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Harry and Co's arrival at the Pokegirl ranch outside London, and the arrival of possible new friends.

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Chapter Start

For Sakura Haruno the last six months had been 'interesting' to say the least.

During the final battle between Naruto and Co. against that stupid bunny goddess, said bunny goddess had taken control of Sakura's mind and, after fanning the flames of her anger against him, sicced her on her one time crush Sasuke Uchiha (or as she'd taken to calling him 'the duck haired asshole!'). Without a second thought Sasuke had used one of the techquies that his Sheringan Eye gave him and chucked his former teammate accrossed dimenions to save himself from her attacks; thus landing her here on the pokegirl world.

Well techniqually not 'here' in Britan at first, she actually first arrived in a country called 'Japan'. But after she'd spent a few weeks in Japan she'd grown fed up with their laws concerning women's rights. No they weren't demeaning towards women so much as they were overprotective of pure-blooded human women to the point of moronatued, and when Sakura used this wonderful thing called the internet to look up the laws of the other nations of the pokeworld she found that Japan was actually one of the more mild nations.

This didn't sit well with the young kunoichi at all. She was too used to being able to mostly do what she wanted, when she wanted and how she wanted. Sakura did not want to be reduced to a brood mother who pumped out babies at her husband's whim.

So as quick as she could Sakura took her Tamer's test, grabbed her starter girl and split. Sakura had took'n the time as she waited for her testing day to come to look over the laws of several of the less restrictive nations of the world and found that she liked britan the best, so she made getting there her goal. Choosing a route to get there was actually very easy since the research she'd done of the least restrictive nations also showed her the most restrictive as well.

The journey started with Sakura traveling north to Kamchatka then she headed east acrossed the Bering Sea to the wild territories of Alaska and Arctic Islands before swinging slightly north again to Greenland, than Iceland before finally catching a boat to the British Isles. The journey had been long but not all that hard for the trained Kunoichi as she'd left on her journey in late winter and had used the just breaking up ice of the Bering Sea to cross it. After that it was easy for Sakura to make fifty or a hundred miles a day. The hardest part of the journey was actually finding food along the way.

Even bumping into the usual wild pokegirls didn't really phase Sakura as her training in ninjutsu and her master's strength enhancement techniques let Sakura fight with most pokegirls on an equal footing.

Once she'd arrived in Britain Sakura had made her way to London and applied for british citizenship, which had been easily approved. Sakura had spent the last two months as a traveling doctor around the british isles, and in that time she'd made some wonderful friends.

So when Sakura spotted one of those friends sitting on a bench in London she was quite happy to announce herself and approach.


"Ahoy Mis. Py! Good morning!" Harry jumped slightly and turned to find the source of the shout; which turned out to be a young woman that was slightly taller then him with vivid pink, shoulder length hair in a ponytail, slightly asian facial features and an athletic body with a mid-range bust. She was wearing a bright red button up blouse with short, puffy sleeves, a white pleated skirt that went just past her upper thighs, mid thigh length black stockings and black boots.

"Sakura!" Minna shouted as she waved to the younger woman while the woman jogged up to the small group "When did you get into town? I though you were roaming around the Mid-lands?"

"This morning" Sakura announced as she wrapped Minna in a gental hug "there really wasn't anyone in the Mid-lands that needed my level of help so I decided to come back and see if you needed me for anything?" Sakura phrased the last part of her answer as a question. Minna seemed to think for several moments before she blinked and smiled.

"Actually Sakura dear" Minna started and Harry groaned interally "I do have a patient that I could use your help with."

Sakura's eyes shifted slightly so she could take in Dr. Py's companions. One was a girl with Auburn hair who was wearing black clothes, aged somewhere in her early teen years and was (Maybe) a hundred pounds soaking wet. The girl had an Anti-Capture collor around her neck, marking her as a pokegirl but Sakura couldn't guess her breed and it would be impolite to pull out her Pokedex right now to check.

