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Never Again

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So, people who have been pm-ing me about the blood fish-hooking thing. The first time I saw Kyo fish-hooking himself I fainted. Whenever I saw blood I fainted. That is how bad I was with blood. I have gotten a little better, I even give blood now. I'm O type so I thought it would be good if I gave blood.
Never Again
"He walks in sober with no money and wearing a hat with cat ears. He's here for less than an hour and walks out drunk with the hottest chick I have ever seen. Please explain to me what the fuck I just saw and why the hell it wasn't me?"
There was no reason for Hiei to be at a place like this. The loud music, the crowd, the chocking smoke from cigarettes, the overpriced drinks, all the sweaty people rubbing against him-these were not his idea of fun. He didn't know why anyone would think this was fun and want to come and celebrate this way. He also didn't know why he would follow the others when they went, either. There were only two reasons he could think off.
Reason one, he was bored. He was always bored but not enough to ever come to a place like this.
Reason two, he was lonely. But then again he was always a little lonely. That's just who he was.
Hiei is sitting at a table in the back, all by himself. From his spot he can see everyone else on the dance floor. Except for Botan. She's at the bar finishing her third beer. He watches as another guy comes over and poses next to her. She doesn't wait for him to leave, she grabs her beer and walks away. Hiei makes eye contact and she takes it as a single to join him. When she reaches his table she doesn't say hello.
"You look like such a grouch sitting her all alone and scowling like that."
Hiei tells her to go away but he knows she won't. If anything she'll just sit down next to him. Botan is never put out by his bad attitude.
"You know. I was over at the bar and there were these girls that were talking about you."
He looks over to where she is pointing. He can see three girls, all dressed in a short and low cut dress that looks three sizes too small. He looks away and snorts then looks at Botan while she takes the last sip of her beer. Her hair is down and she is wearing jeans and a tank top
"They said you were super cute but also suuuuper scary."
He tells her that it isn't a bad thing at all, he is very thankful that those kinds of women are afraid to approach him. She laughs and goes to take another drink. She frowns when she realizes it's empty. She debates with herself on whether or not to get up and go get another or to just stay and where she is and sit tight. She turns and asks what Hiei thinks, he just shrugs. She says she will wait until a new song comes on.
She doesn't say anything after that. Hiei doesn't say anything either. They both just sit and watch the others move around on the dance floor. It's been seven songs later and she still hasn't moved. With each new song he watches her bob her head or tap her finger along, sometimes she even sings along. But she doesn't get up.
Now the eighth song has started to play and she sighs. She takes a deep breath in before turning to him and saying she is going to get up. She asks if he wants anything to drink but he shakes his head no. She shrugs and starts to walk away. He thinks he wants to tell her something, and before he knows it he's called out her name. She stops and turns around. Before he can think of what to say next she speaks.
"Wow, Fantastic Baby."
She smiles and sings alone word for word with the song. She turns back around and dances her way back to the bar. Hiei smiles. Maybe there was another reason why he was here besides being bored and/or lonely.
Reason three….he could never admit to it.
"When I left she was playing Sushi Cat 2. When I got back that night she was still playing Sushi Cat 2, but on a different computer. She played Sushi Cat 2 all fucking day while I worked. I want to play Sushi Fucking Cat 2 all day while someone works to pay my bills!"
There were some things that never changed. Kurama understood this because he was living proof of that. It didn't matter how much he loved his Mother, he was still a demon. It didn't matter how long he had lived in the Human World, he still remembered Demon World. When you followed the bread crumb trail it lead you back to Yoko. That never changed much.
Another thing that hadn't changed much was Hiei during school hours. It's been the same since Kurama was in Middle School and is the same now that he's in college. At first it wasn't an issue, Kurama still living at home and all. But once he moved on campus it started to look a little strange, Hiei breaking and entering in his dorm and all. Kurama could only wonder what his roommates thought.
Today was no different. Kurama finished his classes and returned to his dorm. When he opened his bedroom door there was Hiei. Dirty shoes on the bed and sweet snake food everywhere, red eyes glued to the computer screen.
"Still online I see." Kurama sighed.
Hiei doesn't look up to see the other in the room. He doesn't make any kind of noise to answer his old friend. Instead he only reaches out and picks another piece of candy and throws it in his mouth. Kurama only shakes his head and drops his book bag to the ground next to the chair of his study desk.
"Not going to quit until you win the entire game, are you?"
