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Chapter 15 - The Fox Den

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Voldemorts throw a tntrum. Fudge trires to turn thing. And the opening of the Fox Den

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The Fellowship of the Fox

by Ryuuohjin

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Chapter 15 - The Fox Den

The old home to Evan Rosier, where the Dark Lord had established his new hideout, was filled with the groaning and tortured bodies of those who'd felt the Dark Lord's wrath when he found out that the goblins had sized the vaults of several of his members.


After he had freed his faithful from Azkaban, he would have to eradicate those little pests.

As to add insult to injury, and injury to insult, he still hadn't managed get any information about that damn Fellowship, that had dared to mock and attack him. Only that the goblins had seemingly joined up with them.

Voldemort was definitely not in a good mood, but he also knew he could do nothing about it for now, except for torturing his followers for their failure. Which would also help him to alleviate some of bad mood. But it was still so frustrating, but knew he couldn't rush thing, so he would have to think up something else to do for now.


Elsewhere, outside the sun was hot, its rays infinite and unforgiving. Then again, summers tends to be like that sometimes. As the Weasley family, plus Hermione, walked down the cobbled street in the marketplace known as Diagon Alley, for the yearly school shopping trip. They would also, while were in the Alley anyway, check out the new shop, the Fox Den, that had its grand opening today.

They recognized the store as soon they saw it, with celebratory balloons and plaques announcing their grand opening, and that where having a opening sale, along with offering free cake and butterbeer to anyone of their customers, but only as long supplies last.

The twins fell in love with the shop, at first sight. Set against the dull shop fronts around them, Fox Den's windows hit their eye like a firework display. The twins dream was to one day open a store of their own, and the Fox Den were like nothing they had seen in the magical world. with afox-shaped sign hanging on the door that said;

The Fox Den

A Jack of all trades, Master of none.

Open Hours

Opens most days at 9or 10.

Now and then as early as 7, but some days as late as 11 or 12.

We close around 17 or 18.

Sometimes even at 16, but other times not until around midnight.

Some days or afternoons, we are not here at all, but in recently we have been here almost constantly, except for when we're elsewhere, but should be here also.

Our customer complaints office is manned odd Thursdays, odd months at full moon between the hours of 3 and 5. But it's always reachable by owl post.

As they pushed the door open, they were greeted by a riot of colour The room and contents lacked any sort of symmetry. The Weasley's was overwhelmed by the room as they looked around at the flowing irregular features. Then it shifted, a rhythm emerged pulsing. They could feel their pulse slowing to match the rhythm of the room and their bodies began relaxing. Somehow they actually felt happier as they looked around. That combined with subtle uplifting music they heard in the background, made them all feel rejuvenated.

What they didn't know was that the music they was part of the many defences of the store. It was Phoenix song, that been inlaid into celling to play seamlessly and continuously, and charmed so it reached every nook an cranny. No matter where you where in the store you would always be able to hear it as clearly, and at the same volume. To those who were pure of heart, the song would be empowering, divine and uplifting. To those who were wicked, the song would weaken them and sound like terrifying demonic screeching.

As looked the Weasley's continued to look around the store, the twins noticed that even the way the stuff was presented to the customers was worthy of note. Placing their own logo on goods not only provided free advertising, but allowed them to increase the price as well. Along with an incredibly wide range of merchandise, both magical and muggle, the twins were drawn in like moths to a flame, Ron and Ginny smirked at how impressed their family seemed to be with the Fox Den.

"Amazing. Truly wondrous!" Arthur exclaimed breathlessly, when he had become acclimated to the store.

A small laugh was heard somewhere behind them.

"Thanks, Mr. Weasley, we strive to do our best."

The family turned around to see little girl grinning at them.

"Want the grand tour?" she asked. "Come on!"

The rest of the Weasley's were then introduced to the owners of the store, as the little girl guided them around store. The twins were actually alittle surprised find out that the Rasp's was the sole owners of the shop. As they all were younger then them, the twins had always assumed that they some sort of guardian or something, to handle the actual running of the shop.

