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Planes fly over my land of the Free

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What will happen on the plane and when the back and Serena get back to Jersey?

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"Serena!? Serena, what's wrong!?What happened? Where's Brian!? SERENA ANSWER ME!!!!" He screamed at me.
"Car...." was all I could muster. Gerard nodded.
'Ok, let's go."
"NO!!! No. I wanna stay." I cried. He dragged me anyway. We got there and eveyone screamed. I noticed this time that there was a note,but I wasn't gona get it. I quickly turned back around, sobbing quietly into Gerard's shoulder.
"We have to call somebody! We can't leave him here!!!"Mikey yelled. Just as I turned around to leave, I noticed "You're next" painted in blood on the back window. I turned paper white and squeled. Gerard yelled "com on!!!! We'll tell someone when we get inside! We have to find some cops! We aren't safe here! Brian-I love you man. Thanks for everything!" He ran past me- I was still staring wide-eyed at the window-and grabbed my hand, pulling me with him. The rest of the band followed. We got inside and called for security. Gerard quickly explained. He told them where he was and that we needed cops to get us outta here. They complied and a large group of cops ran outside. Another group came to escort us to our plane. I was crying hysterically when Gerard grabbed my hand and we started walking to the boarding area.
"Shhh....It's ok,Sugar. We'l have a nice funeral for Brian and we're gonna get you to mama and you'll be ok. You'll be safe." he told me, soothingly. I nodded. We got on the plane-completely surrounded by guards. I felt bad for the people they bumped off the flight, but I felt even worse for Brian, My fiance and his band, and lastly, I felt bad for me. I was so scared, I couln't stop shuddering and crying. We got to choose our seats, well, the reserved one's anyway. I sat next to a window, with gerard next to me. Mikey was beside him and Ray next to Mikey across the aisle. Frank and Bob were directly behind us. There were 7 rows filled-on both sides- behind us, to the back of the plane, and 8 rows in front of us. That comforted me a bit. It also comforted me that Gerard was beside me, holding my hand, and quietly arguing with his mother on his cell phone.
"G-G-Gee give m-me the ph-phone" I managed to gasp. He looked a bit startled that I had spoken. He nodded.
"Ma. Ma! She wants to talk to you! Yeah. Uh-huh.What? Oh. Not yet, why? Uegh! Here." He held the phone out to me.
"Hi,ma! No, Ma! What about Paa-pa? No! Really? O-o-ok. I'm fine. For now, yes. Ok. Ok. Thank you. I love you, too, Mama. Bye." I handed the phone back to Gerard, gasping and hypervenalating a little from crying so much. Gerard hung the phone up. I put my hand on his knee. He looked up and smiled at me. He flipped my hand over,so it was palm up,and started tickling it. I giggled.
"I love you, Gee." I told him. He grabbed my hand.
" I hope you know, I will NEVER let anything happen to you. I will NEVER leave you and no bastard, son of a bitch will lay his hands on you......except me." He said this all so seriously, thensmiled when he said the last part. I smiled, too. Frank over heard us and stood up in an outrage.
"HEY!!! What about me!" he said, demandingly.
"Oh. And Frank." Gerard added. We all laughed. I even heard some of the guards laughing.
"Baby?" I said, putting my hand down and running it up and down his thigh. "Can we get married in Jersey?" I asked shyly.
"Sugar, i think we should wait awhile, we need to stay low. We can call a minister and have him do it at home, but the big wedding will have to wait." he told me, sounding regretful. I nodded and bent down to get Audrey out of her Carrying purse. I put her on my lap, she curled up into a tiny ball of fur, and fell asleep. I felt bad for the little dog, all the traveling she had been doing. I hardly had time for her. I eventually fell asleep, petting Audrey. They woke me up when the plane landed and the guards went with us all the way back to Gerard's parents' house. It was late and we were all tired, so we went straight to bed. Donna and Donald had completly cleared out the living room, so we could all stay in the same room. they figured it would be safer this way. We all lay down to sleep. I layed there for about 2 And 1/2 hours and I couldn't sleep. The sight of Brian had petrified me. I rolled over and shook Gerard's should gently.
"Baby? Are you awake?" I whispered.
"We're all awake, See." Mikey said.
"Why?" i asked them.
"We wanna make sure you're ok." Donna answered.
"I love you guys...." I told the room.
"We Know" was the Unisinc (made up-all at one time)response.
I tried and tried, but I just couldn't get the picture out of my head. Eventually, I started picturing worse things, like me finding Gerard's dead body. I snggled closer to him. I was awake into dawn. I finally fell asleep at about 10:30 in the morning. gerard woke me up at 12:15. He said he was afraid I wouldn't sleep again that night. I than relized that we still had to tell mama and paa-pa that we were getting married.
"Sweetie? Have you told them? Mama and Paa-pa, i mean?" I asked, pulling him down on the floor next to me. He kissed me and ran his fingers gently up and down my side.
"I didn't say anything, Sugar. Let's go now." he whiispered. I walked outside where everyone was smoking. I stood there and gerard walked up behind me and slipped his hands around my waist. I put my hands on his.
"Mama and Paa-pa. Gerard wants to tell you something." I said.
"Ok. we go. At our show in Oregon, the night Garn found us,I-um- asked Serena to marry me. And, obivously, she said yes." he let out his breath. Kepping his arms and hands where they were, I turned around, just enough to kiss him.
"Good job, sweetie." I said. He laughed.
"Well, that's great! Are there any children we don't know about?" Mama asked. Mikey spit his coffee out all over Frank.
"Dude! What the hell did you do that for!?" Frank yelled at him.
"Not yet." Gerard answered, smiling. I was utterly stunned. I knew I wanted kids, but I didn't relize he did. Wow, I felt like an ass.


"Let's go for a walk." i told Gerard later that evening. he was reluctant, but finally gave in. We got to his old school and stopped.
"Honey?" I started quietly."How much do you want kids?"
"well, I want kids alot. Especially with you." He answered, grabbing my hands.
"Then, let's go get a hotel room." I told him, smiling.

We got to the room and went inside. It was actually really nice. I walked up to Gerard and kissed him. I started to unbutton his shirt. I got 3 buttons up and played with the 4th button, merely threatning (sp?) to unbutton it.
"Tell me something, gerard arthur..." I kissed him again. Wow, I thought. he's a good kisser. i unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and toyed with his pants button. He unbuttoned my pants and pulled my shirt off.
"I want you. I want you , NOW!" he said.
He pulled his pants off, as did I. he kissed me while pulling my bra off. He pushed me onto the bed.
I don't think I need say more.
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