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Omake: A Day in the Life

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An Omake showing short snippiets of Naruto with all of his girls.

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Chapter 22

AN: This chapter is an Omake showing what has been happening with some of the other clones and girls over the past few days.

Ayame: The clone walked towards the dining room wondering what Ayame had planned for him. She had left a card in her room with a silver desert spoon sitting next to it. Opening the large door Naruto smiled as he saw what was laying on the table, or in this case whom. Naruto finally knew when she meant by the message when she said she hoped he liked the dessert she fixed.

Ayame lay spread out on the table smiling at him as one finger came up to wipe some of the chocolate off of her chin and lick it from her fingers. Naruto licked his lips as he saw the bikini of whipped cream covering her private areas along with the lines of chocolate syrup covering her stomach and limbs.

"Look how much you've made me cream myself just thinking about you Naruto-kun" Ayame teased and dipped her fingers into the cream covering her pussy. Naruto watched as she moaned and spread her legs even more letting him see all of her cream covered pussy. Moaning loaded her dug her fingers in and brought them back out with a large glob of whipped cream on her fingers.

Before she could bring it to her mouth Naruto crossed the room and grabbed her wrist. "I thought you said this was my dessert Ayame-chan?" He smiled before leaning down to slowly lick the cream from her fingers. Ayame moaned for real this time as she felt his tongue slide over her fingers making sure to get up all of her juices along with the cream. Still holding on to her wrist Naruto leaned down and kissed her chocolate covered lips. Ayame quickly returned the kiss, her arms wrapping around his neck to pull him down on top of her where she could whisper into his ears.

"Eat me Naruto, devour me like one of your bowls of ramen. I've been down here for ten minutes dreaming of having your hot white cream inside of me while your teeth rake over my skin" Ayame yelped in surprise as Naruto went straight to work, his tongue running out to lick at the pool of chocolate syrup on her neck.

"Mmm what a delicious dessert." Naruto hummed as he followed a line of syrup down her neck to her chest. Ayame let out a loud giggle when instead of taking his time Naruto dove into the cream covering her breasts. When he raised his head his face was covered in the cream from ear to ear.

"Come here and let your big sister clean you up Naruto-kun" Ayame said holding out her arms. Once he was in reach she pulled him down on top of her and started to lick the cream off of him before pulling back and letting him see her mouth full of the whipped cream. Naruto groaned as she made a show of swirling her tongue around in her mouth, spreading the cream all over her lips before slowly swallowing it, his eyes going to her chocolate smeared neck as he watched her swallow.

As Ayame started to lick the rest of it off Naruto turned his head and kissed her, his tongue fighting hers for the whipped cream. Reaching down Ayame grabbed Naruto's shirt and ripped it in two revealing his toned chest to her hands. Naruto groaned into her mouth as he felt her soft hands on his chest. Once Ayame was satisfied that all the whipped cream was off of his face she grinned up at him. "Don't you want to finish the rest of your dessert?"

Without needing to be asked twice Naruto moved down her body. Ayame was surprised when he didn't go straight for her breasts since Naruto was such a breast guy. Instead he moved down to her very ticklish feet and started to kiss them, his tongue licking the chocolate lines that covered them. Ayame laughed and tried to move her legs away only for him to hold her still as he licked the tops of them and moved up to her ankles. As he worked his way up her legs Ayame started to tease her own breasts with her fingers, the feeling of her fingers on her nipples as Naruto licked his way up the inside of her legs caused her to grow wetter the nearer he got to her cunt.

"Ohh yes, my pussy is so full of cream for you. Eat me out Naruto-kun. Clean all of the cream out of your sisters dirty pussy." She cried as he licked at the cream around her legs. Moving down from her belly button Naruto started to kiss her cream covered skin before running his tongue over her wet cunt. He was surprised at how good the cream tasted as it mixed with her juices. Growling hungrily Naruto pressed his face in and started to lick the inside of her cunt, gobbling up the sweet cream as it dripped out. "Ohh god your really going to make me cream myself Naruto-kun." Ayame said happily as she felt her body jerk a bit in pleasure as his teeth gently bit into her lower lips. "Oh im Cuming Naruto, eat up all of my sweet cream."

Ayame panted as her body came down from its orgasm. By the time she opened her eyes she saw Naruto standing at the end of the table, his pants fallen to the ground revealing his large cock. "Ohh are you're going to fuck your big sister Naruto-kun. Are you going to fuck my dirty cream filled pussy with that big huge cock?" she asked spreading her legs slightly so he could get in-between them more easily.

Grabbing her hips Naruto pulled her to the edge of the table and quickly thrust in, sheathing himself inside of her warm, wet cunt. The two seemed to groan happily in unison as Ayame's hips raised to meet Naruto's thrusts. Naruto felt like he could feel some of the cream still inside of her as he thrust in. Naruto continued to thrust into her loving how her tight walls seemed to squeeze his cock hungrily. IT wasn't long before he felt himself come close to the edge and finally cum.

Ayame watched as Naruto pulled out of her cunt, his cock still rock hard and now coated with a mixture of the whipped cream and her juices. Smiling at her Naruto walked up to where her head was and reached for the chocolate bottle. Ayame licked her lips in anticipation as she watched him drizzle the chocolate over the whipped cream on his shaft. Placing his hand behind her head Naruto gently guided her mouth to his cock. Ayame slowly started to lick the end of the shaft before moving to lick the chocolate dripping off the sides of it. Naruto watched as she licked back up the side of it and took it in her mouth sucking all of the chocolate and cream off of it before letting it plop out of her mouth. "I want more of your hot cream in my pussy Naruto-kun. Get you big sister pregnant with that big cock of yours." She said as he crawled up on the table and straddled her.

Ino: "I cant believe you brought me out here" Ino admonished, using her hand to cover her smile.

"We've already been over this Ino-chan. I think you are one of the most beautiful women in the world." Naruto said grabbing ahold of the hand she was using to cover her mouth. "And I wanted to bring you out here tonight to show you off. So why don't we go dance and I can show the village how lucky I am." Naruto joked causing Ino to smile. She had found out that Naruto didn't much care for dancing, and as great a fighter he was that those skills didn't necessarily follow onto the dance floor. But he also knew that it was one of her favorite things to do, so it made him bringing her out tonight all the sweeter.

The two eventually made it out onto the dance floor where Ino gave off a show in her small tight dress for not just Naruto but the entire dance floor. She knew that seeing all of those guys looking at her would turn him on and that he would defiantly punish her when they got home for being so slutty.

"You know all those guys are staring at you. Watching as those huge breasts of yours sway back and forth and that sweet ass of yours." Naruto said placing a hand on her hip and holding her close to him as she ground her ass into his pelvis. His other hand was coming dangerously close to rubbing her breasts as she swayed against him.

"And they all know what you're getting tonight baby. They know that you get to go home and pound my big fat ass all night long." She said wrapping an arm around his neck and leaning back to into him to kiss him.

Naruto moved his hand up her thigh, pushing her short dress up and exposing the bottom oh her ass. Ino slid up and down against him even faster, his cock pressing against her ass as his hand finally slid up to grope at her breast. Ino grew even wetter as he played with her in the middle of the dance floor. The fact that anyone who payed attention would be able to see them sending her into a mini orgasam. "You know that's what you want baby. I can't wait to take you home and peel that dress off of you. OR maybe I should just take you out into the alley and fuck you up against the wall." Naruto growled as he started to kiss at her neck.

Ino eeped and she felt his lips on her neck and instantly became aware at the pressure of her bladder against her pregnant stomach. "I've got to go to the bathroom lover. Don't let any of these bimbo's steal you away while im gone." Ino said in her most sultry voice before reaching back to give his cock a squeeze though his pants and rushing off to the ladies' room.

Ino quickly ran into the stall and slamed it shut. "Darn it, close already" she hissed as it swung back open. Sighing she closed it again and noticed that the lock was missing. "Ughh crap, well I guess since I'm the only one in here it won't be too bad." She said as the desire to pee won out and she decided to risk it. Lifting her dress she sat down on the commode her cunt already wet and dripping from where her dance had turned her on. 'God, I could feel his cock though his pants. I wonder if any of those other sluts could see what he is packing. They better not try to come onto him while I'm in here." Ino thought.

Wrapped up in her daydream of what Naruto was sure to do to her after that dance she didn't notice the door to the bathroom open until whoever it was opened the stall door. "Uh I'm in here." Ino said before noticing that instead of another scantily clad club girl it was a tall man with brown hair and bright blue eyes. "Hey what are you doing, this is the girls restroom." She said and began to stand up. Her assent was hampered by the tight dress wrapped around her hips and gave the man time to step fully into the stall and grab her hair with one hand and place a chakra suppressing seal on her with the other.

"I'm doing what you wanted. I saw you out there in that slutty dress, teasing everyone with that ass of yours." The man said holding her head back as he used one hand to unzip his pants. Ino stared in shock as he revealed his large meaty shaft. "I saw you run in here after that little dance of yours. And when I came in what did I find? You waiting with the door unlocked for some guy to come and fuck that pretty little mouth of yours."

