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I'm back on the computer untill skool starts now...

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So I'm done with "touring" you get what I mean. So Ima be here untill...skool starts! AHH! Well, it can't be that bad. 7th grade's gonna rock. Aimee says hi.

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Ooh. I am so excited. The sims 2 pets comes out in october and Gerard can get Olivia....FINALLY! And the new mcr c-d comes out in october and the last book to the Series of Unfourtunate events, Frankie's b-day, halloween(I get to be Mikey) I must seriously be messed up! I have the whole band! Aimee's Gerard, I'm Mikey, my other friend is Ray and my other, other friend is Frankie! I still don't have Bob so anyone who want's to be Bob. Yeah. So we have Gamie(pernounced Jamie) Michelle(guess it), Rayven(he, he) and Frankie(I don't know how to spell the full name). Thats it. On with the chapter already!!!!!!!

Still at the Hospital
(Hard to Explain by THE STROKES, great song. LISTEN TO THEM)

Gerard walked back into Cloe's room where she was in bed holding Brooke. He smiled.

He was walking in the most nerve rackingest room in the whole wold. Bunch of medical tools, including needles but yet, he was calm.

"How you feeling?" He asked.

"Fine. Brooke? That's your daddy." Cloe said.

Brooke was passed to Gerard. "She's beautiful. Just like you." Cloe smiled.

Everyone else was still in he waiting room. Bob's cell rang. "Oh crap. I forgot to turn it off." He said.

"Bad Bob. Now turn it off. You can't turn it on untill we leave." Mikey said.


"No buts. Off."

"Fine." Bob stuck his tounge out at Mikey.

Gerard walked out with Brooke in his arms.

"Everyone, meet Brooke."

Everyone gathered around them. "Closterphobic(sp?" Bob coughed.

Everyone said their congrats.



"Can you take Bree. I think I'm gonna spend the night here."

"No problem."

So that day was finished.
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