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I wanted to do 10 themes in 1 chapter, but I changed my mind. This way I can upload and write at the same time. I hope you are all liking it so far.
"No one in the Ambulance liked me. And no one at the Hospital liked me either."
Shiori was getting too old for this. Too old for everything, really. She wasn't spending all her money on baby clothing, baby toys, or any other such baby items instead of buying something for herself. Instead of going out to mixers with her friends and having a good time she stays home and makes a cup of tea. Instead of having conversations in 'baby talk' with a Grandchild of her own she visits her neighbor-who's babysitting for the day.
She's growing old. Shiori realizes this at the store.
For her it is a normal visit. Whenever she goes to the store she finds her way to the Infant and Children Section. She finds herself staring at all the toys and baby clothing. She finds herself staring at the newborns in their parents' arms. She finds herself wishing she had a grandchild of her own. Then she realizes she is getting too old. Simple things remind her. When she has to give her age, when she gives her son's age, when she sees' her son still has no girlfriend in his life, when she sees herself in the mirror.
This time she realizes at the store. Her arm starts to feel odd, breathing becomes uncomfortable and hard to do-she feels like she is choking. She breaks out in a sweat and becomes dizzy. She almost forgets where she is and the room spinning doesn't help. She feels as if she will vomit right here and now. But instead she falls. She falls backwards and hears a crack. Her head is killing her and the screaming people are only making it worse. She wonders if it's bad that she is thankful for the blackness.
When she comes to she keeps her eyes shut. She has a guess the room will be bright. She hears a few beeping and clicking sounds. Every so often a sliding door will open and dragging feet can be heard. Outside the door she hears other's talking and going on. Finally she decides to be fully awake.
She opens her eyes and see's the room of a hospital. She can tell just by the white walls and chairs next to her bed. Her room is empty. She can see Shuichi outside the glass door, talking to a Doctor she guesses. They both look concerned, worried. But she feels fine. After all it was nothing more than her fainting.
The door slides open and Shiroi talks with her Son and the Doctor. They tell her she is in on the ICU floor of the hospital. That came as a surprise. They tell her she had suffered from a Heart Attack. She is shocked. They tell her she has been under heavy medication and asleep for almost 23 days. She doesn't understand. They tell her she had technically died for over seven minutes. She can't believe such a thing. They tell her she is very lucky to not only be alive but to have no brain damage or side effects. She thinks to herself 'Not so bad for an Old Lady'.
Shiori Minamino is getting too old. She is getting too old to become a Grandmother, a Mother at all. She is getting too old to live. But somehow when she looks into her Son's eyes she knows everything will be okay.
"This didn't turn out right. This went so wrong. Way beyond screaming-and-throwing-things wrong."
All in all this wasn't so bad. Keiko didn't think that going out in a group date was going to be a good idea. Yusuke in public. That was just something that didn't go over too well most of the time. But she did like it tonight, it's very surprising actually. All eight of them sitting around in the Family Restaurant, it was nice. For the first time in a long time Keiko felt normal, this is what girls her age were doing. A group date with friends was normal, not worrying for three years if your most precious person was going to come back to you.
The night was just going to be the four of them. A double date with Keiko and Yusuke, Kuwabara and Yukina. No one was sure how it ended up as the eight of them. Keiko was sitting next to Yusuke, he was on the end of the booth. She looked around at everyone, something was off. She wasn't sure what it was though. Facing Yusuke was Kuwabara, Yukina next to him. That wasn't anything strange. Shizuru and Kurama were next to them. Again, nothing strange. They weren't a couple but there was defiantly something going on. And then there was Botan and Hiei.
That was something odd. Botan once confessed to Keiko that she had feelings for the small fire born ice demon. It was during the Dark Tournament, one night the girls all got a little tipsy drunk. It was like a slumber party; they did each other's hair and nails, discussed their dream man, and played truth or dare. That's when Botan admitted she thought he was much more than cute. No one seemed to remember in the morning, but Keiko didn't drink that night so she knew. Even though Yukina didn't drink Keiko just assumed the other girl was keeping a friend secret.
After that night Keiko found herself watching Botan and how she was with Hiei. She analyzed every action, broke down every word, and read between the lines of it all. And Keiko had found nothing to support the idea of any kind of relationship going on between the two that was anything but business. Until tonight. Hiei acted strangely.
