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Chapter IV - Unimaggedon Pt 1

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After the Emperor has declared the Galaxy his, the gang must defeat the Emperor, as well as holding off the First Order.

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Chapter 4 - Unimaggedon Part 1

The Emperor calms down and shoots at Luke with Force Lightning and knocks him unconscious. Jake, with anger, runs to the Emperor and fights him with his sparkling green lightsaber. Battling the Emperor, he realized that anger leads to hate, which leads to the Dark Side. He calms down, deactivates his lightsaber and jumps down to Luke.
"Luke! C'mon, c'mon!" he said. Before his master fell unconscious, he says to him,
"Jake, may the Force be with you, always.....". He fell unconscious. Even though he realized the anger thing, he ran to attack the Emperor and pins him to the floor.
"You are beaten," he said.
"Not yet!" the Emperor yells. Jake realizes that he is going to kill him and runs to an escape pod, somewhere around the center of the new Starkiller Base. He smacks the button and the pod departs, leaving Luke on the base. Jake activates him comm set and says to Leia, leader of the Resistance,
"Leia, it's Jake. I am on one of the Starkiller Base's escape pods after battling the Emperor. Luke is unconscious, probably dead, in the base, after fighting that punk. I'm on my way to the base on D'Qar and I'll be there ASAP. Padawan Jake out.".
"OK, guys! Prepare the landing pad! Jake will be docking soon, ready to help us destroy another Starkiller Base! Prepare to leave immediately as well!" Leia says to the Resistance team. As he lands, Jake activates his lightsaber and starts to cut through the door of the pod.
"Hi, guys!" Jake says. He deactivates his lightsaber, ready to listen about how to destroy the new Starkiller Base, as it has more strength.
"Right," Leia started, "You must listen if you are participate, as this Starkiller Base is more powerful than the last one. Some of these things even I don't know yet! This base has a small power coupling in the center of the main shooter, right here," She points at it and continues. "If you are to get in there, you must deactivate the shields before your X-Wings and Y-Wings can go in and we can do that here! I can deactivate the shields to the main couplings, but you must go in there and find a lever to deactivate the shields for the small power couplings to be exposed. So, you go that? Good,". A droid, RR-6, says,
"Beep, beep,", which translated is 'The escape pod has been tracked by the First Order and now they are coming to get us!'. Jake is the only one who understands and tells everybody what he said. They see bolts outside and rush out to see 2 Star Destroyers! What will they do? Find out in Star Wars Ep 8: Rise of the Jedi Chapter 5 - Unimaggedon Part 2: Rise of the Order.

Author's Note: Hiya! I have had a real long break, due to the fact that my computer was busted and got a new one for Christmas. Posting stories will be back to normal speed, which will quicken up for the New Year and to catch up on my absence. Thanks for standing by me and thanks for reading my story! Laterz!
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