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Ino's shopping trip, milking a hyuga cow, and a mothers love

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Ino and Naruko goes shopping, Naruto milks his hyuuga cow, and a red headed visitor arrives.

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AN: I really wanted to put a scene from the girlfriends 4 ever game in here but decided that it was just a little to absurd for this fic. But I do recommend everyone look it up on bing and watch the scenes. So short little chapter but I just wanted to get it out.

"Excuse me ma'am, here are the clothes you wanted. Will you need anything else?" The attendant asked peeking into the changing room. A blush started to form on her cheeks as she saw the beautiful blond-haired woman slip the last piece of a lacy black lingerie set up over her broad hips. The small silk string barely concealing the puffy lips of her vagina as it slid between them

The woman smiled back at the girl from the mirror. Slowly bending up the woman made sure to slowly turn around and walk towards the attendant, her hips swaying seductively as she approached. The attendant found herself frozen in place as the tall blonde woman approached her and placed one hand on her hip and threaded the fingers of the other hand though her forest green hair.

"I think that will be everything dear." The woman said slowly sliding her hand down the girls face to cup her cheek as the other edged around the girls hips to rest on her ass. "Unless you would like to help me try them on." She asked in a quiet and breathy voice as her lips drew closer to the girls.

The attendant blushed as she felt the woman's hot breath on her lips. Her mind racing at the idea of being allowed touch those large breasts that were straining to break free of the small black bra or taste the juices from the lips of the smooth beautiful cunt she could see peaking out from behind the thin string of the panties.

"I..i..i need to go check out something in the back" The girl yelled just before the woman's lips touched hers. Pressing the clothes into the woman's arms she turned and fled out of the changing room, almost hitting the cute blond girl who was entering.

"What was that mommy?" Naruko asked gazing at her mother's strong back and arms as she placed the clothes onto the rack.

"I was just having some fun. Though I may have found something in here for you father." Ino said thinking of the cute little attendant who was most likely in the back room with her fingers deep in her snatch. Naruko smiled at that and at the idea of bringing her daddy home the cute little attendant to play with. "So have you found what you wanted?"

"Well I got a lot of great stuff but I can't decided what I want to wear back to the house." Naruko said, as she looked at herself in the large mirror. "I want to wear something to make daddy happy and to make him want me."

"I'm sure whatever you wear will make daddy very happy." Ino said as she idly played with Naruko's hair. "And I know he will always want his baby girl."

"But I want it to be special. I want to look sexy for daddy when we get home."

"I think you look pretty sexy right now." Ino said placing her hands on Naruko's shoulders and moving them down over her large perky chest to the large strip of exposed stomach. "This shirt you are wearing is really cute. Look at how your perky little breasts press out from it." She said bringing her hands back up to massage Naruko's breasts from outside her shirt. Ino's fingers played over the fabric and pressed against Naruko's small pink nipples making them poke out from the shirt. Naruko moaned as Ino twisted and pulled at them.

"Momma." Naruko eeped in mock protest.

"And look at how much of your sexy little belly it shows off. Mhh and these tight jeans you are wearing. When you bend over it gives a great view of your tight little ass." She said moving her hands down to rub over the legs of Naruko's pants. "I just know if daddy could see you right now he would have fun peeling those tight little jeans off of you and playing with your sweet little kitty." Ino purred brushing her lips over Naruko's cheek.

Ino grabbed onto the hem of Naruko's shirt and gently pulled it up. Ino smiled as the firm perky little tits came into view, licking her lips she pressed her chest against Naruko's back and wrapped her arms around the younger girl's waist.

"If you want to make it special then you need to have something in mind." Ino said and with her arms still wrapped around Naruko cast a genjutsu imposing an image over Naruko's reflection. "When we get home do you want daddy to see you as his loving baby girl" She asked and imposed the image of Naruko in a form fitting summer dress with a bow in her hair. "or a nasty little slut hungry for her daddy's cock?" The picture changed to show Naruko dressed in a tight micro skirt and a belly shirt.

"I always want to be daddy's little girl. But today I think I feel like being daddies little slut." Naruko said staring at the girl facing her in the mirror.

"Then how about we get that sexy little black top that covers your breast and ties in the front leaving your stomach exposed. Then we can put those cute little shorts on you and put your hair up in pig tails and I'm sure daddy will love it." Ino said moving her hands down to undo the button to Naruko's pants.

"And what are you going to wear momma?" Naruko asked feeling Ino's hands start to slide down into her pants. Naruko squirmed as Ino's long fingers started to trail over the opening of her slit.

"I think I might wear that lacy see though dress." She said as she started to notice how wet her fingers were getting. "Could you take your panties off for mommy sweetie?" She cooed sweetly as she ran her hand over Naruko's snatch. "Will you let mommy see that cute little kitty of yours?"

Naruko moaned in disappointment as Ino's hand retreated from her pants though it did stay on her stomach holding her close to Ino's large chest. Naruko shimmied out of her jeans, her wide hips making it hard to take off the tight pants. She felt Ino cup her small ass and give it a quick squeeze as she started to take off her panties.

"There all sticky mommy." Naruko said as she slowly peeled the wet sticky panties off. "You made my kitty get all wet." Ino smiled as the medium sized cock flopped freely from the cloth prison. 'Ohh I wonder when she activated the henge?" Ino wondered looking at her cute little girls figure in the mirror.

"You made mommies kitty wet to baby girl." Ino said and placed one of Naruko's hands on her panties. "Do you want mommy to make you feel good baby girl?"

"Uh-huh" Naruko said quietly as she felt Ino rub her body against hers. Shivers ran down Naruko's spine as she felt Ino start to kiss at her naked back as her hand reached around and started to slowly stoke Naruko's cock. She was not sure how it could feel so good but her mother's soft warm mouth kissing its way slowly to the small of her back was filing her with a growing ball of pleasure.

"What a cute little ass. It's like a little baby's bottom." Ino said rubbing her hands over the soft white orbs. Squeezing them, a bit Ino started to kiss each cheek working her way closer and closer to the center.

"No mommy, don't kiss there its dirty." Naruko said before squealing in delight as she felt Ino's lips against her ass. Ino took her time kissing around the puckered hole before she began eating it out, sucking and licking at the exposed anus as her hands spread Naruko's soft asscheeks. Looking in the mirror Naruko started to play with herself as she felt Ino's tongue snake up inside of her. She could see her pussy dripping in the mirror and the juices running down her legs as her small fingers teased the bars in her nipples.

Ino continued to make loud slurping noises as she hungrily ate out Naruko's ass. "Would you turn around for me baby girl?" Ino asked finally pulling back from her meal. She watched as Naruko turned around exposing her small dripping snatch and throbbing cock to Ino. "Your little kitty is so wet baby girl." Ino said as she started to lick at the juices running down Naruko's legs.

licking at Naruko's snatch Ino tried catching each drop of the honey like liquid on her tongue. Naruko shivered as another micro orgasm spread though her body as Ino's hand continued to stroke her off as she licked and sucked at her pussy. The sight of Ino on her knees eating her out while stoking her cock sent Naruko over the edge.

"Mommy my kitty feels funny; it feels like it's going to arghh." She yelled as she came, her juices drenching Ino's chin and lips as the woman eagerly licked at Naruko's cunt. Naruko moaned and continued to orgasm over and over as she felt Ino spread her lips with her fingers and start licking at her core. Finally, the endless wave of orgasms stopped as she felt Ino pull back and sit down on the floor.

