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Katie visits someone in jail. She don't want to but...just read!

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So it was like the next day and Kate had to clear things up with her ex. On with the story.

"Hello Kyle." Kate said.

"Hey, now you said you wanted me for something."

"No. You said you wanted to talk to me."

"Sure I did."

"Just get on with it."

"You look...different."

"You look the same."

"No I mean. You put on a couple of pounds there."

"Maybe it's the fact that I'm pregnant."

"That's great!"

"Dream's not yours. It's my husbands."

"Oh. How come we never had any kids?"

"Well, I guess you wouldn't remember. It's because of you we never had any kids!"

"Is that so?"

"Yes! I remember the first time. We both knew and we were driving to your mohers house. Then we were in a car crash. I was the only one who got hurt."

"How is that my fault?"

"1 month later I find out that you told that person to crash into us."

"Okay, whats the second time?"

"I was going to tell you on that night. You came home drunk and I was really excited. But when I found out that you were drunk I got really angry and yelled at you. You got angryer and pushed me down the front porch stairs. That were stone."

"Kate I'm so so-"

"Sorry's not gonna cut it. Now I'm happly married and I know that he's not gonna to anything to hurt me or this kid."

"Who are you married to now?"

"His name's Ray. That's all I'll tell you."

"Bye." He said. "Kate Toro" He whispered.


"Yeah. I know."

Kate ran out of the room. 'He can't know. That's not possible. He can't find me. He doesn't know where I live.' She thought while running practicly in tears to her car. Those thoughts were all she can think about, say for those 20 minutes. "No!" She finally screamed. "Calm down. He's in jail. He can't." Kate's cell rang. "Hello?"

Phone coonversation

"Is this Kate Toro?"

"Yes..." Her heart started to race.

"Well, we are calling about your ex-husband. He has just commited suicide."

"You serious?"

"I'm sorry." The other line hung up.

End of coversation.

"What the hell is he up to?"
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