Ino tried to cry out and tell him that she hadn't planned any of it but she suddenly found her mouth and throat stuffed with his cock. Ino couldn't believe what was happening. Here she was in a dirty bathroom stall getting her throat raped by some random dude's big meaty cock. Her experience sucking guys off was the only thing that kept her from gagging as the dude stuffed his cock into her mouth and started thrusting.

"Ohh yeah, suck it bitch." The guy said using his hand to move her mouth over his cock as he thrusted. "Look at you sitting in here with your dress up around your waist, just waiting for someone to come by and fill it with their cock. And those slutty tits of yours as well, just waiting to be freed and played with." The man said using his free hand to pull the front of her dress down and slap her tits.

Ino couldn't help but orgasm as she sucked the guy off, his hand sending sharp shocks of pain though her breast as he slapped them around. "That's right moan for me bitch. Ohh god your mouth feels so good. I'm going to cum bitch, drink it all up." The man said holding her head in place as he started to roughly fuck her face. Ino's jaw started to hurt as the guy started to thrust harder and harder before finally moaning and shooting rope after rope of cum down her throat.

Pulling out of Ino's mouth the guy let her catch her breath for a second before pulling her up by her hair. "How'd you like the taste of my cum? I bet its better than the guy's you came in with." The man boasted before shoving Ino against the door. Ino felt the man press his body tight against hers, effectively blocking her from opening the door.

"You're so wet bitch. I knew you were enjoying having my dick in that dirty mouth of yours. Now im going to fuck this big fat ass you have been showing off all evening." The guy as he fingered her soaking cunt. Ino tried not to hold back a moan but her body betrayed her as his fingers dug deep into her core.

"No, no, please" Ino begged as she felt the head of his cock spread her lips.

"Why not bitch, you're already so wet. I can feel your juices dripping onto my cock." The man said before thrusting in hard enough to make the door bounce. Ino let out a loud yell as he sheathed himself inside of her and started to fill her cunt with his cock. His hips driving him to the hilt with each thrust and spreading her tight walls. Reaching around the guy grabbed one of her large swaying breasts and started to fondle it in his hand as he thrust into her.

"Ohh God, Ohh God" Ino said as she felt her walls being spread apart as the man's cock rubbed over every pleasure spot inside of her pussy. She tried to resist as another orgasm ripped through her causing her to arch her back and cum on the man's cock as he sped up his thrusts.

"That's it whore moan for me. I but your boyfriend doesn't fuck you like this does he?" The guy said before finally climaxing, his cock spasaming as he shot rope after rope into her cunt. Pulling out he watched as some of it started to drip out and land on the floor.

"Actually, he does." Said Ino turning around and smiling. Wrapping her arms around the guys neck she pulled herself up to kiss him, one hand running though her hair and causing him to let out a low animalistic growl. Ino closed her eyes and deepened the kiss, her tongue exploring his mouth. Opening her eyes she was met with the same blue eyes she had seen before, but now the guys brown hair was replaced by bright yellow spikes and he had six whisker marks on his face.

"Did you enjoy that princess?" Naruto asked using a finger to tilt her chin up so he could kiss her again.

"Yes, I got to live out two of my favorite fantasist tonight." Ino said. Naruto had told her that he would end up taking her at some point that night while they were out but he hadn't told her when or how. She only knew it was him because of his blue eyes and the seal that he had placed on her. Smiling she leaned up to whisper in his ear. "Though you have already helped me fufill my largest fantasy."

"And what is that princess?" Naruto asked holding her close to him.

"To find true love and get to spend the rest of my life with the man I love the most."

Mebuki: Mebuki hummed to herself as she stood at the counter kneeding some dough for a pie she was getting ready to make. The last few weeks had been heaven for her. Making love to her daughter and her new master seemingly every other day, going to bed at night with the strong warm arms of one of his clones wrapped around her waist.

Mebuki's concentration started to slip as she imagined those strong arms wrapped around her waist, his breath tickling the back of her neck as he held her close to his chest. The feeling of his lips on her shoulder as he kissed her. Mebuki was brought out of her daydream as those same arms she had been dreaming about squeezed her tighter as she was pushed up against the counter.

"Hokage-sama" Mebuki squeaked as she felt him press her up against the counter, a hand going down to move her panties out of the way. She had gotten used to this this to. To being randomly pushed up against the wall or being bent over a piece of furniture only to find her ass of pussy filled with her masters cock. Even though she loved their romantic sessions the thrill of being used as the hokage's masturbation toy excited her.

"It makes me so hard when you call me that. Now be a good little pet and spread those legs for me Mebuki-chan." Naruto commanded pressing the head of his cock against her lower lips.

"Yes Hokage-sama. My cunt is just your personal masturbation toy." She said in excitement as she felt his large cock split her lips and slid inside of her.

"That's right Mebuki-chan. I'm going to use you as my own lovely cock warmer." He said gripping the back of her head and pressing it down against the counter. "Ohh yeah your so tight Mebuki-chan. You like it when I take you like this don't you." Naruto said and spead up his thrusts. Naruto placed his other hand on her hip as he slid in and out of her hot tunnel. Naruto continued to speed up his thrusts, enjoying the way her cunt tightened around his cock as she slid into her.

Sakura and Kushina: Kushina threaded her fingers through Sakura's hair and pulled the young girl down onto the bed with her. The two fell into a passionate embrace ontop of the bed, Sakura's perky pink nipples brushing over Kushina's dusky red nipples as they kissed each other.

"Should I call you mother of mistress, Kushina-sama?" Sakura asked as she leaned down to kiss the beautiful red haired woman. Kushina moaned as she felt Sakura's strong hands start to play with her large breasts. Wrapping one of her long thick legs around Sakura's hips she pulled the girls body closer.

"I think I like how Kushina-Sama sounds. Ohh yes please right there. Oh I can already tell why my son loves you so much." Kushina said running her tongue into Sakura's mouth. Kushina started to thrust her hips, grinding herself against Sakura's wet core as she deepened the kiss.

Sakura was in love with Kushina's soft red lips, her thumb coming up for a second to brush over them on the way to winding though her long hair. Smiling Sakura leaned down and pressed her lips tighter against Kushina's, her tongue coming out to explore the older woman's mouth.

After a moment Sakura broke from the kiss and took on of Kushina's large dusky nipples in her mouth. Kushina arched her back as Sakura sucked the nipple into her mouth, her strong hands playing with Kushina's tits. Kushina let out a low groan and sped up her thrusts, grinding herself against the younger woman's cunt faster and faster.

Sakura let the large breast fall out of her mouth and bounce back into place as she arched her back and moaned. "Ohh I'm going to cum." She shouted and sped up her thrusts. The two women wrapped their arms around each other as they reached their climax, their lips pressed together as they came, covering their hips and the bed in their juices.

"That was wonderful Sakura-chan. I can't wait until we get the chance for my son to join us." Kushina said kissing the pinketts forehead. Looking down at Sakura however she saw the young girl frowning. "What's wrong Sakura-chan?" She asked hugging the girl close to her side.

"I..I don't deserve Naruto" Sakura said and started to cry against Kushina's chest.

"And why is that honey?" Kushina asked wondering if this was a bout of pregnancy induced emotions or what.

"When..When we were younger I used to get really mad at Naruto and call him a baka and hit him whenever he did something stupid. I was so mean to him Kushina-sama. I don't deserve his love." Sakura said bawling only for Kushina to laugh out loud shaking the bed. "Wha..why are you laughing?" She sniffled.

Kushina reached down and used the blanket they were on to wipe away Sakura's tears as she consoled her. "You have nothing to worry about honey. Do you want to know a secret? I did the same thing with Naruto's father when we were young." She said making Sakura smile a little bit.

" you're not mad at me?" She asked quietly.

"No honey, in fact I am glad. I told Naruto to find someone just like his mom to marry. Someone strong and smart with beautiful hair who would stand up to him and not let her run all over him. That's you baby and I couldn't be happier at his decision." Kushina said kissing Sakura. The two laid there for a minute or two before Sakura got up the courage to ask a question that had been weighing on her and Ino's mind since Kushina had returned.

"Kushina-sama. Ino and I were wondering. How..erm..How does Naruto stack up in comparison to. Well to his father?" Sakura asked finally being able to spit it all out. Kushina rolled over and pulled Sakura close. Her voice a whisper like two girls sharing a secret.

"Are you wanting to know which one is bigger? Which one is the better lover? Whose cock I would rather have inside of me making me moan?" She asked huskily.

"Yes." Squeaked Sakura.

"Naruto." She said and smiled causing them both to break out into giggles.

Tenten: Tenten tried to hold in a eek as she felt a hand palm her large breast though her dress. Before she could react the hand disappeared. Tenten didn't even try to turn around and look for the offender. Instead she just gave an amused sigh and tried to get back to her shopping. Halfway through their trip to the large shopping mall in the newly rebuilt sector of the city Naruto had gotten bored and decided to tease her. So now she had an invisible set of hands groping her as she shopped.

Bending over to look at a pair of shoes she felt the back of her Chinese style dress lifted up and a hand snake in under it. Her hand froze midway to the shoe and she had to bite her lip to keep from making a sound as she felt two fingers dip into her cunt.

