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Keeping it in the family

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Naruto gets to sleep with two hot milfs and a sexy milf to be.

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Chapter 21

"OH look mommy, daddy left us a clone so we can show him the clothes we picked out." Naruko said spinning around to smile at Ino. Turning back around she grabbed ahold of the clones arm and pouted slightly. "Do you want to see the clothes we picked out daddy?"

"I would love to see what you picked out princess. But it's late so just pick out something and you can show me the rest tomorrow." Clone Naruto was glad that since the war his clones had more staying power since from the look of the two blonds he was going to need it.

As Naruko walked into the bathroom to change Ino slid up against Naruto's side and wrapped her arms around his neck "Do you want me to tell you about all the dirty things your sweet little daughter did today?" She asked slowly pressing more and more of her body against him. Even though her large stomach was getting in the way, she still managed to snuggle up against him. "Do you want to hear how your little girl let the tattoo artist she her little kitty? Do you want to hear how she touched herself as she lay on the table? Hmm or maybe you would like to hear how she moaned as I ate her out in the changing stalls."

"And what about you slut? I bet you enjoyed teasing the tattoo artist with those huge tits of yours." Naruto said pulling her in tighter against him and kissing her head.

"Mhhm I did, I let him watch as I played with my sore aching nipples though my shirt and gave him a long look at my big fat pregnant cunt." She said bringing her hand down to rub over his cock. "But what I liked most was teasing this cute little cashier at the clothing shop, letting her watch as your sweet little girl pounded her big hard cock into my cunt and made me cum all over her."

"Are you going to punish me and mommy for being bad, daddy?" Naruko asked as she stepped out from behind the door. Naruto's eyes widened as he saw his daughter standing in front of him. Naruko stood staring at him with a sweet innocent expression that was helped by her childish pigtails in her hair; the expression was not helped at all by her dress. Naruko's shorts didn't hide anything at all giving him a good view of her wide hips and long tan legs, he even thought he could see the outline of her cunt though the jeans.

Her shirt was not any better, it looked two sizes too small for her and was cut off right under her breasts. A pair of beautiful breasts that seemed to be straining against the thin fabric to get free as the bars in her nipples pressed against them.

"Yes, you both have been bad bad girls today and I need to show you what happens to bad little girls who let other guys play with her pussies." Naruto growled in mock anger. Truing to Ino he held her close and smile a big toothy grin before kissing her. "And why don't you go lay over there on the bed and get comfortable. I will deal with you after I deal with our slutty little daughter."

Naruko walked over to model the outfit for Naruto. He gasped when he saw her, her giant, pointy young breasts rode high and proud on her chest, nipples covered and straining against the white fabric of the top, pussylips practically visible under the waist of her pants.

Naruko spun around to show off her perfect ass, her face lighting up when she heard his gasp; the sight of the tight jeans disappearing between her plump asscheeks was almost too much for him to bear. Naruko raised up his arms so he could also see the sides of her huge breasts from behind.

Nervous for his reaction, and desperately wanting Naruto to rip it off of her Naruko turned back around, her huge breasts jutting out from her body, wobbling prettily for Naruto to see. Naruko looked him in the eyes and winked. "Don't you just love it, Daddy?"

Naruto placed his hands on her bare hips and looked her up and down, his body aching at the sight of her. Getting into character Naruto locked her with a steely gaze. "Honey! You'll get arrested in that! You couldn't possibly wear that in front of your friends. The boys will rape you! And what about when you jump or run somewhere? That top will come right off and leave those fatties totally bare, bouncing for the world to see! Is that what you want? And do you want to tempt horny men into using your bottom against your will, sweetie? Because that's what will happen. You are asking for it in that outfit, young lady. Asking to be raped up the ass! Asking to get those melons covered in semen!"

Naruko attempted to hold back a moan as her father scolded her. "Yes" she thought wickedly. "That's exactly what I want. But I want it from you, Daddy". Naruko could feel how wet she got when he mentioned anal sex. Her mind filled with images of him shoving his big foot long cock into her tiny ass, her little ass being pounded as he bottomed out in her.

Naruto's face betrayed him as he scolded Naruko. He had pure lust in his eyes as he lectured and threatened, leering at her nearly nude body, licking his lips, admiring how her fat tits overflowed and strained against the tiny top, breathing heavily at the sight of her barely-covered, bald cuntlips. "Turn around again," he barked.

Naruko watched through the mirror as Naruto's mouth dropped open. Still in awe of his beautiful little girls pert little bottom, it looked like he wanted to bury his face right between her pretty cheeks and take a long lunch.

Naruko was imagining him fucking her the bottom as he punished her. Hoping that he would punish her with a barehanded spanking and a stern, balls-deep buttfucking. Naruto was having very similar thoughts at that moment. He was imagining all the life lessons he could teach her just by drilling his big Daddy cock down her throat and up her cute little bottom.

"Honey, that outfit is so inappropriate. It's vulgar. You look like a slut. Is that what you want? To look like a slut? Because if you look like a slut, you will become a slut. Sluts get what they deserve when they dress like that. Do you want to get raped? Is that who you are? A huge titted little cumwhore who takes it up the ass and begs to get raped? Huh?"

"Ohh god yes daddy, I've been such a bad girl. Punish me daddy." She begged pressing her body up against his.

"Look at these huge slutty tits of yours. Do you know what every guy is thinking of doing to those huge fucking breasts of yours" He said grabbing onto her tits and squeezing them. "Do you enjoy teasing men with your big tits. Do you know what happens to sluts who go around teasing men with their huge tits hanging out" Naruto continued to maul her tits with his hands, loving how it felt to squeeze her firm tits.

"Ohh yes daddy. Play with my tits daddy, suck on my huge slutty tittys. I'm just a little cum whore who deserves to get her ass raped for teasing her daddy." She said as Naruto ripped off her shirt and started to play with her breasts. Naruko continued to talk dirty as Naruto took one of her large breasts into his mount and started to suck on it. Running his tounge around the areola he started to play with the little metal rod attached to her nipple.