The store was split up in three parts, first it was the entrance, where the counter with the register was. Behind the counter there was door with a sign, which said personal only, it was there the break room, storage room and changing rooms were. To the left of the entrance the muggle part of the store was located. In here you could find books on how cook, bake and clean without using magic, gardening, non-magical history, martial arts books, and books for pleasure reading.

There were also guides describing what clothes to wear if one wanted to blend in the in non-magical world, how use public transports, how use money, how to use telephones, what a telephone was and how to use it, what the police and fire department was and how contact them, and many more simply describing how survive and navigate in non-magical world without using magic.

To the right of the entrance was the magical part of the store. The books were more varied in topics then the muggle section was. One could find books on basic introductions for those that entered the magical the first time. Explain about about Gringotts, Aurors and the Ministry, how to find and contact them.

There were several books and manuals on duelling The etiquette, history, rules for aformal duel, and difference a formal duel and street duel. How to best use charms, jinxes, hexes, and transfiguration in a duel. Some manuals even showed how effectively use potions in a live battle.

They also sold assorted gems, crystals, and potion supplies. Over where the ingredient were hanged a sign:

We also have Basilisk parts, price on demand, ask at the counter if interested.

In the sections for jokes and pranks, were various good from WWW and Zonks, the twins could see that their mother wasn't sure if she should be happy or not when saw WWW products. They were then led back to the entrance and each of them were given a ticket to use in the lottery, much to their parents protests.


As the Weasely's got shown around the newly opened Fox Den, the visitors at Gringotts Bank watched in confusion as they were witnesses to a most peculiar scene. A big black dog had casually strolled up to teller and to then gave up loud bark that caught everyone’s attention. The goblin teller looked nonplussed at the dog for a while, before he quite puzzled asked.

"You must be Mr. Snuffels, I assume," the dog responded with what looked like anod, "You're expected. Wait here a moment please. Woebringer will soon come to meet you." After giving a bark of confirmation, the dog took a few steps back and sat on its haunches to wait, much to the confused onlookers amazement.

A few minutes later as customers (who most still bore a looks of shock, confusion, or curiosity) was waiting in queue at one the counters at Gringotts. Out of the corner of their eyes they saw the dog being led across the hall by a goblin, toward the large doors that led into the vaults. Many wondered to themselves if anyone else had seen that and found it odd that that a dog were being led into a vault, without so much of traces of owner. How could a dog have a vault at Gringotts?


'What did I do to deserve this?'

It was the question that Wormtail found asking himself, as he stood outside throne room of his master's new hideout. He could clearly hear groans and screams from the Death Eaters as his master continued his raged rant, cursing them whenever he felt it was necessary.

'I suppose Ivolunteered for this when took the mark, so I deserve it,' Wormtail sighed, that and the fact I gave her the bag.

Peter Pettigrew was not a happy wizard, this was not a new phenomenon but the degree of unhappiness was gradually climbing to heights that hadn't been scaled in well over a decade. And he was fully aware that he had no one to blame but himself for that.

Sometimes he couldn't help himself to wonder, how his life would had been if hadn't chosen to betray his friends. But he often avoided that train of thought since it only served to make him more depressed. What was done, was done. He had made his choice, so now all that was left was to live with the consequences.

Pushing those melancholic thoughts aside, he took a deep breath and steeled himself, as walked in bowed before his lord and master.


After having calm down a bit, Voldemort addressed the portly wizard who was prostrating himself before his master, “Rise, Wormtail.”

As the Rat Animagus hastily complied, an uncharacteristic chuckle slipped from the Dark Lord. “It amazes me, Wormtail, that you seem to be the most capable of my people.”

“Th-th-thank-you, m-master,” Pettigrew fawned, while trying to hide his pride in his Master’s compliment.

“Don’t get so excited. It doesn’t really say very much,” admonished the Dark Lord mildly, though he was slightly amused. “Now, Wormtail, I have task for you. This is what I want you to do...."


Felix Felicis, also known as 'Liquid Luck' and skews odds where things can go well or poorly to your favour, quite heavily in fact. For politics and fighting, or even during a date if you desire, it would grant you the best odds possible for you. Because of this Felix Felicis was abanned substance in organized competitions, sporting events, examinations, or elections. And if taken in excess, it caused giddiness, recklessness, and dangerous overconfidence. It was also highly toxic in large quantities.

