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100 Themes with Yu Yu Hakusho.

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I really like the idea of theme challenges, they are a lot of fun. I think everyone should try them, even if it's 50 or 10. I don't have to think too much about a plot or anything like that , you just kind of type, I almost never get writers block when I'm doing them. So I love the 100 theme challenge on DeviantArt. I can't draw too well, so I thought it would be okay if used theme here. It is, right? I hope so.
I've already done a fic that was kind of like this. But it was really fun to do and so maybe this will be much better than the other. Here's hoping.
I read Yu Yu Hakusho for the first time in like 98', my Mom had some in Japanese. I loved them so much and I'm just such a big YYH freak now. I love Tegoshi in general, really.
"Hello, I'm nobody. They say no one is perfect. Does that mean I am perfect?"
First impressions meant nothing to Yusuke. He was who he was and didn't care what you or anybody else thought. If you didn't like it fine, don't bother him. There was no thought in introducing himself. There were no hands held out to shake, no polite 'and what was your name's. If you were his friends or family than this was just one of his little quirks.
"Names Yusuke Urameshi, Toughest Fighter In Japan. Remember it."
Kuwabara was very similar to Yusuke in this way. But not as gruff or arrogant. When meeting someone for the first time he would introduce himself with his name and offer out his hand to shake. A strong grip for men and teen boys-firm but gentle for women, children, and the elderly. A scratch behind an ear or under the chin for anything that 'meowed'. And a hug for Yukina.
"I'm Kazuma Kuwabara. Just Kuwabara is fine, though."
Kurama was the most polite one out of the group. When introducing himself as Shuichi he would bow his head in respect and reach his hand out. There wasn't much of a difference when he went by Kurama. Maybe a bit more intimating.
"Minamino Shuichi, pleased to meet you."
"Kurama, Yoko Kurama."
The day Hiei tells Yukina he is her Brother will come sooner than him introduced himself with a name instead of a glare or grunt. You're lucky if you get a simple look rather than a death threat. Introductions meant nothing to him. You should know who he is-and if you don't than you should be dead.
But Botan was the winner when it came to introductions. Always with a smile and a kind voice she told you everything you needed to know about her and a lot you didn't want to know. Sometimes she would start off with a friendly hug or innocently linking her arm with the stranger. But there was always a smile and some kind of information alone with it.
"My Name's Botan. What's yours?"
"There is a Drag Queen here that reminds me of you. You should try cross dressing."
Kurama was pretty. There was no way around it. As a baby his Aunts and Mother use to dress him up in little lacy trimmed dresses. When he was in Grade School he was so adorable his Mother gave him the nick-name Genji. In Jr. High School he was always the number one pick for the female lead in all the plays; he was addressed by his nick-name. In High School many boys confessed their love for him and even after saying he was-in fact despite popular belief-a male; they still wanted him to reply to their love letter.
More than once Kurama had been confused for a woman. On a few occasions he'd been asked to dress in female clothes, outside of school. But never had he dressed as the opposite sex outside of a school play. It had become such a problem that Kurama didn't even wear a Yukata anymore. He avoided them at all costs.
Except for at this moment.
The looks ranged from shock to amusement. There stood Kurama fully dressed in a light blue Yukata, fan in hand, ready to be on their way to the Summer Festival.
When Yukina gives you a gift you accept it. After all she must have worked very hard on it. And on top of all of that she had made one for everyone. He wouldn't want to be the odd man out. Everyone included Hiei-who put his on as if it were a new black cloak.
The smile on Yukina's face was almost enough to make up for an entire night of ass slapping and love hotel offers.
Making History
"That's like asking 'How Many Dragon Ball Z Characters Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?' I don't know but it would take about eight episodes to find out."
If there was one thing Yusuke learned from living with his Mother it was how alcohol could affect you. He was seven years old when he had his first taste of alcohol. He thought sucking on a lemon tasted better than this. When he was 10 he craved the taste again. The older he got the taste bothered him less and less; at 14 he didn't notice it anymore.
Yusuke wasn't shocked when Kuwabara told him he had never drank before. Somehow it just wasn't that surprising that underage drinking was against his honor code. But now it was Kuwabara's birthday-and he was of legal drinking age now. So Yusuke dragged Kuwabara to his home with Kurama and Hiei following. They were going to get drunk.
It didn't surprise Yusuke that Kurama wasn't drunk. He was hundreds of years older than anyone there. Like himself he had a high tolerance built up. He was a bit surprised that Kuwabara wasn't drunk yet. But he knew that the bigger you are the more you can have to drink. And he also knew that the smaller you were, well….
"If he can't hold his alcohol I wouldn't be surprised if he can't handle much else…." Kurama mumbled into the beer can, he wasn't even trying to hide the smile on his face.
There is only one picture of that night. The image isn't anything special for anyone normal. Just a picture of Hiei and Kuwabara; faces smiling, arms flung and hanging off the other-fingers throwing up the peace sign.
No one knows where it is though.
"The Cop, the Male Nurse, the Doctor, and the three Guys in the waiting room hit on me."