Naruko watched as Ino slowly removed her bra and panties revealing her large milk filled breasts and smooth pink cunt. "Will you make mommies kitty feel good baby girl?" she asked propping herself up with an arm as her hand played with her clit. Naruko walked over on shaky legs before kneeling down face level with Ino. The two smiled at each other as Ino's free hand stroked though Naruko's hair.

"Lay down on the ground for mommy." Ino said, she felt so kinky doing this in public. Just the thought that she could be caught having sex with her pseudo-daughter in a changing room was causing her to get off. She wondered if she could convince Naruto to do something similar in the future.

Ino got down on her hands and knees and positioned herself above Naruko so she could see their reflection in the glass. "Mommy is going to make you feel really good baby girl." She said leaning down to kiss Naruko. Naruko met her with eager lips as Ino's mouth closed down on hers. Ino pulled back from the kiss sucking Naruko's tongue with her before moving back against the girl, her thought invading Naruko's mouth.

Naruko moaned as she felt Ino's tongue slip between her lips and start to rub against hers. Moaning into Ino's mouth she arched her back and pulled one leg up, bending it at the knee using it as a base as she squirmed under her mother's masterful mouth.

Ino closed her eyes and just enjoyed the soft feel of Naruko's lips rubbing over hears. But the hunger inside her made her want to hurry up so she started to pull away, Naruko's mouth trying to follow hers before Ino started to kiss her way down Naruko's lovely neck to her two large breasts.

Ino quickly started to kiss the two large orbs, her lips leaving a trail of saliva as she worked her way up form the base to the two small perky nipples. Naruko squirmed and cooed under Ino as she started to run her tongue around the nipple, occasionally flicking it. "Ohh momma ohh." Cried Naruko as Ino started sucking roughly on the nipple hard enough to pull it up from her chest. Letting go Ino watched in happiness as the breast sprung back to its regular shape after bouncing.

Ino continued to kiss down Naruko's body, her huge milk jugs hanging under her and swaying enticingly. Naruko watched them swaying above her as her mother kissed at her chest. The large breasts just hanging there above her, filled full of delicious milk. Leaning up Naruko wrapped her lips around one and started to suck gently.

"Ohh yes baby. Suck on mommy's big titties baby. Drink all of mommy's milk." Ino moaned as she felt Naruko suck hard as she tried to drain the large breast of all its milk. Ino didn't know how she was going to stand it as an orgasm shot thought her making her come close to collapsing in pleasure. "Yes, suck my tit baby. Drink all of mommy's milk." She begged as Naruko moved from one breast to the other.

'Ohh god it's so good. It's just about as tasty as daddies cum' Thought Naruko as she watched a bit of milk dribble out of Ino' nipples. 'This must be what mommy Shiori told be about' she thought as she reached up to grab onto the large utter and squeeze. Opening her mouth, she aimed the tit towards her face, covering it in delicious milk. 'She told me that because of daddy's chakra mixing with hers that our bodies would undergo changes during pregnancy. That must be why mommy Ino is enjoying having her breasts sucked so much.' Thought Naruko wondering if the changes would do anything to make labor and birth more pleasurable.

After having her breasts drained of milk Ino sat back up and held her arms out for Naruko. The girl happily crawled into them, her cock pressing up against Ino's cunt. Ino pulled Naruko in close and started to gently lick up the bits of milk still dribbling off her chin and lips. The two continued to kiss for a few minutes not noticing the face peeking in though the curtain.

The attendant had finally recovered enough to leave the storeroom and try to get back to work. Wondering if the beautiful woman with the cute daughter was still there she walked over to the changing station and peeked in. Her face reddened as she watched the young girl start to fuck her mother, her large cock sliding in and out over and over as her mother moaned in pleasure.

She must have made some sound because the woman looked over towards the fabric divider and winked at her before turning back to her daughter. "Ohh yeah fuck me baby girl. Fuck your mommy's big slutty pussy with that cock." She cried as Naruko eagerly thrust her cock into Ino over and over. The attendant watched as the woman spread her lips for her daughter as she eagerly sheathed herself in her mother, her large breasts swaying as she moved. Ino thrust her hips up in the air meeting Naruko's thrusts with a vigor of her own.

The attendant felt her hand traveling south on its own accord as the young girl threw her head back and moaned, her cock twitching before filling up the woman's cunt with her cum. Pulling out of her mother the girl continued to stoke herself off as she shot rope after rope onto the woman's tits and face.

Naruko panted and released the henge as she got done cumming. "What a dirty girl you are. Fucking your mommy in public like that while a stranger watches." Ino said pulling Naruko close and tilting her head to look at the attendant. The attendant's face flushed red as she quickly dove out of the way and fled to the front register.

By the time she got calmed down the woman and her daughter were stepping out of the changing booth. Her eyes widened as she saw the tall blonde haired woman walk up to the register in a pair of tall stiletto heels and a lacy almost see though white dress. Her daughter was also wearing heels but matched with a tight red shirt that tied in the front and a pair of booty shorts. Trying not to blush form the memory of seeing the two going at it the girl quickly rung up their things and placed them in bags for them. She was surprised when the woman walked around the counter and came up in her personal space, blocking her in next to the counter.

"What a naughty little girl you are. Do you peek on all of your customers while they are changing?" Ino asked, her body pressing up against the attendants.

"No..I..I don't usually" She began only to be cut off by a soft kiss.

"Such a naughty little girl peeking in on a married woman. I might just have to bring my husband down here to punish you." She said, filling the girls head with images of being splayed out underneath the Hokage. Before the attendant could answer Ino gave her another small smile as she and Naruko left. Standing there the attendant found a small card laying on the counter, picking it up she could see that it had the directions to the hokage's mansion written in flowing script.

Meanwhile at the mansion

Back at the house Naruto walked down the hall hoping to find Hinata before she left for Kurenai's apartment so he could wish her luck in talking Kurenai into joining their family. Opening the door to Hinata's personal room Naruto stared at his beautiful moon eyed princess as she tried to work the fishnet undershirt over her large breasts.

Moving quietly Naruto snuck up behind Hinata and wrapped his arms around her waist causing her to jump. "Ahh master." She cried causing Naruto to chuckle.

"Did I scare you hime?" Naruto asked, moving some of her long midnight hair out of the way so he could kiss her neck.

" master I was just a little surprised." She said, "Master I really need to get going to see Kuerani sensei." She protested even though she could feel her body molding against his as he held her in his arms.

"I know hime; I just came here to wish you luck." He said as he kissed his way up to one of her soft cheeks. He smiled as it redden from Hinata's blush. "But that was before I saw you standing here like this." He said moving his hands up her large round stomach.

"Look at your big breasts fill with all of that milk, I think it's time I milked my lovely little Hyuga cow." Said Naruto as he started to play with her large J-cup breasts.

"M..master I really need to go." Hinata complained quietly as she felt his hands start to sink into her breasts and massage them. "Ohh ohh that feels so good. Ohh my breasts ache so much. Please master, milk your little Hyuga cow." She pleaded as his hands gripped her breasts tightly, the only thing keeping the titflesh from spilling out being the tight fishnet shirt.

"What a slut you are hime." Naruto teased quietly as he continued to play with a nipple causing it to drip out milk. "I've barely touched you and already you're begging me to milk you and play with those huge tits of yours."

"Please master; I'm your little Hyuga cow. I'm only good for milking and breeding." She moaned as Naruto gave one of her breasts a hard squeeze causing milk to shoot out from it. Naruto spun her around and kissed her, one hand still gripping and squeezing her breast.

