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Harry's Weird Travels

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chapter 1

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Story Start.

Harry was mildly confused as the sleep slowly seeped from his brain.

Last he remembered Harry had just entered the maze that was to be the final task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, but as he thought about it the memories of what had happened started to make themselves known. Harry watched as again he fought and thought his way through the obstacles and creatures of the maze, then fought against one of his other competitors and rescued another before he finally made it to the center of the maze. There he found that his fellow competitor, Cedric Diggory, being attacked by a gigantic spider. Without pause Harry leaped into the fray and together both he and Cedric defeated the spider, but not Harry was both bitten and drop in such a way that he managed to at least sprain his ankle.

With the spider dealt with he and Cedric had gotten into an argument over who should get the cup. Not that they wanted it for themselves for they felt the other was more deserving. After a minute or two of arguing they decided that they would both grab the cup at the same time and make the tournament a draw.

It was at this point that the memory turned into a nightmare. Someone had turned the trophy into a Port Key, a magical device that will teleport anyone touching it from one place to another, and the instant the two boys had touched it they had been yanked away to whatever the destination was set to.

Which in this case turned out to be a creepy old graveyard in Who Knows Where England.

Harry and Cedric barely had a chance to look around before Harry felt blinding pain ripe through his head. This caused poor Harry to stumble bad and put weight on his bad leg, which promptly folded up and dumped Harry twitching on the ground. Cedric looked shocked, but before he could say anything two other voices spoke.

"Kill the spare" a high nasally voice commanded.

"Avada Kadavra!" a higher squeaky voice shouted.

One spell

Two words

Six syllables

A flash of sickly neon green and the thud of something heavy hitting the ground next to him.

Even while in agony Harry knew that Cedric had just been killed.

Harry was in too much pain to notice what happened for the next several minutes though, and when the pain finally relented enough for Harry to become aware of what was going on around him it was to find a little lump of a man nick named Wormtail dumping something into a large iron caldron with a purple flame under it. Wormtail then began incanting something that Harry couldn't hear, though he did see a nearby grave split open and several white something's flew out and into the pot. Then Wormtail pulled out a large knife; and after some more chanting, sawed off his own hand and throw it in the pot as well before he turned to Harry and stab the point into the croak of his right arm, then gathered the blood that seeped from the wound, and after more chanting poured to blood into the cauldron, finally giving in to the pain and dropping to the ground an wail like a baby.

The cauldron meanwhile was smoking and flashing different colors for several seconds before it went quiet. Then, just as Harry started to find some hope that whatever Wormtail had been trying might have gone wrong, a cold voice drifted through the steam.

"Robe me Wormtail" the ratty little man drag himself off the ground and managed to one-handed pull a simple gray robe over a tall figures head. The figure then did something with Wormtail's good arm that made the bastard scream loud and long before he again collapsed.

Then the figure turned to Harry.

"Now that that little matter has been dealt with" the smooth cold voice of Voldemort seeped from the figure as it approached him "it's time to deal with you CRUCIO!" Harry had nearly blacked out from the unimaginable pain that the ultimate torture curse throw at him, and only the fact that he was tied to a headstone that kept Harry from falling to the ground twitching.

Harry didn't know how long Voldemort kept him under the curse but he didn't really care after a few moments anyway because it wasn't just the physical pain that Harry had to deal with but also the not so well known secondary effects as well. For the Cruciatus Curse didn't just cause physical pain but mental and emotional pain as well; and more often than not it was these that actually broke the target's mind, like they were trying to do to Harry right now, to the point that even after Voldemort released Harry from the curse Harry was so busy being bombarded by negative emotions, bad memories and worse fantasies that he didn't even pay attention to whatever Voldemort had done to him and all Harry remembered of it was a flash of light and more pain followed by blackness.

"That's enough of that" a warm, soft feminine voice said as Harry finished reliving his recent past. Quickly looking around Harry noticed for the first time that he was in a featureless dark, black room and that there was a woman standing a few feet away from him.

The woman was about five eight with long brown hair, creamy skin, hazel eyes and the softened hour-glass figure and large bust one would expect on a 'stay at home' mother who had had several children over the years and she had the soft, warm smile to match it.

"Wh-who are you? What are you doing here?" Harry asked nervously as he took a couple of steps back from the woman and started to look around to see if she'd brought anyone else with her. The woman watched Harry for a moment with a sad look on her face before quickly but calmly crossed the space separating her from the boy and pulled him into a gentle hug. Harry froze up at the feeling of being hugged by the strange woman as his mind couldn't even boot up enough to decide between fight or flight.

"It's okay Harry, I saw everything and your safe now" the woman said as she lightly squeezed Harry into her chest. Harry's mind was still a little short circuited at the moment so he latched onto the most obvious part of her statement.

