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L.I.D (Light in the Darkness) Part. 1

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A girl named Maddie Paws had never been the popular girl. She had always been in the darkness, until something unusual happened to her cat. (Don't mind any errors. I'll try to fix them all.)

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Hey I’m Maddie Paws. I’m sixteen and I am the only child of Sabrina and Jackson Paws. My parents were quite happy that I was their daughter, I made them so proud. I skipped a few grades, so I was in my senior year. I was at the top of my classes, but they never knew of the pain I felt at school. The popular girls made fun of me for being the youngest, smartest, and maybe one of the weirdest girls in the school. They had their own definition of normal. They made fun of my ~kawaii~ bear hoodie that I always wore, which in my opinion was way better than their jackets covered in glitter, and they made fun of my glasses and my purple eyes. The truth was that I was different, but not that different, until they separated me from the group. No one could handle the pressure of being my friend, since this town was not very big and the head of the popular girls’ father owned the school. I never let them push me past my breaking point or to suicidal thoughts. The reason why was because of my cat Cloud. My parents got him two years ago. He was a gift for my hard work in school. He was great friend and we hang out a lot when I wasn’t busy with school work. I taught him tricks and he allowed me to be able to be the only one to be able to give him a bath. I always wonder why we had a great bond. Maybe it was because I named him. He reminded me of a male character from a game called final fantasy. I’m not much of a gamer, but don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy playing games in my free time. Not as much as a normal gamer though. Cloud is a great companion and I couldn’t imagine a better friend. Enough about me let’s talk about my family just a little bit. Both of my parents came from a rich family and met on a yacht. When they got married, they brought a big house and left most of their wealth in the bank. The rest was supposed to be used on their daughter or son. It took two years for my mother to get pregnant with me. At the age of five, my parents tried to get me into being like most rich girls, but I showed no interest and chose to read books. They both accepted that I was different and never questioned or asked why. Sorry for the long introduction about me, but this is the end. Let the story begin.

I always thought that it would be cool to have a cat tail and ears. I know that a least almost everyone has had a least one thought about it. I was daydreaming in Mr. Hugh’s office again. He normally let me sleep in his office when I was tired, unless there was a test or there was a question that no one else could answer. This lead to students getting jealous of me and saying the Mr. Hugh is the worst teacher ever, but to be honest he was the best teacher. He was the only teacher to notice what was going on. I told him to never tell me parents and he agreed as long as it doesn’t get too serious. I looked at the clock and noticed that class was about end. Mr. Hugh was the last class I had today, so I got my stuff ready and headed back into the classroom. The boy named Chris looked at me for a second. He was cute and my crush, since I first started high school. He paid me no attention besides the few times each week that he glanced over at me. It always made me feel warm inside, so I rushed over to my desk. A guy like that was out my league and he was dating Cassidy the leader of the popular girls anyway. The bell rang and Mr. Hugh dismissed the class as I raced to the door. I normally walked home and quickly, so that no one could follow me without me noticing. I walked over to my locker and exchanged what I needed and what I didn’t need before heading out to the front doors of the school. I tried not to push and shove as I traveled among the crowd. When I finally got through the doors, I ran to the nearby alleyway that would lead to my place if I took a right and continue on for a block or two. I never told anyone about why I stopped in this alleyway sometimes. I carefully looked around, before looking in the bushes for a passageway. It lead to my favorite place and I hide my deepest secrets there. I went into the bush and followed the passage to group of tree houses. Each tree had a sign, which told you whom the tree belong to. Bulldog, Kitten, Blue Jay, and Rabbit were the code names of my friends, before they moved away. Their tree houses were cover in cover webs and dust. My code name was the Fox and I often came here to keep it clean. I climbed up the ladder and grabbed my diary from its hiding place. I wrote about all the events of this week, before putting it away and leaving the tree house to head home. I started to run home to make up lost time. My parents were normally at work or something when I get home from school, so I walked in and went into my room. I smiled as Cloud greeted me with a meow. He always greeted me in my room. I began to work on my homework, which took me two hours. Then I got a call from my parents, they said that they were going to be gone for the weekend and stuff. That meant that I would have to take care of Cloud and myself, which would be no problem. I filled Cloud’s bowl with food, before making myself something to eat. About a one hour late I was done and a bit tired, so headed to my room. Cloud followed me there and laid in my bed with me. He began to nuzzle close to me as if he was hugging me. I whispered to him “I wish that you were human.” before falling asleep.

