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Turtle Tot DonnieXReader (Different)

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5 year old humans love fireworks, but so do... 5 year old turtles?

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Your POV

“Mommy, Mommy, look!” I said looking at the beautiful bursts of color in the sky. My mother just simply smiled and replied.
“I see them honey. Happy 4th of July.” I smiled knowing she had seen them, because that’s why we were here, the Fourth Of July, but I just couldn’t hold it to myself. I was too excited, just like every other five year old is acting here. “Look Honey, it’s (BFF name)! You wanna go and see her?” I smiled and ran over to my best friend. Soon I grew weary aching for the comfort of my bed. I go back over to mom and tell her. She tells me to go in the back seat in the cab of our truck, and I can go to sleep in there. A long time later, Mom came with Dad, and they started the car. I saw (BFF Name) packing her car with her family, to go home, so I wanted to say good-bye to her.
“Mommy?” I asked. Mom put up her finger that meant wait a second, because she was on the phone, just sitting in the light from the car. I stood still, and when the car started, I opened the door, and jumped out. I closed it, and hurried off to (BFF name). She’d already gone, so I start to cry, and turn back to my truck to see it’s gone too. I have a wave of panic rush through me, and I start yelling at Mom. Some people nearby hear me, and ask me where my mom is. I’m so shy, I just run away from them. (Stranger Danger, dude!) I looked behind bushes, thinking maybe mom had just hid from me because a joke like in kindergarten we sometimes did. I look behind a tree kinda far out of the sitting area, and see a little boy. I looked at him, noticing right away that he was different.
“Who are you? I’m (Y/N)!” I asked still being shy, but seeing him terrified, and feeling like he is more scared than I am. I looked at him closely, and saw a shell, a purple mask, and three fingers.
“No one’s s’pose to see me. I suppose to stay away from people. They dangerous. Can hurt me, and family.” The little boy said.
“I’ll not hurt you. Don’t be afared, affrid, uh…” I started trying to think of the word that I just couldn’t.
“Afraid?” The little boy offered.
“Yeah, that either. So what you name?” I asked still wanting an answer.
“Uh, Donatello. But my rest of family call me Donnie for nickname. I like Donnie better, but all in all, I like both.” Donnie answered.
“You look different. Why?” I asked not realizing it was a little sensitive subject.
“That why Human can’t see me. I’m not Human. I’m a turtle. I’m a mixed up. Well, that’s what my brother Raphael says.” Donatello said. I was shocked. His brother calls him a mix up?
“I don’t think you’re a mixed up. You’re just different. It’s same as my teacher have brown hair, and my mom have blonde. Or that my daddy is a boy and my mommy is a girl. We are all different.” I said flailing my arms for emphasis.
“I know, but Father says no matter what, don’t show my face to Human. They get scared.” Donnie said shuffling his feet. “How come you not scared?” Donnie finished. I stood pointing to my chest and smiling a big toothy, or what I have left of teeth from losing them.
“Because, I brave. And you not scary, just lonely.” I said. “Where’s your daddy?” I asked.
“Uh, he don’t know I here. He said to stay, but I had to. He probably knows I’m here, but he not here yet.” Donnie started. “Where’s your daddy?”
“Oh yeah, I lost. They left without me, on ackident.” I said. I sat down on the ground starting to cry, and Donnie sat by me. He didn’t know what to do to a child in distress other than what he does to his brothers, so he does that. He puts his arm behind me, and rocks slightly. I look up to him, and he is smiling.
“They not forget you forever. They come get you. I know they will.” Donnie said. I cocked one eyebrow at him.
“How do you know?” I asked him. He pointed to his chest giving a big toothy grin, copying what I had just done.
“Because, I’m smart.” He said. We sat a while talking about our family, although he wouldn’t tell me where he lived, even though I wanted to come over. He said it was a secret place no one can know. After what felt like four hours to my five year old brain, but was probably only thirty minutes, we saw headlights. I realized the truck as my old white truck, and out came my mom. I pulled Donnie to his feet, wanting him to come with me, but he pulled away. “Human scared of me. Different. Not all brave like you.” He said giving a light hearted smile, and going towards the bush behind the tree on top the hill.
“Are you sure Donnie? You could come stay night. I have a big room!” I said. He stopped trudging, and came up to me.
“You have paper?” He asked. I checked my pockets, and pulled out my My Little Pony® pocket sized notebook, and handed him it with a pen. “You have a phone?”
“I can use mommy’s.” I said.
“No, Human track calls. Wait till you have your own phone. Call. I have a home phone for emergencies. Call it when you big Human.” He said handing me back the little notebook. I smiled and agreed. I ran up to Mommy and Daddy, and they greeted me with open arms, apologizing for forgetting me. I just told them it was okay, I met a new friend. They thought it was cute, and we headed home. That’s how I ended up with my cell phone in my hand, now that I’m 18. I had been cleaning out my room to see what I wanted for college, when I came a cross my notebook. I grabbed my cell phone, and punched in the number waiting to hit enter. Would this even still be his number? Would he get in trouble for handing out his number? Would he not remember? Would he have done it out of pity? I sucked it up and hit call.
“Hello?” I heard a teen boy’s voice answer.
“Uh, it’s (Y/N)…” I said. I heard a gasp, and could practically hear the smile appear on his face.
“Hey, I thought you forgot and would never call, do you want to meet up sometime?” He asked me.
“Of course Donnie!” I said. I could tell this was going to be fun, sentimental, and really different.
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