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Me and my Mom's relationship is a very open one. I mean she knows almost everything about me and I know almost everything about her. We are more like friends than parent and child. I don't watch a lot of anime or really read a lot of manga. But because I have the entire YYH series on DVD and the entire Manga set (English and Japanese) I do watch it sometimes. I watch it in the living room because that's where the big nice t.v. is. One time when I was watching it I put it on pause to go get something or do something and my Mom came in and looked at the screen and asked me 'Is that a guy or a chick?'. It was paused on Kurama and his Rose Whip.
Now my Mom speaks Japanese and has even been to Japan a few times. I mean my Mother is a Gackt fan for God sake….
I tell her that Kurama is a guy. So then she asks 'Is he a Cross Dresser?' I say no, he's just Japanese.
'Oh, well….is he gay?' I never thought Kurama looked girly or gay or anything but a lot of people think he is. The people I know anyway. Did you think he does or no?
"If you are looking for a reasonable explanation than I can't help you. I can, however, give you an illogical excuse."
She's been the only one. She's just realized it, as she closes and locks the front door behind her. It hits her harder when she hangs up her coat and takes her shoes off. Now that she thinks about it she sees what her friends mean. She's just gotten back from Chiyo's Daughter's Wedding. Shirori and Chiyo grew up together, so did their children. Shiori only had Suichi. Chiyo had Kazuya and Fumiko.
Kazuya and Suichi were both the say age, born the same year but different months. They went to different schools but both were friends, living next door to each other and all. Fumiko was a few years younger, but she was a beauty. Even as a baby, she was almost as pretty as Suichi.
Shiroi, her husbands, and her two boys had been invited to Kazuya's weddings. It was just before her own. The two older women teased the red-head about bringing a date with him. Maybe that bubbly blue-haired girl or even the Older Sister of the Kuwabara boy. When it came time for Kazuya's wedding Suichi showed up with no one.
By the time it was her own wedding, again, her son showed up with no one. Even the younger Suichi had brought a girl. At the time Shiroi didn't really think anything of it. Her son was probably just putting all his attention into school. That had to be it. But even if it was, Shiori worried a bit.
She had read an article in a magazine about the younger generation of males. The article had interviews of young men who were in sexual relationships with other young men. There was even an interview of an older man, Shiorio's age, who had lived his entire life pretending to be a straight man. He had everyone fooled. He even had his three children and wife fooled!
When it came time for Fumiko's wedding Shiori had been thinking about nothing but the possibility that her son could, in fact, be gay. There were signs, in the magazine. She didn't know much about his sex life-she had never had to have 'The Talk' with him. He spend a lot of time with his male friends, he even stays the night at their houses. She has caught him staring at men when they go out together. He's very well groomed and has great taste in fashion, he even helped pick out what shoes she should wear with her wedding dress.
She was being a bit silly, she though. If her Son was gay, especially her Son, he would tell her. It wouldn't change their relationship at all. She would still love him no matter what. After all, no matter what, he was still her Son.
"I will always love you, you know. No matter what." She tells him the next time he comes to visit her. He smiles at her and says that he knows that.
"I know that, Mother. And I love you."
"Suichi, Dear, are you gay?"
And with a smile and without missing a beat he said,
"Honestly, Mother, I would have thought that you would have believed me after the 17th time I said yes."
"Revenge is best served cold. Revenge is also sweet. Therefore: Revenge is Ice Cream."
It was not his idea. He didn't know who's idea it was, honestly. It could have been Mukuro's idea, wanting to see how he behaved while his Sister was around him. Or it could have been Yukina's idea, wanting to see what kind of a place Hiei preferred to spend all of his time, or with what kind of people. But Hiei guessed that it most likely that damn red headed fox boy's idea. It came out of his mouth, after all.
And so it was decided. Yukina would visit and stay the night at Mukuro's castle. And today was that day. And today there was one problem after another. The first being Mukuro. As soon as Yukina set foot inside the castle the older female demon glued herself to Yukina. At first Hiei was thankful that the two hit it off so well and that Mukuro was on her best behavior. But less than an hour later he had managed to get himself separated from the two. Or they had slipped away from him.
Hiei had spent more than two hours looking for them before he finally found Mukuro. The only thing was Yukina wasn't with her.
"Where is she?"
"I believe Kirin is showing her the Garden out back." She told him. He didn't miss the smirk on her face. The kind of smirk that she had when she was causing trouble. Mukuro had admitted a few times that she rather liked being a trouble maker.
Yukina was right where Mukuro said he would be. And, just like Mukuro had said, Kirin was with her, too. They were walking along the stone paths that lead you through the garden. The Garden itself was beautiful. There were many different plants and vines, flowery blossoms, and even fruit trees; all mixed from Human World and Demon World. There were ponds scattered throughout the Garden, small and big, and just like with the plants there was a mix of Human and Demon fish.
The two stopped at the pond at the end of the main path.