"Yes you are, and right now I think I want to fuck those huge milk filled utter of yours." Naruto said as he kissed her. Hinata smiled and led him over to the bed. Naruto stopped her before she could take off her fishnet shirt giving her a sly grin.

"Nuh huh hime. I haven't got to fuck you while you're wearing those cute little fishnet uniforms yet." He said making Hinata smile. It was one of her smaller daydreams but she had been wanting for Naruto to take her and just rip her netting to shreds as he made love to her. Laying down on her back, she placed her arms to the side letting Naruto look at her.

Laying down beside her Naruto wrapped his arm around her large stomach and started to plant little kisses on her cheeks. HE didn't know what it was but he had a think for kissing those soft cute cheeks of hers and watching them grow red as she blushed. Hinata turned her head over and let his lips brush hers.

She smiled against the kiss as she felt him press closer against her, his hand pressing over her stomach. It seemed to her that Naruto couldn't keep his hands off of her or any of the other girls bellies and was constantly rubbing them every chance he got. She was also amazed at how all of the weight seemed to go to their ass, breasts , or hips, and instead of making them look fat it just made them look matronly.

"What are you thinking about hina-chan?" Naruto asked noticing her faraway look as he kissed her.

"Just how much I love having your baby inside of me." She said pressing her lips against his and slipping her tongue in to run around his mouth. "I'm going to give your lots of cute little cows for you to milk and breed master." She said imaging herself and her future daughters laying on a bed waiting for her master. Reaching up she brushed her fingers over the whisker marks on his face and smiled as she watched them grow darker.

With that Naruto growled and climbed up onto her stomach, adjusting his knees so she couldn't mover her arms, he was slightly worried he was hurting her arms but he noticed something. She was getting off on the pain. Pushing his rod between her breasts, he harshly grabbed a breast in each hand, making sure to use his pointed nails and started roughly using her breasts to get himself off.

Naruto continued to thrust between her breasts as his eyes fixed on the tight fishnet covering them. He watched it tear and rip as she fucked her breasts until finally it broke apart enough to let her large breasts fall out and flop around.

Hinata didn't want him to stop and she only knew one way to make him keep going. "Naruto-sama please cum on my face! Cum on me as much as you want! Then after you're done spraying me with all your thick cum rape my pussy with that giant cock of yours! Please Naruto-sama hurry up and cum!" She begged. Her efforts paid off as Naruto gripped her breasts even harder and sped up his thrusts once more.

Naruto grunted as he felt the Hinata's large tits mold around his cock. Thrusting one last time he let go, spraying her face and hair with his seed. Smiling Hinata pressed her breasts together and pouted at Naruto. "Master you still haven't milked your cows huge utters."

Growling naruto grabbed onto one of her large tits and began to squeeze until milk started to squirt out. Grinning he grabbed the other breast and pressed them both together until the nipples were touching. Leaning down he began to suck hard on them, emptying the large sacks of their delicious meal.

"Ohh god yes, that's so good master. Suck my titties. Ohh that's great. Just wait till I give you a bunch of little Hyuga cows to milk and breed" She mewled as he continued to assault her breasts. Finally sucking all of her milk out he let go and watched as her breasts bounced back into their original shape. He grinned as she saw the large handprints on them from where he had been holding onto them.

The idea of a whole house full of little Hyuga cows quickly made Naruto hard again. Looking for a release he spied Hinata's small pink ass under her dripping cunt. Helping Hinata turn over onto her hands and knees he started to run his fingers over her large pussy lips as he pressed his cock up against her opening.

"Yes! More fuck my ass!" She yelled, Naruto was too busy marveling at how her ass cheeks jiggled every time he pounded into her to hear. It was like jello made of sex and awesome. "I'm about to cum!" he said as he grabbed on tighter and pushed her hips down as he raised himself higher so he was thrusting downwards into her tight hole.

"Now Hinata get on your hand's and knees I'm gonna pound that sweet ass of yours" said Naruto as Hinata got on all fours Naruto started thrusting in Hinata's ass as he grabbed onto her waist "YES! FUCK ME! YES! AW YES! I LOVE IT UP THE ASS! NARUTO FUCK ME HARDER!" OH GOD FUCK MY PUSSY I LLOVE IT WHEN YOU POUND ME WITH THAT COCK OF YOUR MORE AH AH AH AH YES MORE she screamed as Naruto rammed himself harder in her ass as he Naruto started to spank her ass as he went faster Hinata just grabbed onto his sheets as she was getting fucked and slapped in that ass at the same time. Naruto used one hand to reach over and grab one of her tits while he pounded her ass even more.

"Ah yes Naruto more fuck my pussy more full me up with your cum oh god yes fuck your Hyuga whore some more oh kami your Hugh long think cock it ripping my pussy apart pound me more fuck me till your satisfied your so amazing ah yes I love your cock I want you to cum in me so badly I'm so close more fuck more" Hinata as she grabbed on to the sheet of the bed as Naruto fucked her ass senseless.

"Fuck I'm gonna cum!" He said." me too" said Hinata I'm cumming" said Naruto as he started to release his load in her ""AH! AH! I'M CUMMING!" screamed Hinata as both Naruto and Hinata cummed at the same time Naruto felled Hinata up with his cum while still pounding her while she cummed Hinata falls on her belly as Naruto pulled out he wanted to go one more time.

"Hinata I want to see those Hugh tits of your bounce so hurry up and get on top of me" said Naruto as he laid on his back with his long rode of a cock sticking straight up so Hinata got up and went on top of him She slid him up her pussy and fell down. She placed her hands on his abs and started jumping as his length went up her pussy. Her tits started to jump also as she went up and down. Naruto reached over and grabbed her ass with one hand and the other on one of her breast giving it a few squeezes "AH AH AH AH!" "YES! FUCK ME! YES! AW YES!" I LOVE GETTING FUCKED LIKE THIS NARUTO AH YES YOUR COCK SO DEEP IN ME" screamed Hinata as he rocked the bed more and more making it squeak and hit the wall harder and harder Naruto let go of both her breast and her ass and held on to her waist he moved Hinata straight and back making her tit's bounce more and more.

"AW YES! FUCK NARUTO! "FUCK! NARUTO! NARUTO! AW FUCK She screamed in pleasure as she started to go faster and harder rocking the bed back and forth "Fuck Hinata! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna fill you up!" He said as he kept on going. OH YES! AWW YES! THAT'S IT! KYA! FUCK ME LIKE THAT… FUCK ME REAL GOOD NARUTO ah yes "Naruto! Please don't stop! Keep on fucking me baby!" said Hinata as she grabbed her own breast and started to rub them as Naruto fucked her.

"Fuck! Hinata tell me how much of a Horny bitch you really are tell me where you want my cum to be in" said Naruto as he felt her pussy tighten on his cock as she bounced faster and harder

"I'm a horny bitch I love it when you fuck me good and rough I want you to cum in my pussy keep fucking me Naruto ah yes I'm so close more Naruto fill me up give all of your cum Naruto" said Hinata as her pussy was getting wetter and wetter with every thrust after a few minutes of senseless bouncing "I think I'm gonna cum soon!" He said as he kept on thrusting into her.

"Please cum in my pussy Naruto!" She responded Naruto as he finally came inside of Hinata filling her up, mixing both of their juice in her. Naruto slid his dick out and looked at it as it was dripping of both of their juice.

