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To All!

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Mikey no glasses black hair? GERARD BLONDE DEXTER HOLLAND STYLE? GRRR!!!

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I am so....teed off! I can't beleive it! Mikey gets lazer eye surgery and no longer wears glasses? Gerard goes blonde? Eww! I love them no matter what but COME ON! I've been crying about it for 5 days. I mean, Gerard, Mikey? Mikey looks like freakin' Brendon Urie! Gerard looks like Dexter Holland. IT'S NOT GEWD!

Get this! From wikipedia!

"Recently, Mikey has had laser eye surgery and no longer wears glasses."

"Gerard has bleached his hair blond, causing quite a ruckus in the fan base.
Gerard is afraid of needles."

Sorry, had to add that second one in! :D I was supposed to be Mikey for halloween(it's still on) and I have blonde freakin' hair and glasses. I was even gonna get black ones just for the freakin' occasion!

You can ask them why on their offical site(not why that but I sure did) They're has to be a gewd explainaton for it and I need to know why!
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