"You saw everything?" Harry's confused voice said from the woman's bosom, though his mind was too preoccupied to enjoy it.

"Everthing" the woman agreed "I'm what people refer to as a Telepath Harry; I can literally see what's going on in someone's head and communicate with other people directly mind to mind" Harry nodded that he understood though from what the woman could see of his face where it was buried in her chest showed slight disbelief.

"A local found you laying on the side of the road just outside of town and brought you to the town clinic were you were examined and found to be suffering from the after effects of a powerful pain curse. The doctor decided to keep you in a medical coma until the magical authorities could send someone to deal with the curse and help treat any other ailments you might have."

"So how long will I have to wait ma'am?" Harry asked. The woman smile at the polite tone Harry addressed her with; far too many of the people she usually interacted with were less then polite with her.

"My name is Minna Harry" the woman now identified as Minna said "and if what I'm hearing from the outside is right then only a couple of hours more at the most." Harry nodded again but Minna couldn't see his face this time, but from what she could feel of his emotions Harry was starting to calm down. With a quick thought Minna made a couch appear and gently guided Harry onto her lap after she sat down; that a nearly fifteen year old boy didn't resist such mothering was farther proof to Minna of just how badly Harry mind had been worked over, normally in such a situation a boy Harry's age would either resist such mothering or enjoy cuddling with a hot MILF, Harry was having neither of these reactions.

Seeing that Harry had mostly calmed down for now Minna let the majority of her mind return to the real world.

Minna opened her eyes in the real world a few moments after pulling most of her consousness from Harry's mind. In front of her Harry's body lay in a bed with soft white sheets while multiple wires ran connected him to a bunch of different machines that monitored all of the boy's vitals.

"So hows he doing Doctor?" Minna looked up from her patient at the sound of the question being asked. There, standing just inside door, was a middle aged woman of average height wearing a pants suit with black hair in a standard pony tail that reached just past her shoulders and soft brown eyes. This was Emma Torinna, a high ranking mage in the British Magical Affairs Department. Minna had called Emma the second that she realized that her patient was both magical and had been the subject of powerful magics.

Behind Emma stood a man and a woman, both of hoom seemed to be in their forties. The woman had long teal hair that she was wearing in a high pony tail, teal eyes with four little blue triangles on her forehead, the woman was wearing a dark blue officer's trench coat and white woman's slacks with dark blue heeled boots at gave her the feeling of being a police officer or soldier.

The man had plain brown hair, brown eyes and was wearing a plain white batton down shirt, brown slacks and brown loaffers. Minna's first impression was that the man was totally forgettable, which could actually be a very dangerous thing.

"Good, Bad and Ugly in verying amounts but before I go into details you do remember my policy about discussing a patient's personal information with unknowns in the room? no disrespect intended of course" Minna added with a repectful nod towards the two unknowns, who waved back with a smile to show that they were un-offended.

"Oh yes where are my manners-"

"back in your office in London?" Emma gave Minna a 'Stink Eye' for the dig before continuing.

"As I was saying before I was rudly interupted, this is Adirmal Lindy Harlown of the Time Space Administration Bureau and Takamachi, Shiro. Mr. Takamachi, Admiral Harlown, allow me to introduce Dr. Minna Py, one of if not thee best Psyciatrists in all of England at the moment" Minna traded handshakes and plesantries with the newly introduced Admiral and she guessed ordinary man?

"Well now that the formalities are taken care of; how is the patient?" Emma asked, Minna couldn't contain the eyeroll at her kinda friends enthusiasum.

"Physically we've repaired the list of injuries he came in with, which included a sever laceration to the arm, a sprained ankle and a miriad of cuts, bruses and contustions. The boy also had a surprising amount of nerve overload, like he'd been worked over with a powerful taser for a couple of days" The three listeners winced in sympathy before nodding to Minna to continue.

"As I said we took care of all his physical injuries very quickly but while we were at it the Healer Joy that was working on him she noticed a large amount for magical residue in the boy's body. On closer inspection it was determined that most of the magical residue was from whatever means were used to moved the subject acrossed dimensions from is home to here"

"So we're dealing with a case twelve?" Emma interupted to asked.

"A case twelve who's been through the trenches, both physically and mentally" Minna growled and the three visitors were taken aback at Minna's sudden switch to snarling, but checked, anger "There was a small portion of magic floating around in the patient's body however that was neither the patient's nor leftover from his interdimenional trip. This magic was highly volitile even though it was obviously decaying at a steady rate. The Healer Joy scanned the magic's spell structure and recorded it's behavior for a few moments before purging it from the boy's system" Minna reached over to the rolling cart that she'd moved into Harry's room to serve as a mobile desk and pick up a thin file which she handed to Emma before continue to address them while the three visitors parused the file "good thing she did to because that magic was attacking the boy's nervous system and his brain in ways that if not immeadiately stop would have led to irrepairable damage to said bodily systems".