"Na..Naruto-sama" she squeaked quietly as she felt the fingers spread her lips and smear her juices up and around her asshole. She tried to hold in another moan as she thought about how naughty it was, getting fingered in the middle of the store with no one the wiser. Heck Naruto could probably fuck her right there and no one would notice due to his wind jutsu he was using to bend the light.

Just as it seemed like he was going to tease her ass again the hand disappeared. Tenten let out a loud breath and allowed herself to slowly stand up. Turning around Tenten quickly moved toward the checkout line hoping to be given a chance to cool off for a minute. Finding herself surrounded by people Tenten relaxed for a minute only to once again feel Naruto's hands on her body.

Looking down she could see the indentations of her basketball shaped breasts where his hands were squeezing and massaging her breasts. A blush covered her face as Naruto's hands continued to roughly molest her breasts. Tenten's breath quicken as she felt one hand move down to the bare skin below her dress and move up under the slit on the side.

'No he wouldn't? Not in the middle of all of these people.' She questioned as his other hand slid under her long dress and started to play with her pussy. She wondered how she would look standing there. Moaning as her juices leaked onto the floor below her. Tenten felt the fingers reach into her and start to explore, the experienced digits rubbing over her walls causing her legs to go weak.

"I could fuck you right here and no one would be the wiser" A disembodied voice whispered in her ear. "I could stuff that delicious fat ass of yours with my cock and no one would notice a thing." The voice said again and Tenten felt a familiar rod pressing up against her ass cheeks. Naruto continued to molest her breasts and pussy as he whispered to her. "I wanted to fuck you when you were looking at those shoes. I wonder what people would have thought seeing you with your legs spread out and your pussy dripping on the floor." He said pressing her cock against her ass and making her moan.

She got an odd look from one man and had to bite her lip as she felt the head of Naruto's cock press up against her tight sphincter. The man turned away and didn't seem to notice how her breasts were swaying in her Chinese dress as she stood there. Naruto continued to play with her breasts, picking them up and watching in pleasure as they bounced. Grabbing one of her large breasts he started to squeeze causing a deep impression to form on her breast and a small moan to slip from her mouth.

Tenten's face flashed red with embarrassment as the sound slipped out of her mouth, her eyes darting around to see if anyone had noticed. Thankfully no one else seemed to be paying attention to her. Before Naruto could find some new way to tease her Tenten was called up to the cashier to pay for her clothes and shoes. Tenten sighed and placed her hands on the counter sure that Naruto would let her rest now.

"Ohh these are some nice shoes. I didn't know they were on sale." The cashier said trying to make small talk.

"Yeah" Tenten said trying to keep her voice from rising as she felt Naruto behind her again. His thick cock pressing up against the back of her dress. "They. They were a really..really good deal."

"Are you ok?" the cashier asked looking at Tenten who was gripping the counter hard enough to leave marks. Tenten was biting her lip trying no to moan as she Naruto's cock rock in and out of her ass.

"Yeah, just a little tired." Tenten managed to squeeze out as she felt one of Naruto's hands on the inside of her leg. Tenten felt like she was going to die or explode if Naruto kept it up, especially when one of his hands started to play with her breasts. Her face reddened as she realized that she was standing there getting her breasts and pussy played with while she was trying to pay for her clothes.

"Here you go mam i hope you enjoy the rest of the day." The cashier said and noticed the way Tenten seemed to shake as she reached out for her receipt before jerking hard and grabbing the paper. Tenten blushed hard and quickly fled from the store hoping no one was able to see the juices leaking down her legs or notice the damp spot on the floor where she had been standing.

Sitting down on a park bench Tenten took a deep breath and started to calm herself down. After a second she felt Naruto's arms wrap around her and pull her into his chest. "What a dirty little tool. I wonder what everyone would think if they knew you came in the checkout line." He teased before moving down to kiss her. Tenten felt her whole body melt into the kiss as Naruto held her gently in his arms. Leaning back from the kiss Naruto shot a foxy smile at her before kissing her again. "But I'm not done with you yet my precious little tool. How about we go watch a movie?" He asked

"Sure i would love to watch a movie with you master." Tenten said in delight. It had been a while since she had time to go see a movie and the fact that she would be spending it with just the two of them made it better. "Why don't i make a shadow clone to take the clothes home so we don't have to worry about it." She said before creating the hand sign.

"You learned the Kage Bushin?" Naruto asked in shock.

"Yep" Tenten said smiling at him as the clone took the bags from her and left. "Naruko has been teaching all of us how to do it. Ino used the excuse that we should all know our clans main jutsu but i think she was just really wanting to learn it so we could have more fun with you." Tenten said placing a kiss on Naruto's surprised face.

After recovering from his surprise Naruto escorted Tenten to the movie theater near the mall. Tenten was surprised and a little suspicious at how much of a perfect gentleman Naruto was being after what he had done in the store. The two of them took their time on the way to the theater, talking and laughing and just enjoying being out with each other. Finally, they found their way to the theater and loaded down with food and drink.

"No not there. Let's go set in the back." Naruto said guiding Tenten towards the back of the theater. Sitting down in the back row Tenten noticed how dark it was where they were sitting. Moving up the dividing armrest Tenten scooted over and leaned again Naruto as the movie started.

Tenten spent the next thirty minutes enjoying her popcorn and the way Naruto's arm was wrapped around her back as they enjoyed the movie. "You look so cute curled up against me my little tool." Naruto said in a loving voice and grabbed one of her hands. Tenten smiled slightly when she felt his hand cover hers and thought it was romantic that he wanted to hold hands with her. But then she felt her hand moved over something warm and hard and her smile changed into a playful smirk.

Tenten looked down and could barely make out Naruto's cock sticking up free from the zipper of his pants. "Stroke it for me pet. You got to cum in the store, i think it's only fair that you make me cum now." Naruto said in a quiet voice. Tenten giggled as she realized that this was why he wanted to go to the movies. Tenten let him place her hand on his cock then she started to slowly stroke his cock. She smiled as she stroked him off, taking pride in the look of pleasure that was covering Naruto's face. She had been able to spend all day with just the two of them as well as getting to play out one of her fantasy's in the shopping center. And Naruto was going to fulfill her second one.

Tenten looked around as she stroked Naruto off and could see that the few people who were in the theater were more interested in the action scene that was on the screen. Tenten looked back to Naruto's cock and slowly pumped her hand up and down the shaft loving how large it felt in her hands. Hearing Naruto's pleased grunt she started to speed up.

"Ohh that's so good Tenten-chan. But i want to cum in you delicious pussy." Naruto said though gritted teeth as he held in his desire to shoot his seed into Tenten's hand. Tenten smiled and quietly stood up, her hands lifting the hem of her Chinese style dress.

"Ohh yeah, sit down slowly baby and just lean back into me." Naruto said as Tenten guided his shaft between her lips. Tenten leaned back and tried to fix her dress in the front. Even though it was still ridden up a bit she didn't think anyone would be able to see. "Ohh god that feels so good baby. Just set like that baby, no one will be able to tell what a dirty little slut you are sitting here with my cock in your wet cunt." Naruto said groaning as Tenten got comfortable.

Tenten moaned as she leaned back loving the constant feel of being stuffed by her lover. Slowly though she started to bounce up and down on his hips. Naruto grunted and started to thrust up into her, his grunts sounding like loud explosions where his mouth was next to her ear. "That's right ride my cock. Right here where anyone could see you." Naruto grunted and started to thrust into her with more haste. He had been constantly hard ever since teasing her ass in the store and was really close to Cumming.

Not being able to hold it any more Naruto grunted loudly and slammed his cock into Tenten's pussy and came, emptying himself inside of her. Tenten Couldn't stop it and let out a loud scream of ecstasy as Naruto's cock pounded into her and filled her with his cum. Looking around quickly she was able to see that no one was paying attention to them, the large explosion on screen covering her own screams of pleasure as Naruto kept slamming his cock into her cunt.

Naruto grunted again and came a second time, his cum leaking out of Tenten's pussy as her own body shook form an orgasm and her juices mixed with his. Instead of getting off of him Tenten just laid back against his chest and allowed his hands to roam her body as he slowly kissed her.

"I love you Tenten. Thank you for being with me today." Naruto said quietly between a long kiss.

"I love you to master. Thank you for allowing me to live out my fantasy with you." She said and kissed him back. Tenten continued to set here with Naruto's cock stuffed in her hand his hands roaming her body as they kissed, the movie and other patrons quickly forgotten.

Misaki: "You look so good on your knees slut. Now why don't you spread those cheeks of yours and let everyone see that large ass of yours" Naruto said filming Misaki with one of the new camera's Kushina and Shiori had bought so they could make their own movies. Misaki leaned down against the bed and spread her large golden cheeks letting Naruto film her large gaping asshole and freshly waxed pussy.

Naruto held the camera with one hand as he massaged one of her cheeks with the other. Naruto squeezed her cheeks a couple of times before giving it a large smack causing her to let out a loud moan. Naruto continued to slap her ass as he filmed her, her cheeks turning a nice shade of red before he started to tease his fingers in between her cheeks.

