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Takes place in their seventh year, James tries to get Lily Evans to go out with him. Many laughs along the way, please read, I promise that you will enjoy my story.

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"James Joseph Potter hurry up!" "We're going to miss the train!"

"I'm coming!" James shouted to his mother as he struggled to fit the last of his dungbombs in his trunk.

James took one last look at himself in the mirror. His hair was still as messy as ever, but there was nothing he could do about it. No matter what he tried on his jet-black hair, it still looked as though he had stuck his finger in an electric socket. He was tall for his age, and lanky.

"James!" his mother called again.


"Well it sure as hell doesn't look like you are!"

James dragged his trunk down the stairs trying to hurry as his mother waited impatiently at the door. "Took you long enough." She said as she opened the door for him. "Daniel has been waiting for over an hour already!"

"Well that's what you pay him for isn't it mum?"

She rolled her eyes at him. "No, we pay him to drive us to places, not to sit in the car all day."

"Really? But I thought he LIKES sitting in the car..."

"Just get in the car."

Twenty minutes later, they had arrived at platform 9 ¾, and James was bubbling with excitement. This was his first year at Hogwarts. He had already learned so much from his father about all the pranks he had played as a student at Hogwarts. He was ready to begin his own reign of pranks and teasing at the famous school of witchcraft and wizardry.

"Now be good, James."

"I will mum."

"And don't try to beat your fathers' record of most detentions!"

"I know mum! I've got to go now! The train is gonna leave soon!"

"I love you!"

"Love you too mum!"

James rushed and tried to board the train, with much difficulty, as his trunk was very heavy.

"Need a hand?" a voice asked while reaching for one end of James' trunk.

"Ya thanks."

"No problem," the stranger replied.

In a matter of seconds, they had gotten James' trunk on the train, and James had jumped on as well.

"I'm Sirius Black, what's your name?"

"James Potter, and thanks for your help," James replied, holding out his hand to shake Sirius's.

Sirius shook James' hand. "Want to sit with me?"


Sirius led James through the large, scarlet train, to the second to last compartment.

He slid open the compartment door, reveling two other young boys.

"James, this is Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew."

"Hey,"said James.



Suddenly, the compartment door slid open, to reveal a fiery redheaded girl with an angry expression on her face.

Instantly, James was at a loss for words, and was not in the same world as everyone else. He felt as though the only people in the world were him and this beautiful girl.

"Can we help you?" Sirius asked

"Yes! You can tell me whom THESE belong to!" she shouted, holding up a bag of colored dungbombs.

"Er...I can." James said, coming out of his dream state now that she had spoken.

"WELL? Are they YOURS?"

"Yes, they are actually," James replied reluctantly.

"Are you aware of the fact that these are not ALLOWED on the train if they aren't put away?"

"Wanna go out with me?" James asked, rather stupidly.

"NO!" she screeched.

"Well, can you at least tell me your name?"

"Very well, my name is Lily Evans, and you had better remember my name, because if you EVER ask me out again, I will KILL YOU!"

Lily then slid open the compartment door and stormed out, forgetting to shut the door behind her.

James turned to face his new friends.

"That is the girl I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with." James said in a dazed tone.


"No, I'm quite sure I'm not mental, and she won't hate me forever."
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