"Y'ah know if we're to keep talking about the boy it would be nice to know his name?" Mr. Takamachi asked evenly. The three women paused for a moment before letting out a bunch of embrassessed giggles.

"A very good point Mr. Takamachi, I wish we would have thought of it earlier" Minna said after she got her giggles.

"The boy's name is Harry Potter" Minna was shock to see surprised recongnition on Mr. Takamachi face before it turned into a thin mouthed look of worry.

This probably wasn't going to be good.


Resting against the wall outside the door her father had just entered Nanoha Takamachi waited to discover what they had run out to this little town in Southern England for. Not that she wasn't please with the situation coming up as it was delaying what she was dredding would be the worsed day of her young life.

The day when she would be demoted from 'Person' to 'Property', sold to some 'magicial affairs department' in Southern England and be used as either a 'toy' or a weapon of mass distruction...

...Okay maybe she was over-exagerating the situation just a little, but for the most part it was true and that just made her want to cry (or blow something up).

And everything had been going so well for her up until now. She and her best friend Fate had aced their way through basic training and were starting to work on their chosen fields of study when Nanoha was called in by her friend Chrono to help him and his crew chase down a criminal.

It had all started going down hill when they'd finally found the criminal's hideout on this world. the asshole had not gone down quietly and the resulting magical discharges had drawn the attention of the local community, who had sent some of their own to investegate. The result was a pissing match between Chrono and some of the local officers over juristiction that had required Adirmal Lindy Harlown and Major Emma Torinna to personally come down and straighten out the whole mess.

While they'd been waiting for the adults to arrive Nanoha, who had been feeling very tired from beating the criminal senseless, had decided to sit down under a nearby tree and rest for a few moments. Unfortunately for her Nanoha accidently flopped down on a member of the local wildlife called a Parsprite, which took the form of an amorphis blob that had been hidden under the tree.

No more then a second after Nanoha's butt had planted itself on the ground then the Parsprite struck. Nanoha barely got off a yelp before the large blob wrapped itself around her body and began stuffing itself into every opening into her body after ripping her clothes away.

Nanoha's next coherant memory was when she woke up in a secrured hospital room in london under a heavy guard of local and Bureu personal. What had followed was a whirlwind of explainations and arguements which mostly flown over Nanoha's but from what she'd caught she was now a humanoid creature refered to as a 'Pokegirl', she was going to develope a servile personality, she'd need regular sex to keep from going crazy an if she went crazy she could potentionaly murder hundreds or thousands. To provent the worsed from happening she was going to either be sent to a 'Pokegirl Ranch' outside of London or she'd be given directed to a 'Tamer'.

Luckily for Nanoha's psycological health her father had been rushed to join her and had gotten there just before Nanoha had woke up meaning that he was there to hold her hand as her new situation was explained to them both. Her father had been less then impressed with the whole situation but he understood why once the expanations were done (hec Nanoha herself understood why things were done this way, but that didn't mean she had to like it) his only stipulation was that he wanted to have some say in where his daughter ended up; which the local authorities were more then happy to agree to.

Nanoha looked down at herself and started observing the outfit she'd chosen to wear today, to take her mind off the whole messed up situation. Nanoha was wearing a long black sleeveless dress that almost reached her ankles, black mid-thigh stockings, black boots and a black long sleeve, puff shoulder half coat.

Well they may look like regular clothes but in reality this was actually part of the creature that had assaulted her. This creature was a pokegirl refered to as a 'Parasyte'; well to be exact it had been a Parasyte when it had assaulted her. Now that all of the changes were complete and she was a pokegirl the Parasyte had evolved into a 'Symbiote', it's body so completely intergrated with Nanoha's that they where now concidered one creature even though they still had seperate minds.

'I said I was sorry' a soft voice said within Nanoha's mind, sounding like it was close to crying. this was the mental voice of her new Symbiote, who Nanoha had taken to calling Rein after an old aquantance of her's.

'I'm not mad at you Rein, just the situation' Nanoha thought reassuringly at her Symbiote, as much trouble as this was for Nanoha she just couldn't find it in herself to blame the pokegirl that now shared her body for any of it.

'Nanoha-chan could you please come in here, there's something we need to talk to you about' Admiral Lindy's voice politely inserted itself in the conversation.

'Yes Ma'am' Nanoha answered as she turned and opened the door.


"That is slightly distressing" Doctor Minna mused as Lindy and Mr. Takamachi finished telling her about the 'Harry Potter' series of novels from their home dimension, "and I can bet you that more abuse happened in the books then the author has alluded to. I'd also be willing to bet a full night of free, anything goes, video recorded sex with me that the Harry currently laying in this bed has had it even worse then the Harry in the books by a significant margine" Minna grubbled as she tried to figure out how this might affect the treatment plan she was going to setup for young Harry.