Atsuko thought she was doing pretty well when it came to her appearance. She was never a vain person when it came to looks but she did try to look decent. But after giving birth to her son she stopped hanging out with silly school girls. Instead she dropped out of school and began to work with women. That's when she found what she believed was beauty; it wasn't measured by how short your skirt was or how you do your hair and make-up but by how good of a person you were.
Never before had she been concerned about the way she looked than when her Granddaughter was born. A picture sent from Yusuke's cell phone to hers.
Yusuke and Keiko are smiling and they are both holding the screaming baby just brought into this world. Atsuko is sure she sees tears in her son's eyes. Feeling nostalgic she looked through her own baby book. The first few pages were nothing but Baby Yusuke. Some were of him crying, others playing with keys and different toys. Then she saw it. The picture taken of her and Yusuke just moments after giving birth. He was still a bit purple and shinning.
She looked at herself. "What a dumb look." She smiles and thinks to herself. 'What a face to be making, how ugly. What a thing to think about myself!'
She looked back at Keiko. She was smiling but it was obvious that she was still a bit loopy from the epidural.
The first time she sees her Granddaughter is Christmas Day, Yuko is 10 days old. It is at the Christmas Party at the Kuwabara house hold. Truly she was a beautiful child. Her Daughter-in-law looks well. Kazuma and Yukina look like puppies. Hiei looks annoyed. Kurama looks smug. Rinku looks tired. Toya looks interested. Genkai and Koenma look ticked off. Chu, Jin, and Yusuke are drunk. She is relaxed and feels welcome when Shizuru and Botan offer booze.
Sitting back with the other girls Atsuko looks around, sizes up the competition.
Keiko. Keiko has the girl next door thing going on. She's cute and when she dresses up she's very pretty.
Yukina. Yukina is the typical house wife type. She's shy, good at keeping the house clean, and has a very exotic look about her.
Genkai. She is no competition at all. Maybe when she was younger, but not now.
Botan. Botan is pretty without even trying. When she does put an effort into herself she's stunning.
Shizuru. Shizuru reminds Atsuko of herself 10 years ago, they both have natural beauty. With a little make-up she could have anyone she wanted. If the fox boy hadn't already made his move.
Atsuko was older than them. She couldn't pull off the innocent or cute look anymore. Her eyes have began to water whenever she wore make-up, her hair went through a 12 bottles of hair dye a year, she was starting to get wrinkles, her bones have been cracking and aching. But that didn't matter.
When she looks at her Granddaughter Atsuko remembers the day she gave birth to her one and only child. Every time she remembers that day she smiles.
"Hey, Keiko. Did I ever tell you about the day I gave birth to Yusuke?"
"No. Will you tell me?"
Atsuko smiles and takes a drink of her adult beverage.
"I was on my way when I got pulled over for speeding. Once the damn cop saw I was pregnant he escorted me the rest of the way to the hospital. When we got there the Male Nurse got me a wheel chair and took me to the 5th floor. The elevator was right by the waiting room and I made small talk with the guys waiting. One chopped his figure off."
"Eww. Atsuko."
"Anyways the elevator finally came and when I got to the Doctor he asked if I was single. They all did, actually. Lesson; I was still hot while in labor."
"So, Keiko Darling, how many guys hit on you?"
"My goal for tonight is to make sure he gets back to his own bed."
More often than not Hiei speaks without thinking. It isn't because he forgets 'The Rule', or has never heard of it, or thinks he is above it. It is because he simply does not believe that words can be more powerful than a sword. For him it falls into the category of 'if I can't see it I don't believe in it'. But that's not all true for him. He knows words can hurt-but remember, he doesn't care.
"….What in any world do you think you are doing here? Dressed like that? And with those?" Hiei asked, eyebrows raised as he looked down at the giant-compared to himself. Standing in front of the Temple in a light blue suit with a small bouquet of flowers was Kuwabara. He had been standing at the door for five minutes or so before Hiei came down from his favorite tree. It had been another five minutes before he spoke up.
Kuwabara tried his best to make a skin-crawling glare. But Hiei knew better, and Kuwabara knew too. He couldn't hide the nervous feelings and Hiei couldn't avoid them. It was still awkward. It had only been a month since Kuwabara finally learned the truth about Hiei and Yukina's relationship. He was still adjusting to it.
"I'm here to ta-to ta-TO TAKE YUKINA OUT ON A DATE!" Kuwabara seemed to break under the Brother's stares. He was so much more nervous now that he started to laugh.
Hiei's eye's narrowed. "Not so loud, she'll here your big oaf mouth."
"What was that, Shrimp? I can't hear you from all the way down there?" Wait, was Kuwabara picking a fight? "You short Little Freak Of Nature." Those are fighting words.
"Perhaps you are just freakishly tall."
"Your games off tonight. Is that your best insult?"
"Keep your hands to yourself, Oaf." Hiei scowled and turned around. "If you do it will not end well for you." He disappeared.
"Go hide under your bridge you Little Troll!"
"Kuwabara, who are you talking to?"
"Oh, no one my Dear Yukina. Oh! These are for you!"
"They're so pretty, thank you."
"They're not as pretty as you but hey while I'm here do you want to go out somewhere?"
"That sounds like fun."
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