Naruko yelled in surprise as Naruto took the rod between his teeth and pulled on it causing her nipple to extend a bit. Naruko was enjoying playing the sluty little daughter, and glancing over at Ino it appeared she was enjoying watching. Naruto continued to maul her huge tits, moving back and forth from one to the other leaving them each reddened and wet where he had been playing with them.

Naruko fell into a haze as Naruto continued to play with her breasts, the front of her pants starting to dampen as juices flowed out of it. She was caught by surprise when Naruto straightened up and kissed her. His tongue forcing its way into her mouth and down her throat. Naruko's yell was sucked up by Naurto's lips as he continued to basically tongue fuck her throat. Placing her hands on his chest Naruko started to kiss back. The two stood there, each one fighting for control of the kiss as their bodies ground up against one another. Finally having to break away for air the two smiled at each other before Naruko found herself spun around and bent over the side of the bed.

Naruto watched as Naruko leaned against the bed, her hugs tits swinging under her as she swayed her little ass side to side teasing her. Reaching around her waist, he grabbed onto the button of her shorts and pulled them down. "What's this a tramp stamp, you got a tramp stamp? You know only sluts get tramp stamps. Is that what you are, a little slut who loves to get fucked and used." He said playing the part of the angry father.

"God yes daddy. I'm a tramp, a slut, a whore. I'm a bad little girl who deserves to have her daddy punish her with his big fat cock." She said as she felt him rub his hand over the tattoo. She already knew that he loved the tattoo and thought it was a cute sexy thing for her to have. And he knew that it made her happy to be visibly branded as his property. When Ino had shown Naruto hers though she had used the words fuck toy instead which was something that she hoped Naruto would take to heart.

Naruko squealed as Naruto placed his face between her soft ass cheeks. His tongue invading her sweet little hole making Naruko scream and buck. Naruto grabbed onto her hips and held her in place as he continued to lick at suck at her cute little ass, his tongue teasing the tight sphincter. Getting it nice and wet Naruto moved down to her slick little cunt. Its honey like juices already dripping out onto the floor.

Naruko moaned, pushing her round bottom up into his face as Naruto devoured her asshole "Ohh god that feels so good. Eat it out daddy, Eat your little girl's cunny." She cried as his tongue slipped between her wet lips to lap at the juices. Naruto moved between her cunt and her ass, licking at sucking on it until her had Naruko squirming and moaning under him.

"It's okay, baby. Open that tiny hole back up for Daddy. Let me suck your butthole, honey. It tastes so good. Daddy needs to get his fill of your sweet bottom, and also get you ready for your ass pounding later."

"Yes daddy do it, rape my ass. I'm a slutty little whore who deserves to be punished by your big daddy cock" Naruko said, relaxing her anus to allow his tongue inside again. He quickly buried it deep in her butt. "it feels so good" Naruko said as she started to crave his fat cock up her ass

Naruko wanted Naruto inside her like that, up her ass to the hilt, claiming her as his, over and over again. Naruko relaxed into the bed and spread her legs further for Naruto's slobbering tongue, enjoying the thorough rim job he was treating her to. 'I'm such a lucky girl, getting spoiled by my daddy like this.' Naruko though as she came from Naruto's ministrations.

"I'm not gonna be gentle later, sweetie," Naruto said moving above her and pressing his face against her ear. "Not at all. I'm gonna pound this perfect bottom into submission while you scream and thrash. And you're gonna take it for Daddy, just like you always do. No matter how much it hurts."

Ino lay at the head of the bed moaning, her fingers bringing her to orgasm and causing her to cum all over the sheets just from watching Naruto eat out Naruko's ass and pussy. Smiling at Ino he slid a finger up Naruko's ass. Then two. Then he was slamming his two fingers in and out of her rectum as hard as he could. "Time to hurt, slut," he growled still in character.

"Yes pound my ass daddy. Make me hurt, make me scream for your big daddy cock." Wiggling her ass at him she braced for the pain, trying to relax her asshole as much as possible. Naruko was happily determined to take her buttfucking eagerly and submissively. Naruko squirmed and shivered as Naruto inserted a third finger and angrily fingerfucked her ass. Naruko moaned aloud as she gave into it, his fingers spreading her ass for him.

Naruto spoke up, his hot breath brushing over her ear. "Oh, so you think you're some kind of anal whore because you can take three fingers? Because you've had my dick up your ass a few times? You're not even close yet. By the time I'm done with you, honey, you'll be a certified anal whore just like your slut mothers." He said refering to the now common knowledge, at least among the clan, of Sakura and Tenten's love of anal sex. "You'll beg on your hands and knees for a big dick up that perfect ass."

Naruto stood up and gave her ass a hard slap that produced a wondrous smacking sound. Smiling Naruto grabbed onto her tight cheeks and started to squeeze them as he took her time slapping and smacking them. Naruko cried out and squirmed under his hand as he hit her ass. Smiling Naruto then pushed her legs together and climbed up to straddle the tops of her thighs.

Naruko heard him open the lube and smear it on his cock. Then he slid his huge swollen cock right between her tight asscheeks and began to fuck them as if they were tits. Both of them found it amazing, Naruto standing behind her squeezing her cheeks together and titfucking her bottom. Ino also loved how it was looking, her long legs spread out as she played with her clit, watching Naurto's long cock slide in between Naruko's ass. Naruto fucked Naruko's cheeks like that for several minutes, gradually picking up the pace until he was fucking her crack furiously. Naruko was in heaven as she lay there and moaned and squealed and writhed underneath Naruto.

Then, a pause. And suddenly Naruto's gigantic fat cock head was pressed against her anus, pushing its way in forcefully. Naruko winced as she felt her asshole stretch to take Naruto's huge shaft. she was paralyzed as he slid it all the way home. Then Naruto pinned her to the bed with his cock up her ass to the hilt. Naruto moaned, his balls resting against her wet cuntlips as he gave her time to adjust.

Naruko screamed, half in pain and half in pleasure as the feeling of having her ass stuffed overwhelmed her. "Ahhhh, Daddy!"