While it is possible to easily overdose on such a potion in an extreme way, and the ingredients were hard are difficult to obtain, they are very much worth it and as long as you didn't abuse it. Not many knew how brew it, since it was complicated and complex potion, that took long to brew and was easy to mess up horribly.

Unfortunately this was one of potions that did nothing for the Rasp's, since the most potent substance in it was Malclaw venom, and all the Rasp's were immune to its effects. The Mackled Malaclaw was a land creature closely resembling a lobster, with light grey skin and green spots, it could reach a length of twelve inches.

While the venom of aMalclaw was not lethal per se, but it made Murphy law to become true. What can go wrong with a person who has been affected with it would go wrong. But with an addition that 'whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and it will happen in the most embarrassing and explosive way possible.'

It causes epic amount of bad luck for the person affected by it. Even when given the lethal dose it does not cause damage to the tissue or mind or any such thing to be affected critically. But it will cause any such accident which will cause to the victim to lose its life. Merely touching it would cause a minor amount of bad luck.

A vial of Felix Felicis, was among the many fine prizes that could be won in the lottery that the Rasp's had organized to celebrate the grand opening of their store. While the potion was quite potent, the vial only contained enough for about two days of really good luck. And it seemed like fate would have that it was the Weasley Patriarch, Arthur Weasley, that won that vial.

While his wife, Molly, had won a set of cook books containing both French and Asian cuisine. And the children had all won a custom made wand, along with awand-holster.

"It's modified to fit any arm or leg-length. Conceals and protects your wand from Disarming and Summoning Spells, and if your wand-holster is placed on your arm, a simple swish of your hand and your wand will easily be reachable in a blink of an eye, if needed for quick duelling It is colour-changing as well, so you can change it to suit your fancy. It's nine galleons a piece, if you want buy one for yourself," Rhy explained, as they were given the holsters. "The wands will be delivered to you by owl when they are ready."

While their original plans for making the wands for the DA had been scraped, they would still had to give out the wands they had made, as they had been attuned for each DA member personal use. So they wouldn't be able to sell them to someone else either way.

After that the girl declared the tour over and left them to do what they wanted. The twins went to explore the section dedicated to non-magical pranks and practical jokes. While Ron, Ginny and Hermione seemed to have dragged the little girl that had been their guide off to somewhere. Leaving the parents alone to wander in the store.


With the sun starting to set, Rhy crested a rise that gave her a good view of her destination. Pausing in her hiking, she looked out over the opulent house before them. She were currently looking out over the house where Dolores Umbridge lived. It was here they would aim the first strike, because of all that she done and stood for. But most importantly was what she would do, and she would try to preach.

While Umbridge shared the same sentiments as Voldemort and his ilk. She preferred to do things more legally, and if that was not possible, she would make sure that it could not be traced back to her. While not rich, she had many connection both high and low, and had no scruples about using blackmail to achieve her goals. She was amongst most outspoken about her views against mudbloods and half-breed, as she called them.

Therefore Rhy and his friends had deemed her to be a perfect subject to further test the effects Rhy blood had on people. Unlike the goblins or Neville who just had a drop or two on their tongue Umbrigde would be injected with 20 ml directly into her heart with a syringe. According to their calculations, that would be fastest by to spread it.

So whilst she was sleeping, she snuck into the her bedroom to do the deed. But hadn't Rhy counted on the door creaking loudly as she opened it. The sound had woken Umbridge, but before she managed to register what was happening she had been quickly subdued and silenced. Now sitting straddled over Rhy reach into her sub-space pocket remove apre-filled syringe.

Umbridge eyes grew wide in fear as watched her attacker reach for something, and then pull aout at syringe filled with some red liquid out of mid-air. Her heart raced when she felt the needle pierce her skin and the liquid was slowly pushed into her.

