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An Autobot Predacon? After saving the medic Predacon from Megatron's evil servos, Optimus Prime welcomed an old but experienced Predacon called Icerazor. She was reluctantly accepted by the Autobot...

Category: Transformers - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Sci-fi - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2016-01-04 - 201 words

Heavy breathing and ragged gasps echoed around the small containment cell the beast was forced into. Energon leaked from her chest, her white and light blue body trembling. Small whimpers escaped her jaws, her optics refusing to open for her. Phantom pulses jolted her body around, from the voltage she received from Shockwave as pleasure from Megatron. The Predacon moaned, wishing that she could rip Megatron's spark from its chamber. If only she had her strength. If only she had Optimus.

A low but fairly loud moan escaped her throat, as she attempted to get a passing Vehicons' attention. She doubt that she could be heard, the metal containment chamber was soundproof. She felt extreme agony in her chassis, and she let out a mixture of a grunt and sigh. Just the thought of breathing, the movement of her air systems hurt her. She moaned softly, painfully shifting her hind legs closer to body.

Once the Autobots found her, maybe then she could begin her recovery and repair herself. But this chamber was sealed by Shockwave himself and only the one opticed scientist can open it. She let out a sobbing sigh, how could she have let this happen to her?
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