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So, after years and years of my DVD's sitting in boxes I've finally unpacked them. I found my complete set of YYH, all four seasons plus the movies. I've missed them so much. I actually ordered Eizou Hakusho at some point and had forgotten about it and stuck it in the box. Wow. I also found, in another box, my complete set of YYH mangas, English and about half in Japanese.
There are OC's in this chapter. Nothing big, just random named minor oc's.
"Dear kid who sits next to me in math class and is always copying my tests, jokes on you; I didn't study either."
Kurama was no stranger to girls. He knew a lot about them, actually. It had been just him and his Mother for years at home, and his family had more females then male members. At school he always seemed to be placed in classes taught by women and he was always surrounded by girl class mates. In his Human Life he's had every kind of female admirer there was.
There had been pretty girls with natural beauty. There had been popular girls who were known by everyone. There were plain average girls who were silent and shy. There were the girls who wore too much make-up and idolized the popular ones. There were the athletic sporty girls. The misunderstood girl. The anti-social girl. And any mix and type there could be.
At the moment there was Yukiko.
She had just moved to the city from a rural country area a few months ago. She was a bit shy, and had average grades. She wore the school uniform's skirt a little high above the knee but that was it. She didn't have much make-up on and her hair was always in a pony tail. They shared almost all of their classes together and sat next to each other in almost all of them, too. Besides a small nod and a quiet 'hello' they didn't really have any contact.
But she was always watching him in some way. He would catch her from time to time. She could just be staring from the corner of her eye. Sometimes he would see her staring at his reflection in the class window. There were a few times she would even just turn and look at him with her mouth open, like she was going to say something.
She was always watching him.
Dead Wrong
"Every time I leave my house there are all these weird creatures looking at me strangely. I think they want to eat my toes or something."
Of course it would be Yusuke that would bring it up. Even if he had no idea what he was starting. It was for Atsuko's 37th birthday. Keiko had made arrangements for Yusuke to take his Mother out to a nice restaurant for dinner. And of course he didn't want to.
"But everywhere she goes people end up looking at us. She always causes a scene."
It was true. Yusuke first noticed it when he was young. His Mother was still young and still attractive. And she knew this. Atsuko didn't dress like a Mother. Instead she dressed like any normal 25 year old woman. Because of this there was always someone looking at her. During the day salary men and office workers would just stare and wish they could go up and talk to her. At night shady criminals flirted and tried to out drink her, thinking they could get what they wanted. It didn't matter where, a man was always looking at her.
Tonight wasn't any different. Every man at the restaurant was looking in their direction. The men who were there with their wives stared from the corner of their eye. The waiters made sure to get as close as possible while walking behind. It wasn't anything hard to figure out why. Atsuko wore her favorite little black dress, her make-up perfect and her hair up. It was easy to see how annoyed Yusuke was. He thought none of them were good enough, not for his Mother. Even if he wouldn't say it out loud.
Kuwabara was much better at letting his feelings be known. Whenever him and Yukina went out men would stare at her, for obvious reasons. And Kuwabara didn't like it one bit. He wasn't jealous but it still made him feel jealous. It didn't help him in any way how Yukina didn't seem to pick up on it. It hasn't crossed his mind that maybe she knew why they were always looking at her.
"Am I….strange looking?"
Yukina had asked him one day. They were in the city picking up everything needed to make a birthday cake. Like every time they were out, people were glancing a little too long. It was summer season, she was in a homemade tank top and knee skirt. She looked like she belonged on a page of a catalog.
He thought about it. To the normal human she might look strange. Her hair was an uncommon color and her eyes were a unique shade. But he didn't think she looked strange. She had foreign features, exotic looks. He doubted anyone would believe she was a demon, unless you were a demon yourself. She looked-
"You look cute."
Yukina didn't know why her face felt hot or why she looked to the ground to hide it. She didn't know if it was the sentence itself or if it was who said it. It could have been what those three words meant when they were put together in that order. Whatever it was it made her heart beat faster.
The next day everyone is gathered at the temple to celebrate Kurama's human birthday. Everyone has gathered and is having a good time. Botan is the first to approach Kuwabara. She comes to him with drink in her hand and a smile on her face. She slaps him on the back and congratulates him on moving up a step in his relationship with koorime. He wishes the ferry girl didn't hit so hard.
"Yukina told me last night. My, oh my was she happy!"
"Yup!" Botan smiled with a cat face. "Why, her face was the same shade of red as yours is now." She doubted he could hear her.
"What the hell do you think you are doing?" Hiei appeared out of nowhere. He even startled Botan, spilling her drink on Kuwabara. He glared hard at the other male. Kuwabara had no idea how he was always finding out.