"It is the biggest pond in the Garden. It also has the most beautiful fish living in it." Kirin told the Ice Apparition.
"I think they are all beautiful, Mr. Kirin." She said kneeling down. She turned and smiled at the armored Kirin before turning back to the pond and glided her fingers over the water's surface. Yukina smiled again at the image that reflected in the water. "Hiei, there you are."
"I've been looking for you, Yukina." Hiei was surprised by how well he held back the irritation from coming out in his voice. He glanced at Kirin, irritation still held back, and asked what she had been doing. He was worried after all.
"Mr. Kirin has been showing me the flowers in the Garden."
"For hours?" Hiei raised his eyebrows and Yukina giggled.
"Mr. Kirin and I were having so much fun arranging flowers and before we knew it there were no more left. So Mr. Kirin offered if I wanted to come with to the Garden to get more. When we got here I thought it was so pretty and Mr. Kirin asked if I would like to walk along the stone paths with him." Yukina smiled as Kirin held out a helping hand and pulled herself up.
"We must have lost track of time. Yukina stopped and smelled every flower." Kirin spoke up, head tilted just a little.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. They all just smell so wonderful and are beautiful to look at."
The smile on Yukina's face seemed to be genuine, so Hiei figured that it must be the truth that Kirin hadn't done anything wrong. But Hiei still didn't like it that he touched his Sister. Or how close he was….
"There you three are." Mukuro's voice came from the Garden's Entrance, Shigure next to her. She waved her hand at them. "Dinner will be ready very shortly. Are you coming in to eat any time soon?"
The entire walk to the kitchen area was awkward for Hiei. Mukuro was in front, leading the way. Yukina was directly behind her, and Hiei was in back-directly behind. Kirin and Shigure each at Yukina's side, so close their shoulders touched. All of Hiei's thoughts were centered around how he would be able to get his Sister away from them all. At the moment his only idea was to kill them all….
Hiei didn't think it was possible to feel any more uncomfortable than he already was. Until the five of them all sat down to eat. They sat at a round table; Yukina in between Shigure and Kirin; Hiei in between Shigure and Mukuro. And Hiei just didn't like it. He didn't like how Kirin wasn't keeping his hands to himself. He didn't like how Shigure was looking at Yukina. He didn't like how Mukuro was smirking. And he didn't like how he had to wait for everyone else to eat for him to eat ice cream.
"Tell us, Yukina. How is Hiei when he's in the Human World?" Mukuro asked, that smirk on her face.
"Hmm, well….not much different than here, I suppose. Hiei is Hiei." She said with her trade mark smile. "Hiei doesn't have many friends in Human World and it seems I take up all his time when he visits."
"That reminds me, did Hiei give you those chocolates when he visited last?"
"Oh, yes. They were very delicious."
"Really? They were nothing special. He stayed up all night trying to make them just perfect, though." Mukuro raised an eyebrow as she glanced at Hiei from across the table. "He made them with such care." Yukina only smiled.
The only good thing that came out of dinner was the ice cream Yukina had brought with her. But even that turned into terrible pain after his fifth bowl. The rest of the night went just as bad. Hiei didn't sleep at all, didn't even close his eyes all night. Instead he kept his focus on Yukina's room and who was within 50 feet of the room.
The morning seemed to drag on and be a repeat of yesterday evening. Yukina had gone off with Kirin and Shigure. Mukuro must have known because she did her best to keep him occupied.
"When will she be visiting us again, Hiei?"
"I love you as much as I love watching Kyo fish-hooking himself."
That night was a night of firsts. Most of it would have never happened if Botan hadn't of showed up with all that booze. Most of it would be better if it was forgotten. That would be easier to do if there weren't pictures. Keiko didn't really see the truth behind the phrase of 'Pictures Or It Didn't Happen'. She wouldn't have believed any of it if someone had just told her. But the pictures backed it all up.
No one really remembers much about that night. And everyone can only guess how things went down. The pictures are only a clue, a small hint, to remind and jog the memory.
For the first time she wasn't the only sober one. She had actually drank alcohol and been more involved in the party with the others.
For the first time Hiei smiled and played nice with the others. Nobody got burned or killed. No one got thrown out a window or through a wall. No threats or death glares. Just hugs.
For the first time Kuwabara didn't have any broken bones or any kind of injury. He also woke up with a pink lipstick print on his cheek.
For the first time Yukina wore lipstick. But it was smeared and practically gone by the time she woke up.
For the first time Shizuru and Kurama didn't deny any kind of relationship they had. In fact they confirmed that there was a much more friendly motive behind it all.
For the first time Botan didn't get carried away with hugging and kissing. She was actually on the receiving end of getting a hug.
For the first time Yusuke said those beautiful and magical words. He held her close and looked at her like they were the only ones in the room. Infront of everyone he told her out right his feelings. For the first time he didn't hold back or try to look cool infront of his friends. For a minute it was just the two of them, when he told her.