The boy that the girl was standing next to looked to be in his mid-teens, had unruly black hair and bright green eyes and was wearing a simple set of brown slacks and a white shirt with leather trainers

But his posture was telling to the Tsunade trained former Med-Nin. The boy was stooped over slightly and leaning on a simple cane, his eyes were bright in color but dulled slightly in spirit (as well as exaustion), his overall compextion was a little pale and the pokegirl next to him always had her muscles ready to move to his aid.

"Sakura dear I'd like to introduce you to Harry Potter and his pokegirl Nanoha Takamichi. Harry, Nanoha allow me to introduce you to the traveling doctor Sakura Haruno" Minna said from where she was standing slightly to the side of Harry and Nanoha.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Haruno-san" Nanoha greeted the older woman cheerfully in Japanese while offering her a polite bow. Sakura visible brightened at the sound of her native langauge (even if it was called something different on the world) and returned the girl's bow.

"The pleasure is mine Nanoha-chan" Sakura greeted back in the same langauge.

As the two girls were exchanging greeting Harry made sure that his cane was firmly in his left hand before he stepped forward and offered Sakura his right hand.

"Greetings Ms. Haruno" Sakura eye'd Harry gentle as she took his hand in hers and they shared a firm but friendly shake.

"Mr. Potter" Sakura had found Harry's shake to be strong if a little timid, which lead her to believe that whatever was wrong with Harry was centered in either his brain or his nervous system....or he was faking it but Dr. Py was the best pyshic in Britian, she'd have spotted a lie like that miles away.

"We were just about to start making our way to the pokegirl ranch outside of town, would you like to join us?" Minna asked. Sakura smile, She need to visit the poke ranch anyway and this would allow her to visit with her friend and continue to study the poor boy who was her friend's patient.

"I would love too".


As the little group was entering the gates of the pokegirl ranch Sakura's lips were pressed in a thin line. The journey from London to the ranch had taken an hour and a half, something that normally took even unathletic people only half an hour or less.

The reason for the slow pace was that Harry's condition keeped acting up and Harry would have to stop an rest for several minutes before he could continue on. Several time Harry had actually nearly fallen over because he'd pushed himself too hard and either herself, Nanoha or Dr. Py had had to catch him before lowering him to the ground so he could rest. The poor boy was almost as stubburn as her friend Naruto in this reguard, but he didn't have Naruto's stamina or ability to shrug off damage.

"Potter-kun we will be going straight to an examination room so that I can give you a check up" Sakura order. Harry started to open his mouth to argue but Sakura gave him a look that was one part Hermione, one part Madam Pomphery and all buisness.

"Yes Dr. Haruno" Harry responded, too tired to argue anymore, and let Sakura and Nanoha half lead half carry him into the main building while Minna moved off to find the ranch operator.

It took Sakura less then a minute to find the exam rooms and guide Harry into one.

"Strip" Harry followed that command as well and was soon sitting on an examination table in nothing but his boxers. After a few moments Harry felt a pair of cool hands press themselves to his back before a gental warmth began to seep into first his back and then the rest of his body. In moments Harry had completely relaxed as Sakura concentrated on trying to find out what was wrong with the boy and fixing it.

"Ya know I have a copy of Harry's previous exams Sakura-san" Nanoha said politely.

"Good" said Sakura as she continued her exam "It will give me something to compare my results to."

After a few moments the glow around Sakura's hands petered out and she removed her hands from Harry's back with a sigh annoyance.

"Aside from ordering you to get some rest there doesn't seem to be much I can do for you Harry-kun" Sakura said as she grabbed a blanket off one of the shelves and handed it to Harry "that said you still look dead on your feet so I'm going to order you to lay down on that bed and sleep for a few hours. Whatever your here for can wait that long and it would be better to at least have some energy for later" Harry was already curled up in the blankets by the time Sakura stopped talking and was only able to give a feeble "yes ma'am" before he nodded off completely.

