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well i'm not sure what will happen yet but its about when mcr meets this girl whos under an alias and frankie falls in love with her. Secrets abound what will become of their relationship?

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"We need a table for....5" Mikey told the host, counting off all of the mcr band members.

"I am sorry, sir-" The host started.

Gerard snorted loudly. "He called Mikey 'Sir'!!!!!" He laughed at Bob.

"I'm sorry-the only table we have for 5 people in that table over there-" the host pointed to a taken table with 6 seats, altogether." If that woman doesn't mind, I'm sure we could seat you there. Would you like me to ask her?"

"Um..." Mikey looked back at his band who were now attempting to stop Gerard from sticking his head into a large aquarium full of lobsters. He shook his head and said "Yeah, That's fine."
The waiter walked away and started talking to the woman. Mikey went to get Gerard.
He grabbed him and held him until the host came back to tell them that it was ok with the woman. They went to go sit down and Frank sat next to the woman. Gerard was now giggling uncontrollably.

"Hey-hey, That guy had a funny ACCENT!!!!" he said in a drunken whisper.

"That guy was Itailian, you retard!" Ray told him.

"Actually, the guy was French." Frank said, staring at the woman.

She was beautiful. She had long black hair that was swept up into a bun on the top of her head. She had alot of eyeliner on, too. She had bright, celery green eyes and flaw-less pale skin. She still hadn't said anything and Frank dying to hear her voice. If she was this beautiful, why shouldn't her voice be?

"Why is there war-ter in these shot glasses?" Gerard giggled.

"War-ter?" Frank let out his breath. She spoke. And her voice was beautiful.

"What's your point? Ray said, rather rudely. Leave it to Ray to ruin it. She just brushed his rude tone off her shoulder like a stray hair, though.

"He" she said, pointing to Gerard. " Just said 'war-ter' which means you're from Jersey. That also means that you're that band. What're you called? My Chemical Romance? Anyway, I'm from Newark and you guys caused quite a stir."

Frank just about peed himself. She knew who they were AND she's from Jersey. Wow. This girl is good. Frank decided he was in love. Dare he say it? Dare he tell her? She didn't seem too excited to be dining with them. Did she not like them? Was she hiding it? He still hadn't decided what to order when the waiter was breathing down his neck, going "what can I get you, Monseiuer?" He went safe with what he knew they had and what he liked-lobster.

He gathered his courage and turned.

"You're from Jersey? I'm Frank." There. He said it.

"Yeah, I really am. Ee-ro? Is that it? I'm Dahlia." Such a beautiful name to go with this girl....God-she's perfect!

"Close. No one says it right, don't feel bad. It's actually eye-ee-ro."

They casually chatted until dinner was over. She talked more to the other band members, though. Frank wasn't too mad, he just liked hearing her talk. When it was time to go, she wrote her number on a napkin and gave it to him.

"This is my cell. I'm not home alot so just call me here. If I don't pick up, I'll call back." She told him as she handed the napkin to him.

"Home as in Jersey or home as in New York?" he asked.

"Actually, I rent a place here. I move alot for my job." Oh, shit. She thought. I shouldn't have told him that.

"What do you do?" Frank asked.

"I-uh...well, it's hard to understand. How bout I think of how to explain it and I'll tell you over coffee sometime?"

"Sounds good to me." He said.

She hugged him and kissed him on the cheek as she scampered away.

Dahlia's pov

phone convo.



Oh hi, Dahlia.

I met a guy.


RAVEN!!! Why are you jumping to conclusions? I've met lots of guys. What makes you think this one is special?

Well, when you start a conversation about him I think he's something.

Good point. Anyway, We had dinner. No, not a date, but they place ran out of tables and they ate with us. Some guy who's from Jersey. I almost told him what I do!! I slipped and told him that I move alot for my job when I gave him my cell number!!! I told him it was hard to explain and that I'll explain it over coffee sometime. Do you think I'm safe?

Yea, but you need a good excuse for this one. Oh, uh....Mr.uh...Clark is emailing me. Check yours, too. I gotta go. Bye.

Bye, Rae.


This story does seem strange, but I have a bit of a plot line for it. It's a bit suspense-esque (spelling?) If you're wondering I got the name from an 80's song

"We are young heart ache to heart ache we stand no promises no demands love is a battlefield."

It's good though, no? I shouldn't know that song.... I'm 13 for god's sake.....i amaze myself in my dorkness....check out my myspace
make sure you tell me who you are so i can add you tell me i'm from fic wad or something....


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