After the syringe had been removed in a desperate attempt to flee , she gathered all her and threw her attacker of her. But before she could do anything else, everything around her seemed to slow down to a crawl. All sound became more muted and long drawn, to the point that they no longer comprehensible. She tried to move her body but for some reason it felt extremely sluggish, and would only move in ultra rapid. She screamed in her mind, not noticing the her attackers now were long gone.


After having left Umbridge in a world that, to her, almost stood still. Rhy proceeded to ransack the house the house for the keystone to the the house wards. While at the same time filling the house with limbo mist, as an surprise for the visitors that would come later.

Limbo mist was an odd-looking golden mist that floated a few feet above the ground. When stepping into it, the mist appeared to reverse the effects of gravity. Individuals caught up in the mist felt that they were hanging upside down from the ground. If the individual could keep acool head and walk through the mist, then the effects were reversed upon exiting the mist. Because of this Rhy had deemed it to be perfect as surprise present to those who were unwary.

After several hours of searching she found the wardstone hidden in a concealed room in the basement. And after making some changes to it, she triggered the ward that would make the Ministry Aurors come running. She then after shoot their own version of the dark mark high in the sky (a scarlet sniggering fox head) Rhy became Nine-tails and faded out to observe the spectacle that would unfold.

A few minutes later Rhy saw a group of Aurors apparate in just outside the wards boundary line. A few of the older ones became cautious and stopped as soon as they unknown mark hang above house, while the younger ones just ignored it. It was then it happened, just as one of them passed the boundary line, along with his partner was stripped buck naked. To the others it looked like that when they had passed the wards their clothes had just disintegrated. Another thing they noticed was the pairs skin and hair had changed colours, even their eye colour had changed.

The first skin and eyes had become completely golden, while all the hair on body had become deep red. His partner on the other hand, had gotten bronze coloured hair and deep blue skin. The pair was quickly overcome with embarrassment and dashed of to find their clothes again. Another Auror then walked through, but unlike previous couple he only lost his clothes. But his partner wasn't that lucky as her skin become dark green and her hair hair had turned to silver, along with the loss of her clothes.

Rhy could barley keep herself from laughing out loud at the that prank wards she had added, when she saw Tonks trying to cross the wards and promptly every stitch of clothing, while her skin and eyes became bright yellow, and her hair turned pitch black.

The wards was of their own design, the first made so any clothes someone disintegrate as soon as they the ward line. It was also one reasons Rhy had changed to Ninie-tails before crossing it, since it didn't affect animals. The second was what they called a Hogwarts detection ward. From sorting hat they had learned that when each child is sorted aspecific mark is left on them, one unique to the house they were sorted in. This mark was originally made so would easier to keep track on who did what, and where. But had since long been forgotten, they had only stumble on this information when had asked the hat if it was possible to make anti-Slytherin ward.

The Hogwarts detection ward worked in that way that if you went to Hogwarts, you would turn into colours for the house you were sorted in. For Griffindors that would be red and gold, while for Ravenclaws that would be bronze and blue, Slytherins would become green and silver, and Hufflepuffs yellow and black. Once she had having her fill of a what she considered successful prank, she shifted home tell her sisters all about it.


The sun dawned on another day at the HQ of the Order of Phoenix and the shrill blaring of an alarm clock greeted Sirius Black as he roused himself from arestless night of sleep. Glaring at the clock, he shut it off and crawled out of bed heading towards the bathroom. After taking ashower and taking care of the other necessities, he made his way downstairs and into kitchen for some breakfast.

Yesterday had been interesting to say at least. He know how he had done it, but somehow his godson had managed to win favour from the Goblins. He spent most of the in discussion with Woebringer, about his case and he could remember about that day. He also managed to take care of some of the Black business. It was mostly officially claiming the the Black vaults and properties, updating his will, along with few other things. He hadn't left Gringotts until they closed late in evening, at which he had transform into Padfoot. After reaching an secluded area, he had apparated back to Grimmuald Place 12.