"Look at how much this ass of yours is stretched. You love having big cocks stuffed up your ass don't you slut." Naruto asked letting the camera get a good look at her large distended asshole.

"Yes, i love having my ass filled by big large cocks." She said swaying her hips back and forth for the camera.

"Tell the camera how many cocks you can take up your ass at one time." Naruto said teasing her ass with his finger.

"Mhhm two. It felt so good having those two big thick cocks filling my ass.." She said humming at the memory. She was also getting extremely turned on. She felt so dirty doing this, presenting herself to the camera and talking so lewdly.

"Maybe you can show us again today. But for now why don't you roll over and let us see those large breast of yours." Naruto said zooming out and focusing in on her back and shoulders. Misaki slowly turned over on the bed, her long blond hair masking her breast as she rolled onto her back. Naruto started stoking himself with one hand as he watched her spread her legs letting him get her entire body in one shot.

"Ohh yeah look at those big slutty breasts of yours. Only a whore needs tits that big. Is that what you are Misaki?" Naruto asked zooming in to where only her head and breasts were in the frame.

"Ohh yes I'm just a big bimbo slut who loves to have her breasts played with." She said reaching up to palm her own breasts.

"That's good slut, you do look like a bimbo with those big lips of yours and that thin waist. Touch yourself, let everyone see you play with those large knockers of yours." Naruto said watching as she reached up and started to pinch her own nipples before massaging her breasts.

"That's right, I'm just a bimbo slut who loves having my breasts played with. Don't you want to cover my breasts with all of your hot sticky cum." She purred wrapping her large lips around a nipple and sucking on it. Naruto started to stroke faster but held back not wanting to end their game yet. "Or would you rather cum in my pussy." She asked letting go of one of her breasts and sliding her hand down to tease her pussy. "Look how wet it is. Don't you want to stick your hard cock between these fat wet lips. Hmm use my pussy as your own cum rag as thrust in and out, in and out, over and over making me moan your name."

Misaki arched her back as her hands started to move faster, one mauling her large breast as the other dug into her pussy. "Ohh yes I can feel it right now, so hard. Ohh its so big lover, yes fill me up with your cock, Ohh god, its so good lover, ohh yes punish my pussy with that big cock." She cried out before thrusting her hips up in the air one last time and Cumming, her juices squirting up into the air and hitting the edge of the bed.

Naruto felt like he was ready to burst as he watched her arch up in the air and cum. He wanted to get down on the bed and eat her out and make love to her. But it was Misaki's turn and if she wanted to continue their game then he was happy to continue.

"Did you like my show? Mhmm look how hard your cock is. I bet you would just love to have me wrap these big slutty lips around your cock and suck it wouldn't you?" Misaki asked looking at Naruto.

"Actually I have a better idea." Naruto said and created two Bushin who were quick to kneel on either side of Misaki, their hard cocks resting right next to her face. Misaki licked her lips and let out a pleased purr as she grabbed onto the two large shafts and started to slowly stroke them.

"Look at these two big cocks. I bet you would just love to watch me wrap my hot wet mouth around them and suck on them wouldn't you. Watch as they fuck my throat and cover my breasts and face in their cum?" She said taking the one on the right into her mouth and sucking on it. The clone let out a loud groan of pleasure as she sucked him off, her mouth and tongue wet and warm against his cock. The other clone started to thrust into her hand reminding her of him. "Ohh i haven't forgotten about you lover." Misaki said going back to stroking the first clone before sucking on the second clones cock.

Naruto watched her go back and forth between each cock, sucking and stroking each clone off until they were both thrusting into her mouth in the need to cum. Not being able to stand it any longer Naruto pressed his cock up against her large outer lips and slowly slid into her cunt. Naruto let out a pleased groan as her tight tunnel wrapped around his cock. Naruto started to thrust faster as Misaki started to grind her hips up and down.

"Ohh yes fuck me. I'm just a big bimbo slut who was made to be fucked." She cried as she felt Naruto fully enter her before pulling out and slamming into her again. " YEs, yes, cum on me. cover my slutty body in your cum." She cried as the two clones stroked their selves off and came all over her tits and face. Naruto pulled out as well and came over her stomach.

After he regained his breath Naruto moved the camera up and played it over her cum covered body to her smiling face. Misaki brought a cum covered finger up to her lips and sucked on it cutely as she looked into the camera.

turning off the camera Naruto laid it to the side and grabbed one of the small washcloths he had next to the bed. Misaki couldn't stop smiling at him as he gently cleaned her off. She was amazed at how he could go from treating her like a bimbo slut one second to a princess the next. Satisfied that she was cleaned Naruto bent over and took her in his arms. Misaki moaned in contentment as she felt his lips press gently against hers.

"you are so good to me master." Misaki said "thank you for loving me so much and letting me be myself around you." She said hugging him tight against her.

A few weeks later a due to the machinations of a certain moon eyed princess and her foxlike companion Naruto and Misaki's video made its way to the castle in the land of Spring. A beautifully manicured hand stopped the video and stared it trying to memorize the scene on her screen. Even though she had seen it a dozen times now she was still obsessed with it. Not so much with the woman on the screen, though she did admit she was hot, but with the man above her. Her eyes moved down his strong arms and toned abs to the long hard cock that was gleaming from the woman's juices.

The princess of spring country started touching herself again as she thought of being in that woman's place. She could still remember the last time she had seen Naruto, his bright blue eyes and wild smile causing her to blush as he hugged her up against his strong chest. Even though she had stopped making movies since she took over the country she thought that maybe she would come out of retirement and make one last one.

Tsume And Hana: "I didn't know you new how to cook." Tsume said walking up to the island in the middle of the kitchen. She allowed herself a few seconds to admire his body before pouring herself a glass of wine.

Naruto turned around to thank her but instead found his jaw dropping to the floor. "Tsume-chan your naked." HE said staring at the beautiful woman. Her large breasts hanging heavy but proud on her chest, her large nipples standing out form her half dollar sized areola. He managed to look down from her breasts and saw her beautiful wide hips and the light dusting of dark hair around her mound.

"That way it will be easier for you to take me whenever you choose, my alpha." She said walking over to him and wrapping her arm around her waist. Naruto wrapped his arm around hers and kissed her. Tsume was tall enough that he didn't have to bend down to kiss her, instead he could stand up straight and look into her beautiful eyes as her soft lips parted allowing his tongue entry.

"Mmm you taste good." Naruto growled holding her naked body next to him.

"Would you like some wine my Alpha?" Tsume asked holding her wine glass up to his lips. Naruto smiled and drank the offered drink before turning back to the stove. "Did you enjoy you nap?" He asked giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.

"I had a wonderful nap. You really tired me out today. But i was a little lonely when i woke up." She said pressing herself closer to his side and sitting her glass down on the counter beside the stove.

"I thought i would surprise you and have dinner ready when you woke up." Naruto said grabbing a fork and stabbing a small piece of meat. Tsume smiled showing off her larger than normal canines and happily accepted the proffered meat. Tsume spent the next ten minutes standing beside Naruto, talking to him and letting him drink some of her wine as he finished up fixing their dinner.

Tsume had felt like she had been in a dream the entire day. That morning she had woken up wrapped in Naruto's arms, not a strange happening since he always had at least one clone looking after his pets, but the rest of the day had been spent in long slow sessions of love making as Naruto took her multiple ways leaving her sore and satisfied. And the dinner felt like a continuation of that dream as she set at one of the long tables, looking down it to where Naruto sat at the head of it, a chair that had been unoccupied for years due to her not being able to find an equal as a mate.

After dinner the two retired to the living room and spent a while snuggling on the couch and watching tv before running to the bedroom for another session of love making. Tsume laid on her back with Naruto on top of her, his head squished between her huge breasts. Tsume's lips were red and plump form all the kissing and her eyes were currently half closed as she enjoyed the feel of Naruto's lips and hands on her breasts.

Naruto was in love with Tsume's large breasts. He had enjoyed the way they hung heavy on her chest and seemed to sway as she walked. and now he was enjoying the soft tit flesh under his hands as he motor boated her large tits. Bringing his heads up he pressed her large tits against each other, his mouth watering at the delicious scene below him.

Leaning back down Naruto started to run his tongue over her large dark areola, her body reflexively pressing against his mouth as he teased her large nipples. Naruto took one of her large tits in his mouth, his lips covering her large areola as he started to suck on it. Naruto was presently surprised as cool sweet milk filled his mouth.

"Ohh yes my alpha, suck my breast, dink my milk please." Tsume cried as Naruto squeezed down hard on her breasts making milk start to drip out of her nipples. Leaning down Naruto took his time licking up the milk from her sensitive nipples before sucking on them, draining her large breasts of their delicious meal.

"I could play with these huge tits of yours all night my beautiful pet." he said before letting go of them and making his way down her body. "But it isn't fair if I am the only one getting pleasure." he said leaving a trail of hot kisses down her stomach.

"Believe me my Alpha, I was enjoying the feel of yours hands on my breasts." She said as she felt his lips start to graze over the short dark hair that covered her snatch. Even though Naruto preferred his pets to be shaved there was something about Tsume's unshaved snatch that added to her wildness and allure. Naruto used his fingers to tease the short hairs around her pussy before gently spreading her lips, his tongue entering her and licking at her wet core.

