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FullMetal's Plan Part 1

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A/N: sorry if this update has taken forever...sorry ;-)
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"So you understand everything, right?" Edward asked Havoc contently as he rubbed his stomach "man, I'm stuffed..."
"Yeah I think so.." Jean answered almost unsure.
"Don't worry, they'll never know...I know them, well, Hawkeye might figure it out...she's the smart one after all..."
"Well ok, if this dosn't work Ed, we'll have to use my plan...(which pretty much sucks by the way)...but.."
"But nothing" Ed replied firmly "Now, go home like a good doggie and get some rest"
Jean snickered "Night, FullMetal"
"Yeah, Yeah" Ed waved him off, because he was still deciding what he'd get for his third dessert"

The next morning everything was revently normal...well except one thing.

Roy Mustang sat down at his desk, five minutes late (a new record by the way) and sighed.
"Something wrong sir?" Riza asked as she came in with the colonel's morning coffee
"No, No" he quickly responded. But something was troubling him, how was he going to woo Riza...make her his, and only his. She was the girl of his dreams; he wasn't about to let her slip away before another man got to her. No, he Roy was going to show her the time of her life...even if it did mean losing his career.

(Anyway back to our problem)
Havoc came in blubbering like a child. Roy sighed again...another girl must have dumped him...that poor man...
Fury piped up "Jean...what-what happened to you? You look awful!" But from past experience Cain knew perfectly well what happened.
Jean couldn't even stop sobbing to answer the must have been something awful...Mustang thought.
"Come on man, no woman is worth crying over that much" Breda said...trying to be helpful...although that seemed to be the complete opposite.
Riza gave him a stern glare, and spoke over Havoc's continued crying "Women aren't as worthless as you think Breda, maybe you'd know that if you had a girlfriend, as I'm well aware you haven't had one in over three months"
Breda hurriedly went back to his work before Hawkeye pulled out her gun...he knew if he didn't he might have been shot. Although as he hated to agree with her, she did have a point...we wasn't very good with the ladies.

Finally Havoc sobbed his little heart out "She-she....was the lo-love of my pathic life...and I ruined- I RUINED IT"
"I didn't even know he was seeing anybody" the colonel muttered, Falman nodded in agreement.
Roy knew that he had to act soon, otherwise Jean's work would reflect upon him. "Shut the hell up! If she meant so much to you then I'll have to find you a new girl"
"Re-really?" Jean whimpered
"Fury, Falman, I want you too to find a good looking women for Havoc"
"But-we can't find girls for ourselves!" they whimpered at the same time.
Roy thought for a minute..."Then I'll have to do it myself, and Riza, you're goin to accompany me, we'll do it tomorrow, since we have our day off then"
Perfect, Mustang never went on a mission without Riza; things were going as planned Jean thought.
"But sir, do I really have to? That's my only day off-"
"Do you want me to make that an order, Lieutenant?"
"No sir, I'll come"
"Good, meet me at the small coffee shop near East Central, at 9am sharp, and wear casual clothes...perhaps a mini-skirt"
"Don't count on it, sir"
"Should I make that an ord-"
"Sir that would be abusing your power"
"Right, Lieutenant, I'm ever so sorry" he said sarcastically.

Things were going just as FullMetal said they would...sometimes you really had to give that kid credit...Jean thought

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