Hiei still doesn't give any kind of an answer. Kurama is use to it, he knows how Hiei is when he is playing a game. Hiei won't quit the game until he's played and won it perfectly. Hiei isn't a sore loser, either, because can't give up until he's won. Kurama remembers the time he first showed Hiei the internet, he could never remember the name of the game to save his life but he remembers how Hiei sat in the same spot for five days before he finally won.
Hiei's been in the dorm for the past three days, playing some kind of game. He hasn't moved or said a word to Kurama or the other roommates. Once in a while he will yell out for Kurama to bring him more candy or for the others to quiet down. Every time Kurama looks at him he has the same serious look on his face.
Kurama doesn't look or disturb Hiei in any way for the rest of the night. Being the good friend he even sleeps on the couch so he won't be a bother. Really he just wants the Hiei to finish his game and get the hell out. It's around 4:00 a.m. when Kurama is woken up. He is sleepy and can't see Hiei's body, only his glowing eyes. Hiei tells him that he's won the game and now he has no reason to stay before he leaves.
Kurama is so tired from studying and lack of sleep because of Hiei. When he goes in his room he heads straight for the bed. He doesn't even bother to move the empty sacks or the crumbs. Kurama sighs and rolls his eyes.
Some things never change.
"I just want to be everything I'm not."
Atsuko never had any doubts that Yusuke and Keiko's love was true and pure. At one time there was a man that she loved, so much that if she had to pick between air and the man she would have picked him. But that was all in the past and Atsuko has learned that the past is better kept behind you-that you can only take it one day at a time and look ahead. So despite everything Yusuke put everyone through she knew that above all Keiko and him would last. And they have, even after her death
Shiori did have doubts about her son. It was only the two of them, no daughter or another son; just her and Suichi. And as a Mother that was one of the things that worried her the most. She worried that maybe without siblings Suichi might grow up lonely, or that she might end up giving him too much love-if such a thing was possible. But above all she worried that she wouldn't know how to raise her child. But somehow she thinks she did an okay job.
Hina never had any doubts, either. She knew the moment she left the island that things could turn out horrible, but she pushed that thought in the back of her mind. But it all came back to her when she was giving birth. At first she thought it could all be a bad dream-then they threw her baby off the cliff and she knew it was real. She wondered if she was a terrible Mother, bringing a child into the world that she knew would throw him away. She can't help but think that maybe she was.
Kuwabara never had a Mother. He's wondered a lot about it, how if his life would have turned out differently, what kind of a Mother he would have had, what kind of a Son he would have been. He thinks that maybe he would have been a terrible Son. He thinks that he would still have gotten into fights on the playground and at school. He would have probably still met Yusuke and Kurama and Hiei. He still probably would have liked cats. He probably still would get beat by Shizuru, too. He thinks that fighting demons and those things would still have happened. He probably still would have fallen in love with Yukina and had a happy ending life.
He thinks he would have been a terrible Son, making his Mother worry about him all the time.
"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are."- Kurt Cobain
Everyone has their own opinion and point of view, their own way of thinking and seeing things.
"If you were to be reborn who would you want to be?"
Yusuke, for one, thought that the idea of being reborn was ridicules, laughable and stupid. With his way of thinking he thought it was impossible for you to be reborn as yourself. He knew you could be reincarnated but it would still be the same. You're body would be different, your life would be different, but you would still be you. In the end you are still you.
Kuwabara almost completely disagrees. He admits that yes, your soul is your soul and it will always be your soul. But when you die you no longer have a life. When you breathe you are born. So if you die and come back to life you have been reborn, as a new you. He thinks that is different from the old you.
Kurama thinks you can be reborn without dying. He agrees that your soul is you and even if you die and are reincarnated you can change completely. The soul can change, grow into a new person. But dying doesn't have to mean you've stopped breathing. You can change your life and be reborn that way.
Hiei thinks the entire topic is stupid and that it is a waste of time to talk about. But he does say that he thinks the same as Yusuke. But that Kurama is right as well. But it would be nice to be able to think and believe the way that Kuwabara does.
Botan doesn't say what she thinks, Hiei already did.
Breaking Away
"You have to fall down first to be able to pick yourself up again."
Yukina is always watching Shizuru. She thinks it started when she first found out she was Kuwabara's Sister. Ever since Yukina was told she had a Brother she's been a bit obsessed with Siblings. She's never met anyone else who was/had sibling(s) before.
When they met for the first time Shizuru introduces herself as Kazuma's Older Sister. Yukina is instantly drawn to her. She wants to know everything about what it's like to have a Brother. Shizuru laughs and tells her it isn't all that great, really, it's more annoying than anything most of the time. But there are also times that she is glad Kazuma is her Little Brother.