Still not done with his little Hyuga whore Naruto laid her down on her back and grabbed her legs, opening her up to look at her pussy as he entered her. Hinata wrapped her arms around him as she felt him go deeper into him. Naruto growled and started thrusting up against the top of her pussy feeling himself push her sides apart "Oh god you're so big! Yes aw yes this feels good!" AH AH! FUCK"YES YES! Said Hinata as she grabbed on tighter as she felt her dripping wet pussy get pounded by him "ah Hinata I'm gonna cum inside you!" He said.

"That was great cow. Now how about I go give you a quick shower so you can make it over to Kurenai's?"

"Mmm No master, I want to keep your cum in me. Besides I love how it smells and feels on me." She said as she worked some of it onto her skin. Naruto smiled and kissed her on the cheek before heading out of the room to leave her to get redressed.

Two hours later

Naruto woke with a start as he heard a ringing in the room. Looking over at the wall beside the bed he could see that one of the scrolls he had put up to warn of intrusion was glowing red hot.

"Why is that alarm clock going off I don't have a shift today." Groaned Sakura rolling over and wrapping an arm around Naruto's chest.

"The intruder seal is going off, someone is attacking the city gate and from how hot it's glowing its someone with a lot of chakra." Naruto said before his door burst open and Shiori ran inside in her housecoat.

"Master I can feel a large almost Biju sized chakra signature coming from the city gates along with two jonin level signatures."

"Shiori go get the others together we will get ready and meet you outside before heading to the gate." Sakura said jumping out of the bed and getting dressed. 'So much for my nice noonday nap.' She thought as she put on her battle skirt and reached for her jacket.

"Wait you're not thinking of going out there are you?" Said Naruto staring at his visibly pregnant wife, which was apparently the wrong thing to say to a hormonal woman with the power to turn his insides to jelly with her little figure.

"Look here Naruto just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I can't do my job. I am just as capable of fighting now as I was three months ago before I started showing." She said marching up to him and wagging her finger under his nose. The rest of her tirade was cut off as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close.

"I know you could my love, you and all of my beautiful pets could. However, that doesn't mean I won't worry. And now I won't just be worrying about you but our little girl as well." Naruto said before lifting her chin up. "I know you would be fine but it won't stop me from worrying." He said before leaning down to kiss her. Sakura blushed from the kiss and slowly started to smile again.

"Well if it will make you happy I can stay in the rear and just heal whoever gets wounded." She said. The two finished getting ready and raced to the front of the house where Shiori along with Tenten and Hana were waiting.

"This is everyone master, I sent my clones out to get everyone else but Ino, Naruko, and Tsunade are shopping again and Hinata is with Kuerani." Shiori said.

"Good girl." Naruto said patting her on the head, which caused her tail to start wagging. "Ok were heading straight for the gates. When we get there let me try to talk to whoever or whatever it is before we start attacking it." He said causing Sakura to smile at the fact that after the war Naruto had started to think more with his brain that with his fists.

The small group burst out of the house and sped towards the gates. As they got closer, they could see a large plume of dust and it looked like the gates had been blown open as one sat on its side while the other hung sideways on a single hinge.

"Hanah, Tenten, bring down the door over the entrance. We can use it to block their escape and use it as cover if need be." Naruto order sending the two off away from his group at an angle, as they got closer to the large cloud of dust they heard a loud angry voice yell out.

"Danzo get your ass out here and face me you slimy coward." Naruto's brows shot up at hearing Danzo's name and he wondered where exactly his opponents had been if they didn't know the guy was already dead. Landing outside of the dust cloud Naruto made a quick hand sign before calling up a gust of wind clearing the area and letting him get a look at the three people standing in the center of a small crater.

Naruto's mouth dropped as he saw who was standing in the middle of the crater. Sakura and Shiori both moved closer to him and grabbed onto his hands giving him some of their strength as he tried to keep it together. He wasn't sure about the two of the women, one had long black hair and was obviously a Uchiha and the other had green hair but little else in the way of identifying her. However, it was the tall beautiful redheaded woman in the center that he couldn't draw his eyes away from.

Shiori looked on with disbelief and gathered a whole tails worth of energy together before releasing it and shouting "Dispel" as loud as she could. She was stuck between hope and anger and if what she was seeing was some trick she was going to track down whoever was playing it and make the next one thousand years of their life a living nightmare. Sakura was only a little less rattled than the other two but her heart was also about to break. She didn't want to have to see Naruto and Shiori hurt if this was just some trick.

"Danzo you…wait Minato?" the woman said looking over at where Naruto stood. Staring for a moment her eyes widened then started to feel with tears as she looked at the strong young ninja standing in front of her. "Naruto…is that, is that you?" she whispered barely able to keep from going into shock.

"Mom" Naruto shouted and ran forwards before jumping into Kushina's outstretched arms, his face landing snuggly between her soft breasts.

"Ohh my baby boy." Kushina said crying softly as she hugged Naruto closer and smashing his face even further against her breasts. Pulling back from the hug, she placed her hands of his shoulders and started to rub them over his arms and face as if she was trying to make sure he was not a mirage. "Ohh my Naru-kun you have gotten so big. And look how handsome you are you look just like your father." She said running her hands though his hair before pulling him back closer to her.

"Mom wha..what are you doing here? And who are those two?" Naruto asked pulling away slightly from her grasp.

"Mikoto come here." She said looking back at the black haired woman who was watching Naruto with a sad smile. Seeing her hesitate Kushina huffed before letting go of Naruto and moving over to grab Mikoto's wrist and drag her back. "We've been over this Miko, it wasn't your fault. You have nothing to be guilty over and Naruto isn't going to hate you." She said dragging Mikoto in front of Naruto.

Mikoto just stared at Naruto for a second before bursting into tears and wrapping her arms around him. "It's all my fault Naruto I'm so sorry will you forgive me?" she begged crying on his shoulder.

"Forgive you for what?" Naruto asked looking at the woman hugging him. When she stopped crying and looked up at him he could see that underneath the tears and puffy red nose there was a beautiful face and he could already feel the slim womanly body pressed up tight against him.

Mikoto smiled sadly at Naruto and placed her hand on his cheek making Naruto notice just how soft her skin was. "I'm your aunt Mikoto." She said trying to sound happy. "Well not your real aunt but your mom and I were best friends. Then after she was killed, I was to take care of you. But Fugaku wouldn't allow it. You should have grown up with Sauske and Itachi instead of all alone." She said looking down at your feet.

"Its ok Aunt Mikoto" He said making her smile at being called Aunt. "There was nothing you could have done. By that time Madara, well really another ninja calling himself Madara, had most of the clan under his control." He said leaving out the part where the other ninja was actually Obito for the time being. Mikoto smiled and thanked him by giving him a small kiss on the cheek that caused them both to blush. As Mikoto moved away, the third woman walked up to Naruto.

"Well I'm not your mother or your aunt and I definatly am not your long lost sister but I am a strong ninja and I hope I can stay in your village for a few days." The woman said cracking a smile as she looked Naruto up and down. 'Or maybe a bit longer than that if you ask me.' She thought looking at his bright blue eyes and wide grin.

"You can stay for as long as you need…wait you didn't tell me your name." Naruto said giving her a bright grin as he took in her pretty green hair and her dress.

"I'm Pakura of the Sand. At least I was until my superiors betrayed me." She scowled and looked down at her feet. She looked back up as she felt a hand on her arm and saw Naruto now standing right up in front of her.

"Its ok Pakura you will be fine here." Naruto said placing the people who would sacrifice one of their own high up on Tenten's growing strike list.