"Shut up, sweetheart. Take Daddy up your ass like a good slut. Take it, baby. Good daughters take what their daddies give them," he grunted, beginning to saw his foot long cock in and out of her ass, his strokes getting longer and longer until he was hammering his huge rod in and out as hard as he could, slamming her tight asshole with his mammoth rod until he was balls deep, almost withdrawing, then slamming it right back in.

"If you didn't want to get buttfucked, you shouldn't be walking around with those huge tits and this plump little ass. This is completely your fault for having such a slut body," Naruto said as he fucked her tight ass. "You are asking for this, honey, every time you run around in those slutty little clothes. Every time you tease Daddy with those big titties."

Naruto sped up as he buttfucked her harder, sliding his cock in as deep and he could and causing her to lose her breath. Naruko started to yell, tears forming in her beautiful blue eyes. The sound of her screams made Naruto pump his cock in and out of her ass even harder. "Cry all you want, honey. This is me claiming what belongs to me. My slutty daughter's tight asshole belongs to me."

Ino watched as her Daddy assfucked Naruko expertly. Her tits and pussy aching for his touch as she watched Naruko sob quietly and take it, her face smashed into the bed. Ino pumed her fingers in and out of her ass as she watched Naruko face down getting her pristine ass raped by her Daddy's fat, relentless cock. And even though it hurt like hell Naruko didn't want him to stop...she kept imagining the moment when Naruto would blast his huge load of sperm up her ass. She wanted it and was craving the feel of him in her, of him owning her.

Pretty soon, as usual, she realized how good her Daddy's brutal assfucking actually felt. It was sensual and deep. His dick was so big, pushing greedily into her rectum. She could feel it stretching her walls, could feel it on her g-spot.

Naruko pushed her ass up so Naruto could fuck it deeper, and when he realized how eager she was, he reached around and began stroking her clit, cooing into her ear. Naruko's eyes rolled back in her head as he pounded into her, her tongue hanging out of her mouth as it was overcame with a crazy fucked look. She loved it when he started talking dirty.

"Good girl, baby. I knew you'd love getting buttfucked by Daddy. Your asshole is so fucking tight, sweetheart. I've never fucked anything so tight in my life. Mmm. Yes. That's it. Good. Your pretty little ass was made for Daddy, little girl. Daddy's dick belongs crammed right up his daughter's ass, yeah? Does it still hurt, sweetheart? I hope it doesn't hurt too much.

"You're going to be getting assfucked by Daddy a lot, baby. I love you. I love your little asshole. Daddy loves you, honey. Do you hear me? Daddy loves his precious little girl. Daddy owns your tight little asshole, do you understand? It's Daddy's favorite thing to fuck. Daddy's dick belongs up your butt, honey." Naruto said slamming into her ass over and over again. He watched his long cock slide in and out of her ass, the walls sliding out a bit, trying to hold the large rod inside of her. As he thrust in Naruto slapped her ass causing her to buck and moan, her whole body shaking as she came.

"The best daughters let their horny Daddies take out their stress on their tight little bottoms." Ino cooed as she watched Naruko come back to conscious after her orgasm. "Good little girls let their daddies fuck their sweet hot cunts and use their big fucking tits as his personal cum dumpster. Are you going to be a good little girl for your daddy?"

Naruko gave her a wide grin before moaning and bucking forward as Naruto continued to slam into her. She moaned as Naruto continued to tell her what he was going to do to her, day in and day out. "I'm gonna fuck you up the ass every day, sweetie. Just like I have been. Gonna fucking cram it in my sweet girl. Buttfuck you till you scream for Daddy to stop. I love you, honey. Daddy loves his girl so much..." Naruto said rubbing his hands over her back as he slowed down. He started at her lean back, her skin gleaming under a sheen of sweat as she panted for breath.

Naruko was in heaven now, the nerve endings in her asshole responding lustily to Naruto's ass hammering. Her groans of pain having long ago turned to moans of desire. she didn't think she could physically wait for Naruto's enormous rod to unload its hot spunk deep in her ass. Naruko felt a mini orgasm sweep through her as she imagined being owned and filled up by Naruto as he unforgivingly fucked her bottom.

Naruko pressed her face into the bed and stuck her ass up even further, greeting Naruto's prodding dick willingly, until he let out a primal grunt and blasted a hot load deep in her ass, then another, then another. Naruko clutched the sheets in her hands and yelled in pleasure as rope of hot sticky cum coated the walls of her intestines.

"Ohh yes daddy fuck my kitty. Fuck my dirty little kitty daddy." Naruko cried as Naruto pulled out of her ass and thrusted hard into her soaking wet cunt. Naruto loved the feeling of her hot slick snatch as he slid in and out of her. "Ohh daddy's big cock is in my little kitty. Momma look, ohh it feels so good."

Ino was watching as Naruto quickly brought Naruko to orgasm after orgasm as he fucked her small pink snatch. "Ohh that's it, touch my kitty daddy, rub your daughter's cute little cunny and make me cum on your big cock." she cried as Naruto reached around and started to rub her fingers over her wet mound. Speeding up his thrusting he slammed into her cunt causing her to cum, her whole body shaking as she passed out and fell on the bed. Naruto continued to fuck her cunt as their juices leaked form her cunt and ass. Finally, coming Naruto made a second clone to go clean her up and take her to bed.

"Will you be my daddy tonight master? Will you punish your bad little girl for letting someone see her big fat pussy?" Ino asked seductively as Naruto turned to her. Smiling with the same seductive manner she slowly laid back on the bed and spread her legs. Her dress was just about as bad as Naruko's. The gauzy white lace seemed to mold to her body and give tantalizing glimpses at the golden skin underneath. Her breasts were also on full display with the dress only really covering her nipples.

She watched hungrily as Naruto crawled up onto their bed, his huge cock still gleaming with Naruko's juices. Ino's long tongue came out to lick her lips as she watched the huge monster swaying as he crawled up to her. Her mind filling with images of licking those delicious juices off of it before he held her down and fucked her throat with that huge dick.