"Keiko, I love you."
The next morning when everyone woke up with their headaches and foggy memories of what could have happened last night, Keiko wasn't too shocked by what she woke up to.
Even though her eyes were closed she could hear what was happening in the other room. She guessed Kurama and Shizuru had left already, she could hear either of them. She knew by the way Botan had forced Hiei into the room that Kuwabara and Yukina must be asleep together.
She knew Botan and Hiei were probably a little surprised to see Yusuke and herself next to each other, Yusuke snoring. And she guessed that if she was naked under the sheets than Yusuke must be, too.
But it was okay. They loved each other after all.
"I found a place so safe, not a single tear."-Innocence, Avril Lavigne
Yukina wasn't sure what kind of relationship she had with Genkai. It was different than the one she had with everyone else. She considered it to be, after thinking long and hard about it, the type of relationship a girl has with her Mother or Grandmother. Rui was never a Mother, and neither were the Ice Maidens on the Island. The others were Friends, Siblings, and Lovers. But Genkai was more of a Parent.
When she first moved into the temple with the old woman she didn't need to adjust at all. Everything just fell into the right place and she was happy. Genkai was open and kind to her, making it loud and clear the younger was welcomed. If there was anything she needed or wanted to talk about let her know.
Once, just after the Dark Tournament had ended and Genkai was brought back Yukina spoke up.
"Do you….still love him?" Genkai didn't say a yes or no.
"At one time, he wasn't all bad at all." Yukina would never forget the smile on the old lady's face. It was a happy one, thinking about something good that happened to you once. But she couldn't hide the sad loss that she knew that memory would always stay a memory.
After Yukina stays in the Human World and starts to live with Genkai. Yukina feels a new kind of happy and safety she has never felt before. She trust Genkai enough to tell her all the worries, secrets, and questions. Her questions about everyday human life. Her worries about her friends and Brother. Her secrets she tries to forget. She tells Genkai why she sometimes wakes up during the night crying or even screaming. She tells Genkai all about the things done to her.
Only a few years later, after her Brother finally comes to her and Kuwabara asks to marry her...Genkai tells her. Yukina is heartbroken that the old woman will be gone. She sees it as a last chance to say what she wanted to say back at the end of the Tournament.
"He still wasn't…." Yukina has already gotten the first half out of her mouth. Why stop now? "Toguro….he was still human…."
Genkai is quiet while Yukina tells her.
"During the Tournament he saved me. I had gotten lost in the halls of the Stadium. I was chased by two demons and he saved me. When I tried to leave he stopped me. He handed me a box before saying he was sorry. I ran away with the box and never said thank you, or that I forgave him. When I opened the box they were all of the tear gems I had cried. He returned them to me. He wasn't all bad, not at all. But he was still bad inside."
After Genkai is dead Yukina spends the night alone in the temple. She repeats her meeting with the Younger Toguro Brother. She can't help but feel a bit of guilt about how she ran off.
My Inspiration
"Robin Hood was a Thief, Mario eats Mushrooms regularly, Sleeping Beauty couldn't wake up to save her life, Snow White lived with SEVEN MEN, and you (The Parents) wonder why kids are so bad. You let us watch it."
Neither one of them was sure who had noticed it first. It could have been Kurama, because he's known him longer. Or it could have been Kuwabara, because he'd said something about it first. But they both agreed that he had changed drastically in the past ten or so years. But looking back every change seemed drastic compared to now, what with all the couples and settling down.
"Didn't Hiei use to give you crap about being all 'soft hearted' when it came to your Mom?" Kuwabara asked one day. Kurama only chuckled and nodded his head. "Do you think he'd believe us if we told him back then that he'd be like this now?"
"Probably not."
"It seems every year he's gotten her the biggest present."
Hiei admitted that he had changed, to a point. He was still a cold blooded killer. A demon whose name could strike fear into anyone. He still hated almost every human he came in contact with, he still hated almost anyone he came in contact with actually. He still didn't talk much and preferred to sleep in trees and spend time away from his 'friends'.
He was still the demon he was 10 or so years ago, hating humans just as much. He just liked to spoil his Sister and Niece. But he didn't hate them, they just annoyed him. Hiei finally realized this while out with his Niece. Sitting in the park while eating ice cream, it hit him.
He had become soft….
My Quotes: Love.
I have a fear of blood, not really a fear but I don't like it. The first time I saw Dir En Grey it was a picture of them in their old Visual Kei style and I was like oh, great-one of those kinds of bands. Not that there is anything wrong with V.K. Anyways, in late 2002-I think-I heard them for the first time. It was 24 Cylinders and I thought that the vocals were strange but in a good way. So I looked them up and saw a video that said 'Kyo Fish-Hooking Himself'. I thought it was the grossest thing I had ever seen and that he was a freaky little troll. But over the years he's become my ideal man.
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