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oh no! someone left all the windows in the house open! It's finally stopped raining,but it's November and It's getting ready to snow! 3 guesses who opened the windows!!!

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Frank's eyes shot open. He got cold chills.
"What the-?" BANG! SHUUOYT!
"Gerard." he rolled his eyes. He sat up and saw that the window next to the couch was open and it was flurrying (snow).
"Gerard!" He growled through clenched teeth. He got up and walked to the window. He closed it and started to walk back to the couch, when he passed the doorway to the kitchen and noticed that that window was open too. He opened them all..." Frank thought. He closed that one and went to check the rest of the rooms. He went in Gerard's room and sure enough, there he was passed out on the floor.
"Poor guy." Frank muttered as he dragged Gerard up and pulled him onto the bed. He covered him up and shut the bedroom window. Next, and last, he went into his own room. Sure enough, the window was open. Frank closed it and walked over to the bed. Dahlia was curled into a tiny ball-she was already tiny- a whole 5 feet and 94 lbs. She was covered by the blanket and was snuggling up as much as she could. Her teeth were clanging together. Frank gently lifted up the blanket and crawled into bed with her. He put his hand on her uncovered arm and rubbed it softly. She woke up at his touch. She was startled. She rolled over and saw Frank's silouette (sp?).
"Hi, sweetie." She mumbled. Frank smiled.
"Hey." He whispered.
"What are you doing? WHY is it SOO COLD!?!?" She asked, still drowsy, but more alert.Frank let out a chuckle.
"Gerard-poor guy. He got entirly wasted-as per usual- and opened every window in the friggin house." Dahlia could tell that he was smiling. She smiled, too.
"Are you sure it was Gerard, Frank? Or was it you? I think it was you so you could get in bed with me! Well, it worked," she said, smiling,too, and wrapping her arms around him, snuggling closer to him. "Cuz you got me with nothing left to win-and nothing left to loose." (sorry I like U2....alot)"And to be completly truthful, I like it." She finished, kissing him softly. She kissed him again, and this time, he kissed back, alot.
When they stopped, Dahlia rolled back over to go to sleep. Frank had his hand on her hip and he moved it up and down from her hip to her waist.
"I love you, Dahlia. I can't even explain it. It's like there you are-you're beautiful-you're mine! I mean- I don't think we even got to really know each other-well dinner and coffee- but we still both fell in love. I just don't understand it..."

"I love you, too, Frankie. And I don't know how to explain it either...I guess it IS just like the saying-you can't explain love-it just is. So, trust yourself as you have your whole life and go with it. Night." Dahlia said, still half asleep, and yet still astonishing clever. Frank smiled again. It still amazed him how much he loved her.He went to sleep.

In the morning, Dahlia woke up to find Frank missing. She figured that him coming in was just a dream. Then, she relized she felt like crap. Her throat was tight, her nose was stuffed. yuck. She was gonna kill Gerard. She stood up and walked to Frank's dresser. She needed different clothes, now. She turned around and saw a chair in the far corner of the room with an outfit and a little note. She walked over and picked it up.
"Good morning, Sweetie.
How are you feeling? Please don't go home! I had to go to meet with Brian for a little bit, I'll be not more than a half an hour. I went out this morning and found this for you. I hope it fits.
Love you,

She put the note down and picked the outfit up. He bought her a pair of jeans that had holes in the knees, a skeleton krew jacket-to match his, of course, silly- and a shirt that was torquise and in green lettering said "Keep smiling, It makes people wonder what you're up to". Dahlia giggled. There was also a brush, a pair of pink chucks, socks, and a ring of pony tail holders. "My god, he's gonna ruin me!" She thought.She got dressed and did her hair, parted on one side and pulled up into a messy bun on top of her head. She walked out into the kitchen to find something to eat. When she got there, the table was set for one person and a note that said "Breakfast in the fridge. Eat what you want-Bob will eat the rest. ;-) Tea is in the cupboard by the fridge if you don't feel well. Medicine is in the bathroom.
Dahlia smiled to herself again. So, so sweet....
She got in the fridge and got pancakes and syrup out. She heated them up in the microwave and got some peppermint tea (mmmm my favourite!) She ate breakfast and checked her email.



Dahlia clicked on it.


Dear Ms. Sanchez,
This is Mr.Clark. I have heard from reliable sources that you have been seeing someone. I don't mind this as long as you don't let it get in the way of your job. Delete this e-mail message as soon as you're finished reading it, if you do not, we can track it and delete it ourselves. And don't even TRY to forward it. I will need you to go to a resturant in New York everyday until something happens. You will know what that something is when it comes. Just go and wait. I will send you the exact coordinates for the restuant later. Do not say anything to anyone of this email, except fellow employees.
It's your job "soldier" to keep this world a better place.


Oh, no. I have to stay with Frank....if he doesn't mind. He's closer to the place though. Mmmhmm. It's not that she didn't want to stay, but it wouldbe hard to put up with Gerard and explain going out evey night at the same night, to the same place. Hmm...she would have to think about this one.

hope you like it more soon!

goo' nite'
cecilia elizabeth locke
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