"We're going to have to be very careful in how we set this up, high magic power and mental instablility are a dangerous combination" Emma warned, serious for the first time since she entered the building, Admiral Harlown and Shiro nodded long in full agreement even if they were blushing slightly from Minna casual turn of phrase.

"Harry's not mentally unstable...yet, mentally delicate yes but not unstable" Minna said in defense of her patient "but I agree that this must be handled very carefully by everyone involved. To start with, I'm going to appoint myself Harry's guardian for the time being so that I can keep Harry under observation and continue treatment of his current condition." No one disagreed with her so she moved on.

"I would also like to have Harry issued a Limited Medical Tamer License" that got a raised eyebrow from Emma.

"Are you sure that thats really nessessary? that type of license is usually issue to people with higher grades of 'Tamer's Disease' not for mentally fragile case 12's."

"Yes I do think it will be nessassary" Minna said sharply "Harry is going to require a lot of care to get better, and I'm not always going to be able to be with Harry 24/7 so he's going to need someone else to work with him when I can't and that means a Nurse Joy at least or a Psyc Joy. It would also be good for Harry to constantly be around people that actually care about his well being so he will also need a pokegirl with a high empathy rating." Emma nodded along with Minna as she spoke.

"Okay that actually makes sense so when I get back to the main office in London I'll file the paperwork to get Harry a L.M.T.L and issue him a certificate to get a specialty Joy from the league breeder; that only leaves us finding a second, high empathy Pok-"

"Nanoha" Mr. Takamachi interupted

"Hn?" the three women in the room asked.

"Nanoha has always been very eager to help those in need, even if that means breaking rules or putting her own life at risk and is quite capable of being patience with those who might need her help, even if they might not nessassarily want it. Nanoha has also already help someone in a similar situation to Mister Potter and did quite well. She also know about a version of Harry's backstory from reading the Harry Potter books for school" Shiro paused for a moment before he continued.

"It also helps me since I've also read those books, so I have some idea of what kind of boy I'd be giving my daughter to."

"I'd have to agree with Mr. Takamachi" Lindy added after a moments thought "It also help that she'd be going to a boy only a year an change older then her instead of an older man running a ranch or lab somewhere."

Emma and Minna thought over the situation for a moment before agree, on the condition that Minna would be giving Nanoha a mental and empathic evaluation.


Nanoha stood by a hospital bed and stared open mouthed at the boy sleeping in it.

A boy who was going to be her new master (and she was still getting used to that idea).

A boy named Harry Potter!

The Harry Potter!

...or at least a Harry Potter.

Nanoha had read the Harry Potter books in school where it was a required part of her English Lit Class. She had loved J.K. Rowling's ability to creat an interesting world with interesting people...but the way the story had went had reminded Nanoha waaay to much of what had been happening with her friends Fate and Hayate when they first met for her liking.

Admiral Lindy and the rest of the crew of her ship had agreed with Nanoha assessment of the books and they had all keep an eye on Hayate and Fate while they read the books...which was a good thing as by the middle of book two the two were found plotting multiple acts of murders in a closet.

Not to say Nanoha didn't total agree with her friends desire to kill the bastards, cause she did.

This Harry Potter supposedly had been on the receiving end of even more crappy treatment then the one in the books Nanoha had read for school, which actually worried Nanoha a fair bit. The Harry Potter in the books never really developed a sense of self as far as she knew, he was always doing what other people told him to and whenever he tried to do something himself not only would he fail he was almost set up to fail. Nanoha didn't fully understand everything that her parents and the TSAB officers in Japan at the time had been talking about but she knew it wasn't good.

Now her she was about to become the property of a Harry Potter that was even worse off then the Harry from the books?

'we'll be fine Nano-chan' Rein whispered 'you've delt with someone similar to this before, and Dr. Py is going to be keeping an eye on him as well to make sure everything is going well.'

'I know that Rein' Nanoha answer in a clear firm thought while trying to control any distress she might have been feeling 'but even after being friends with Fate for over four years she still won't tell me anything but the barest detail of what happened to her while she lived with her mother, even though she knows that Arf filled me in on a lot of the details' Nanoha forced herself to focus on Harry's face as she watch Dr. Py telepathicly fill in the sleeping boy on his new situation and what the adults had decided.

Harry's eyelids began to flutter as Minna leaned back into her chair and Nanoha realized that Harry was starting to wake up. Nanoha quickly gave herself a once over before she plastered a smile on her face and took a step closer to the bed.

Her new life was about to start and Nanoha wanted it to start well.

Chapter End.
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