Tsume crossed her legs pushing Naruto's head closer to her snatch and holding him there. In response Naruto bit down gently causing her to yelp and relax her legs, her juices flowing faster now. Naruto continued to lap at her slit, his nose pressed up against the hairs of her snatch as his tongue explored deep inside of her.

Before she could cum Naruto sat up and looked at her, his tongue wiping the last of her juices off of his chin. Naruto reached down and started to play with her huge breasts. "Mhmm i love seeing you like this. Seeing those huge breasts of yours, feeling these sexy curves of yours. Look at these wide hips of yours. Perfect for carrying my pups." Naruto said rubbing his hands over her hips and smiling up at her. It was true, Tsume had a perfect hourglass figure even after two kids, a figure she worked hard to keep. But her lovers compliments of her beauty wasn't what surprised her at the moment.

"You mean it my alpha?" Tsume asked smiling and spreading her legs a bit more allowing Naruto to move in between her. "I would love to carry your pups my lord." Tsume smiled up at him as he grabbed onto the bottom of her ass and lifted her but in the air. Tsume helped him out and placed her legs on his shoulders and locking her ankles behind his head. Naruto grunted in pleasure as he slid inside Tsume.

Naruto felt like a king as he thrusted into Tsume, his eyes watching her large tits sway as her body moved with his. Naruto drove his cock deeper and deeper into her with every thrust, her tight tunnel clamping down around his cock. Naruto groaned in pleasure as his cock pressed against the tight walls, splitting them and burrowing deeper into her hot core.

"do it, fuck me, fill me with your litter." Tsume cried as Naruto's cock stretched the entrance to her womb before breaking though and entering her womb. Naruto continued to groan in pleasure as he slid in and out of Tsume, her cries of encouragement spurring him on. Wanting to try something different Naruto pulled out and let moved her legs off of him before turning her over.

Tsume smiled as she saw what he was doing and was glad for the extra flexibility that came with being a kunoichi. Naruto turned her on her side and lifted one of her shapely legs straight up in the air at a ninety-degree angle. Naruto started to thrust again marveling at how flexible his lover was.

Tsume grunted as Naruto held her leg against her chest and rocked his cock slowly back and forth out of her cunt. "OH behind, please take me from behind." Tsume begged as she felt Naruto start to thrust harder, a sign she had learned meant he was ready to cum. Naruto smiled at how both his little Inuzuka bitches loved being taken from behind. Naruto pulled out long enough to lay down behind her and watched in pleasure as Tsume reached out and grabbed onto her leg keeping it up in the air.

"God that is so hot." Naruto whispered into Tsume's ear as he slid back inside of her. Naruto reached around and started to play with one of her huge swaying tits, squeezing the tit flesh and enjoying how it molded around his hands as he filled her cunt. Tsume craned her neck back and kissed Naruto, moaning into his mouth as she came from his ministrations.

Naruto laid behind her and continue to thrust into her as he kissed her and played with her tits. "I'm going to fill you up with my pups my lovely bitch. I can't wait to see you walking around with my litter inside of you." Naruto growled into her ear before grunting and Cumming inside of Tsume's womb, his hips thrusting quickly as he emptied himself inside of her.

Tsume relaxed into Naruto's arms as she felt him fill her, his arms wrapping around under her large breasts and holding her tight against his chest. "Mm that was great my alpha. I wonder how my daughter is doing on your picnic?" She asked dreamily.

At the moment Hana was running thought the woods with a wild feral smile on her lips. she had loved her picnic with Naruto and was now enjoying a special game of tag. Special because both of them were naked and because of the reward the winner got from catching the other. Right now she could feel Naruto's cum dripping down the inside of her leg from where he had already tagged her once and taken his prize by pressing her hard up against a tree and burying his cock in her cunt. Hana was happy that no one was within a dozen Km of where they were because she had not been a silent lover as Naruto had taken her against the tree.

As soon as he had finished taking his own pleasure Hana's passionate fury intensified and she pulled Naruto against her harshly as she backed up against the tree. "I need you to take me now," she commanded causing Naruto to smile a wolfish grin at her.

His hands grasped her curvaceous behind and lifted her up to press her naked body against the rough bark. She immediately spread her legs to wrap around his waist and Naruto thrust himself deep inside her folds. Her cry of pleasure shook him to the core and he pulled back slightly only to thrust again deeper and harder. Her whimpers of delight echoed in the still evening but he could hear her demanding voice commanding him to go further.

"Yes, Naruto, I need you and I need you now. I need all that you are able to give and more. You must not stop until I am satisfied. Please my alpha, please. Make me cum."

Naruto complied happily and continued to grind his hips into hers as she chewed on his lips and sucked on his tongue. He knew the rough bark was chafing her back but he could also feel that it was intensifying her pleasure in some weird, sadistic way. So he pushed against her some more until he felt her desire erupt and explode in a wave of mind shattering orgasms that left her drained but in no way weak.

Her short pants of breath lifted her chest and she touched his cheek in thanks. "Thank you my alpha."

Naruto pushed her one last time against the rough covering and plunged again remembering the release she had just experienced and he was now allowed to share. His body shuddered as he emptied himself inside her and he sagged against her as his limbs became like rubber. He sank to the ground and held her close as they attempted to get their breathing back to normal.

Hana's daydream about her recent love making distracted her from her surroundings and allowed Naruto to sneak up on her, his body impacting hers and throwing her to the ground. Hanna rolled on her back and clawed at his bare chest until she felt his sharp canines rub against the flesh on her neck.

Hanna let out a little pleading yelp and relaxed her muscles "You took longer to catch me this time my Alpha. Are you getting tired?" She teased causing him to let out a deep grumble as he kissed at her neck, his teeth and lounge drawing across her skin.

"I was just enjoying watching your beautiful ass as you ran away." Naruto said.

"If you had waited a few more minutes I would have brought us to a nice little pool i know and we could have played in it." Hanna said running her hand over Naruto's chest.

"I don't see any reason we couldn't go enjoy it now. We can wash each other off before heading back to the house." Naruto said kissing her lightly before picking her up and rushing towards the pool that Hana mentioned. The forest was soon filled with the sound of splashing and laughing as Naruto and Hanna cleaned each other off. Naruto stood behind Hanna, his hands pouring water over her large breasts and watching as the water rolled down the valley between her breasts. Suddenly a loud crack of thunder split the air and rain started to fall down, disturbing the water and cooling the air

Hana giggled and turned around before pushing him backwards with a playful slap and slowly swam over to one of the large banks near the trees She sniggered as his arms loosened from around her and she pushed away from him, turning herself through the warm water to swim back towards the spring. With lazy easy strokes he swam up beside her and they made their way silently through the water. She listened to the rush of sound of the falling rain; saw the drops falling from between the branches overhead impacting the water around them. they would have to get out of the pool soon and she closed her eyes as she kicked forward and then rolled slowly over onto her back, enjoying the comforting feel of the water over her. They both ignored the steps out of the pool and swam on to the spring the way they had entered.

They reached it quickly enough and Naruto held back as she found her footing at the bottom and walked up through the water back up and out of its hot embrace. Standing up waist deep she made her way towards the spring. The air was chilled over her breasts and shoulders compared to the heat of the pool. The steam had lessened here, the thin cloud hanging over the water parting as she stepped through it.

Naruto's hand brushed against her lower back and she paused to turn to him. He stood up from the water, tiny rivers running down the planes of his chest and stomach. His hand slid up her back, lingering in a way that made her turn completely towards him as he stepped up to her. His other hand glided around her hip and he pulled her against him. His mouth was hotter than the water and his desire was plain, if not from his body, but from the way he tilted her head back and kissed her so thoroughly that the cool night air was long forgotten. His fingers slid between her legs and she murmured around his demanding kiss, eager to return his passion, but his touch was so electrifying that she had to finally break her mouth away from his. She closed her eyes tight, breathing heavily at the sensation of his fingers at her core.

In his arms she rested her head back and allowed him to turn them through the waist deep water, and then the clay bank was against the backs of her legs. She opened her eyes enough to settle herself up the bank some more, out of the water, laying her back down on the comfortable grass at his gentle insistence. His heat pulled back from over her and she looked up as he pressed his lips to her middle, then above her bellybutton. She parted her legs around him further as he hovered over her and she saw him look up at her as he kissed below her bellybutton, then drifting lower still. His eyes held the sensual promise, his arousal and his question that what he was planning was alright. With a loud sigh she dropped her head back to the grass and slid her hands into his hair.

His mouth touched between her legs and she gasped, clutching at his hair. Her eyes tightly shut she lost herself in the sensation of his mouth, his hands on her hips and stroking her thighs. Pleasure so intense she let herself groan as loudly as her body wished, twisting slightly in his hold.

A drop of water hit her shoulder and she opened her eyes to look up at the branches overhead, saw the water shaking the leaves above as the rainstorm continued above the forest. Like the trees dancing in the breeze and impacted by the rain her body danced faster and faster, the pleasure building at his careful thorough touch. Gasping and moaning she looked down at him, her hands caressing through his hair, tightening occasionally as a spike of pleasure hit her. Then it was all a loud rush of emotion and need. The wave crested and she cried out with release, her body constricting around the intense sensations and spasms of bliss. She rocked her head back against the grass and moaned through it, gasping for breath, arching her body and calling his name.

