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They Corrupt Them

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The Control Brains are corrupt, they have been hiding something since the beginning of their existence, the Irkens are in danger and they don’t even know it and the few who know have been assassi...

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A tall Irken with blue eyes paced as another with green eyes watched; she was nervous it was easy to tell, it had been a year since the Control Brains had become a part of their life. As helpful as they were, things just didn’t feel right, before they were brought it Irkens were allowed to have relationships. “Ava, what do you suggest we do?” The green eyed Irken asked quietly as he watched her nervous figure; he hated to see her so nervous, the co-tallest turned to him. “We must warn our people Blun, our race has become slave to these machines. We are no longer allowed to make friendships, be in relationships…have smeets of our own! Instead we use these cloning chambers.” She frowned. “Our way of life has changed dramatically.”

Blun had to admit that while the Control Brains had made their race stronger so other races wouldn’t use them for their needs, but in turn took away their freedom, becoming a slave to these machines was not what they had wanted; he turned to the small Irken sitting down in the chair. He seemed just as distraught about this as the rest of them. “Zed, we want you to call a meeting which will take place tomorrow.” The red eyed Irken looked up at his two Tallest and nodded. “You can count on Zed my Tallest.” He smiled and left the room to go make the announcement his Tallest wanted him to, the two remaining Irkens looked at each other, green eyes met blue. “It will turn out alright.” He assured the blue eyed Co-Tallest, trying to calm her worries.

Zed walked down the halls, worry etched in his features as he went to go announce that the Tallest had requested to meet with the people; he sighed as he passed the word through the message system and then headed toward his resting chambers. Being the Tallest’ assistant he had almost as much say as the Tallest, and respect for his size, though being the shortest Irken tended to be a pain in the spooch at times; he wished to be a little taller and well respected. Zed guessed he could live with just being respected by the Tallest of course, they had appointed him to this job after all, working with them since before the Control Brains took control; he was thankful for them giving him a chance to prove himself. Once he was inside his resting chambers, Zed hummed tiredly as he laid on the bed and slowly began falling asleep.

The next thing Zed knew when he was awake, was that he was hanging in the Control Brain room; he looked around in confusion. “What on Irk…” He whispered and tried to release himself from the wires only to be zapped. “Nngh…” He groaned in pain as the electrical zap went through his PAK. “W-what is this?” He demanded, looking around. The control brain’s voice is the next thing he heard, and he was instantly afraid, the words bone chilling. “You will assassinate the Tallest.” The computer voice demanded and Zed’s eyes widened. “What? No! I will not kill my Tallest!” He said, glaring up at the ceiling, obviously the control brains had been listening in on the Tallest conversation, and they couldn’t have their rule messed with.

Zed gasped in pain as he was zapped again, but he didn’t have time to recover when water had been splashed on him as well; he screamed in pain as his skin burned from the acid they were throwing on him. There was no way he would allow the control brains to kill off his leaders, they had done so much to protect the people from what had all happened in the past. “Comply with your mission.” The voice said as the Irken slowly recovered, panting as he was in pain. “I will not do as you say, I obey no one but the Tallest.” He growled defiantly. All that could be heard from then on, were screams of pain and defiant words but the sound only reached the inside of the room, no one from the outside was aware of what took place beyond the sound proof room.

Towards the end the control brains decided to take control of the Irken’s PAK, Zed could no longer control his own actions; he passed the Irkens in the hall screaming for them to help him. All the others could see was a blank expression as he reached the stage with the Tallest. ‘NO! My Tallest, you must leave!’ He screamed to them, but his words were only echoing in his mind.

Ava and Blun watched as the arena filled with the Irkens before Ava started to speak; she sighed softly. “It has come to mine and Tallest Blun’s that-“

It was like he was watching from a screen and he had no control of his body; he tried to warn them one last time as he watched his PAK legs come out and stab both the Tallest through their PAK’s before they could continue on with their speech, then suddenly he dropped to the floor in a heap of tears while others came up to arrest him. “Smallest Zed, you are under arrest for your crimes against the empire.” One of them said, but he wasn’t listening to a word they were uttering to him; he knew what his punishment would be. His sentence would be death, and he felt he deserved it, if only he had more control over his body then maybe he could have done something!

The smallest Irken was then put in a cell where he awaited his trial, it was pointless to have one seeing as all of Irk was there to witness his downfall; he knew that outcome. He had nothing to prove himself innocent seeing as everyone saw, though he hoped sometime down the road future generations would grow to realize what was happening; he laid his head against the wall and sighed softly as tears fell. It wasn’t till six hours later that his silence was interrupted by a taller guard Irken with red eyes. “Your trial is starting.” The guard said as he opened the cell and forced Zed out of it, leading him down the hall toward the room; his fate would be decided here and now with all of Irk to see.

The taller Irken set him in the seat and then took his place once the Control Brains connected to Zed’s PAK; he felt anger as he stared at the wire, the one that caused his virus…the one that made him kill the Tallest. “Do you have any last words before we deactivate you for your crime Zed? How could you do such a horrid thing, you were their right hand man.” The other Irken glared at him and he looked him in the eyes.

“As a matter of fact, I do have last words.” He said, trying to stay calm as he said this. “The control brains are hiding things from us Spull, the Tallest found something out that the control brains didn’t approve of! If we don’t act quick-!” His words were interrupted by the other. “Enough of your pathetic lies.” Spull glared. “Your PAK is defective obviously, you have never acted this way before…and it will not be tolerated.” He said and let the control brains deactivate the smaller.
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