Naruto growled as he climbed over Ino, the thin white lace seeming to entice the mind while still showing off lots of delicious flesh. He looked her up and down, his eyes turning to slits as he stared at the seductive whore in front of him. His whiskers darkened as he looked at her pregnant belly. His whore who had been teasing another man with her big fat cunt and those slutty milk filled tits of hers.

Ino tried to hold in a moan as she felt Naurto's claws poke though her dress and rake against her skin. She felt like her entire body was on fire as he looked at her, his red chakra aura starting to form around him. This is what she wanted; she wanted to be fucked, brutally, for what she had done. She wanted him to take her and remind her who she belonged to.

She had loved the slow lovemaking they had that morning and defiantly wanted to take more time to have sessions like that. But this was what she craved, the passionate, lustful, brutal fucking that made her feel like a dirty whore and left her aching in all the right ways.

"Are you going to punish me master? Are you going to punish me for showing myself to another man, for letting another man see my dirty cunt. You know he was thinking about it. About sticking his hard cock in my fat pregnant cunt. I bet that would have felt so good, to have him inside me, fucking me in front of your little girl." She watched as Naurto's chakra cloak formed around him, his nine golden tails bursting to life.

She had enjoyed being an exibitentionst but all she had been able to think about while they were out what Naruto would do to her as a punishment. She had even earlier told him about the cashier and they had planned to go back to the shop and have sex there before maybe inviting the cashier to join them. But she was finding it fun to tease Naruto with the idea of her fucking other men as it seemed to be bringing out his more jelious and animalistic side.

Growling Naruto thrust his hand out and wrapped it around Ino's throat. Ino instinctively tried to back away as his hand clinched tighter. Naruto grinned darkly as he held her down. Though there was still enough worry about their baby that he reminded himself to not cut off her air flow. Using his hand to hold her down Naruto took her dress in his other hand and ripped it off her leaving her exposed before him.

"I bet your cunt is already soaking isn't it bitch. I bet you've been thinking about what I'm going to do to you all day." He said leaning down to brush his lips over hers. Ino moaned as his teeth bit gently into her lips urging her to open her mouth. Ino complied, letting Naruto lead the kiss. "You get off on teasing men don't you slut. On letting them imagine what they would do to this sexy body of yours."

"I do, I love the looks men get when they are imaging what they would do to me. When they are thinking of shoving their big hard cocks up my cunt or what it would feel like to have my lips wrapped around their shaft." She said smirking up at Naruto.

"I'm going to show you what happens to dirty teases like you." Naruto growled at her.

"Mhmm who said I was a tease master?" Ino grinned

"I'm going to remind you who you belong to. That the only one who gets to see that fucking cunt of yours is me. You're going to learn what happens when you go around teasing men with that big fat cunt of yours."

Ino didn't have the chance to say anything as Naruto's nine tails started to move. She watched as four of them started to wrap around her limbs and lifted her up into the air. 'He's going to use his tails to fuck me isn't he?' She moaned as one of the other tails brushed up against her hard nipples. From the look on Naurto's face it seemed like she was in for a brutal fucking. Ino yelped as she felt the tips of two of the tails brush against the opening to her ass. She was just about to say something when the one between her breasts snaked up and pressed against her lips.

Smiling Ino opened her mouth eagerly awaiting the giant tails. She gagged, more for effect than anything else, as the tails filled her mouth and throat. She could feel it hot and pulsing as it slid around inside of her throat. Naruto smiled darkly as he watched her hanging in the air gagging on the tail. Commanding the other two he slowly pushed them into Ino's cunt making the young ninja squirm in the air as the two large tails of chakra entered her.

Ino continued to squirm as she felt two more tails enter her ass, the chakra burning as it rubbed over her sensitive clit and ass. She really did start to gag and squirm as the tails grew and stretched her holes. Pulses of energy ran through his tails making them change shapes and vibrate inside of her. But as Ino found out there was a dark side to this, as long as the tails were inside of her she couldn't cum.

Naruto watched as Ino's eyes teared up and she tried to scream as the tails started to fuck her faster, moving out of her and teasing the openings before sliding back inside. It was a beautiful sight, seeing her squirming in the air as the tails held her up and fucked her, it was like something out of a henti manga. Eventually as it seemed like she was going to go crazy from not being able to cum she found herself being laid down on the bed. As soon as the tails retreated from her, she tried to move her arms to get herself off. Instead she found two of the tails still around her wrists and one constricting tightly around her throat.

"Ohh no you don't bitch. You don't get to cum until I am done fucking that huge cunt of yours. I'm going to fuck you until you're screaming to cum." Naruto said as he positioned himself between her legs. She watched as two of the tails started to wrap around his already large cock causing it to grow to twice its size. She also saw four other tails do the same thing. She squirmed and tried to get away as the largest of the pair moved towards her face. Her scream was cut off as the large chakra cock forced itself down her already well fucked throat.

Just as Ino was getting used to the huge cock in her throat, she felt the two other cocks press against pussy. She jerked her hips as she felt the two large cocks press into her cunt. She had never had two cocks of that size inside her pussy at the same time. Naruto started to thrust hard into her, watching as she moved her hips up instinctively to meet him. Pulling one of the cocks out of her mouth with a wet pop so he could hear her moans of pleasure he sped up his thrusts.

"Fuck me more Naruto, your fat cock is spreading out my pussy! I've been a naughty girl Naruto I deserved to be punished! Fuck me rough! I love the way you fuck me! I'm almost there Naruto I can almost already feel you're hot cum coursing into me!" said Ino as Naruto thrusted faster and faster into both her ass and pussy.

Ino screamed out another orgasm and started babbling "I'm a dirty fucking whore! Ah, ah, I'll do anything you want, I'll fuck you in public if you want me too! Master, deeper, your cocks feel so good! I've been a naughty girl Master, I need to get punished, spank your bitch harder! I need to feel your hot delicious cum inside me! Please cum in my hungry womb." She could feel another release approaching. A minute of pounding her tight holes Naruto could feel his release as well.