Then everything relaxed and calmed, and she dropped her body to the grass and allowed the cloud of warm pleasure to seep through her. With a sigh she loosened her death grip on Naruto and opened her eyes as much as she could through the weight of her relaxation. Naruto kissed her hip as he looked up at her, his eyes bright and his fingers still touching her gently, probing her. She smiled at him as she let her eyes close again. He kissed her hip again. Naruto crawled further up to cover all of her and leant his weight on one forearm which he slid under her neck. She settled within his embrace, reaching for him as his mouth came down over hers. The kiss was deeply penetrative and she groaned around it and at the feel of his fingers on her again, parting her and he pushed the head of his arousal into her.

Her relaxation transmuted into arousal immediately and she slid her hands around him, feeling the tension of his back and hips. He thrust fully into her and she moaned as she rocked with him. The clay bank under her legs slipped slightly under her stopping her from moving as she wanted and she felt him tense over her. Then he lifted from her, wrapped his other arm under her back and he lifted her settling her slightly further up the bank so there was mostly grass under her and then he was back pressed over her.

She had enjoyed the show of strength and now wriggled against him, finding a new place on the damp grass. He thrust into her again and she sighed as she looked up at him. He was very close to breaking point she could tell; his eyes hooded and glazed in a way she hadn't been able to see previously. She slid her hands over his sides and back, enjoying the feel of shifting muscles, the remaining warm water over his skin mixing with his sweat as he found pleasure with her. She watched the fading sunlight sliding shadows over him as they moved together, the sight arousing her further. She ran her fingers down the line of his spine, down to his lower back, caressing the dip there and then down to his backside.

"Hannah." He gasped into her throat and she dug her nails into his backside. He drove deeper into her rocking against her drawing a loud groan from her throat and she pulled against his hips tighter, as if she could force their bodies to merge somehow. "God, yes." He muttered against her skin as he kissed her throat.

She closed her eyes tightly at the blossom of pleasure in her belly as he rocked into her again. "Naruto." She clawed at his sides as she waited, panting, for everything to split apart again.

"You feel so good." He gasped against her throat, nuzzling up to her ear and breathing heavily against her.

"So good." She panted. "So good." He groaned as he kissed his way across her cheek to her mouth, his forearms outlining her head now and he rocked harder against her, lifting her backside up slightly from the grass. She gasped up at him, her eyes meeting his through the moonlight. "Yes." She exclaimed as her body tightened again and she lost herself on the high rushing through her. But, this time she kept her eyes on him as best as she could; saw him tense as he pounded solidly into her and his body locked into a shudder. She tightened her arms and legs around him, absorbing the straining strength of him as he released into her, enjoyed the thrusts that drew out his tension, his hands tight in her hair, and with one last gasp he relaxed down over her.

With a heavy sigh she dropped her head back and rested her cheek against his head burrowed into her throat. Sighing with her panting breaths she slid her hands up and down his back, feeling the slight shake to his body as his muscles recovered slowly. Her own legs were weak so she hooked her knees over his hips so she didn't have to hold them up much longer. One of his hands dropped down to slide over one of her thighs and he sighed against her neck.

Shiori: "You're so beautiful," he whispered as he placed small kisses down the side of her neck, his breath hot against her skin. She ran a hand up the back of his neck and into his hair, clasping and releasing, massaging in turn.

His mouth lifted from her neck and he pulled her against him, his hands sliding up to her shoulders to pull off her shirt. She rolled her shoulders to help him, enjoying the air against her skin as the material dropped away and he dropped a kiss onto the top of one shoulder. His fingertips ran down her bared back, and she arched her back with a murmur of pleasure, and his fingers caressed back up to the back clasp of her bra. The two sides parted and he pulled the straps down off her shoulders, leaving the bra trapped between their bodies. She leant back into the support of his arm, and he pulled aside the bra, exposing her to him. He had seen her naked more times than she could count, but looking up at him now, she felt her usual flush of arousal and ever so slight touch shyness at the exposure. She arched her back slightly, the ache in her nipples intensifying. His eyes were hooded as he watched them and she watched as he pulled part of his lower lip into his mouth as his hand surrounded her breast again. She let out a moan at the touch, allowing herself to express louder than normal now they were in an empty house.

"Louder, Shiori," he whispered with a mixture of arousal and amusement.

She smiled at his encouragement, as he dipped his head and brushed his lips against the upper swell of her breast. She arched up towards him, her nipple grazing against his chin, the stubble there adding a new sharper element to the touch. She moaned and closed her eyes as he nuzzled down towards her nipple but then only circled around it with his mouth. She clutched tightly at his back and his hair as she protested with a loud breath at his teasing. He chuckled at her response, but continued to tease by licking down the inside of her breast. She turned her body slightly to aid him in reaching her cleavage with his mouth, but he again retreated and with one last breath over her and he sat up.

She murmured at him, her body's demands suddenly louder, but he ignored her request. His hand remained cupping her aching breast and then slid over to her other side to give the other breast the same light teasing attention. Such light contact was very arousing and pleasurable, as were his eyes on her, but the half touch intensified her need more, making the emptiness demand to be filled. However, he seemed in no hurry to touch her more, sitting back to look down at her, watching his hand sliding over her.

"Naruto," she moaned at him finally, both a demand and a sigh of pleasure.

He grinned at her, but it was not with amusement this time, but with the promise of more to follow. She could see in his eyes his enjoyment in the teasing and that he was increasing his own arousal as he did hers. His fingers danced around her right breast, teasing and stroking equally, but still avoiding her straining nipple as he had done with the other. She suspected he could play this game until she would be begging for his mouth on her.

She reached between them to his shirt and began to unfasten the buttons. He wore a thin t-shirt beneath, but even before she had half the over shirt's buttons undone, she gave up, wanting to touch his skin beneath. She ran her hand down to his waist to slip her hand up under the layers of his shirts, and as she did, her palm lightly grazed over his groin. He twitched with the faint contact, but she continued on her intent, sliding her hand up under his shirts to touch against his stomach beneath and up from there, his clothing bunching up over her arm as she did.

She was impatient to touch and see him. Looking at him had always been pleasurable, and she constantly enjoyed the luxury of being his wife and able to see him walk around loved that in the night she could slid her hand under his nightclothes, if he wore any, and touch his skin freely, to circle over his hip, his backside or over his chest. Every part of him aroused and pleased her, and being free to touch and look at him was a luxury she valued highly. A luxury that he in turn also enjoyed with her. Once again she thanked every deity she could for the oppertunity to be out here with him.

He released his hands from her slowly, enough so that she did not fall from his lap, and he pulled his shirts up and off, exposing his wonderful abdomen for her. She set her hands against him even as he was still pulling his arms free of the shirts. The movements he made caused his musculature to move across his chest and arms in the most enjoyable manner and she ran her hands over him with arm slid back around her back to support her, as his other hand returned to sliding over her breasts.

"You're so beautiful," he repeated again. They were words he often told her when they made love, but tonight she found herself latching onto the meaning behind them more than normal.

She turned her focus to his equally beautiful body, as she slid her hands over his bared shoulders and up his neck, enjoying the texture of his skin and that his manhood pressed more obviously against her hip now. She shifted her backside on his thigh, rubbing her thigh against his erection and he let out a nice rumble of sound that made her smile.

He leant forward and pressed his nose and lips into the side of her neck again and she felt him inhale deeply. She ran her hand over the back of his shoulders, scratching a little with her nails to let him know of her want. They had shared almost every type of lovemaking since the first time she had shown herself to him, whether it was slow and passionate, fast and wild or with in one in control, or one tied up or blindfolded, or with any other of playful rules placed on one by the other. But out of all of those times, the most wonderful moments between them had been when those moments had simply spontaneously begun. Such as now. When the two of them just simply followed instincts that were far better tuned to the other than the mind could ever know.

His mouth slid wetly down to her upper chest and she twisted her body to pull his mouth closer to where she wanted it. She felt his smile over the upper swell of one breast and she closed her fingers tightly in his hair. This time he did not tease. He licked and kissed a straight line towards her lifted desperate nipple and his mouth enclosed around it, sucking and pressing his tongue to her. She cried out in delight, arching high against him, clutching her hands in his hair.

"Yes, oh yes," she muttered over and over.

He lifted his mouth slightly and blew gently over her wet nipple causing the sharp burst of cold that excited, especially when followed by the returning heat of his mouth. She murmured and strained as he tasted, licked and sucked her nipple, his hand cupping her tighter to his mouth. His lips lifted and began kissing towards her other breast, and once there he took that nipple into his mouth. She held his head there, murmuring with the feel of his tongue, the slightest edge of his teeth, and the wet sucking heat.

