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My chucks are missing

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What does Dahlia really do for a living? Will she fall for Frank? He's already waist deep in mud for her...will she go in after him?

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Just a silly little note from me-the title chapter was the name of a diary I kept about my 5th grade year cuz it was my first year in jr. high. My computer crashed though and I lost all the files. The power lines by my house were struck by lightning and it blew my computer. I called it that because my mom and I constatly fought every morning because I couldn't find my pink or black converse chuck taylor all stars. my chucks. just thought you should know that......
When Frank and Dahlia met for coffee, Frank was wearing his Skeleton Krew Jacket and gloves with just a pair of jeans and black chucks.
Dahlia was a little more layed back today. She had on a pair of faded jeans, black and white checkered slip on vans and a black t-shirt that said "Barbie is a slut" and had a picture of a naked Barbie. Her hair was down, too. It was half way down her back and parted on the left side.
When Dahlia showed up, Frank hugged her and she kissed him on the cheek. They went inside the coffee shop and sat down.
"So, Miss Dahlia, What is your magnificantly hard to explain job?" Frank asked.
"Well, I didn't think I was allowed to tell you, but I checked and I am allowed to tell you. But, don't bbe mad at me and don't say anything to anyone. If you do the FBI will come after you!.....I'm in the witness protection program. I was a French Pop-star. I was being stalked by people. Not like them following me, but them coming in my house and not letting me go to sleep. And them threatining to kill me if I didn't sleep with them." Frank stared blankly at her.
"My mom's French, so I'm half French and Franch is my second language, because I grew up there and went to school there. My mom and dad needed to find new jobs so they moved here when I was in 8th grade. I moved back after I graduated high school and became a singer. After I started being stalked. I moved back here. I was really born here and lived here until about 1st grade so this is like my real home, but I consider france to be my REAL home. So, My name isn't really Dahlia and maybe one day I can tell you what my real name is, but for now-I'm Dahlia." Frank just kept staring at her.
"Frank? Is uh...something wrong?" Dahlia asked.
He grabbed her hand and pulled her out onto the rain-y desserted side-walk. It was raining so hare they could barely see each other. Frank knew it would be like that, he did it on purpose, so they would have to stand close together.
"Dahlia, You're beautiful, I love you." He grabbed the back of her head and kissed her. When he finally stopped, She pulled away and this time it was Dahlia who was just starting at him.
"I-I"I thought you didn't like me! I wanted to ask you to go out with me sometime, but I thought you'd think I was weird!" By this time, they were both yelling over the sound of the rain hitting things, roofs, cars, ownings.
"Let's go back to my apartment?" Frank yelled.
Dahlia grabbed his hand and let him lead the way. They got to the apartment and the doorman yelled at them for tracking mud and dripping water everywhere. As soon as they walked in Frankie's door, they burst out laughing. Gerard and Ray looked like they had been in the rain, too, because they were both walking around with towels, rubbing their heads vigorously.
"What are you laughing at?" Ray asked.
"Well, you tell me. You were just in the rain." Frank retorted.
"Oh. HA!"
Now all four of them were laughing.
Gerard dropped his towel, stood up straight and pointed at Dahlia.
"Heh heh heh....! You're that Germen lobster guy from the other night!!!Heh heh heh...."
Bob walked in. "Excuse him, Dahlia. He's always drunk. Let's get him some coffee."
Dahlia was amazed, she didn't think anyone but Frank was paying any attention to her the other night.
Gerard started scratching his arm pits and jumping from foot to foot like a monkey.
"No, STEEEEEVVEEE!! You can't eat my monkey! He's pooping!!!" Gerard yelled.
Bob smacked himself in the forehead.
"Frank, you can have your date here next time. While you were gone he bit Mikey's Chinchila....poor Schmuka."
Frank went in the bathroom and got a couple of towels. He threw one to Dahlia and went in the living room. Dahlia followed. It was empty.
"Wow. No one seemed to surprised we're hanging out." She did the "quote-un-quote" Thing with her fingers aroung "hanging out".
"Sure, they didn't." Frank shrugged."They saw me gawking at you at dinner and that's what that means. I like somebody. And I hardly talked. I'm the fun outgoing one of the group! Do you want a beer?" Dahlia nodded.
Frank got up to go get the beers.
Dahlia stood up and rubbed the towel over her head.
Frank came back. Dahlia saw feet so she took the towel off her head and flipped her hair back up over her head.
Frankie looked like he was going to drop the beers.
"My god you''" He handed her one. They talked and drank for hours. When they were finished, Dahlia had had too many Beers to be driving and Frank had, too.
"You wanna just stay here?" he asked, hoping for a miracle."We have a pull out couch upstairs. I'll sleep on that, you can have my bed." he offered.
"You know what? Thank would be great, Frankie. Thank you." Frank got his bed ready and went in his room to check on Dahlia.
She was in bed, brushing her hair with a brush she had found in her purse. Frank smiled.
"Do you want this off now?" pointing to the light switch next to him.
"Um...Yes, please."
"Night." He started to walk out of the room.
"Frankie!" He turned around with raised eyebrows. "You forgot to give me my good night kiss." Dahlia said, giggling. Frank smiled again and walked over to his bed. There was a stack of boxes in the middle of the room. Frank knew his room so well, he could just step over them, but Dahlia didn't know that.
"Frank watch for the boxes" she said, loudly.
*"I know I know don't worry! Are you sure you're only a French popstar? you seem like some sort of blind man..."*** he smiled. (you'll find out what the stars are for later i promise!!!) I leaned over and kissed her.
"Do you need anything else, your highness?" he asked with a slight bow. Dahlia laughed.
"Not now, but I know where to find ya! Night Sweetie."
"Night, D"


more for the night scene coming soon but for now I"MA SLEEP! i got up at 6 and i'm beat.
I'll be back tommorrow....


good night!
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