"Naruto honey I was wondering if could stop undressing Pakura with your eyes and introduce us to your pretty girlfriends over there." Kushina said making Naruto blush in embarrassment. Pakura and Mikoto both blushed as well because they had been doing the same to the blonde.

'Ohh I really am a bad aunt, undressing my nephew with my eyes. But he looks so much like his father. Its making me wet just remembering all that the three of us did.' She thought looking over at Kushina quickly before her eyes widened in realization. All of the Uchiha were great at reading body language and Mikoto's eyes were telling her that Kushina or at least her body where thinking thoughts that went beyond motherly love. 'Well that would be one way to make up for being such a bad aunt and for Kushina to have to miss out on so much of his life. I will have to talk to her about it." She said walking over to stand beside her surrogate sister.

"Well I took your advice mom. You told me to get a girl that was a lot like you." He said walking over and grabbing onto Sakura's hand. "This is Sakura-chan, she's super smart and beautiful and strong and has an incredible temper just like you." He said smiling up at Kushina who was so happy to be meeting her daughter in law that she decided to let the temper comment slip.

Sakura on the other hand hunched up her shoulders and blushed but instead of punching him, she muttered a shy "Baka" before glancing up and seeing the smiling face of Kushina and being quickly wrapped up in a smothering hug.

"And I see she's a redhead too, and look at these large breasts. Ohh you're so beautiful I'm so glad you're my little Naru-kuns wife." She said squeezing the girl before noticing her rather large belly making her squeal even more as hugged Sakura tight. "Ohh and you are pregnant, this is so wonderful. I'm going to be a grandma, ohh I can't believe it my little Naru-kun got a girl pregnant." She said happily causing both Sakura and Naruto to blush.

"And who is this?" Kushina asked turning towards the other girl who was silently crying. "Wait is that? Shiori, is that you?"

"Mistress" Shiori yelled throwing herself at Kushina and wrapping her arms around the older woman. "Ohh mistress I missed you so much. I didn't want to hurt you but that bad man put me under his genjutsu. Then after I was sealed, I was still under his control so I was stuck not being able to help Naruto and having to watch all the pain and loneliness he went though. Ohh I'm so sorry mistress." She cried wrapping herself firmly against Kushina's body.

"Shhhh its ok my pet your free now." She cooed rubbing Shiroi's hair and wondering just how the fox was outside of Naruto. "Well it looks like we are going to have a lot to talk about Naruto. But I guess we need to report to the Hokage first. Who is the Hokage right now anyways?" she asked looking over towards Naruto.

"Well.." Naruto said grinning from ear to ear. "It was the old man but then he died so me and pervy sage had to go get his replacement. Granny, I mean Tsunade-chan was not happy about having to be the Hokage at all. Then after the war was over she finally gave up the seat and gave it to…"

"Daddy." A beautiful young girl in full ninja gear shouted before landing beside Naruto and wrapping herself around his arm. "We got the message so me and mommy Ino and mommy Tsunade hurried here as fast as we could." She said before looking at the three women standing in front of Naruto. "Who are they? They feel really strong. Ohh and that red hair is so pretty, do you think I should die my hair red daddy?" she asked causing Naruto to smile. Even though she had the body of an eighteen year old and the strength of a jonin she still acted like a kid when she got really excited.

"Naruto why does she look so much like you and why was she calling Ino… and is that Lady Tsunade. But you look so young what's going on here?" Kushina asked growing more and more confused.

"Daddy created me by accident when he was trying to create a permeant clone body for Shiori." Naruko said dropping some of the childishness from her voice and sounding much more authoritarian. "After the war the council decided that Daddy should be put under the rules of the CRA since his is the last member of three clans. It wasn't very hard to find willing girls since most of the ones who have joined knew him for most of his life and already loved him.

Then later because daddy is so awesome with seals, and me two since I know just about everything daddy does he tried to free mommy Shiori. But he messed up the first time and I was created from the female clone's body and the memories created from his Harem Jutsu." Said Naruko getting a puzzled looked from Mikoto.

"What's a harem jutsu?" She asked.

"Don't ask." Groaned Sakura face palming at the thought of her husband's first original jutsu.

"Any ways after me and mommy Shiori were freed, mommy Tsunade wanted to join to so she invited daddy over for supper." She said causing Mikoto and Kushina's eyebrows to shoot up.

"So it's not just girls his age?" Mikoto asked.

"No Ino and Sakura's moms are both in the family along with Hannah and her mom. Miss Kuerani is also joining. But the reason Tsunade looks different is because Daddy found a seal that enabled her healing jutsu to reverse her ageing making her physically twenty-one again." She said before smiling "Ohh and I about forgot the most important thing. You wanted to know who the hokage was well it's the strongest, bravest, most awesome ninja in the village." She said grinning and snuggling closer against Naurto's side.

"Wait you mean?" Kushina said staring at Naruto before breaking out into a loud happy laugh and hugging him. "Ohh my little boy I am so proud of you. You're hokage and you are surrounded by so many pretty girls."

As more people started to come see what the commotion was about the group decided to head home. When they got there they found Mebuki and Ino's mom in the kitchen cooking while Hinata and Kuerani sat drinking tea at the table. Instead of talking right away Tsunade suggested that the three go get cleaned up and put on some clean clothes while she and the other mothers made some supper.

While they were upstairs, getting ready Tsunade had everyone running around getting things ready for an impromptu welcome home party. She even sent Naruko out for a cake and had Ino and Sakura run to the store to get party decorations.

Upstairs Mikoto waited for Pakura to slip into the guest room Hinata had led them to before slipping down the hall to the room where Kushina was staying. Hearing running water Mikoto smiled and quickly slipped out of her clothes and snuck quietly into the bathroom. She grinned as she saw Kushina standing with her back to the door washing her long red hair under the water. She took a second to watch as the soapsuds traveled down her long back before running over her wide hips and large cushiony rear.

"Ohh its been so long since I got to do this mistress. Will you allow me to wash your back for you?" Mikoto said quietly as she stepped into the shower.

"Yes my pet that would make me very happy." Kushina said smiling at the wall as she felt her lover's soft hands on her shoulders. She moaned as she felt Mikoto's soft hands run down her back and go to her large motherly rear. Mikoto started to kiss Kushina's shoulders as she rubbed her body up against Kushina washing them both at the same time.

"Did you see him my lady, how strong and handsome he has grown up to be." Mikoto said.

"Mmm yes and he looks so much like his father. I thought that was Minato standing there for a moment didn't you." Kushina said moaning lightly as her lovers hands brushed over her large tits.

"And did you see all of those girls he has surrounded himself with." She cooed dropping a hand down to play with her mistresses clit. Kushina turned around and wrapped her arms around Mikoto giving her a searing kiss as she pulled her back with her against the wall and wrapped one of her legs around Mikoto's hip.

"All of those hot little sluts, most of them already carrying his children. Shiori told me how he had dominated each one of them over and over. He even got each one of them personalized collars marking them as his property. He seems to take more after me than his father in that regard." Kushina said causing Mikoto to blush as she remembered Kushina dominating both her and Minato multiple times. Of the three of them Kushina had been the ringleader while Minato was just fine to go with the flow.

Kushina started to grind herself up against Mikoto, their pussys grinding over each other as Kushina nibbled on Mikoto's lower lip, working her tongue into the black haired woman's mouth. Mikoto started to grind up against Kushina, her breath coming in faster and faster pants.