At same time Sirius were meeting Woebringer, elsewhere in London, Cornelius Fudge had the public's reactions at the forefront of his mind as hue smiled, while he looked over the throngs of reporters from various newspapers and magazines, that had assembled on his word. Fudge was feeling good, last night he got an brilliant idea. And all that was left now was to put it in to action. For today was going to be aglorious day for his career because he would be able to remove an obstacle and so distract the sheep that any cries against his continued rule would be silenced.

"Witches and wizards of the press, thank you all for coming today," Fudge said to the crowd of reporters. "I have called you here today to discuss several things. Mainly to address the rumours that have been flying about concerning Sirius Black. Evidence has been brought forward that questions the before Black was sentenced to Azkaban. Therefore I am offering Sirius Black a temporary pardon, and Irequest that he give himself over to the Ministry of Magic. I give aMinister's guarantee that this is not a trick to capture Black. The evidence brought forward is quite shocking and could very well turn over the guilty verdict made over twelve years ago."

"Then why was he in Azkaban..."

"What about the Potters..."

"Those are all good questions, of which we sadly currently have no answer," Fudge replied. "Therefore I personally rescind all orders in regards to the capture of Sirius Black, along with rescinding the kiss on sight order for him. If he gives himself up to the Ministry willing I will my personally ensure protection. The Ministry screwed up Black, I know that. But if you are willing put that all behind you, this is the chance to it. I will give you a two week deadline Black," Fudge said, "Your criminal trial will be held in two weeks from today in front of the whole Wizengamot. If you aren't there, you're to be arrested on sight and sent back to Azkaban, whether you're guilty or not. Since you're obviously guilty about something if you stay away."

The noise rose in the room rose slightly.

"There is one more issue that needs to be addressed today," Fudge said. "Now many rumours have been floating around and I wish to put an end to them. Especially those in concern of the wild rumours that You-Know-Who has been resurrected. I will say it right now that all those are baseless. You are perfectly safe. Our world is not under attack by anyone. You must remember to consider the source of your information carefully. People lie. People do things to seek attention. Keep in mind that the Ministry and I are working for your best interest in everything we do." He smiled his politician's smile to them all.

"I now open the floor for questions," Fudge said, thinking how magnificently this would solve all his problems. Little did know how wrong his was.

The press conference broke up shortly afterwards and Fudge left to inform the British Prime Minister of what had occurred and to insure the muggle police would stop looking for Black as well.


That evening at Grimmuald Place, the Order of the Phoenix was once again having ameeting. On today's agenda was what they thought goblins and the ministers recent actions and if anyone had any idea what they were up to.

They also discussed yesterday's attack on Dolores Umbridge, Tonks reported that while they were not completely sure on who had actually done it, the presence of the large scarlet fox head that seemed to be laughing at them was big clue. The more Tonks talk about it, the more irritated she seemed get. It ended with Remus asking if was, and Tonks snapping that she fine. At this point Kingsley Shackelbolt explain with asnigger, that Tonks was alright she was only still sore about what happened to her yesterday.

Sirius, who had gotten really curious, asked Tonks happened to her. But only gotten a glare in response. So it fell to Kingsley to tell them the story, while Tonks aimed death glares at him. He them how they arrived at the Umbridge house after an alarm had been set off. He then told them how seen the marking hovering over the building, how that some of them had storm off to check it out, and that Tonks were amongst those who had stormed off.

When he told what happened to Tonks when she had passed the ward line, several of them burst in laughter. Tonks just aimed an ice cold glare at them. As the laughter had died done Kingsley told that after they had taken the wards, they found that the house had been filled with limbo mist, Dolores Umbridge seemed under affect of some thing. It was suspected to be a potion or drug of some kind as the staff a St. Mungos had suspicious needle mark above her heart. After further investigation of the crime scene they had found evidence that someone had tampered with the wardstone. The perpetrator had added to unknown wards and had then triggered the alarms, why he or she did they have no clue.

"Isn't it obvious," Remus spoke up after Kingsley had finished. "Whoever did this knew what those wards would do, and they were most likely created by themselves."

"And from your description of them they sound like a pair of magnificent prank wards," Sirius cut in. "And I agree with Moony here, it is quite obvious why they triggered the alarm."

"Oh, do tell, dear cousin," Tonks said snidely.