"That's good to know. The Yamanaka heir is just some dirty whore who wants to get fucked every day. Tell me how much you wanted me to fuck you, tell me how the Yamanaka heiress became such a slut." He grabbed her waist to keep her steady. Giving her ass a hard smack when he could, only regretting that he couldn't see her jiggle and redden.

"I became a skanky slut because of you, Master. You fucked me so hard you broke my pussy! Only your giant cock can please me now! I'm just a dirty fuck hole who gets you off! I'm a fucking dirty noble just like Hinata, and I love it! I love the way you fuck me! I love being sore when I wake up after taking your huge cock inside me! I love knowing you fucked my brains! I'm a dirty slut who wants to feel you're hot sticky cum all over my body Master, and I don't care who sees or hears me!" Ino screamed at the top of her lungs. Trying to remain coherent, enough to scream as orgasm after orgasm washed over her.

"That's right, you're my pet, my toy, my little toy bitch!" Naruto grunted, he was close, he could feel it. She continued to practically bounce on his cock as he slammed into her. Naruto's eyes tried to hold out a few seconds longer by focusing on her hypnotic breasts. "Faster slut, cum for your Master!" Naruto roared as he came. Blast after blast of cum filling her already cum painted walls.

"AHHHHH!" Ino threw her head back and screamed as she had one of the hardest orgasms of her life. Ino went limp against the bed only to be scooped up and held by Naruto. Slowly nuzzling her cheeks against his muscular frame.

"Did you enjoy that my little kitten? I think you lived up to your tattoo" He said cradling her in his arms. Leaning down her kissed her gently on the lips, savoring the taste, as he looked into her bright love filled eyes.

"I hope you know I love and only you." Ino said quietly as she stared into his eyes. Taking one of his hands in hers, she placed it on her swollen stomach. "Even though I enjoyed teasing you and making you jealous I need you to know that you are the only man I want to touch me, the only one I want to feel inside me." She said slipping his hand down to cup her lower lips. "Well maybe not the only one" She said grinning.

"Ohh and why is that?" Naruto said bringing his hand up to wrap around her and hold her closer to him.

"Because if your sons end up being half as handsome and loving as you are I'm not sure I would be able to resist them." She said causing Naruto to laugh and kiss her on the forehead.

-Mikoto's new room-

Mikoto stared into the mirror as she laid the small comb down on the table. Smiling at her own reflection, she pulled the top of her kimono apart revealing the tops of her pale white breasts. She had taken her time getting ready for Naruto, just as her instructors at the Uchiha compound had taught her to do when she was a little girl. Looking at herself in the mirror, she saw the demur pleasing geisha she had been trained to be staring back at her. Wrapping herself in the baby blue kimono she had been given she walked over to one on the cushions in the middle of the room and sat down and waited.

It seemed that as soon as she had settled Naruto had come through the door, his body still glistening with the sweat from his time with Kushina and his eyes a mix of hunger and compassion. As their eyes met Mikoto gasped as all that attention was centered on her. Naruto walked confidently to her and as he reached her Mikoto stretched out a hand and motioned for him to sit down beside her. "My lord, how may your geisha serve you tonight?"

Smiling Naruto got down on one knee and placed his hand under her chin. "Why do you have your sharingan activated my pet." He asked, his bright blue eyes locking with hers.

"So that I can remember every moment as you take me my lord." She replied, slowly running her eyes over his face and body, memorizing it for later use.

"I want to remember every moment as well. Especially how beautiful you look right now." Naruto let his eyes travel over her body in a slow leisurely inspection. Unlike the rest of his lovers, Mikoto's was like that of a porcelain doll. Her skin white and perfect and her body small and fragile. The only colour aside from the raven black hair was her lips that seemed as red as her eyes. Naruto was somewhat shocked that such a strong women would present herself in such a delicate and fragile way. However, he could not deny how beautiful she was or how strong it made him feel to hold her body against his.

Leaning in Naruto kissed her, her blood red lips pressing softly against his. Naruto let his hand fall to her neck as he deepened the kiss. Mikoto felt his thumb brushing over the soft skin in the hollow of her neck while his hand gripped her throat holding her in place as he deepened the kiss. Mikoto was not a passive participant; she had been taught how to please men since she was fourteen. Instead, she kissed back, her tongue running over his and beckoning it into her mouth.

"Does my appearance please you my lord?" She asked as Naruto let his eyes drop from her ruby lips to the soft white swell of her breasts under the kimono. In response, Naruto turned her head with his hand, exposing her neck to his lips and teeth. Mikoto shivered in delight as his teeth raked over her collarbone. Fugaku had always been cold and stern and saw sex as more of a duty than a pleasure. It was only with Kushina and Minato that she had found love and release. And now here she was with their son as his lips sucked on the skin of her neck and his fingers worked their way under her kimono. "OH I'm such a bad aunt, letting my nephew touch me like this"

"Then be a bad aunt, Mikoto. Touch me and show me how you were taught to please men." Naruto whispered as his lips worked over the side of her neck. Mikoto moaned as the hand that had been holding her throat slipped down to palm one of her large breasts. Ever since she was fourteen Mikoto had been trained how to please men either physically, emotionally, or sexually. However, as she pushed Naruto back enough so that she could kneel before him she realized that this was the first time she wanted to please a man.

Mikoto smiled demurely at Naruto as she ran her fingers between the folds of the kimono letting it fall apart and reveal her soft porcelain like skin. Instead of taking it all off she let it drape around her hiding the most important bits as she leaned into him. Naruto's skin pricked as her hot breath blew against it as she started to lightly kiss his cheek, her nails brining goosebumps as they ran over his skin.

"Does this please my lord?" She asked as her fingers skimmed over his chest. Naruto's response was cut off by a grunt as one long nail started to rub around the tip of his cock before sliding down to tease the opening of his ass. Naruto felt like complaining but found himself becoming more and more enraptured by her swirling red eyes. Leaning in closer Mikoto started to tell him of her training at the compound, her voice quiet and husky as she slowly stroked him off.