It was when the waiter came around taking their orders. He was very handsome and he obviously thought Botan was something nice to look at. The waiter had gone through the group one by one, starting at one end and making it to the other. When he was done he turned back to Botan, with an obvious wink he asked to confirm her order. Hiei scowled at him.
When he came back with the food he handed Botan hers first. He must have seen the look he got from Hiei, he got his last. The second time he came around he focused on Botan and only Botan. Everyone saw this and no one thought anything of it. Every time that waiter would walk pass their booth to another table he would smile, wink, or wave at Botan.
"I think he likes you." Keiko leaned over her food.
"Oh? You think so?" Botan leaned on the table to make eye contact with the brunette.
"He can't take his eyes off you." Yukina smiled from her place.
"Yeah, he couldn't stop undressing you when he brought our food." Shizuru snorted. The girls all had a laugh.
That's when Keiko heard him. Hiei had growled. His face was low and his arms were crossed, his hands digging into his skin. She was sure she was the only one who heard it, if anyone else did they didn't say anything.
Soon after that they all started to dwindle down. Couple by couple left. First it was Shizuru and Kurama. Shizuru left because of work early in the morning, Kurama followed saying a lady shouldn't walk alone in the dark. Everyone saw through it-Shizuru could handle herself and would most likely catch a cab home.
Kuwabara and Yukina were next. Kuwabara wasn't allowed to stay out late on school days. And he insisted on taking Yukina back to Genkai's Temple before he left for his dorm.
With four gone that left four. Anyone would have thought that Hiei would be the first to leave, instead he stayed. He was quiet and it was almost like he wasn't there but he stayed. The four of them left together, once outside they walked their own ways. Keiko and Yusuke to their home. Botan to wherever she stayed while she was in the Human World, and Hiei to wherever he went. Glancing back Keiko could see the two walking off together.
"Hey, Yusuke."
"Do you think….Hiei….likes girls?"
Surprisingly Yusuke didn't laugh, she would have bet her life he would have laughed at her. Instead he took the question seriously. Maybe he picked up on Hiei's behavior, too.
"Well, yeah. I guess about as much as he likes anyone. I mean Hiei isn't the friendly friend type but I think he thinks of us as friends."
"I meant do you think he likes girls."
"Huh? Uh….OH!"
Again Keiko was surprised. It was nice that Yusuke could was taking this seriously.
"Well….I thought he had some kind of something going on with Mukuro. But….I don't know. Come to think of it where did this come from?"
"Oh, um, nowhere, really."
Yusuke let the subject drop and Keiko didn't say another word about it. And then she heard about Mukuro and Hiei. She heard it from Yusuke, who heard it from Kurama, who Hiei went to after it happened. Apparently Hiei had said or done something to offend her and she ended up blowing him out the wall. He went to Kurama to heal him and told the basics of what happened. The three made jokes about a lover's spat and left it at that.
But ever since the night the girls played truth or dare Keiko's been watching the other. And because she watches she notices the concern in Botan's voice. Keiko watches her face twist and turn as she sits with her and Kurama. She leaves without saying anything. Keiko turns to Kurama, who knows more than he lets his face show. Without giving out much information she hints that Botan likes Hiei. Without giving anything away he tells her that Hiei and Mukuro's relationship is complex and dangerous.
He also tells Keiko that he suspects Botan of having feelings for Hiei. She confirms this. Kurama also says he suspects the two of having been together at least once. Years later Keiko doesn't ask why the ferry girl is knocking at her door at 3 a.m. Or why she came to her for comfort. Keiko only tells her friend that everything will be okay. The only thing Botan tells her friend is that 'it all went so wrong, it was supposed to last forever.'
More years go by and Botan doesn't say a word about Hiei ever again. Instead she just stares off. Keiko is amazed that Botan even shows up to congratulate Mukuro and Hiei. Keiko is even more amazed that Botan's smile never breaks.
"I don't believe in the rules, and I didn't make them. No one else follows the rules, I'll just break them."
Everyone she could remember told her they were evil, no good mistakes. That they served no purpose in the world but to cause sadness and misfortune wherever they went. Men were lower than the earth below their island. Thinking back she had never heard otherwise. But that couldn't be true. There must have been something that made her best friend break the laws of the Ice World. How could Yukina come from something evil?
Rui remembers a conversation she had with Yukina. She told the opposite of everything said about the child's Mother. She told her about the Brother, but that he could very well be dead. She told her yes, that men could be very cruel and mean creatures. But men could also be very warm. Rui remembers being told about their Father, though she admits she met him only once. Every other bit of information is from what Hina told her.
