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FullMetal's Plan Part 2

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Jean has known that Roy and Riza have had feelings for each other, but are to stupid to admit know he needs Fullmetals help in getting the two together. But another question is, will he eve...

Category: Full Metal Alchemist - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Cain Fury, Edward Elric, Heymans Breda, Jean Havoc, Riza Hawkeye, Roy Mustang - Published: 2006-08-20 - Updated: 2006-08-20 - 700 words

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That morning Riza had woken up excited, spontaneous, and nervous. She got out of bed slipped into the shower, and concentrated on keeping her cool, calm composure. She stepped out after finishing her showery needs, put on a baby blue bath rode and started on breakfast. She and Black Hayate went through their morning routines as usual...

Roy got to the little cafe five minutes early, and wasn't surprised to see Riza come exactly come at 9 right on the dot. He noticed that she didn't have Hayate...and something else. He was stunned! Who, again, was this gorugus creature before him?

Hawkeye had on a very short black mini-skirt (hence the name) with an attractive red shirt, which hung off her shoulders, and her hair was down. This made her look like a goddess. Her legs were slim and long...completing her image. Roy made a face, gapping at her clearly he was stunned.

She looked at him clearly enjoying the look on his face, before she snapped, "Sir, I suggest we sit down and order"
"Right" Roy said slightly shaking his head and pinching himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming.
A rather thin greasy haired boy with zillions of pimples came to their table to ask their order.
" I'll have a Chaco Mocha" Riza replied with a faint smile "Roy? Earth to Roy! Do you want anything?"
Roy was to entranced by the lieutenant's curves...her outfit really worked for her. Wow, I've never noticed how big her boobs were...she must be a C cu-..Stop being SO perverted, ROY!!!!
"Huh? Oh yeah, uh, a black coffee will be fine"
"So, Hawkeye, why'd you dress up today? It was just for me was it?" he added with a cocky grin
"Yes, Colonel, I put on a mini-skirt just for you" she announced scarcastically
"I knew it!" Roy jokingly pointed at her in triumph as there drinks came.
Riza grabbed her mocha, took a sip and rolled her eyes at Roy, some men will never grow up she thought, as she sighed.
"Something the matter?" Roy asked quickly as he heard her sigh again.
"No, I'm fine. Honestly I am" She said when he gave her a look.


They finished the coffee a little later, and Riza stated that they should get started on their mission for Havoc.


Roy suggested that they try the park first, thinking in his mind that it was a simple and romantic place...just perfect for Hawkeye. He knew this because once in the office she said that she preferred the simple things in life, which made the world beautiful. Roy smiled a little. That was one of the most personal things Riza had every stated in the office, and he was happy to recall on the memory.

Little did the two know that they were being followed on their way to the park. A short man in a brown overcoat and a huge hat (which consoled must of his face) grabbed a walkie-talkie and whispered into it "'Smoky' do you read me?"
"Yes" came a huskily voice from the other side of the intermission
"Good, ok I was right, they're heading for the park.."
"Ok, I'll relocate my direction and meet up with you shortly, 'FullPipsquik'"
"Ed calm down, you might blow our cover!" Ed was still fuming madly when Jean said "How about we don't use the stupid nick-names anymore, would that make you feel better?"
"Yes, yes it would" Edward mumbled
"Ok, well, I'll get over to as soon as I can"

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