Once she was sure Harry was asleep Sakura reached down to one of the pouches on the back of her 'skirt', pulled out a pokeball and tripped the mechanisum. In a flash of red light a pokegirl was soon standing in front of Sakura which Nanoha momentarily thought was a Nurse Joy, but a few moments observation showed that this wasn't quite true. Yes this pokegirl was pink haired and eyed like a Nurse Joy but this pokegirl's pink hair was streaked with green and had a few vines, leaves and pink flowers in it as well. She was also a couple of inches taller then the average Joy with a bust that was at least a 'D' to the typical Joy 'B' (and was probably bigger then that). This girl also had on a different outfit to the typical Joy with leather boots, a long white dress, a long sleeved pink blouse, white gloves and a thick white apron that cover the girls entire front and reached all the way down to her ankles.

With a little help from the full Pokedex that Raising Heart had down loaded Nanoha quickly identified this girl as a 'Herbilist', one of the elemental evolutions of Nurse Joy.

"Hinata-chan please make sure that this boy gets at least four hours of uninterupted rest, his health isn't what it should be and I don't want him pushing himself until he has some reserves of stamina to work with"

"Of course Sakura-sama" Hinata said with a formal bow before moving over to check on the boy herself.

"Now about Harry's medical files" Sakura said to Nanoha as she led the younger girl from the room.


Sakura almost regretted reading Harry's file once she had finished it, and if she ever meet this 'Riddle' bastard she was going to punt the a random direction.

But she need to concentrate on other things at the moment. Minna had contacted her and Nanoha through her Alakawham's telepathy a told them to meet her in a certain room not far from where they'd left Harry to sleep.

When the two entered they noticed at least a half dozon other people standing around while Minna and Director Torinna were talking to an older gentleman in a suit with graying hair. When she saw the two enter Emma nodded to them before calling for everyone to take their seats then she turned to the older gentleman.

"Everyone I'd like to thank you all for coming today, and I'd like to introduce you all to Sir Thomas Thorp, Prime Minister to the Royal Family of England" Emma then stepped away from the podium and aloud the older gentleman to approach.

"Thank you Director Torinna, and thank you all for coming today. I know that you have all had at least a rough few weeks and that getting here probably wasn't all that easy. But your here now and that's what counts" Thorp smiled at everyone in a genial way.

"I can only begin to guess at how jaring all of your transitions have been. You've been thrown face first into a world that is probably very different from what your used to, with stakes much higher. But you've all made it this far so we call only continue pushing forward, and to discuss this I'll turn it back over to Director Torinna" Emma stepped back up to the podium and adjusted her glasses for a moment before she started.

"Normally with case twelves we leave it in the hands of the local majors nobles to handle things and get you settled in, but right now we're kind of swamped with new arrivals and you all represent the overflow that none of the towns, thorps or villages can handle at the moment so we're working on a way for the goverment to cover your intergration for the first year. after this time you'll all be on your own"

"To make it easier on all concerned we've decided that you'll all be moved into one cottage together. This will make it easier on us to find and fund you, and we think it will be better for all of you to be around others in a similar situation to your own."

"Where?" a girl with spiky black hair asked.

"In the village to Southampton along the south coast of England" Emma replied "The house is currently occupied by a Mister Harry Potter...who doesn't appear to be here?"

"Harry condition start to act up as we were arriving, so he's resting in one of the rooms here Director" Dr. Pys answered. Emma nodded before turning back to the group.

"Mr. Potter will retain control of the house for the moment and be responsible for all of your well being. But seeing as he is of poor health at the moment Dr. Pys has suggested that Ms. Haruno take charge until Mr. Potter is feeling better... Um? is Ms. Haruno here?"

"Here ma'am" Sakura answered while raising a hand.

"Right then lets keep this moving. Dr. Pys is going to bring around your Pokegirl Tamer Test and then we move on from there" Emma said with a clap of her hands.

Chapter End
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