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The second chapter of Harry's weird travels

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Harry slowly felt the sleep fade from his mind, to be replaces with momentary confusion, but that to soon passed as a bit more of the mind fog dispersed.

He remembered the graveyard where Voldemort had been revived and he, Harry, had been caste'd from his world onto this one. Harry remembered his meetings with his new psychiatrist Minna Py in his mind and her helping him find recover from the effects of the torture curse used on him as well as explain the dimension he now found himself in; and boy hadn't that taken a while.

Harry honestly still had a hard time believing what he'd been told about this world, a world that had been completely remade by ones man's brilliance, anger and perversion. A world where the population had gone from just over eight billion people before the start of Sukebe's Revenge, to just under a half billion 'people' in just under twenty years. And not all of that had been a direct result of Sukebe's Pokegirls. The former People's Republic of China had created a plague to wipe out the pokegirls, which had then mutated and attacked humanity instead killing off almost three and a half billion people by itself.

And even now some two hundred odd years later no own was quite sure if the population was recovering or still declining.

The latest estimates were that there were about one hundred thousand 'ish' people currently living in the British isles. Twenty thousand of those people lived in the fortified city of London, ten thousand lived in the fortified city of Edinburgh, another ten thousand in Limerick with the remaining sixty thousand spread out in various thorps, hamlets and villages. Harry was currently in the bedroom of the halfway house that had been loaned to him in the village of Southampton, one of the coastal villages along the south coast of britian. Apparently people just popping up from different dimensions was enough of a regular occurrence that most villages kept a couple of small cottages for them to use as temporary housing.

But if the history of this new world was disturbing to Harry he didn't know what to think about Pokegirls.

Harry found the many different types of Pokegirls interesting as well as the unique mix of science and magic that was used to create them. But what they'd been created to do left Harry both mildly sick to his stomach and he felt nothing but pity for what they'd been reduced to in the wake of Sukebe's Revenge...It reminded Harry waaay too much of the House Elf situation from back in his old world, were the best House Elves wanted was loving slavery and some got much worse.

But speaking of Pokegirls brought Harry's attention to...

A warm mass that was cuddled into Harry's left side shifted a bit, which drew Harry's eyes to the auburn haired head of his pokegirl, Nanoha Takamichi.

Like him Nanoha wasn't originally from this world, though she had come here of her own free will while chasing a criminal with the Time Space Administration Bureau, and had gotten into a spot of bother with a member of the local wildlife that had changed her into a pokegirl. Since it was now a bad idea for her to go back to her old world Nanoha's parents and commander decided to leave her on the pokegirl version of Earth in the care of the local officials. These officials then decided (with the full knowledge and consent of Nanoha's parents and commander) that the best use for Nanoha would be to have her take care of and protect Harry while he recovered and got used to this new world.

Harry wasn't really comfortable with the idea that he now basically owned Nanoha (It went against basically everything he'd learned about how people treated each other growing up) but Dr. Py, Nanoha and a selection of other pokegirls that had been around the clinic had been able to explain to Harry that the world wasn't like that because it wanted to be that way but because it was being forced to be that way by Sukebe when he'd loosed pokegirls onto the world. between this and Nanoha's pouty face asking if he really wanted her to be sent to some ranch where she'd become some old man's plaything finally convinced (embarrassed) Harry to just take Nanoha as his pokegirl and get it over with.

When he finally said yes Nanoha's smile could have lit up the whole town as she take-hugged him in a very Hermione-ish manner.

After living with Nanoha for the last couple of days Harry had came to find that he was enjoying Nanoha's presence. Nanoha was always looking for the brighter side of any situation and wasn't afraid to voice her opinion, and probably more importantly to Harry Nanoha didn't fangirl over him, which was nice.

About the only bad thing Harry could think of in regards to Nanoha was that she could be a workaholic at times and was trying a little too hard to be Harry's servant (Harry just couldn't think of Nanoha as a slave. Why? Dobby, 'nough said). Nanoha tried to insist that she do all the menial labor around their little home while Harry relaxed and recovered. Harry was having none of it and flat out told Nanoha that they would be sharing the chores or she would be getting a punishment cycle in her pokeball.

That stopped Nanoha's arguing right quick, she had so far only been hit with the 'demonstration' setting of the punishment feature built into her pokeball, which had only lasted about ten seconds but was still able to reduce the girl to a sobbing wreak that had taken him and Dr. Py several minutes to calm her from. Harry had sworn to himself that he would only use that option if Nanoha was truly being terrible, to then have to threaten her with it within twenty four hours didn't make Harry happy with himself in the slightest.