"I've been learning how to please men since I was fourteen. Learning how to present myself, learning what touches and sounds would bring a man the most pleasure." Naruto didn't know what was different about what Mikoto was doing but it felt like everywhere her hands touched it brought him greater and greater pleasure. "I think you would have liked to have seen me then master. My young bald snatch and perky breasts on display as I stroked you off. Or maybe you would have like to watch me rub myself off as one of the older girls rode you." Mikoto continued to tease his balls with one has and her other moved down to rub over his chest. Naruto let her push him down onto his back as his eyes were drawn to the slow sensual movement of her lips.

"At sixteen I lost my maiden-hood to Fukagu's father. His cock splitting me open and breaking the seal as was his right as clan head, and as will be your right with our daughters." After this Mikoto's lips stopped moving as she leaned over on top of him and looked down at him with misty eyes. "You are so handsome my lord. You are so much like your mother and father; I wish I could have given my maidenhood to you." She said before laying down to kiss him. Naruto wrapped his arms around her small frame and pulled her down on top of him. The two kissed for a moment, all thoughts sucked away as their lips met. Naruto contented himself with running his hand though her long black hair. Naruto smiled up at the beautiful raven-haired woman as he realized why such a strong kunoichi would present herself like she had. Even though she had appeared demur and weak, she was the one who was in total control at the moment and the one who had been leading in their lovemaking.

"Ohh yes hold me tight my lord, your arms are so strong, it's so nice to feel them wrap around me." Mikoto cooed into Naruto's ear as she gently rubbed her breasts over his chest. But unlike when she had said the same thing to fugaku or his father she actually found herself meaning it as Naruto's hands roamed over the back of her kimono. Naruto laid on his back enjoying the attention as his own personal geisha rubbed her breasts over his chest and planted butterfly kisses on his face and neck with her petal soft lips.

"Take off your kimono Mikoto. I want to see all of you as you suck my cock." Naruto commanded trying to take back some control of the action. Mikoto just smiled and slowly sat up allowing the kimono to fall off her shoulders as she did. Mikoto gave him a good look at her body as she took her time memorizing the sight of Naruto below her. She purred as she ran her hands down his hard chest until she came to the large cock that was pressing against her cunt.

"Ohh it's so big." She said quietly as if it was a secret just between them. Leaning down she pressed her face close to it and inhaled deeply. "And the smell is so strong, so manly." She said stroking Naruto's ego. But she found herself meaning every word as she found herself more and more aroused by the large foot long pole in front of her. Instead of taking it instantly she started to tease, him by running her finger over the slit as she gently blew on the head. Mikoto continued to tease the head of his cock as she kissed her way down his cock, her hot mouth sucking on the throbbing organ as she worked her way down.

Naruto's mind filled with images of taking Mikoto's head in his hands and forcing her down on his cock as she continued to tease him to the edge with her mouth and hands. "My lord seems to be growing impatient." Mikoto said as if sensing his thoughts. "Would my lord like me to stop teasing him and let him cum?" She asked with a foxy grin, which got an emphatic yes from Naruto.

"Ohh god yes, that feels so good bitch." Naruto grunted as Mikoto quickly took his length into her mouth. "Mhmm yes suck on my cock. You're an Uzumaki whore aren't you. You love being used by my clan don't you?" Naruto said as she his frustration at her teasing ministrations continued. Grabbing her hair Naruto started to press down and force more and more of his cock into her mouth. Mikoto hummed in pleasure as her master started thrusting into her face, his cock stretching her tight throat.

"I wish Sauske could be here to see what a whore his mother is and listen as you beg me to cum in you." He said pressing her head all the way down on his cock. He was amazed that she hadn't started to choke yet, but instead she just kept sucking on his cock and moaning against it. "That's right whore moan against my cock. Show me what a cock loving whore you are."

Mikoto continued to suck forcefully on his cock as he started to jackhammer into her face. She had wondered how long she could tease and push him before he broke. And now she knew and now her mouth and throat were being used as Naurto's personal cum dumpster as Naruto pulled her head down on his cock and shot rope after rope of cum into her mouth and throat.

"I'm sorry Mikoto I kind of snapped. I'm sorry if I went too far." Naruto panted after a few moments. Mikoto just kneeled there slowly licking the last dribbles of cum around her lips before leaning down to kiss him gently on the mouth.

"You are my Lord, you can use my body however it pleases you. And you are right I am a whore when it comes to your family, I loved the taste of your mothers cunt and the feel of your fathers cock. And if you still have some pent up anger at my former son then feel free to take it out on me."

"No its not Mikoto." Naruto said rolling over on top of her and running a hand though her long black hair. "Yes I still have some anger at teme and yes the idea of humiliating him by fucking you like a common street whore and filling you with my seed makes me feel really good." In fact it was making him feel great but that was a side he was going to have to stamp down so as not to hurt Mikoto. "But you don't deserve to be treated like that. You are so beautiful, loving, and strong. You're my beautiful little geisha and I should treat you like you deserve to be treated."

"Tell me what you would want to do to me" Mikoto knew that sometimes the best way to get past something was for the person to talk about it. In addition, she knew that the child she loved was dead, that the one who had hurt her Lord was not the same one she raised. Therefore, if it helped her Lord to talk about it then she would. "Tell me what you would do to me; tell me what you would say."

"Really?" Naruto asked leaning down to stare into her eyes? "I would want you to put on your clan uniform and crawls across the room to me and beg to suck my cock. I would want you to kiss it and praise it and tell me how much you want me to fuck you." Mikoto listened to Naruto talk, her pussy getting wetter and wetter the whole time reminding her that she hadn't had a release yet. "Then after you are done begging me to let you suck my cock I would flip you over on the bed and rape that pussy of yours. IT wouldn't be love or sex it would just be me ripping apart your cunt as you begged me to cum in you and get you pregnant. Then after I was done with all of your holes I would want you to look at yourself in the mirror and see all the cum dripping out of you." Naruto growled causing Mikoto to inestimably arch her back and present her neck and breasts to him.

