selene and Eris. As uncreative as Eris’ strategy was, it proved to be effective in stirring up discord among my fellow Soldiers. She masqueraded as a benevolent goddess of victory and bestowed upon Alkima the Victory Crown, promising to grant it and her unimaginable power to the strongest Sailor Soldier, who would then earn the right to be called the Queen of Alkima. Naturally, my comrades began to fight each other for dominance.”

“How cruel…” Chibi-Moon gasped. “Did you ever have to fight the other Sailor Soldiers?”

“Unfortunately, yes. Those Soldiers from prosperous worlds gained unfathomable power and recruited lesser Soldiers into their ranks. Worse yet, they had the gall to deem dying worlds as worthless trash and abandoned them to their fate, not even wanting to recruit their Sailor Soldiers. My decaying world fell victim to such judgment and was left to die. I had to do whatever it took to protect my civilization… even assassinating my so-called ‘comrades’.”

Chibi-Moon felt even more uneasy listening to Hyena’s tale. She couldn’t imagine the same thing happening to the Milky Way’s Sailor Soldiers. Her having to fight Sailor Mars, or Sailor Uranus, or even Sailor Saturn? It was unfathomable. Everyone was precious to her in some way. For Alkima’s Sailor Soldiers to turn their backs to each other and wage war over a stupid crown…

Chibi-Moon tensed up. “I feel horrible for my ancestor sending such a villain to your galaxy. I don’t know why you’ve come to Earth, but you’re waging war against Eris all by yourself. You don’t trust us not because we’re weak, but because we are part of Selene’s kingdom. I wish I could help you, but because of what Selene did… I really don’t know what to say…”

Hyena fell silent, pondering over Chibi-Moon regrets. She didn’t appear angry or frustrated by the whole situation. This was all nothing more than a great calamity that caused misery and strife – exactly what Eris wanted. Hyena could yell and scream at Chibi-Moon, trying to pin all of the blame on her shoulders, but that wouldn’t solve the real issue. Besides, while she was Midori, Hyena could sense that Chibi-Usa was feeling genuinely sorry, although she wasn’t sure what she wanted to apologize for until now.

Finally, Hyena murmured, “At least you acknowledge your involvement in this.”

“I know. I want to do everything I can, but if you harbor a grudge against us, then I don’t want to force you to join sides with us,” Chibi-Moon said, staring intently at the Pink Lady’s Regalia. Even though her mother said it was a symbol of friendship, she didn’t want to be too pushy with someone as sensitive as Hyena.

“Then let us propose a consensus to achieve a beneficial medium. I will remain as a separate entity for now. Meanwhile, prove yourselves to be strong enough to fight the Erisians without falling prey to Eris’ machinations, or needing my assistance constantly, and I may consider fully allying myself with you. Selene is an issue that neither of us have control over, so there’s no point in self-flagellating upon it any further. Instead, I wish to see how strong your minds and hearts are against Eris’ evil power – if she causes this world’s Sailor Soldiers to fight each other just as she did to Alkima’s warriors…”

Hyena somberly closed her eyes. “I may have to give up on Earth.”

Chibi-Moon was ecstatic. “It’s a deal! I’ll tell Mama, Papa and all of my friends to be on the lookout! In exchange, I’ll ask them to leave you alone. You can decide when you feel you’re ready to trust us.”

Hyena nodded. “Let us consider this an official pledge then.”

“Okay. I wish I could talk to you more, but I don’t want to take up your time. There’s still so much I don’t know… especially about you,” Chibi-Moon smiled gently.

“My personal history is irrelevant at this time. Now if you will excuse me.”

Hyena turned around and leapt into the air, her figure vanishing as she swerved around some high rise buildings. While Chibi-Moon watched her leave, she could hear someone yelling in the distance, “Hey, Chibi-Moon!”

“Guys!” she whirled around to find the Sailor Quartet running towards her.