Shizuru is also the only one Yukina goes to for advice when it comes to her Brother. It's always been that way. Since before she knew who her Brother was and now after Hiei has told her everything. Yukina comes to Shizuru for everything related to Brother and Sister.
One day the two are out in town shopping for the hot summer season. The original plan included Botan but something came up and now it was just the two of them. It doesn't stop them though and they spend the whole day looking around and buying new stuff. Every once and a while Shizuru catches a glance of something black in the corner of her eye. Or she see's leaves fall from a branch like a bird was flying away, but there will be no bird. She can fell someone fallowing them, her instincts tell her it is someone like a guardian angel.
The feeling stays until the end of the day. Before they go on their way to go home they stop and Shizuru buys them an ice cream cone. They sit in silence while they eat, watching the other people walk pass them. Shizuru is watching Yukina this time. She is staring straight ahead and hasn't blinked for a good three minutes, her ice cream has melted and is running down her hands.
"Be careful or you'll fall."
Shizuru follows where Yukina is looking. A little girl is running and playing in the park, a smile on her face.
"You'll fall down."
The second the words leave Yukina's mouth the girl trips. She falls and hits the ground and starts to cry. The girl's Parents rush to her and pick her up, telling her it's alright. Shizuru had never seen Yukina look the way she did now, she'd never seen anyone look as sad as Yukina did.
"Poor kid. Kazuma was always clumsy and falling down and ripping his jeans. That's why I made him wear shorts all the time." Shizuru smiles and does her best to lighten the feeling coming from Yukina. But she stays quiet.
Shizuru starts to make dinner as soon as the two get home. From the window above the counter she looks outside and for a split second she swears she saw eyes starting in from the tree across the yard. She doesn't look hard because she is chopping vegetables and the last thing she wants is to get cut. She doesn't look up when Yukina comes down from upstairs. She sits at the table and watches her cook.
When she is done chopping and waiting for the rice to cook she takes a break. She sits across from Yukina and complains about her feet, saying she walked too much today and the subway is always so crowded.
"And you think guys would give up their seats to us girls but no. What happened to chivalry?" Yukina doesn't say anything but looks up. "Hey, are you okay? Do you feel alright?" Yukina smiles.
After dinner the two are in bed. It's quiet and dark and everyone else has gone to sleep. But Shizuru is still awake and so is Yukina. Shizuru doesn't know if Yukina knows she is awake but when the Ice Demon begins to talk she thinks she knows.
"To leave the island you have to jump off. I wasn't sure if I would be able to do it or not. But before I knew it I was falling from the sky. I was very lucky that I landed in a lake." Her tone doesn't change at all and she doesn't look away from the bedroom ceiling. "As soon as I got out of the water I was chased by others. I ran for so long."
Shizuru doesn't move. She looks out the window from her spot on the floor and listens to Yukina. When she pauses she doesn't rush her to continue, she waits patiently.
"The only reason I stopped running was because I fell down and couldn't run anymore. I was so tired I couldn't feel my legs anymore. It even hurt to breath. When I feel down I scraped my knee. I was so scared. I don't think it hurt at all but there was blood. I think I was afraid because I was all alone and didn't know where I was. But my knew was bleeding and it hurt and I was all alone and I had to get up and keep running."
It's goes silent again for an hour before Yukina speaks again.
"I just wanted to keep running but I feel asleep."
"Then what happened when you woke up?"
"Tarukane found me."
My Quotes: Online and Failure
Online: I am still young, only 20 years old. Growing up I was taught to clean up after myself and when we had a guest in the house to pick up after them. I had to do dishes, clean the bathroom, mop the floor, etc, etc. When I was about 16 I got my first job as a maid. At that time a friend of my Mom's had left her husband and stayed the night and was going to leave in a few days. I went to bed and she was playing some game online, when I woke up and left for work she was still on the computer, and when I got home she was still playing games online. I left out with friends and didn't come home until like 10 that night and when I got home she was STILL online playing, but she had changed from her laptop to mine. I was so annoyed and I hated her for laying around all day.
Failure: I think that everyone has this feeling. There is at least one thing you wish were different about yourself. There are times when I wish I was a size 2 instead of a 6. I wish my hair was longer and thicker. I wish I had a different eye color, etc, etc. I don't think that someone can ever be completely happy with themselves. I think people will always want what they don't have and can find something wrong with themselves. Everyday I find something wrong with myself.
And on a side note; I am a Big Bang fan. I love the Fantastic Baby pv, it is one of the best videos to get a reaction video from. That and Michi Go. If you haven't seen either of them you should go look them up right now. I smile every time I watch either of them.
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