Harry looked away from his sleeping pokegirl to the alarm clock that was sitting on a nightstand on Harry's side of the bed. The glowing number read six twenty five, the alarm was set to go off at six thirty but Harry decided that he could let Nanoha get up a little bit early today. With the hand Nanoha wasn't currently laying on Harry began to gently stroke Nanoha auburn hair.

"Nanoha it's time to get up" The younger girl grumbled slightly before she sat up and started trying to work the sleep out of her muscles with some stretching.

"Finally! I always feel so lazy sleeping in" Nanoha complained. Harry almost couldn't restrain the chuckle when he heard Nanoha's complaining, it always seemed like such a strange thing for anyone Nanoha's age to whine about.

"But getting a good nights sleep is important for a little girl's development" Harry teased. Nanoha gave Harry a blank look before it changed into a small predatory smile. Nanoha was happy that Harry was getting comfortable enough with her to tease her...but that didn't mean that she wouldn't tease him back.

And she had a way guaranteed way to make him blush, she just needed Harry to look away for a second.

"So what would you like me to wear for training today master?" Nanoha asked in a sweet voice. Harry, who'd been looking out the window trying to guess the weather, turned to tell Nanoha to wear whatever she liked, but his reply floundered when arching her back in a stretch while facing in his direction.

This was hardly unusual as Nanoha did it every morning...but this was the first time she'd done it naked in front of Harry!

Well basically naked, she did still have on the anti-capture collar that Emma had given her so that she couldn't be stolen by some random tamer that just so happened to throw a Pokeball at her, but ya basically naked.

Poor Harry's brain locked up at the sight in front of him, though that didn't keep his eyes from taking Nanoha in. She had creamy skin that didn't show any major signs of tanning and the nipples on her young breasts were a soft pink. Harry was still stunned immobile when Nanoha released her stretch and sat up, grinning like loon.

"Like what your see'n master?" Nanoha asked as she tried not to laugh too hard. Nanoha's soft laughter final knocked the gears in Harry's brain back into working order and he snapped his eye's onto anything else in the room that wasn't Nanoha.

"Na-Nanoha put on some clothes! Please!" Harry half shouted. Nanoha started giggling louder at the sound of her master's sputtering as she give her instructions to Rein, and seconds later Nanoha was wear a simple pair of panties and a skimpy, strapless front opening bra. with her 'assets' now covered Nanoha slipped into Harry's lap and gave the boy a hug.

"Sorry Harry but if your going to tease me I'm going to tease you back" Nanoha said as she gave Harry a squeeze "and if you don't get used to seeing skin than we're going to have problems around here."

"I know that Nanoha it's just...I just..."

"You were growing up in a society that was buried in a bastardization of the Victorian Era that wouldn't now what proper fun was if it was tattooed into their cunts and cocks with platypus venom." Nanoha growled.

"I...I knew plenty of...of people who knew how to have fun" Harry sputtered as he tried to come to the defense of the adults in his life.

"Really?" asked Nanoha with a raised eyebrow "name the person in your life that had any real authority?" Harry started to dredge through his memory but apparently Nanoha wasn't really in the mood this morning because she cooked off again just a few seconds seconds later.

"I'll answer that for you Harry. The answer is Arthur Weasley, and even then he didn't really have much say in your life either cause Molly was constantly running rough shod over him" Harry wanted to refute that, but the more he thought about it the truer it started looking.


Prof. McGonagall was all about prim and proper, so far he'd only seen her smile once in a great while.

Snape hated Harry on top of having a tree up his arse.

Filch hated everybody and everything excepted his cat.

Nanoha appeared to have calmed down a little bit while Harry was thinking before she continued talking.

"Harry I know that you know people that know how to have some fun and relax, but none of them have any real say in how you live your life and it's the people who do have that authority or take it that are telling you how you should acted. and after having grown up around people like the Dursleys" Nanoha spat that name out like it was something foul "then the last thing you need is people like Molly Weasley or Snape running your recovery, cause it ain't going to end well."

The two sat in silence for a minute or two before Harry remembered that Nanoha was supposed to be running and he still had to make breakfast. When he informed Nanoha of this she just nodded, got off his lap, had Rein change her clothes to a sports bra and running shorts and jogged out the door without a word. Harry figured that the rant about his home life must have killed any cheekiness that she might have been feeling for a little while.

Harry looked down at the Pajamas that he was wearing, trying to decided what to change into. Not that he had much choice right now as he didn't have any money to buy clothes. after just a few seconds Harry just decided that he'd change after he made breakfast and throw his legs over the side of the bed while reaching for his cane.