The exhausted sisters panted from sprinting so fast. Sailor Juno recovered first and demanded, “Where’s the Erisian!?”

“Don’t worry. The Sailor Soldier from before helped me defeat it.”

“That Arsenic Hyena character or whatever? You sure you can trust her?” Vesta grumbled. “Sure, she may be beating up the monsters with us, but that doesn’t mean she’s our ally.”

“How can you say that!?” Chibi-Moon implored. “She’s a Sailor Soldier! We all share the same duty of protecting innocent people from evil!”

“But if that’s case,” Ceres pondered, “she doesn’t have any connection with anyone on Earth. Who would she want to protect from Eris’ creatures if she has no one worth guarding here?”

“Maybe it’s not an issue of protecting anyone for her…”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“I talked with her just before you got here.” Chibi-Moon then told them about her conversation with Hyena. “We agreed to remain separate until she felt she was ready to trust us.”

“Hmm… So that whole deal about us being weak was a lie,” Juno mused. “She certainly is a complicated one to figure out.”

Vesta was still bothered by the whole thing. “I still don’t trust her. If there are people I don’t like, it’s those who shroud themselves in mystery and aren’t straightforward with what they want. This could all be a ruse to get us to believe her before she betrays us at the last minute.”

“Man, you’re so mean, Vesta!” Pallas snapped, surprising her sister. “Just because we don’t know much about Hyena doesn’t mean she should be automatically labeled an enemy! It was the same thing for Miss Usagi when she first met Mr. Mamoru as Tuxedo Mask! She didn’t know anything about him, but she still believed in him! Chibi-Usa is doing the same thing for Hyena!”

“Uh…” Vesta was dumbfounded by Pallas’ astute observation. “Well that’s true too, but…”

Chibi-Moon interrupted her. “Maybe Hyena wants to test us because she doesn’t want to go through the strain of losing more allies to Eris’ twisted schemes.”

“Indeed,” Ceres agreed, “having to fight fellow Sailor Soldiers over something as petty as a crown can certainly put a toll on one’s ability to trust others.”

“I get that, but she doesn’t have to be so reclusive toward us. She has to know that we live on a peaceful world and that we can rely on each other,” Vesta argued.

“So you’re saying you don’t trust our leader’s intuition.”

Vesta growled a little and fumed, “Fine, I get it! I’ll go along with it for now! But if I ever meet her myself, I’m gonna grill her real good for answers until I’m satisfied!”

Ceres shrugged and sighed, “You’re impossible, you know that?”

Juno put a finger to her lip and said, “I’m quite curious about her too, although I don’t want to push her too far since she already has some bad history with Eris and Selene.”

“I’ll just go with the flow! Whatever Chibi-Moon says has to be right!” Pallas chirped while raising her arm. “As long as Hyena is beating up the bad guys with us, I’m okay with it!”

“Simple as usual, huh?”

“Simple is always the best! Oh, by the way, Chibi-Moon,” Pallas pointed at her leader. “What is that stick you’ve got there? Is it brand new?”

“Yeah, it is,” Chibi-Moon replied. “The Pink Moon Stick changed into this Pink Lady’s Regalia. Mama said it was the symbol of my friendship with you guys and Hyena, and it helped me defeat the Erisian.”

“It’s so pretty! Can I see it? Can I see it?”

Chibi-Moon handed Pallas the Regalia with a smile. She was happy to be rid of her doubts. If this whole thing proved anything to her, it was that Sailor Arsenic Hyena could be considered a friend. Perhaps an aloof and somewhat condescending girl with trust issues, but nonetheless a friend she could rely on. Chibi-Moon was always happy to make new friends, although she still felt bothered by the many mysteries surrounding Hyena – she could understand why the Quartet was so skeptical of her. Still, it was important to give her the space she needed to observe Earth’s Sailor Soldiers and prove their worthiness.

Chibi-Moon felt obligated to not disappoint her new friend.
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