"Any true prankster knows a prank isn't truly complete unless someone fall for it," Sirius said, ignoring Tonks tone of voice. "They probably near by watching the whole thing to. For what meaning would there be to setup a prank, if didn't know the result of it."

"The prank wards is just a diversion,," Moody said. "I think they are to just there to mislead you from the purpose of why they triggered the alarms."

"So why do you think they triggers the alarms Mad-Eye," Kingsley asked.

"To test the ministries aurors respond time, of course."

"Maybe, but Idon't know."

Dumbeldore then presented his theory of that the goblins might be working with the elusive Fellowship of the Fox, and they were somehow responsible for the disappearance of Harry Potter and the Longbottoms.

While were on the subject of his missing godson, Sirius laid forth his suspicions the kids knew more then were telling. While he had no proof of it other then a feeling in his gut, he was sure that they were hiding something from them. After much dissuasion it was decided that they would confront the children tomorrow morning to see if Sirius was right.

Snape then reported about the dark lord anger when he had found out that his funds had been cut. A short time later the meeting was adjourned.


The sun was shining in through the narrow window, as Ginny awakened slowly, stretching like a cat. She felt content and happy. She'd had the best dream last night, she couldn't remember it very well at all but she knew it was fantastic.

Number Twelve Grimmauld Place was, in a word, grim. That had been Ginny's first thought when the entire Weasley family had been relocated there for "safety purposes," and it hadn't changed much, not even with all the cleaning that they had been doing.

"Ginny, Hermione." The girl turned to survey the one who had said her name, as well as she looking around the room she was sharing with Hermione. "Are you up?"

"I'm up," Ginny said with a yawn, stretching her spine, while Hermione just stirred in her bed.

Sirius crossed his arm and leaned against the threshold, canting his head slightly to the side in a dog-like manner. "Good, then wake up Hermione. You've been requested downstairs."

When they arrived downstairs, they saw that Ginny's brothers were already there along with several members of the Order, who stared at the children with penetrating gazes, the air tense and heavy. As Ginny and Hermione sat down, her twin brothers spoke up.

"Whatever it is we didn't do it."

"Don't worry boys, your are not in any trouble," Mr. Weasley said.

"So, what's this all about?" Ron asked.

"As you all no doubt know," Remus said carefully, "Harry has gone missing."

Ginny arched an eyebrow and Ron stifled a snort. "Missing? Or maybe you've just lost track of him." Her airy comment drew unwanted attention to her, but if they bothered her no one knew.

Remus did not smile."Harry hasn't been seen for weeks, and close of as he is to his friends… do any of know where he is, or where he was going?"

"We knew he was leaving," Hermione replied, "he told us and he was going underground for a while, to get away from everything, after what happened with Cedric, you know."

"He didn't tell anything else?" Remus asked.

"Nope," Ron said popping the 'p'. "He probably thought we'd hold up better under interrogation that way."

"I'm serious," Sirius said as eyes narrowed, and locked on the children. "So you don't know where he is? Or have idea, or any suspicion on where he might be?"

"I'm Ginny, nice to meet you." Ginny answered with a grin. "And no we don't where he is at the moment."

"That's was bad," Fred said.

"Absolutely terrible," George agreed.

"But it had done, who knows what Sirius might come up with otherwise," Ginny said conversationally.

"Hey!" Sirius squawked indignantly.

"Hay is for horses," Ginny jibbed. "Was that all, or was there something more?"

Remus looked at Ginny suspiciously, there was in her wording that caught his attention."Since you said, 'at the moment'. Wouldn't that mean you do know where he has been, or where he will be then?"

“Why do you think that, Professor Lupin?” Ginny responded with look of innocent confusion on her face.

As Remus was pondering that, Snape let out a noise that could perhaps be best described as that of a frustrated cat letting the mouse get away from him, Snape then stood up from his chair and drew his wand.

"Legilimens," he cast at the Weasley girl.

He too had seen the same signs but he neither had the patience, nor was he in the mood to deal with what he viewed as tomfoolery and complete waste of time.