When he finally lifted his head from her, his hand still circling around both her breasts and up her cleavage, she pulled at his neck with both hands to draw him to meet her hungry kiss. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and his hands tightened around her. She sought the intimacy of the deep kiss, as his hands circling over her back and breasts. Her body throbbed with need that was circling down into her belly. He licked into her mouth and when his tongue invaded, she sucked on it, moaning as she did and she felt the shift in him as his arousal reached a new level. Breaking her lips from his, she laid back in his arm, his hooded eyes on her as she did. She reached down her body and unfastened the clasp of her jeans that were so comfortable and form fitting.

His gaze dropped to where she opened the zip of her jeans, and his hand ran down her belly as she shifted in his lap to work her jeans down her hips. He reached to help, their attention turning towards the task of getting her free of the jeans and her underwear beneath. It was a little awkward without her standing up, which would have been far more efficient, but she did not want to leave her place on Naruto's lap. They chuckled as the jeans got stuck around her upper thighs.

He released her back, leaving her to sit up herself against him, and reached over her to pull the last of her clothes away. Her sandals had already dropped to the floor some time ago. Her legs finally free, she waited for his arm to return around her back, but instead both his hands lingered on her lower legs. He ran his hands up from her feet to her knees, massaging and stroking softly over her knees, and only then did he lift one hand to wrap back around her, giving her support again. He parted his legs slightly so that her backside sat more comfortably between his thighs and gave his groin more space. She rubbed her backside into place as she turned towards him, her hip pressing against him. His mouth descended on hers again and this time he forced the invasion.

She cupped his jaw as they kissed, licking and sliding her tongue along his. His free hand slid up from her knee, up along her side and circled over her breasts with his teasing light touch again. Once again, his kisses left her mouth, descending her throat, nipping and licking at her skin, as his fingers ran down her middle, through her cleavage and down her belly. She squirmed under the touch, the anticipation growing. As his hand reached her lower belly his eyes lifted to meet hers and she knew that her eyes would be as glazed as his were. He always liked to watch her as he first touched her and now he slid his fingers down further, over the natural mound of her and he slid his fingers straight through to her wet centre. She groaned loudly and his eyes sparkled with an unsaid delight and request. He ran his fingers through her folds with knowing experience of how to touch her, but it was still light and teasing in nature. She moaned again, and this time she made it nice and loud for him and he grinned.

The touch continued, light and arousing, yet far from the pressure she wanted. She parted her legs further, her left knee bumping against the edge of the desk. That drew his attention and he turned the chair slightly so that she could rest her knee against the desk. His attention drawn, his gaze dropped to his hand between her legs. She looked down herself and, as always, the image of his hand there brought forth a new swell of excitement. She heard him murmur as her wetness increased and his finger pressed into her. She circled her hips, urging him for more and she ran her hands over his chest and arm as he touched her intimately.

"Open your legs for me, Shiori," he whispered and she complied, parting them wider, hitching her left leg up on the desk surface, and his touch increased. He shifted so that he could see her intimately. His fingers penetrated her, sliding deeply, and she groaned, widening her legs even further and she dropped her head to lie against his shoulder. His body shifted against hers again, his face once again tucking in against her neck, his fingers now sliding, pumping and urging. She gasped with the growing need, shifting in his lap, desperate for more, for the release, for the promise.

He pulled his touch from her and his arm slid under her legs, pulling her closer and her leg off the desk. He turned in the swivel desk chair, the room turning around them and then he lifted her slightly. He dropped down onto to floor with her in his arms and she released his shoulders to turn and lie on her back on the rich dark rug across the study floor. Naruto remained knelt in front of the chair, tearing at his belt buckle. She laid her head back as she watched him push down his trousers and he knelt over her. She lifted her knees and he crawled forward between them.

She reached for her husband, sliding her hands over his shoulders and one down his belly to his clearly aching and needful arousal. She slid her fingers around him as he crawled up further over her, dipping to kiss her breasts again. She sighed at the touch, but she was in need of much more now. She ran her hands around his hips to his lower back, and from there slid to the fullness of his backside. He eased down over her, his belly touching against hers and she moaned at the contact, arching up against his hovering lips sliding up her cleavage. He shifted his hips up against her and one of his hands slid up and down one of her hips, her knee pulled up high and she wrapped her lower leg around his side. His fingers teased her centre briefly and then guided himself into her.

She squeezed her eyes tightly shut, her arms around him, as he pushed into her. She was so near the edge of release that just the sight of her husband to go with the overwhelming pleasure would cause it to burst. She wanted just a moment longer, just a moment. He pushed deeper, stretching and filling her, and she gasped with the waves of pleasure. She held on just a fraction longer, until he settled deeply and shifted his weight, pressing her internally just where he knew she could not bear it in such a state. The orgasm hit her with a rush, exploding the need and pent up arousal that he had stoked to this point. She held onto him, crying out with pleasure holding the long loud sound until it died down into a high sigh and became nothing but a breath.

Awareness of the world returned, but there was deep warmth and satisfaction infused with it now. Naruto nuzzled the side of her neck, his body warm over hers, still ready and buried deeply within her.

"Sounded like you needed that," he said with amusement and pleasure near her ear.

She chuckled, the sound seeming smooth and deep to her own ear. Naruto kissed her throat.

"Anytime you need that you call me, okay?" He said as he pulled up from her neck, his weight on his forearms as he rocked his hips, getting into a more comfortable position over her. She rocked side to side with him, her legs, somehow, still around his hips. The movement moved him slightly inside her.

Of course," she replied, feeling dreamy and peaceful.

The rug was comfortable and warm under her back and Naruto's naked body above was even more so. She ran her hands down around his back, her mood relaxed and luxuriant. The overhead light glowed over his naked skin and she retraced her touch up over his shoulders and around his neck. He dipped and kissed her. His kiss was slow, but teased her back into light arousal. Her body, relaxed yet sensitised by the previous release, responded gently. She murmured with the pleasure, enjoying how everything felt. He pulled his hips back slightly and pushed back inside her, testing how soon things could restart. He kissed her deeply again and then pulled from her lips and from her body. She grumbled at the loss of him, but she was feeling too good to protest any further. He chuckled at her.

"You got your fun, now its mine," he replied.

She looked up to see him seated between her legs and saw him drop a heap of fabric aside. She realised he had still been wearing his pants around his lower legs. He was completely naked now, but despite his arousal, he seemed inclined to play. She lifted her left arm and checked the time, worried that they would not have enough time for that.

"We've got loads of time," he assured her as he reached out, capturing her wrist in his warm hands.. She let him take it without concern. His fingers touched down on one of her shoulders and then slid down her upper chest, trailing down between her breasts to her belly.

"I'm more interested in why you needed that release," he asked, though his voice held curious teasing. "Have I not been satisfying my wife?" He asked.

His wandering, smooth sliding touch slid down her belly and around one of her hips. His warm palm felt wonderful slowly sliding over her skin. He sat between her legs, one of her knees rested against his shoulder and her other leg lay straight, resting over his legs. His hand stroked down her straight leg, sliding down to her ankle and then lifted from her as he leant back over her and began his touch again at her shoulder. This time he stroked across her collarbones, around and over her shoulder and then down over her right breast. The stroke continued downwards again this time to her other hip. She felt like she was being explored, caressed and petted all at once.

"Have I?" He asked, returning her to his question. She pulled her fogged mind to his voice, which was deeper and held a lovely arousing vibration to it when he was like this. She could never remember him caressing her quite like this before though.

"You satisfy me greatly," she replied. "Was that not just obvious?"

She smiled up at him, her fingers sliding over his wandering hand and arm as he began another stroke, this time starting from one side of her neck, down over her other breast to her waist and then around her outer hip before sweeping along down her left leg to her foot. Only then did he look back up to meet her gaze, as his hand began yet another caress from her closest shoulder. His touch seemed to be growing slower, or perhaps it was her awareness of the touch that was increasing.

"Some times i worry that i don't give each of you the love and attention you deserve" he remarked quietly and though the question should be one of concern and the beginning of a serious discussion, his voice held nothing but seductive tones.

"All of us love you. And while we would each love to have the real you to ourselves you clones are more than enough." she replied. She knew Naruto very well, but there were times when he suddenly surprised her and this was one of them. They had discussed how he would make sure to romance and live with everyone at the same times, but those times had usually related with fixing sleeping arangements in their constantly growing family.

"I just want to make sure none of you feel unloved or neglected," he argued gently. This time when he reached her toes he turned his stroke and moved up her body instead. His gaze turned to his hand briefly and then back to her face. "Each and everyone one of you mean so much to me."

She smiled up at him, happy at how much he cared and worried about each one of them. How much time he took to spend individual time with each woman, making them feel loved and special. "None of us feel neglected or unloved. Some days I'm not sure if it is possible to be more loved. Being surrounded by your clones and harem."she felt the need to clarify.

"I'm glad to know that," he replied. "Sometimes I worry that i am letting you all down or taking you forgranted."

It pleased and again relieved her to know that he had clearly been pondering the subject, that he had been worrying about them. His touch, sliding up her body, had reached her waist and he spread his fingers to span her middle and then dip around and up her right side, grazing her breast.