"A part of me…uhh yeah..A part of me is having very un-motherly thoughts about my son. Imagining that strong body holding me as that big hard cock of his fills me as he takes me like those other girls and makes me is own personal mommy slut." Groaned Kushina before flipping Mikoto around and pressing her up against the wall. "What about you pet, I say the way you were looking at my son." She said as she dipped her fingers into Mikoto's snatch and started to pump them.

"Ohh yes mistress. I was such a bad Aunt that I want to make it up to Naru-kun. Only a bad aunt would let her young handsome nephew take advantage of her and fuck her. Only a dirty nasty aunt would imagine her nephew fucking her and his mother and getting both of them pregnant with his kid." She said before screaming and cumming onto Kushina's fingers. Kushina growled and kissed Mikoto, shoving her tongue in the woman's mouth as Mikoto screamed into it. Mikoto could feel one of her mistress' chains inside her cunt moving around as if it was alive and causing her to cum.

"On the ground slut and lick out my pussy." Kushina growled, Mikoto was happy to oblige and dropped to her knees and started to place large sloppy licks around Kushina's snatch before Kushina grabbed her head and pressed it firmly against her snatch. "Yes you are a dirty, nasty, slutty aunt to be imagining that. But then I must be a dirty, nasty, slutty mother to be thinking the same thing." She said before moaning and cumming into Mikoto's face. Mikoto smiled as her lovers juices gushed out and covered her mouth and chin as she tried to drink it all up.

Eventually Kushina stopped cumming and allowed Mikoto to get up. The two women held each other as they leaned against the side of the shower.

"You know mistress we are both the last of our respective clans so by law we would fall under the CRA." She said trying to come up with a logical reason to use for what their hearts had already decided. "And we would be expected to marry a strong ninja to make sure our bloodlines stayed strong."

"And who would be stronger than the hokage." Kushina said smiling, holding Mikoto close she placed a hand on her chin turning her head so she could kiss her. The two continued softly kissing each other for a minute, their wet limbs moving over each other as each imagined a certain young blond hokage making love to them. "I will go first tonight and show Naru-kun just how much I love him, then if he still has any energy I will send him up to you." Kushina said breaking away from the kiss.

"What of Pakura mistress?' Mikoto asked thinking of the girl whom they had discovered in the lab with them.

"She is alone and afraid and sad. What she needs now is a pair of strong caring arms to hold her and I can think of one certain blond ninja who was already undressing her with his eyes." Kushina smiled. In fact, Pakura was sitting on a bed in the other room wondering about said blond ninja and wondering if maybe she could make a home here since the Kazakage had destroyed hers and sent her off as a sacrifice to the hidden stone. Looking up in the mirror, she smiled as she remembered how warm and affectionate his smile looked. Pakura grinned and went back into the bathroom to search for some makeup to be a little more presentable to Naruto.

The three women made their way down stairs at about the same time. Everyone else was down stairs putting on the final additions of the impromptu party. The three women smiled as they saw the streamers and hats and the large chocolate and fudge cake sitting in the middle of the table. However, before they could get a taste sample of the cake, purely for science of course, they were ushered into the kitchen where a huge feast awaited them.

Sakura and Ino graciously if a little hesitantly gave up their spots beside Naruto at the table and allowed Mikoto and Kushina to set on either side of them. The dinner was filled with laughter and sighs as everyone took turns getting the girls caught up on what had happened. Mikoto was distraught to learn what kind of monster Sauske's had become but was glad to learn that her other son Itachi had been a hero all along.

Kushina just laughed at Tsunade's telling of how Sakura used to treat Naruto which ended up pissing off Hinata until Kushina explained that she was the same way towards Naurto's dad. Eventually it got around to where Kushina had to explain where they had been and why they were yelling for Danzo's head. Everyone gasped as they heard that they had been in a lab hidden in the mountains south of the fire temple and that Danzo had brought them back with the impure world resurrection jutsu.

After dinner everyone went into the den to rest and eat the cake and Naruto found himself in heaven as Kushina and Mikoto sat on either side of him feeding him cake. Naruto wasn't sure what to think as their hands and legs continually touched or bushed over him the entire time while Pakura looked at him with bedroom eyes. Each woman had seemed to have only put on a robe and some undergarments as he could see a lot of cleavage and legs sticking out and rubbing against him.

As it got later Kushina and Mikoto said they were getting tired and asked Naruto if he would come up in a few minutes to talk to them alone. As the they got up to leave Kushina took his face in her hands and gave him a little kiss, her tongue slipping out to glide quickly between his lips so fast it left Naruto wondering if it happened. Mikoto also gave Naruto a not so platonic kiss leaving Naurto's head spinning. As it started to wind down he saw that Pakura had been drug off somewhere by Naruko and everyone else had mostly went to bed.

Kissing everyone goodnight Naruto and creating some shadow clones to keep them company, a new nightly tradition so no one felt left out, he quickly made his way up to the room where Kushina was staying. Opening the door Naruto froze as he saw Kushina setting on the bed with her housecoat draping over her arms where they were crossed giving him a good look at her shoulders and the tops of her large breasts. Her legs were also crossed and the coat seemed too have ridden up giving him a good view of her long legs and one large hip.

"Come here Naruto." She said gently smiling at the way he was looking at her. Shifting a bit she let the housecoat ride up a little bit more giving a teasing glimpse of her cunt. Naruto walked over and tried to contain his hormones. Every fiber in his body was screaming to pounce on the beautiful woman on the bed and rip her clothes off and make her his.

Naruto sat down beside Kushina and turned to look at her. Immediately his eyes were drawn to her long beautiful red hair before working its way down to her bountiful breasts and back up to her smiling lips.

"Do you like my hair baby?" She said giggling at how Naruto was looking at her.

"I do, its so beautiful just like you." He said making Kushina blush.

"You can touch it if you want sweetie." She said and had to hold back a sigh as she felt his hand gently start to run though her hair. Kushina scooted closer and started to rub her hand over his chest. "My baby boy, you have grown so big and handsome." She said rubbing her hand up to his shoulders and smiling inwardly as she felt the strength in those strong arms.

Naruto felt his cock start to harden as his mother scooted closer and started to rub her hand over him. It didn't help that now he could see almost all of her large breasts or that one of her legs had slid over his and was pressing up against his cock. "Naruto I am so proud of you. You've grown so strong and done so much. And became such a ladies man, I just wish I had been there to get to see it." She said hugging him tightly against her.

"I do to." Naruto said the pain in his voice making Kushina want to just hold on to him and never let him go again. "But you are here now, you and Aunt Mikoto. You two can live with us here at the compound." Naruto said bighting back up and looking at Kushina.

"I know I can't have back all the time we lost or make up for all the hurt that has been done Naruto. But from now on I am going to do everything I can to show you how much you are loved and how much I love you." Kushina whispered inching her face closer until her lips were brushing up against Naurto's

"Mom i.." Naruto began only to be shushed by Kushina.

"Kiss me Naruto, let your mommy show you how much she loves you." She said leaning in and kissing Naruto.

"Wha..What are you doing mom?" asked Naruto

"I want to make up for all the time we have lost Naru-kun, I want to give you all the love and compassion you have been missing." Said Kushina her voice getting deeper with lust as she felt his hard cock pressing up against her leg. Smiling Kushina slipped over to straddle his lap, her housecoat falling down to expos all but the tips of her nipples. Naruto didn't know how to react to the sight of his half naked mother straddling him, her red hair falling in disheveled waves around her head and beautiful lips in a sultry pout.