Ginny which had been prepared for the assault as soon she had spotted Snape sitting there, used her own legilimency probe to catch the one of the potions master. She then used it to enter in his mind, as when one use legilimency, ones shields are disabled for that period of time. She chose hone this skill instead building shields or mindscapes like others. While she had some minor shield, she adhered more to proverb offence is the best defence.

So before Snape had managed find anything of value, Ginny had already managed to infiltrated his mind, and was currently reckon havoc in it. By digging up and bad memories, replaying shameful and humiliating ones, while also looked to see if Snape really was on the Order's or if he just was playing Dumbeldore for a fool. But she had barley got started as Snape quickly broke the connection, and glared at her in contempt.

"What the meaning of this?!" Ron yelled angrily. "So how it is then, you called us down to interrogate us, and when you didn't get what you wanted you try use force. Is that really how the Order of Phoenix operates. I thought the 'give us want or we take it by force from you' approach was more in line for how Voldemort and ilk acted, but guess I was wrong."

"Ginny did you that is illegal to use legilimency on minor, without the minors and their guardians permission," Hermione told the little red-head with a tooth-rotting sweetly tone. "I think the minimum penalty it's three months at Azkaban and a rather large fine."

"Is that so, Ididn't know that Hermione," Ginny replied just as sweetly. "Mom, Dad, did you ever give Professor Snape permission to use legilimency on me? He surely never asked me if he could use it, not that I would I have allowed it if he had asked."

"So even if they did, he would still be coming a crime," Ron cut in with impish glee, and an evil grin spreading on his face. "I'm actually kind of curious. So, mom, dad, did give Snape the permission to use legilimency on Ginny?"

"Of course not," Molly squawked indignantly, offended that her children would even need to ask her that question. "But if you know something you better tell us young lady?! That goes for the rest of you as well."

"We never meant for that to happen, believe us," Arthur pleaded. "But if you know something about Harry you must tell us."

"Why?" Ron then asked.

"Huh.... Why what?" his asked confused.

"Why must we tell anyone in the Order anything," Ron answered with strong emphasis on the word must. "Why is it so important for the Order to know where a fifth-teen year old boy is?"

Unfortunately, his mother did not approve. And when his mother does not approve, she shrieks. But before she could start her rant she cut by his father who asked.

"By the way Ginny, when did you learn occlumency?"

"We all learned the basics when were at Hermione's house. And I been practising on them ever since," Ginny replied. "And I agree with Ron, why is it so important for the Order know where Harry is. Surely the illustrious Order have other more important things then to babysit ateenage boy."

When none of grown-ups answered Ginny then continued. "But that's not really that important. No, the real question is are you gonnareport Snape to the Aurors for his crimes, or we are gonnahave to it?"


Miles away in aslightly affluent muggle neighbourhood; three men strolled towards ahouse; they felt no need to conceal themselves. They were wizards after all; the muggels were as harmless as fish in a barrel, or ahouse elf. It was no different than stabbing a doll to them. They didn't even bother check for wards or any other type of security, as the thought their magic was superior to any muggel security system. Even if the muggels in question did have a mudblood daughter, that were friends with the Boy-Who-Lived, what were really the chances of them having any wards. All they cared about was that the Dark Lord had said, and was to an example of the family, to all those who dared to oppose him.

That was something that they would regret dearly later on. Just as they crossed the ward line, an ominous hum filled the air that made feet tingle inside their boots. And a lattice of multicoloured light appeared around them, glowing brighter by the second. When arcs of electricity began to cover the wards, one of them to took started to nervously back away, and that was all that saved him. As the light finally coalesced and a screams erupted from the other two and they abruptly tried pulled backward as they suddenly began to smoke. One man had tried to apparate from whirl that did he tried use his portkey, only that didn’t work either, before he could formulate another plan the wards had fried. But the other decided run instead, which would have if he in panic had tripped himself falling flat on face, which all time the wards need reduce him to dust.

The remain wizard didn't even bother to try to apparate or portkey from there, as watched his comrades get obliterated. He just scrambled to his feet and ran. If anyone had seen him, they would have noticed a large wet spot on his robes and a distinct smell of urine.



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