Rui remembers that conversation clearly, even after all the years the details are all there. She cried when she explains how she dropped him from so high up. She cries when she thinks about how good the chance is that he is dead. She cries and begs for Hina's forgiveness. She cries and begs for Yukina to understand.
When Yukina looks into her eyes and tells her she understands Rui is convinced. She is convinced that the boy would not have turned on the women. She didn't know if the man Hina met with was cruel or not but she thinks the boy she dropped wouldn't have turned out a monster. She thinks this because Yukina has his eyes. Because Yukina could never be cruel. Rui knows that doesn't mean it's not true, but she thinks so anyways.
After Yukina leaves a mysterious stranger comes. After he leaves she is convinced he is the infant she dropped. Rui is convinced that not all men are evil, no good mistakes. She sometimes prays for that boy to come back but thinks he never will. She also prays for Yukina to come back. But she knows she never will. She knows Yukina has seen how the world is, how their world is.
Sometimes she thinks about leaving, too. Taking her child and leave the island for good. But she knows she won't.
"I just got dropped off at a Dir En Grey Concert with my rent money and I'm one drink away from going into the mosh-pit. I need supervision, responsible supervision."
Humans age and die much quicker than Demons. That's just how things work. Their group use to be a big one, they were all more than 'just friends'. They were like family. But most of them were Humans, and they were Demons. This was made clear when they started to die off. One by one.
Shiori was the first to die. Kurama knew it was coming but it still came as a shock. His entire world had come to a stop. He wasn't seen for days. And when he did come back he had changed. Even though he tried to act like how he was before he just couldn't. A
Shiori's death was a wake-up call for Yusuke. He had a Mother too. He visited more often, called even more often than coming around. Atsuko was his only parent. But she died, too. Like Kurama Yusuke vanished for awhile. But he came back.
Soon Shizuru died, Kaito, Kido, Yanagisawa, Keiko. And Kuwabara too. They all died like Humans do.
Hiei probably took it the best. The majority of his life was loss and death. He would rather not admit it but he missed them all. But having to see his Sister go through such pain of losing the man she loved, it was hard on him. Hiei didn't disappear after a death like the others. He stayed and looked after Yukina. Because she took each death harder than the last. But she thinks it is the other way around.
"Drunk me told him that I wanted to touch his crotch…."
Alcohol was always around. It was a regular thing at any kind of gathering. Births, Birthdays, Deaths, Holiday Parties, Girl's Night Out, and any other excuse to drink during the day. And it seemed everyone handled their alcohol differently.
During the majority of birthday's almost everyone gets drunk. And during Yusuke's Birthday things happen. It is during Yusuke's Birthday that Kuwabara drinks just enough to tell Yukina how much he is in love with her. Almost a year later Kuwabara and his friends drink to the good news of him soon becoming a Father. Months after Yukina gives birth she tastes alcohol for the first time.
During a Holiday Party almost everyone drinks to the point of passing out. The only two who are still awake are Shizuru and Kurama. The leave the main room of the house and go where it is just the two of them. In the morning Shizuru wakes up sick to her stomach but knows it isn't from the booze. After a trip to the store and a short bathroom brake she discovers that she is pregnant. She doesn't take another drink of alcohol for the next nine months.
During one night, away from the boys, the girls get together. They get together to and talk about the latest in their lives, try out new hair and make-up tricks, and any other thing that comes up. This time all the girls drink but Keiko. They all guess she is pregnant, and she confirms that she is. When Keiko's belly is a little more full they get together for a night. They haven't had a night since finding out about her pregnancy. Like the last time Keiko admits to some news. She will be having twins.
It's during his Niece's birthday party that Hiei get's a buzz. The other's offer him mixed drinks and for whatever reason he goes with it. After a short while later he is buzzing about like a honey bee. He ends up next to his Brother-in-law. He looks at the taller man and thinks to himself who he is. He is an annoyance. He is an old teammate. He is the Father of his Niece. He is the man his Sister loves. He is his Brother-in-law, family.
"You're not so bad." Hiei tells the other. He says so without a glare or name calling. He just takes a sip out of his cup and hands over the birthday gift to the birthday girl.
My Quote: Death.
The first time I went to a Dir En Grey live I was a little scared. It was dark, smelly, crowded, and loud. I spent a lot of money on that trip. I actually spent my rent money, but don't worry-the rent was paid. But it was so much fun. Now I don't go with my rent money.
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