Sitting back Kushina grabbed the sides of her robe and slowly let them fall to the bed. Naruto stared transfixed at his mother's large beautiful breasts hanging proudly on her chest. Kushina leaned close enough to Naruto that her breasts brushed up against his chest as she talked. Kushina placed her lips on his ear, her hot breath causing the hairs on his neck to stand up. "Let mommy love you baby." She whispered as she brushed her lips over his ear.

Naruto was surprised at how soft his mother's lips were as they pressed against his, her long arms wrapping around his neck and holding him close as her tongue gently slid over his lips. Kushina continued to press tighter against him as she worked her tongue into his mouth. Naruto moaned as he felt her tongue run over the roof of his mouth before sliding over his tongue.

She just tasted and smelled so good he couldn't resist. One hand went up to cup her cheek as another ran though her long red hair. Holding her close Naruto ran his hands though her hair enjoying as the silky threads moved though his fingers.

"You enjoy playing with mommies hair don't you baby?" Kushina said breaking away form the kiss. Her bright blue eyes looking lovingly at Naruto as she tried to drink in the features of his face.

"It's so soft and beautiful. Just like you." Naruto said in a slight daze as he ran his hand though her hair, following the long red threads to the small of her back. Kushina moaned as Naruto kissed her back, his tongue invading her mouth and ravaging it in hunger. She could feel the hunger and lust bubbling under the love he was showing just like she could feel her pussy growing wetter as his strong arms wrapped around her.

Kushina slowly kissed her way around his cheek. Her hands slowly moving down from his shoulders to undo his shirt form his pants. "My big strong boy. Let mommy show you how much she loves you." Kushina said again as she lifted his shirt over his head. She gasped as she saw his chest, her hands immediately going over the hard muscles.

Naruto groaned as Kushina's hands ran over his chest. Her strong hands gently massaging his muscles as she marveled at his abs and arms, her lips leaving gently kisses on his pecs. 'Mmm so strong. I can't wait to have him over me as he fucks me. And I can't wait to watch as he dominates those hot little sluts of his.' She thought as she ran her hands over his chest.

As she ran her hands over his body, Naruto decided to return the favor. Placing his hands on her wide hips Naruto started to gently run his hands up her side until coming to her large full breasts. The two stayed like that for a few minutes, running their hands and eyes over the others body, memorizing every smell, sight, and touch.

Naruto ran his hands up gently cupping the underside of her breasts. Kushina let out a heavy breath as his fingers played with the soft flesh of her tits, sinking into them as he squeezed and played with them. Naruto's eyes were stuck to her large red nipples as they poked out form her chest begging to be sucked.

"You like playing with my tits don't you baby. Suck on them for me, suck on your mommies big titties." She moaned as she felt his hands squeeze her breast hard. Naruto didn't waste any time as he started to suck at her large breasts. Kushina pressed her breasts harder against his face as he nipped and licked at her nipples.

Naruto was in heaven as he felt Kushina's hands run thorough his hair as he continued to suck at her large nipples. Taking one gently between his teeth, he bit down on it hard enough to make her yell. Both of them could feel the desire bubbling underneath them. For Naruto it was the desire to dominate the sexy redheaded vixen in his arms and for Kushina it was the desire to have her son above her, dominating her and using her as his own personal toy.

Kushina couldn't stand it as she felt his lips move to her other breast leaving the first one hanging in his hand. She could feel her juices dripping down her legs as his hands pressed into her breasts and his teeth nipped at her nipples. Rubbing herself against his pants, she pulled back causing Naruto to look up at her. Finally she couldn't stand it any more. Who said love had to be gentle, she knew he loved being dominate and he knew she loved being dominated.

Smiling down at Naruto she place her lips over his ear. "You know baby your don't have to be gentle. Fuck me baby. Fuck your mommy just like you do those pregnant little whores of yours." She whispered, her red lips brushing lightly over his ear. Before she could react she found herself on her back with Naruto propped up above her.

Naruto felt like his cock was going to burst out of his pants as her looked down at Kushina. Her body was filled out with curves in all the right places, her wide hips and large breasts giving her a nice full hourglass figure while her long blood red hair was splayed out around her. Smiling at him Kushina reached up and started to undo his pants, her hand slipping in between the waist to play with his cock.

'Ohh my god it's so big' She thought as she touched it. 'It must be bigger than his fathers' Kushina wrapped her hand around Naruto's cock and started to stroke it causing Naruto to growl in appreciation. Kushina could see that he was on the edge so she pulled his pants down the rest of the way revealing his long twelve-inch cock.

"Ohh look at that big cock. Are you going to use that on me Naruto? Are you going to use your strong arms to hold me down and spread my legs as you use that large rod on my pussy? Hmm naruto-kun are you going to use that large rod to fuck me and turn me into your little mommy slut?" She asked reaching back up to stroke the thick shaft some more. Naruto was getting more and more turned on the longer his mother talked dirty to him.

Naruto lowered his head closer to her as a deep growl started to emanate from his throat. Kushina could see his eyes start to change as his whisker marks darkened. "Mmm Naruto-kun I can feel how hard you are. How much you want to fuck your defenseless little mommy. Do it, breed me Naruto. Fuck your mommies slutty pussy and turn me into your little mommy slut" That did it, Kushina could see his will break as she let go of his cock and ran her hands up his chest to cup his cheeks.

"Ughh do you have any idea how hot you are?" Naruto growled as he ground his cock roughly against her cunt. "Do you know how much Shiori's stories of you two fucking turned me on, I'm in love with you Kushina and I am defiantly going to turn you in to my own personal mommy slut." Growled Naruto his lips slamming down to claim her mouth with his, his hands quickly went down to grab onto her large breasts and massage her aching tits.

"Ohh yes fuck me Naruto, fuck your slutty mommy. Fill me with your large cock and teach me how to be a proper slut for my little Naur-chan" begged Kushina as she felt his hands play with her breasts and his cock press up against her pussy. Kushina yelled in happiness as she felt him roughly grab her tits and pull on them. This is what she wanted, Naruto on top of her, getting pleasure from her own pain as he used her. She could never get Minato to be this dominate with her, but for Naruto is seemed second nature.

Kushina couldn't help but to squirm and moan as she felt his teeth start to rake over the skin of her neck. His mouth going straight to her most sensitive spots above her shoulder. The feeling of her squirming under him made Naruto ache with desire. He could feel her legs and breasts sliding against him as she moved. Grabbing one of her large breasts he started to squeeze until his fingers sunk in making Kushina scream with pleasure.

"This is what you want isn't it slut. To be used by me, any time and any way I want." Naruto growled and slapped one of her large breasts to emphasize the point. Naruto watched how it jiggled and decided to do the other one. Kushina laid there looking at her reddening breasts as Naruto slapped them.

"Ohh yes hurt me baby, I'm yours all yours." She screamed as she felt his fingers rake over her skin. "I'll be your little mommy slut, you can use mommies mouth or pussy whenever you want."

Naruto leaned down to kiss her as his fingers traveled to her large wet snatch. Kushina moaned into his mouth as he started to fuck her pussy with his fingers. "I think you're wet enough slut." Naruto said pulling his fingers out of her snatch. "Now I can't wait to see those big fat lips of your wrapped around my cock as I fuck you." Kushina smiled and wrapped a leg around his waist in response. Sitting up Naruto placed his hands on her large hips and started to push in.