The death threats didn't scare him one bit. Hiei could probably kill him, he knew this-they both knew this. But somehow when his life was threatened by the smaller demon, it didn't seem to alarm him. Kuwabara didn't even listen to many of them, like now. He was just staring down at him watching Hiei's mouth move but not hearing his voice. When that happened Kuwabara only did one thing.
Talk without thinking.
"How are you always finding out about these types of things? Yukina only tells Botan. Are you hanging outside her window or something?"
Hiei didn't say a word, Kuwabara waited, and Botan stayed quiet. Birthday singing filled the silence.
"Listen hear, Shorty, why don't you worry about your own love life? Oh, that's right. You don't have one!"
Hiei and Botan stood as Kuwabara walked off. They stayed next to each other but didn't make any kind of contact. Finally Hiei disappeared. Botan downed the last of her drink and joined the others.
Months later Kurama gets a visit from Kuwabara. He asks for roses for Yukina, he hands them over and wishes him luck. When Kurama reaches his bedroom Hiei is waiting outside the window. At first his friend is quiet, Kurama understands that he's not ready to talk. That's fine, he knows Hiei won't leave yet. And after almost an hour Hiei speaks.
"Am I doing this all wrong?"
Hiei had never asked a question like that before. Kurama is a little stunned by it and doesn't think. He is still trying to come up with a reply when Hiei leaves. He still doesn't have an answer the next time. He has a slight idea what the visit was about. He mentions it the next time he is with Shizuru.
The older Kuwabara gives her thoughts over morning coffee. She sips from her mug while looking at her Brother. She's been staring him down ever since she woke him up with a bucket of cold water. He's ignored it for as long as he could and ate his cereal. But now it's getting uncomfortable.
"What are ya' staring at me for, Sis?"
"Have you taken into account how he feels?"
Kuwabara is lost. What is she talking about?
"She's his Sister, it's kind of a package deal."
"I'm lost. What are you talking about?"
"Looking after a Younger Sibling is hard. Hiei isn't sure how to go about being a Brother, looking after her in secret is the only way he knows. Once he finally does tell her the truth things will change for the both of them. You need to sit down and really think about how much Hiei is a part of Yukina."
"….Yeah. I know."
Running Away
"Fuck this day. It's 10 a.m. and I'm giving up. I'm just going to eat everything I can see and hide from him. I'll be under my bed with the ice cream if you need me. Also, will you bring me cookies?"
Kuwabara doesn't remember much about his Mother, he only has one memory. But he can't be sure, he is very young and has never asked if anyone else remembers that day. Sometimes he even forgets her name or what she looks like. But he keeps a photo, one where she looks most like in his memory. The memory he has isn't crystal clear, and some details change but it pretty much stays the same.
Shizuru has much more memories than her Brother. She remembers when she was a little girl, her Parents were going out to an office party. She would lay on their Parents bed and watched her in front of the dresser mirror. She watched how her Mother took her hair curlers out, how she put on her eye shadow, blush, and lip stick. Then she watched her Mother get dressed and fix her Father's tie so it was just right. She told her Mother how pretty she looked and kissed her as she slipped her shoes on and left. That is Shizuru's favorite memory.
Shizuru also has a least favorite memory. Kazuma is four years old-just a little kid, she is still just a little girl. Her Parents are fighting, she isn't sure what it's about this time. Lately they've been fighting more and more and now matter how hard she tries to stop them they still yell at each other and call the other names.
They've been yelling since before she put her movie in, and now it's almost over. They've gotten so loud that they've woken up Kazuma from his nap. He's just standing there, watching them scream and yell, throwing and breaking things. He just watches them, not understanding why they are acting this way or what to do to stop it.
And then Shizuru comes. She comes and scoops him up like the Big Sister she is. She takes him upstairs to his bedroom, they get on their hands and knees and crawl underneath the bed. They sometimes turn the t.v. on and watch a video. Other times she will read his favorite book to him. They also play a board or card game.
The Kuwabara Parents have always been fighting, for as long as Shizuru can remember. She doesn't remember when she started to go under the bed, why it seemed safe. But for as long as her Parents have argued and shouted she's stayed under her bed. Once Kazuma came along she started going with him under his.
It's years later and now Kazuma is home from college. Shizuru is upset about something and looking for him. She goes into his room but can't see him in plain view. She can see Ekichi's tail, though, under the bed. She knows he is there, too, hiding. For a moment she thinks back to when they both would squeeze underneath the bed. She smiles to herself and shuts the door.
"I can't believe she wore those shoes with that hair style."
"I can't believe you are saying anything about her considering what you're wearing."
First impressions are important. It doesn't matter what anyone said. Your appearance is the first thing someone will notice about you. No matter what. There are people that know this and put in an extreme effort into their appearance. Then there are some people who know this and don't care what others think. And there are also people that are still so unaware of this.
