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Chapter III - The Battle of the Ten Armies

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Jake, Luke and the Ghost of Anakin must contain the new Emperor, while also holding off Darth Vision.

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Chapter 3 - The Battle of the Ten Armies

NOTE: The Hobbit fans would have noticed that my title is similar to the latest and final movie of The Hobbit, The Battle of the Five Armies.
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars. All rights reserved to Lucasfilm Ltd.

Luke asks the Emperor,
"What do you want with the galaxy?"
"Oh yes, you may notice my Galaxy Enslaver. I made this to originally enslave The New Republic, but, I realised that this powerful enough to enslave the galaxy. Then, me and The Empire will hyperspace across the universe and enslave every galaxy there is! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" The Emperor replied to Luke. "You see, the reason I'm doing this, is because, since Darth Vader turned onto the previous Emperor and killed him alongside you, Luke, I was notified. Yes! I was in the Empire earlier on, as well. And I wanted revenge. Bloodraven revenge.".
Jake had a face of annoyingness on, as he walked to Anakin's ghost and said to him,
"Well, we might not know much about him, but we know he's certainly got a gob.".
"SILENCE!" The Emperor said. "The previous Emperor was my Father. By the way, it's your cue."
Out of the bloom, another ghost and a mysterious figure appeared. And it was Darth Vision. And the ghost, was the ghost of the previous Emperor. Emperor Palpatine.
"Palpatine, eh?" Anakin's ghost said.
"Ok, here's the plan," Luke said. "Anakin, you battle Palpatine, Jake, you can take Darth Vision and I'll take on the Emperor."
"On it," Jake said, running with his lightsaber towards Darth Vision.
"Be careful, son. I've heard the Emperor is really powerful. I'm a ghost. I hear everything," Anakin said.
Jake was in the middle of a duel against Darth Vision and he throws Darth Vision in the air with the Force. Darth Vision lands on his feet and knocks Jake down. Anakin was dueling Palpatine, but ol' Palpy used Force Lightning on him, stopping him in his tracks. Luke was battling The Emperor and was winning, but, just as Luke was gonna finish with the final blow, The Emperor was on his feet and swung his lightsaber and Luke blocked it, but was sent flying into the wall. THe Emperor cried out to everyone,
"Welcome, one and all, to the universal APOCALYPSE!!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!"....

To Be Continued.... Part 4 coming soon!
Author's Note: I apologize that I haven't posted Doctor Who episodes lately, but I've been caught up in this episode of Star Wars and Minecraft: Movie Mode. As soon as I free up time, I will publish the rest of the series as soon as I can! I will publish Doctor Who while the real show is actually on (e.g. I won't publish Doctor Who in April, since Doctor Who is on every year, but in September-Octoberish), but apart from that, I hope you enjoyed Chapter 3!
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