"Wait baby stop for a second." Kushina said, as he was about two thirds of the way in. Her heart melted as he immediately stopped and she saw the look of worried concern fill his face. 'Even when he's like that he's still concerned for my pleasure and safety.' She thought.

"I didn't hurt you did I mom?" Naruto asked.

"No baby I just wanted to tell you something." Kushina said sweetly. "Do you feel how deep you are in mommy's pussy?" she asked. "Well that's how big your daddy was, so from here on out its virgin territory." She said knowing that he would get a ego boost from knowing that he was bigger than his father.

Naruto smilled and quickly sheathed himself in his mother's tight hot snatch earning a moan from her as his cock stretched the walls of her pussy. Naruto continued to thrust hard into her, his hands gripping onto her hips and pulling her to him as he thrusted.

"That's it baby, fuck mommy. Fuck mommy's big pussy with your cock." She screamed as he slid back into her. "Ohh god its so big, ohh baby yes. Fuck mommy baby."

Naruto happily complied, his cock sliding quickly in and out of her wet snatch. He was amazed at how tight and hot it was, it felt like her whole cunt was trying to suck him in and massage his dick.

"Ohh god your so hot. And look at you; you just love having your sons cock in your slutty pussy." He said pulling her hips to him and slamming into her. Kushina yelled and threw her head back as she came. Her cunt gushing out juices as Naruto continued to fuck her. "Look at you moaning like a whore as you cum on your sons cock. What a slut, getting off on having your sun fuck you."

"Yes, yes im a slut, im your mommy slut. Ohh god fuck me Naruto, fuck you mommy." She cried as one of his hands sunk into her breast as he sped up his thrusts. "Use me baby, use my body. Teach me how to please you."

"You want to please me slut? Then cum, cum on your sons cock." Naruto commanded as he sheathed his self inside her and began to cum. Kushina moaned as she felt the hot sticky cum begin to fill up her womb.

"Yes cum in me baby. Cum in mommies cunt." Kushina said as her body was racked by another orgasm. As she was coming down form it she felt Naruto's hand wrap around her throat as he leaned down to look at her, his hard cock still in her cunt.

"What are you slut?" He growled, the hot air flowing over her face.

"I'm a slut, I'm your little mommy slut." She said as she felt his hand tighten around her throat.

"And who do your belong to?" He asked.

"You I belong to you. Ohh baby yes. My body only exists to please you, ohh keep fucking me baby please." She pleaded as he lowered his lips to hers.

"Good slut now get on your stomach. I want to fuck that big ass of yours."

"Ohh please sir don't whip me. What ever you do, please don't whip my ass." Kushina pleaded as she rolled over and presented her large round ass to Naruto.

"Shut up slut. I'll do what I want with this ass of yours." Naruto said. Both of them were really getting into the act. It was like their personalities were feeding off of each other as they fucked. Grabbing the cloth belt form Kushina's robe Naruto started to hit her ass with it. While it wasn't the kind he used on Tenten it still left a nice mark on her fleshy ass and got a pleasant scream.

"Ohh please master. Please I beg of you, I'll be a good little mommy slut form now on." Kushina said as her ass started to redden and sting from the cloth whip and Naurto's hands.

"Look at that fat ass jiggle as it hit it. Look at the way you move your ass whore. I think you like having this ass whipped." He said as he slapped it again getting an erotic scream form Kushina. HE could tell without the scream that she was enjoying it. All he had to do was look down at the large wet stain in the bed. "Now, it's about time I got to fuck that beautiful asshole of yours."

Lining up with the puckered asshole, he slammed balls deep in one thrust, her response cut off by a scream of pleasure. She grabbed onto the footrest at the bottom of her luxurious bed so he could pound her faster, while his hands grabbed her breasts again.

"Oh yes! Naruto do me any way you please! Faster! Pound me more! Oh God you're so good, you're long, hard, cock is so hot! Ah, ah, more! Fuck my asshole harder Naruto-kun!" She pleaded while he continued fucking her senseless.

He decided to go even harder, making sure he brushed up against her anal G-spot every few thrusts. "God, Your ass is so tight! It's even tighter than Ten-ten's! I'm almost there! You're my personal mommy slut aren't you? Tell me how much you want me to fuck you!" He groaned as he switched to quick powerful thrusts.

"Yes! I'm your slut! Your cum-slave! Anything you want! I love the way you fuck me! I've waited all day for your glorious cock! Ohh god, Mikoto and I played with each other in the shower imaging you fucking us. Oh Naruto-kun! I'm almost there. I've thought about you fucking me so much. All I wanted was to feel you in me!" She almost screamed out.

"Okay then my mommy slut, cum for me. I want to feel your warm juices on my cock. You got that? Cum for me slave!" With a burst of chakra he slammed his entire length into her ass. Creating a loud, wet, slapping sound. "I'm Cumming!" He grunted, mirroring her scream, as both of them came at the same time. Her juices spraying all over the bed, and his seed warming her sore rectum.

Kushina's arms gave out and she fell face first into one of the extra pillows she had placed at the foot of her bed. His, still hard, cum covered cock slipping out of her.

Her ass sticking up while her hair was splayed out around her. Her ass now matched the long read hair that was splayed out around them. He liked this position a lot and waddled on his knees behind her and lined himself up with her pussy as best as he could through the silky material.

"Look at that slut you already picked out the next position. Such a good girl. Now, my cum dumpster, this time when I fuck you I want to scream as loud as you can. I want to make sure the rest of our clan knows how much you love me, and how much you're willing to do for me." As he shoved his entire length into her welcoming pussy. Not even bothering to get a rhythm going he just slammed into her with reckless abandon.

"Fuck me more Naruto-kun! Oh God yes! I'm your personal little mommy slut! I'll fuck you anywhere you want! Anytime you want! Ngh God Naruto-kun your fat cock is spreading out my pussy! I've been a naughty girl Naruto-kun and I deserved to be punished! Fuck me rough! I love the way you fuck me! So please cum in me! Claim me as yours and yours alone! I want to have your children! I'm almost there Naruto-kun! I can almost already feel your hot cum coursing into me. I am your personal fuck toy! I'm Cumming!" She finished her screaming with a loud moan.

"Me too! I love the way you talked dirty. Let's cum together." They both came again as her juices went all over his cock. Naruto shot eight ropes of cum inside her before pulling out. Some of his cum was still shooting out onto her ass so out so he grabbed her head, rubbing his cock against it. Leaving streams of his cum all over her face, some dripping onto her generous bust.

"Ohh god baby that was so good." She said laying back and giving Naruto a view at her beautiful cum covered body. Smiling down at her Naruto crawled off and went into the bathroom. Kushina's heart melted again as she saw him come back with a hot washcloth and some cream for her abused ass. 'Ohh god he is so compassionate when it comes to taking care of his little slaves."

"I wish I could have met you when I was a little girl." Kushina said quietly as Naruto started to gently wipe off the cum and sweat on her face.

"What was that mom?" He asked pausing in his cleaning.

"You're so strong and handsome baby. And when it comes to making love you are so caring and loving, even when you're ripping my ass open with that big cock of yours."

"Its because I love each of my pets. I want to make sure you feel happy and safe." He said leaning down to kiss her. Kushina helped Naruto clean her up and change the bedding before they laid back down. Kushina wrapped her arms around naruto as they snuggled up against each other. Neither seemed quick to move as they spent time talking and catching up.

"I would love to spend the rest of the night like this but your Aunty Mikoto is waiting for you. How about I give you thirty minutes before I come up there and join you two." Kushina said.
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