His eyes lowered to his fingers which had reached to the base of her throat and his touch became feather light, sliding up the side of her neck, up to her jaw and along softly down towards her chin, and from there up to her lips. She parted them for him and as he ran his index finger along her lower lip, she dipped her chin and caught the edge of his finger with her lips and kissed. His fingertip remained between her lips for a moment, then slid from her lower lip slowly. Inside her, the warm fires were glowing again and her lips felt especially full after such attention. She swallowed as she looked back up to him, wondering if it had been a distraction as much as it had been a seduction.

His dilated eyes lifted from her lips to her eyes, as his fingers dropped to her shoulder. "I know eveyone had different ways of making love, but sometimes i worry that a lack of slow intimant sessions will make you all feel that i really do only see you as toys to be used," he confessed quietly and once the words were out his touch began moving again, sliding very slowly now, over to her other shoulder, sliding along her collar bones and rises of her ribs.

She was truly surprised by his admission. "Slow and passionant? Like we are doing now."She asked.

He gave her a half smile half smirk, as he still did every time she used that word.

"As that i only saw you only as a fuck toy," he clarified with another half shrug, his hand wandering down around her left breast.

She was tempted to sit up with him, but something told her that he needed this moment, the slight distance during which he could touch her freely. It was also vey enjoyable for her.

"Why would you think that?" She asked letting him hear her surprise.

"I don't know," he began, his hand now at her belly button, around which he slid his touch, drawing circles wider and then smaller and then wider again, the touch light and soft.

"You don't need to worry about that. We can see it each time you look at us, hear it each time you say our names," she said to him and he looked up from his circles to her. His hand continued slid from her stomach up her right thigh up towards her knee bent up against his shoulder as he frowned down at her. "We can feel it each and every time your arms wrapps around us as we go to sleep." she explained, voicing her love and admiration, wanting him to know that he was loved by them as deeply as he loved each one of them.

His hand reached her knee against his shoulder and he dipped his head to kiss the top of her knee, making her smile. His fingers moved around to her inner thigh and stroked down part way, slowly, teasingly as he looked back up at her.

"You're so beautiful," he told her as his touch retreated and then ran back down her inner thigh. She felt her breathing increasing with his teasing touch. His fingers lifted from her leg and he looked at her seriously. "You're beautiful on the outside, but even more so on the inside, where it counts, Shiori."

He had told her many words of love and affection over the years, each one she cherished, but she could not remember him saying anything quite like that before. She sat up, keeping her legs where they were around him, and touched one hand to her husband's jaw. She looked deeply into his eyes and then lowered her hand to press it against his upper chest, to the place where only the most treasured may touch another.

"What we shared together, even before we became lovers, taught me what kind of man you are. I love you to your soul, Naruto Senju Uzumaki Namikazi, and when the day comes when we are both too old to even be able to walk, then we will sit beside each other until the Shishingami call us out of this life." She lifted her hand from his chest and touched his face again, her fingertips beside his lips. "My attraction to you physically is only one of the reasons why our lovemaking is so wonderful."

He had been looking very emotional until then, his eyes locked with hers as he took in her words and clearly agreeing with the sentiment. Now the playful sparkle reappeared in his eyes once more and he lifted an eyebrow at her.

"There are other reasons?" He asked innocently.

She smiled at him and leant across the tiny space between them and kissed his lips softly. He returned the kiss, their lips pressing softly and emotionally together. She slid her hand back to its former position over his heart, his kiss deepened slightly before their lips parted again.

She turned her gaze down to her hand on his chest, admiring the toned lines of him, and slid her fingers up over his skin, his chest hair lightly teasing her fingertips.

"You know that there are many reasons," she whispered to him as she watched her fingers reach the base of his throat and she slid them outwards along the strong line of his collarbone.

He nuzzled his nose and lips against the side of her cheek and to her ear.

She slid her arms around his shoulders and pressed close to him, touching her bare chest to his and she pressed her cheek down against the long healed scar. He shifted against her, finding his most comfortable position, pulling her leg further over his hip so that they were pressed tighter.

He responded immediately to her teasing, both his arms wrapping around her and his hands landed on her backside, squeezing her. "Oh really?"

She laughed at him, rubbing her backside against his hands as she ran one hand down the centre of his stomach to where his arousal still strained. If it had dimmed during their conversation, it was not now. He pulled her up and closer, shifting his legs so that she could lift up across his lap. She knelt up over him, her hands on his shoulders, as she set her knees on either side of him. Before she could settle back down over him, he pressed his mouth to her breast and she leant forward, pressing her nipple further into his hot wet mouth. One of his arms slid around her, but his other hand slid down her backside, massaging, to dip between her legs and his fingers slid to her core.

She closed her eyes, her head back, and her hands clutching at his peppered hair. She rubbed herself against his touches, once again allowing her voice to rise louder than usual, free in the knowledge that they remained alone and free to express themselves. She ran her fingers through his hair, massaging his scalp as his tongue slid across to her other breast. She slid her hands down his neck, gasping as his fingers slid up into her.

How quickly the two of them could now flow from passion to confession onto deep emotions, then teasing to sudden passion once more. She surrendered herself to it again, letting loose all concerns, and with full trust and acceptance with Naruto she lost herself to the passion.

He pulled his mouth back from her chest, his breathing loud and fast, and she looked down at his glazed dilated eyes looking up at her with need. She ran her hands up the back of his neck again, keeping the direct eye contact. She began to lower herself over him, sliding her body against his. His heavy sighs of pleasure became her name as she reached between them and guided his arousal to her opening. She spread her knees wide as she settled into place in his lap, with him buried deep inside her. His arms around her, his hips flexed, lifting her slightly. She moved with him, but not lifting from him, keeping them pressed tightly together, controlling how much he could thrust.

She circled her hands over his shoulders ad leant in to kiss his open mouth. He kissed back, his tongue seeking to thrust with more freedom than the rest of him could. She pulled her lips from his, again denying him too much too fast. His eyes were locked on her mouth as she licked her lips and she began to roll her hips. He held still and she smiled as she squeezed him inside her and he groaned long and loudly.

"Uh, yeah, that's good," he muttered breathily several times as she repeated the movement, lifting slightly and rolling her hips forward. "That's real good, Shiori." His expression was tightening, his breathing growing shallower, and his hips flexed under her as he was abruptly rushing towards his release point.

She leant forward and kissed him again, this time making the kiss deep and fulfilling. He returned it with as much focus as he could with his arousal so high and fast. She sucked on his tongue before lifting herself from him completely. He groaned with the loss, but she knelt up, breaking their kiss slowly, his head tilted back to keep it going until the last moment. She pulled on his lower lip with her teeth as she finally finished the kiss and she then shifted onto one knee and turned herself around.

His hands steadied her at her sides and now with her back to him, his hand guided them back together as she sat back on his lap. She groaned with her own pleasure as he slid inside, rubbing her differently and satisfyingly. His hands slid up and down her back briefly, squeezing her backside set in his lap, before sweeping up and around to cup her breasts. He repeated his mutterings of approval as she began rocking herself in his lap again.

He kissed over her upper back, his hands massaging her breasts, his fingers capturing both her nipples. She closed her eyes and rocked faster on him, her hands sliding up his strong thick forearms to cover his hands over her breasts. He was near to breaking point, but she kept him hovering there, her weight not quite allowing him the freedom to thrust.

She rocked a few more times before his hands slid down from her breasts to her waist as he pushed up against her. She understood his request and she moved forward and up onto her hands and knees. He kept with her most of the way, his body settling over and behind hers, his mouth latching onto her neck as he began thrusting fast and deeply into her with their new position. She groaned loudly at the free, smooth strokes, delighting in the feel of Naruto's mouth now on the back of her neck, his chest against her back, his groin against her backside and his thighs between her spread ones.

His hands caressed all over her, up and down her sides, massaging her breasts and down her belly to between her legs. The pressure was building gloriously, and she panted with it, asking him for more and he sped up. His breath was hot on the side of her neck, up by her ear, licking and panting her name in return, his hips moving with a breaking rhythm as he tried to control himself despite the end clearly pulling him forward.

She gathered her mind enough to press against him to signal him to pause, and once he did, she pulled forward and turned to lay down on her back under him. She wanted to see his face and feel his heart against hers. She reached up for him as he laid down over her, and he pushed her knees up high and wide as he thrust straight into her with one sudden stroke. She reached up to cup his face, his jaw in her hands and he looked down at her, thrusting with his own needful pace and breaking rhythm. She opened her mouth wide, letting out the long moan that was her fast approaching release, but she kept her eyes on him.

She watched his wild eyes shift from her mouth to her eyes before he lay down completely over her as he pushed in deeply and released with a loud groan of her name that became a long sighed expletive into her throat. He rocked into her, rubbing himself through his completion where he knew she needed to feel him, and her own orgasm hit in a full warm wave.

She arched her back, pressing herself tightly against him, pressing the back of her head into the thick pile rug as she sighed out a long heavy moan of her own. The warmth of release flowed through her, her body spasming against his, drawing his release out further, her body taking all it could from him. He groaned happily against her once more and his body relaxed completely over hers. She held him tighter as the last of her own waves of release faded, leaving deep pleasure saturated warmth behind. She relaxed her body down, the two of them sprawled in a heap on the rug, and she sighed out long and happily.

"That was good," he muttered with feeling, muffled against her shoulder.
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