Naruto's sharp teeth had barely touched her neck before she came, her body shaking as his fangs scrapped over her flesh. Naruto continued to suck at her neck as his hands attacked her large breasts. Soft and firm, they looked perfect standing on her chest and Naurto's hands easily grabbed hold and started to fondle them as his tongue wormed its way into her mouth. Mikoto continued to cum over and over as his hands and mouth explored her body.

After a few minutes Naruto stopped to let Mikoto catch her breath. Smiling up at him Mikoto eased herself up against the wall behind her and slowly spread herself letting Naruto see how wet she was. "I'm such a bad aunt for letting my nephew stick his long hard cock in me and get pregnant with his kid."

"And I'm such a bad nephew for wanting to fuck my beautiful aunt and turn her into one of my breeders." Naruto said after moving up between her legs and positing his cock at her entrance.

Mikoto reached out and started to rub her hands over his chest and shoulders as he held himself against the wall. "God, so hard and strong. Use that hard body of yours to hold me up against he wall as you fuck me with that big long cock of yours."

"Ahh ahh yes more Naruto-kun more. Fuck me, ravish me, do whatever you want to my body but please just keep fucking me with your cock." She pleaded as he slammed into her. Mikoto inhaled loving the smell of Naruto's body as he thrust into her, her ears and eyes feasting on the sights as he let out deep grunts and flexed his muscles every time he thrust into her.

"Ughh you are so fucking tight. They really did teach you how to be a good fuck toy didn't they slut." Naruto felt Mikoto's cunt clamp down on his cock as he thrust into her. Mikoto moaned against his chest where it was pressing against her as he continued to fuck her. "Yes moan for me slut, tell me how much you like getting fucked by my cock. You love this don't you whore, getting your tight cunt split open by my cock as I fuck you." Naruto took one hand off the wall and placed it on her neck making her look up at him. " You still have your sharingan activated, good, because I want you remember this." He said leaning down to kiss her.

After a few more thrusts Naruto finally came, filling Mikoto's cunt with his cum until it started to drip out around his shaft. Sitting back Naruto instantly found Mikoto on his lap with one arm wrapped around his neck as the other rubbed his chest. "That was so good my lord." She said laying her head against his shoulder.

Naruto ran his hand down her side as he hugged her close to him. He loved how she felt in his arms, like a small porcelain doll that would break if he squeezed too hard. He smiled as her loving eyes looked up at him. Leaning down he gave her another gentle kiss enjoying the taste of her lips as they slid across his.

"I'm sorry I did it again, I got carried away. I wanted the first time to be slow and sensual and loving but instead I just ended up fucking you like a whore." He said frowning. Mikoto smiled up at him and kissed him on the cheek.

"Its ok my lord, as I said earlier I am your geisha, you can do whatever you want to me. And if I ever want it to be strictly slow and sensual or hard and rough I won't hesitate to tell you." Mikoto said flashing him a sly smile.

"Good because your pleasure and happiness is important to me. I don't want to be the only one enjoying myself." He said before going back to holding her in his arms. "Mikoto-chan do you think you could maybe teach what you know to a few of the other girls?" Naruto asked after a second as his mind pictured Hinata and Ayame in kimonos feeding him ramen. Mikoto ran a hand over his jaw as she snuggled up further in his lap.

"I plan on teaching all of your wives and daughters how to please their lord," She whispered before biting his ear and sucking on it.

When Kushina came into the room, she found Mikoto sitting in Naurto's lap as he held her legs up and thrust into her ass. Kushina watched the two until Naruto came, his cum gushing out of the older woman's ass as he filled her up to the brim.

"Think you my lord; I love the feeling of hot cum in my ass." Mikoto said before seeing Kushina watching them. Smiling at her lover she reached down, ran her finger around her ass scooping up some of the errant cum, brought it to her lips, and sucked it off. Spreading her legs Mikoto reached down again to play with her ass before drawing a line with her finger up to her pussy.

"Come over here Kushina." Naruto said as he watched Kushina shift her weight and bite her lip as she watched Mikoto tease her ass. "I want you to show me how good of a mommy slut you are." He said once she had come over to their side of the room. "I want to watch you get down on your hands and knees and lick the cum out of Mikoto's ass."

Mikoto yelled as Kushina's tongue hungrily entered her ass to lick at all the cum deposited inside. The three continued to kiss and lick and play for the next few hours until finally sub coming to exhaustion and falling asleep on the bed.

As Naruto woke up, he felt a soft pair of hands sliding down his legs to play with his shaft as another pair wrapped around his chest to rub over him. Feeling the soft kisses being planted on his shoulder he started to come more awake. Naruto grunted as he tired to move his arms, struggling he felt the arms around him tighten and pull him back against the soft chest of whoever was holding him. Coming fully awake Naruto attempted to open his eyes only to find that who ever was doing it had placed something over them too.

"Looks like little Naru-chan is coming awake. And it looks like he has a big present ready for his mommy." Kushina said stroking the large shaft that now filled her hand. Naruto bucked and struggled in Mikoto's grip until he felt Kushina take him into her mouth and suck on his cock.

"Does my little boy like that?" Kushina giggled as she left a trail of saliva leading form the head of his cock to her lips. "Does he enjoy having his dirty little mommy suck his cock." Naruto's answer was cut off as he felt Mikoto's lips on his and her tongue invading his mouth. Naruto sat in Mikoto's lap, hostage to the two women as they took turns using their mouths and hands to bring him pleasure. Naruto was actually enjoying being tied up and blindfolded as the two women pleasured him until Mikoto whispered in his ear.

"My lord, I know your mother and I know that she loves being dominated after being the dominate one. So now that she has had some time to be in charge I think it would make her really happy if you were to break free and punish us for tying you up." Mikoto said, part of her training was in knowing what her husband or any other partners were desiring, whether it was something as simple as more sake or something like a change in position. Letting go of his hands Mikoto watched the smile grow on his face.

