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Chapter II - The Continuity

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The battle starts and the Sith Lord reveals the location of the new Emperor and his new weapon, the Galaxy Enslaver.

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Chapter 2 - The Continuity

Luke activated his lightsaber and charges incredibly hard at Darth Vision, who dodged it and Luke was sent into a wall. Jake slowly backed off as the Sith Lord walks towards him.
"Stay back!" Jake yelled.
He activated his lightsaber and remembered his training. He ran towards him and swung his lightsaber and Darth Vision blocked it. They have a massive duel and Jake manages to duck one of his swings and uses the Force to push him into the air. He picks up Luke and puts him in a house with a doctor and then deflects the gun shots from the Stormtroopers back at them.
"Give it up, Jedi! You're outnumbered and outmatched!" Darth Vision yelled at Jake.
"Never! Jedi fight to the end!" Jake said.
He continued to duel the wretched Sith, but, out of the distance, a white light appeared and guess what? It was the ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi!
"Why hello Sith Lord," Obi-Wan's ghost said.
"AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Darth Vision said. "G-G-G-GHOST!!! RETREAT!! I swear I had nothing to do with the Emperor's Galaxy Enslaver! He isn't on his Star Destroyer is he?" The Stormtroopers casually nodded, with Obi-Wan activating his lightsaber.
"Thank you," he said. "Friends, I need you!". Then, out of the bloom, two more ghosts appeared. Guess who? The ghost of the redeemed Anakin Skywalker and the ghost of Yoda!
Luke wakes up and Jake gives him a quick briefing of what he's missed and the five leave Tarkintown and head to the Star Destroyer. The ghosts meet up with Jake and Luke and they think of a plan.
"Guys!" Jake said. "I know a plan! We split. Me, Luke and Anakin go and find the Emperor and Obi-Wan and Yoda hold of the Stormtroopers!".
"Good idea, young Jedi!" Yoda said. "Me and Obi-Wan will go, we will. Go, you must!".
Everyone split in their teams and headed off. Eventually, they arrive at the throne of the Emperor, and yes, the Emperor does reside in a Star Destroyer.
"Hello, you three. How dare you interfere with me!" The Emperor yelled.
"Wow, the Emperor looks different from my day," Anakin's ghost said.
"Remember, when you were Darth Vader and alive, you killed him saving my life," Luke reminded Anakin's ghost. "And they got a new one as well, and he's gonna destroy us,"......

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