Harry needed the cane because the Torture Curse had done one hell of a chop job on the nerve endings in his body, leaving them prone to firing off at random Harry felt the muscles in his arms and legs go haywire and it was only the fact that he was still sitting on the bed that stopped Harry for being dumped on the floor. With gritted teeth Harry forced his abused muscles to still and then he took a few deep breaths to relax before he levered himself up again and started to make his way to the kitchen.

By the time Harry reached the kitchen he could feel his left leg trembling slightly but it wasn't as bad as yesterday so he just muscled through and started making a large batch for French Toast, Eggs and Sausage. He knew Nanoha had no love for sausage but Harry's stomach was crying for some meaty goodness, beside it wasn't like they had much choice with the stipend that they were being given to live on until Harry was well enough to get a job.

As he cooked Harry set up a text book that Minna had gotten him so that he could get a full fledged Tamer's license instead of the medical license he had right now, and hit it with a audio reading charm so he could study and cook at the same time.

"Chapter Four: Pokegirl care"


Nanoha finished her laps around the inner palisade wall of Southampton village and started a sedate cool-down walk back to the cottage that she and Harry were staying in feeling reinvigorated by the exercise. She honestly didn't know where her rant about the adults in Harry's life had come from that morning (not that she didn't think it was true or that she liked liked any of them) but a good long run had done wonders to clear her head and restore her reserves of good humor.

It also gave her a chance to interact with the other pokegirls around the town because there was always a good number of them out every morning, either exercising like her or helping to setup shops with their tamers. Nanoha and Harry had only been around town a few times in the week that they'd been there, so they hadn't been able to really get to know anyone around town.

But if what she'd of the people around town on her runs was anything to go by then when Harry was feeling better would be plenty of befriending to go arou...damn it she wasn't going to start blowing people and pokegirls up to make friends!

Nanoha was so busy grumbling that she didn't have violent tendencies that she didn't notice Dr. Py walk up behind her until she put her hand on Nanoha's shoulder and caused the girl to jump a good three feet in shock.

"You need to learn to pay more attention to your surroundings Nanoha dear" Minna said once Nanoha had calmed down and she'd stopped giggling, then she sobered up "so hows Harry doing?"

"He's getting better" Nanoha answered, though she didn't go into detail. Minna sensed that something was going on but decided not to bring it up at the moment. The two continued their walk back to the halfway house.

When the two arrived at the cottage they found Harry sitting at the table finishing his breakfast.

"Welcome back Nanoha, breakfast is ready so get some while its still warm" Harry said as he looked up at the sound of the door, then he spotted Minna "oh Dr. Py! good morning to you, I would offer you some food as well but I don't think I made enough."

"Thank you Harry, but I've already had breakfast before I left to come over this morning" Minna replied as she pulled out a chair and sat down "how are you feeling this morning Harry?"

"I'm feeling fine so far" Harry answered though he was fidgeting a little bit "I've only had one small attack so far this morning" Minna suspected that Harry wasn't being entirely truthful, but decided that if he was having trouble he'd speak up.

"Well I'll been able to give your recovery a bit of an evaluation over the next couple days as we're going to be taking a trip to the London Area Pokegirl Ranch to pick up the Nurse Joy that will help make sure you get better soon" Nanoha perked up when she heard this.

"I'm going to get reinforcements?" Minna laughed when she heard the slight note of begging in Nanoha's voice as she knew the Nanoha and Harry regularly squabbled over who should be doing what/how much work. She could also hear Harry grumbling about overprotective little girls and that he was't that badly messed up (read he was lying to himself and whining).

"Yes Nanoha, your getting reinforcements" Minna said, and then had started chuckling as Nanoha cheered and Harry groaned "and speaking of these reinforcements. Harry Emma just informed me that do to some new legislation concerning Case Twelve's your also going to be getting an Officer Jenny as well."

"H'un?" was poor Harry's intelligent response.

"A law passed recently in an attempted to better integrate Case Twelve's into local society and mitigate the chances of them falling in with religious nut groups or organized crime syndicates, 'every Case Twelve will have an Officer Jenny as their starter Pokegirl or in their harem for at least their first year. After said year is up the Case Twelve can either turn in the Jenny or retain her as they see fit unless the time is extended on disciplinary grounds'" Minna re-sighted from the notice that Emma had sent her.

"So...the Jenny's going to be...what monitoring me or something?" Harry asked as he tried to figure out why he need a member of law enforcement on his team.

"Basically that's about it Harry, unless you try to go join God Right Fist or Team Rocket, or start using your girls to rob people, then the Jenny is just another girl in your harem for the year. then you can either keep her or return her to the League" Harry still look slightly nervous but then Nanoha piped up.