Kushina did not notice the three puffs of smoke behind her as she swallowed Naruto's cock. Or the fact that he had removed his headband that had been covering his eyes. Just as she was done stuffing all of his cock down her throat she felt a hand grab ahold of her hair and pull her backwards. Mikoto's hand quickly replaced Kushina's mouth as they watched her get drug into the middle of the room by her hair.

Kushina's mouth was open in a sultry moan as she felt one of the clones pull on her hair forcing her to look up at them. "Ohh what ever will I do against three big strong ninja." Kushina said moving her legs apart letting them get a good look at her wet snatch. "Are you three going to use those big tasty cocks to rape my poor defenseless pussy? Are you going to punish your bad mommy with those huge fucking cocks of yours?" She said practically drooling at the sight of the shafts next to her face.

She moaned as a loud slap filled the room, her cheek reddening from the smack to her cheek. Kushina stared up at the lead clone with lust-filled eyes as he slapped her again causing another loud lewd moan to escape her lips. The clone continued to do that for a half a minute before grabbing her hair and yanking it back making her cum slightly, the juices wetting the inside of her legs.

"I think first we're going to start with those huge slutty tits of yours and that dirty mouth." The lead clone said. Without needing to be told Kushina reached up and started to stroke the two clones beside her. The third clone grabbed onto her tits, marveling at the amount of soft tit-flesh that overflowed his hand. Placing his cock between the huge mounds of flesh he pressed them together and started to thrust hard.

"Yes fuck my titties baby, fuck your mommies big slutty tits. Ohh god your cock feels so good baby." Kushina said urging the clone on as his cock slid in-between her huge tits.

"That's right bitch suck our cocks. God you're a pro at this. How do you like having a real dick down your throat. We're going to rape your throat with these cocks bitch, stuff them down that pretty mouth of yours till you're gagging on our cocks." One of the clones said as she took turns taking each in her mouth and sucking him off. The lead clone had a tight almost painful grip on her breasts as he pounded them with his hips, his cock sawing back and forth between her soft tits.

Over on the other side of the room Mikoto was laying happily on the bed, her sharingan going as she watched her masters clones pull out and spray their cum all over her face and hair. The third clone also grunted and came, his load squirting out from between her large breasts and coating her chin and neck. "Ohh yes my lord." She cooed as Naruto gently sawed his cock in and out of her pussy. Reaching down Naruto ran his hands over her shoulders and back, loving the feel of her soft delicate form under him as he fucked her. Mikoto closed her eyes as Naruto continued to rock in and out of her, his ministrations sending her into a pleasant fog.

The pleasant fog was broken as she felt a hand on her head. Opening her eyes, she was met with the large cock of one of the clones. Smiling she opened her mouth and allowed the clone to press her head down over his cock. Mikoto made loud slurping noises as the clone slowly pushed her head further down onto the cock. Mikoto was quickly finding herself becoming addicted to the smell and taste of her masters cock.

As the clone pulled out Mikoto turned over and pulled the real Naruto down on top of her. "Aren't you going to punish me my lord?" She asked as she pulled his face in for a kiss. Naruto groaned as he felt her long legs wrap around his hips, pulling him closer to her body

"No, I'm going to make love to you." He said nuzzling his face into her neck and sucking on her skin. However, when he thought about it making love meant many different things when it came to each of his pets. For Kushina and Tenten it means pain and control while for Hinata or Sakura it was a slow sensual and fun experience, and for Ino it was a wild ride. As she felt his large cock enter her again Mikoto moaned and laid her head back allowing it to dangle off the edge. The clone placed his hands on either side of her cheeks and held her as he slowly started to thrust into her, his large cock making her throat bulge.

Mikoto lay there as Naruto and the clone slowly filled her with their cocks as she listened to her mistress scream as the two clone's ravenged her pussy. With her legs still wrapped around Naruto, she started to move her hips as she felt him grow closer to the edge. It was actually the clone who came first, his hard cock shooting a seemingly endless stream of cum and coating her throat and mouth with the sticky liquid.

As the clone disappeared in a puff of smoke Mikoto was able to see Kushina kneeling in the center of the floor. Her large red nipples even redder where they had apparently been pinched and twisted, her entire face and chest was covered in cum.

"Cum on me baby, ohh yes cum on your dirty mommy." Kushina said rubbing her hands over her body. "Ohh yes cum in me baby, cum in mommies dirty pussy. Ohh yeah cum all over my slutty tits." She cried as she rubbed her cum coated fingers over her tits and pussy. "Yes, I'm coming for you baby." She cried and spread her legs letting her juices gush out onto the floor. Kushina was not done though, she lifted her two huge breasts up and slowly started to lick the cum off them, her eyes locked with the final clone who was stroking himself off. The clone watched as her tongue slowly trailed over her large breasts as she licked up the cum.

"You like being fucked by a real dick don't you slut." The clone said as she grabbed her hair and forced her on to her back. "Tell me how much you love my cock while I fuck you slut." The clone slammed himself into her. Kushina bucked as the large cock pressed up against the inside of her already full womb.

I love it. I love having your big cock inside of me. Pleas just keep fucking me." She said panting as he rocked in and out of her. "I can feel it inside me, pressing up against my womb. Keep fucking me baby. Ohh you're so much better at this that your father. He never made me moan like you do, never made me cum like you do." She panted as she was drawn closer and closer to orgasm. "Ohh yes use my pussy baby, claim it. Its yours, it's totally yours baby" She said before laying back and Cumming all over his cock. The clone grunted and finally came, his cum seeping out of her pussy when he dispersed.

Naruto sped up his thrusting as the memories of what the clones had done to Kushina entered his mind. Looking up from watching Mikoto's beautiful body moving under him he watched as Kushina crawled over to the bed and leaving a trail of cum behind her as she crawled. Kushina crawled right up to Mikoto, their cum covered tongues meeting as they started to make out. Seeing this was too much for Naruto to resist and he soon found himself cumming again, filling Mikoto's womb with his cum. panting from the exertion of him and his clones he laid back on the bed as the two women made out. Closing his eyes Naruto drifted off to sleep, exhausted and totally satisfied.
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