It felt warmer in my bed and it felt like someone was in my bed with me. I ignore it and was asleep, until my phone rang. I answered it and it was only my mother checking on how things were going. I told her that we were doing okay and that I can’t wait to see her, before hanging up. I got out of bed and turned around. “Pervert” I said to myself as I saw a naked guy who looked to be about eighteen laying on my bed. Good thing that his back was facing up. I started to think about calling the cops, but that would cause a lot of drama at school, so why not keep it a secret, unless I have to call 911. I headed to my parents’ room and borrowed a pair of my father’s boxers and one of his robes, before going back into my room. There was no sign of Cloud anywhere. While I waited for the guy to wake up, I started thinking about how he got into my house. The security system would have gone off. I began to investigate the videos of last night and there was no sign of a trespasser or signs of a problem with the system, so how did he get here. I entered the room as he began to wake up. “Here some stuff that you can borrow” I said as he nodded. I turned around to allow him to change. After a minute, I asked if he was decent, it took him awhile before he said yes. I turned around to look at him. He didn’t look bad, but it wasn’t his style. I decided to ask him “Who are you? How did you get in my house?” He replied with “I’m Cloud and I have lived in this house with you for two years.” I could hardly believe it, but he is my cat. How did this happen? “Cloud how did you turn into a human?” I asked him. “I don’t know. Probably had to do with that wish you made” he smiled at me. I couldn’t help it, but to hug him and smile. Did wishes really come true like? It seemed like something in a fairy tale or something to do with witchcraft or stuff like that. I let go him before asking “Are you hungry?” He responded with “Yes thank you” as he followed me down to the kitchen. He had a funny walk, but who could blame him. Even though we were rich, we don’t have maids or a butler, so I began to make pancakes and bacon. I was going to make my own special sugar apple pancake, which I learned from my sweet baking classes I took last summer. I love baking sweets, but I don’t do it often because of school. Cloud took a sit and began to watch me as I was cooking. I had no clue that Cloud’s eyes would look so breathtaking. He kept me distracted, so I tried not to look back as I finished cooking. “What did you make?” he asked. I told him “Bacon and pancakes” before giving a plate and a fork. He thanked me again and tried to eat, but was having troubles with the fork. “Here let me help you” I grabbed the fork and started to show him how use it. I got a little carried away and began to feed him. I realized and handed him back the fork blushing, before eating my food. Once he got the hang of it, he started to devour the food. He looked at me when I got done eating. “Can I borrow something else of your father’s?” he asked me. I wasn’t sure about that, but I did know where they stored extra cash. “Better we can get you some of your own clothing” I told him. I got a new change clothing for Cloud to get changed into. He smiled and got changed, before racing me outside. It was nice out with sun and the sweet songs of the little blue birds. He began to hold my hand and I asked him why. He told that he didn’t want to lose me, since he was still getting use to walking, so I let him. Some people stared at us, mostly at Cloud, since he had breathtaking icy blue eyes and bright blonde hair. It must have shocked a couple of them that the nerdy girl who had no friends me was holding hands with the super model that was my cat. It seemed like an hour, before we reached the mall, but I didn’t mind and Cloud didn’t either. We walked to the second floor and headed to the men section of the mall. It was a little awkward to enter this place with him. I told him to pick anything the fit his style, but he tried to argue. I ended up winning the argument and He started looking through the clothing. He eventually picked out some outfits. I lead him to the changing room. I chose the cool guy outfit that he changed into and the black and red flannel shirt with the blue jeans. He looked decent and better in these outfits than the clothing he borrowed from my father. I paid for the clothing, before taking him to the cafe next door. He had never tried coffee, so I offered to order him one of their espressos. Cloud was didn’t show any sign of regret when he said yes, so I order him one. He looked at me again. Why was he staring at me so much? Is he staring at my chest? No I must be mistaken wait he is. Embarrassing, should I tell him to stop? “Ummm…… do you want to go watch a movie, when we get home?” I replied to him, but I didn’t want to say that. Damn it, he too cute for me to say no. He responded with a yes as the waitress come back with our espressos. I started to relax as I took a drink. We didn’t talk, until we were both done with our espressos. I left the money and tip on the table as we got up. Cloud smiled at me again as we walked back to the house. When we got into the house, he continued to smile at me, before kissing me on my cheek. Before I got the chance to ask what was going on, he asked to be his girlfriend. I couldn’t say no as I was blushing, so I said yes and he began to hold me in his arms, before kissing me on the lips, which made me blush more. It was noticeable now, that I was in love with him.
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