Keiko doesn't care much about her appearance. The girls at school that she is friends with don't understand her. They say she won't fit in with the other's at school if she doesn't wear her uniform skirt short like everyone else. They hint that she is very cute, but if she would wear a bit of make-up once in a while she would be much prettier. They ask why she doesn't style and cut her hair like the latest trend. They tell her she will never find a boyfriend if she doesn't stop waiting for Mr. Right.
She holds back her laugh and tells them she is happy with herself. She really wants to say things like;
'Sachiko, the way you do your make-up makes it look like you have a lazy eye!'
'Fumi, your hair looks like you just rolled out of bed and forgot to brush it!'
'Megumi, your skirt is so short that everyone can see what color of panties you have one, or when you don't have any on at all!'
'Kumiko, your foundations doesn't match your skin tone at all!'
But Keiko doesn't say anything. She just smiles and keeps her mouth shut because she has a surprise for them. It is one week away from prom and she has it all planned out. She's already gotten her dress that fits perfect. She spent hours looking for the cutest pair of heels that looked just right with the dress. She knows exactly how she is going to do her make-up. She's decided how she will wear her hair. She has the most beautiful jewelry to complement everything else. And to top it off, she will have Yusuke by her side all night long.
And when the night finally does come, everything is perfect. The diet has paid off and the dress zips up with no problem. The shoes are much easier to walk in because of all the practice. Her make-up is flawless, and her hair is looks even better than ever. The necklace and earrings make her feel like a princess.
And Yusuke shows up, on time, in the suit she picked out. And even though there is something about him that looks like a punk who stole the suit, it is still perfect. And when she shows up on Yusuke's arm, she holds her head up high. She knows her friends are frowning at her for bringing 'someone like him'. But she doesn't care.
She looks like a Princess, she believes this because Yusuke has told her so.
"And you're my Prince."
Seeking Solace
"It's times like these that I wish I was a Penguin…."
Like every three years the Tournament of Demon World begins. Like every time before he comes out of the shadows and fights. He beats everyone he is up against and makes it to the semi finals. He gives it his all. But now it is over. Just like all the times before, Hiei didn't win the crown.
Once again he is all alone.
Like every time, he disappears before Kurama or Yusuke try and drag him off to some kind of get together gathering. But this time he isn't quick enough. Kurama has managed to grab his torn and ripped cloak before he can make his escape. And before he knows it he's at the old woman's temple. Genkai has been dead almost as long as she was alive.
Yukina lives at the Temple now. Along with Kuwabara, their children, and some demons' looking for refuge. He comes by every so often to check up on his Sister, say hello to Kuwabara, and even play a bit with his Nephew and Niece. He is always welcomed, even after he freezes up. They are his family after all.
Lately Hiei's been having thoughts of staying in the Human World, for just a little while longer. He doesn't plan on staying too long but there isn't a set date for him to leave. He just figures he'll leave whenever he gets the urge. Whenever he feels like it.
"Hiei, what are you doing up there?"
He doesn't have to move his head or even open his eyes to see who is at the bottom of the tree. He would know her voice anywhere. He doesn't say a word and just keeps on looking at the stars.
"Please come down. We're all going to play a game of cards. Don't you want to join in? Have some fun?"
Hiei doesn't remember when Botan started to come to him with her 'reports'. He doesn't know how she tracks him down when he's in the Demon World but she always finds him. She tells him all the latest Human News about everyone they know. She usually comes floating in during the middle of his training. He sits to take a rest while he listens to her, a smile on her face.
When he doesn't acknowledge her she puffs up her cheeks and puts her hands on her hips. She waits just one minute longer, giving him one last chance to speak up. When he still doesn't speak she flicks her wrist and jumps on her oar.
"You're being more childish than the children." She tells him. He turns him head and looks at her. "Yukina baked cookies and even made cream puffs. They're delicious."
That always gets him. He just can't help it, he loves sweet treats and she knows it. He turns his head and looks at her, she hasn't changed. She looks the same as always. Her smile is still there, her eyes are still bright, her skin still looks smooth. She is still the same as always.
He isn't. His hands are rough, his body is covered in scars. His skin has gotten darker from the training in the sun, he's gotten taller, he's gotten older.
She hasn't aged at all.
My Quotes: Seeking Solace
I love Penguins. I mean, so much that I am the Penguin Princess. No lie-I insist on people calling me this. I am always wearing something with a Penguin-necklace, earrings, etc. When I'm asked what race I am I say 'Penguinese'. That is how much I love Penguins. So, if you ever see a girl with a Penguin item-ask if she is Penguinese, Penguin Princess, or just a P.P. If she says yes-then it's me! ^^
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