"Don't worry about it master, I've met a couple of Officer Jenny's on my morning runs, and so far they actually remind me a lot of Admiral Harlown, sweet to everyone they meet unless your doing something wrong and even then they don't really get mean" Harry just sighed.

"I sure their just as you say Nanoha but I'm still not used to the whole 'personal sexy slaves' bit of this world yet so..."

"That's the point of this reg Harry" Minna interrupted "To allow you to get used to this world in a controlled manner. Officer Jenny's are a lowish libido pokegirl so there won't be any real rush for you to tame her until your ready, an its the same way with Nurse Joy's and some other breeds of pokegirl. They chose Jenny's for this because they are the best prepared to also teach you the do's and don'ts of the Poke World in a way that you'll be best able to understand."

"If you say so" Harry decided that if would be best if he just rolled with it "so how are we getting to this 'Official London Area Pokegirl Ranch' anyway?" Harry asked.

"My Alaka-Wham is going to teleport us to London then we're going to walk the mile or so to the ranch, which is just outside the city's walls" Minna answered crisply "this will also give me a chance to see how much you've recovered as a teleport followed by a hike will definitely put a strain on you. oh and Nanoha dear, I'm sorry but your going to need to be balled up for the teleport phase, to make it easier on Allie."

"Oh wonderful" both Harry and Nanoha grumbled, which caused Minna to giggle some more.


As Harry stood braced against his cane he decided that he didn't like 'Teleportation' any more then he like any other form of magical locomotion that didn't involve flying a broom.

"Well at least your still standing" Allie commented tiredly from Harry's right side. Harry chuckled lightly at that, Allie was so top heavy that Harry honestly wondered how she stay'd upright with those, what had Minna called them, 'H-cup' breasts.

"Telekinesis helps" 'do mind your mind Harry, you never know who might hear you' Allie warned before turning to look at her master "My I master?" she asked. Minna nodded and lightly bopped the Alaka-Wham on the head with a pokeball leading to Allie disappearing in a flash of red light.

"Come Harry there a bench other here that you can rest on" Minna help Harry wobble over and sit down, which prompted the boy to let out a sigh of relief while he tried to get his twitching arms an legs under control. He was only sitting there for a few moments before he felt a shuffling on his belt, then there was another flash of red light followed by Nanoha standing in front of the two on the bench.

"FINALLY! FREEDOM!" Nanoha cheered with her arms in the air. Even Harry, who never claimed to be empathetic in any way, could feel the amusement of the surrounding people at Nanoha's exclamation. But it wasn't hostle amusement so Harry and Minna paid it no mind, and Nanoha seemed slightly embarrassed about her outburst.

"NaNaNa" laughed Nanoha as she scratched the back of her head with her tongue just barely peaking past her lips, then she noticed the state her tamer was in and all else was forgotten as she started fusing over Harry.

"Honestly Nanoha! I'll be fine if you'd just give me a moment to catch my breath" Harry finally snapped lightly when he finally felt that Nanoha was fusing over him too much.

"Sorry master" Nanoha looked like she'd just be slapped. Harry never liked it when he had to speak harshly to the younger pokegirl, but sometimes it was the only way to get her to stop. Harry reached out, grabbed one of Nanoha's hands, an pulled the up set girl onto his lap. Nanoha didn't resist as her head found one of Harry's shoulders, taking some comfort in the fact that Harry didn't appear to be too mad at her. Nanoha had had Rein dress her in an armless, collarless blouse with arm cutouts that reached the bottom of her breasts, then there was a two in gap from the bottom of the blouse to the band of the skirt that showed off some of Nanoha's belly and back. The skirt was of a simple design the just reached her ankles and showed off the boots that had become a staple of Nanoha's wardrobe. Nanoha had also abandoned her usual twin ponytails for a single ponytail that started at the nape of her neck and reached the bottom of her shoulder blades.

With Nanoha now perched on his lap Harry wrapped one arm around the pokegirl to keep her secured there while the other hand slipped slightly into the gap between Nanoha's blouse and skirt, allowing Harry to run his thumb over the skin of Nanoha's stomach which Nanoha apparently liked if her purring was anything to go by.

"I'm just trying to help" Nanoha said quietly after a few moments.

"I know Nanoha-chan" Harry answered, using the Japanese honorific to make Nanoha feel better "and I do appreciate it. But your overdoing it is, and that's annoying" Harry pulled Nanoha closer for a moment and tickled her bellybutton until she finally started giggling "please just tone the smothering down a bit, okay?"

"Okay master" Nanoha giggled at Harry as he grumbled about the constant 'masters' and slipped off his lap to help him stand up so he could stand. Minna just watch, happy that the two were getting along before stand herself so that they could continue their journey to the pokegirl ranch.

Then a shout diverted their attention.
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