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"The horror must go on" an actor shouted at the director!!!

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What will happen after Serena sees Garn on the high way and he gives her an evil twisted smile?? I dunno you tell me i'm tired of writing and my stories suck......... lmao kidding!! keep on ...

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to start let me tell you something about me....dinner time (about now-9 is when i write the healthy brain food for the night is cuppicino franch toast (cuppacino mix instead of cinnamon) and Hershey's special dark chocolate syrup-melted...yep this is my magnifaicent food that helps me to keep goin! and i eat like this eveynight which i don't understand cuz i'm 5'4" and weigh 125 lbs and lemme tell you that IS fat compared to the annas that go to my school (annas is a nickname i can't tell you what it means tho my obsession with ww2 has taken me over and i've started invented codes and like sign language for my "troops" and bad code words for the sluts at my school....hehe) ut i am sooooo not fat i'm quite happy where i am thank you...and why are we talking about this again? ok to the story!!


"What!? What's wrong? What happened?" Geardr yelled at me.
"Garn-....." I gasped.
"Garn! Garn!? Garn WHAT???!!!" Gerard yelled, becoming irritated.
"Garn j-just pa-passed us." I stuttered."He's-drining-pick-up....smiled...following me...." I stood up, facing Gerard, and grabbed his arms, shaking him slightly.
"He knows! He knows Gerard! He knows where I am and where I'm going. By now he must know about all of you. We can't go home! We have to get to the nearest airport! I need a phone to call the cops to meet us!" Everyone nodded. Bob went to tell the driver where we had to go. Mikey went to get me a phone. Frank went to get me a well deserved beer and Ray and Gerard sat with me and talkied to me, trying to calm me down.
"Serena, it's ok." Ray tried to comfort me.
"He doesn't know where we're going."
"That not true!!!" I countered."And if it is, he'll still find me! How did he find me in Oregon!!?? And he knows I travel with the band, he'll be going to all the concerts, looking for me! He'll follow us home!" By this point, I was so hysterical, I was inaudible. Frank came back with the beer. I twisted the cap off and downed it all at once. I tried for more, but, thankfully, Gerard stopped me. Mikey brought me the phone and the number of the nearest airport. I took the phone and called the number. I told the lady I needed the head of security.
"Which flight will you be on, ma'am?" she asked, indicating she wouldn't let me speak to the head unless I was flying somewhere.
"I don't know, yet. But, I need tickets for 7 people To New Jersey, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!" I told her, trying to calm down.
"Ma'am, our earliest flight to Newark is 3 days from now." she said, in a monotone.
"Ok, let's try this. Have you ever heard of the band My Chemical Romance? Do you know who Gerard Way is? Well...I'M HIS FRICKEN' FIANCE!!!!! THERE IS A MAN FOLLOWING US, TRYING TO KILL US!!!!!!!!!! AND WE NEED TO LEAVE...RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! You what? Sorry? Oh. You wanna talk to Gerard? Ok-here." I handed him the phone, wishing someone would slap that lady.
"What? Hi. Yes...this is Gerard. Sing you something?What? sigh Fine.
At the end of the world
Or the last thing I see
You are never coming home
Never coming home
Could I
Should I
There. Now do you believe me? Yes? Good. Do you have our 7 tickets? New Jersey? Good. Now I need security. Thank you."
He handed me the phone as I was mouthing "Thanks, sweetie."
"GERARD!GERARD WAY!!!??? I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!"....
"Um...excuse me? This is Gerard's Fiance."
"Oh." He sounded awefully dissappointed. (sp?)
"We're coming for the 3 o'clock flight to Newark. There's a man following us and trying to kill us. We need officers-armed officers-to meet us in the parking lot.Can you do that for me? Thank you, sir. Mmm'Bye."
"We need to call Brian." Bob pointed out. Ray nodded and took the phone. Brian said he'd meet us there. We could see him from the front of the bus, but we were try9ng to stay away from any open windows. We had a short trip the rest of the way. We discussed how to get around without him noticing us. All he had to do was buy a plane ticket and he could get past security-to me. We decided on dressing differently. We didn't figure it would do much, but it might throw him off a little bit. We all changed into much brighter clothes and we somehow got Bob to cross-dress. He was wearing a pink tube top with a black mini skirt, a long blonde wig, pink lipstick, blue eyshadow and blue platform shoes. Why we even had thos clothes in out bus...well...I stil haven't figured that one out. Bob's such a good sprot....hehehe.
We got to the airport and went to go find Brian. The rest of the band was still a little behind me. I saw the chorvette and ran toward it. I got nearer and slowed down. I got to the window and looked inside to see Brian, covered in cut marks and witha knife through his head. I screamed and ran to Gerard, bawling, hiding my head in his shoulder.


I'ma go work on my other stories now! ttyl....

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